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Chris Dumm recently sent me some pics of an AK-47 SBR for TTAG’s Facebook page. He called the min-album “From the darkest depths of uselessness.” Lo and behold, what should I come across in my YouTube surfing but the self-same firearm, whose audio signature was lovingly recorded by giddy guys with furry mikes. Deadly or not (and I’m thinking mostly not), the sound is awesome. Crank it up!

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  1. That gun is only meant to spray and pray. You squeeze the trigger as fast as possible and pray that you come close to hitting something (hopefully not an innocent bystander).

  2. Damn, that was some awesome sound. And I know it’s useless, but I still kind of want one for the hell of it.

  3. The Draco is classified as a pistol, not a SBR. If you put a stock on it, well then it becomes an SBR, but without the stock it is just a pistol.

    I will try get an accuracy video to post in the next couple weeks. You may be surprised… I easily hit center mass on 30 of 30 shots at 30 yards. That was while laughing my arse off.

    Maybe I will even find a disco ball to go with the strobe light.

  4. Hey, thanks for embedding this! Just to be clear, the sound on the video is just from the shotgun mic on the camera. It is a very nice mic but the guys doing the recording will have a sound library available of their recordings at which will sound even better! I think they have some previews up.


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