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“In a press release and Internet video released Feb. 26 (above), Giffords’ group urged Georgians to appeal to the state Senate and Gov. Nathan Deal to defeat the bill,” reports. ‘”Georgia lawmakers are now considering passing the most extreme gun bill in America,’ Pia Carusone, the group’s executive director, said in the release. Knowing the many and varied gun measures that exist or are proposed across the nation, could Georgia really be looking at “the most extreme gun bill in America?” We wondered. We decided to run the statement through the Truth-O-Meter.” And guess what the resolutely anti-gun Atlanta Journal Constitution’s decided? Well . .


Experts we checked with said there’s no evidence that, if the bill passes, Georgia would be considered to have the most lax gun laws. Four states, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming, don’t even require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, they said.

Jasperse, the bill’s chief sponsor, said labeling his bill as the nation’s “most extreme” is a typical tactic of  groups that survive on fundraising and headline-grabbing. “That’s what they are supposed to do, I guess,” he said.

I don’t know quite how to take that . . .

Georgia’s bill clearly would include a large number of changes, which is a flag-raiser for gun safety advocates.

But there are pitfalls to calling anything the worst, the first or, in this case, the “most extreme.” The biggest being: “Can you prove it?” All we really have is Carusone’s statement that her group is following 200 bills acros the country and hasn’t  seen any that have as “many extreme provisions” as Georgia’s. Supporting evidence is lacking.

So they hope for other changes rather than, say, restoration of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? I rate that totally true.

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  1. I’m not sure how to take it either. But anything other than totally hysterical left-wing drivel from the AJC leaves me a bit flummoxed anyway.

  2. Video auto-plays. If I had a gun that fired anti-auto-playing-video beams, I would aim it squarely at the internet and never stop pulling the trigger.

  3. So constitutional rights are extreme? What is scary is the people who want to strip our rights away from us and ignore constitutional protections. That is extreme.

    • It’s truly scary that “grown-ups” can manage to act like menopausal women. An entire nation of them, almost.

    • Well, when did a view that supports individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government (TEA party) become “extreme”..

  4. What the hell has every state lost their mind,. This is in the south; I thought southerner were conservative ,not liberals. You let a liberal in the house, look what happens, and then another get in. They screw like rabbits, and the house is took over by these conservative bunnies.

    • Anything bill or law that folks don’t like is politically “extreme” … doncha know that? [/sarc]

      Of course, being extreme in the defense of liberty is no vice. Or something like that.

    • So f’ing right..Why they never face up to the fact that they are against freedom and liberty and just go away always made me wonder..then I remembered, they are anti-freedom liberty hating cowards who want to control everyone’s actions.

  5. I have a hard time caring about what kind of life those rascals live in this life.

  6. How should you take this? As complete predictable, considering the source is constantly spouting lies and false shocked looks.

  7. These people think guns are like piranhas, hornets or mean dogs. That is, they think the very presence of a firearm is enough to cause havoc and pain and death. I just don’t get that mentality.
    Also, the Flashblock plug-in is great for preventing vids from autoplaying. Really knocks down a considerable internet aggravation.

  8. Extreme??
    I don’t believe the antis know how to tell the truth in any manner.
    Use a big word that is all the antis expect to be remembered by the little people out there.

  9. I think the only thing that would qualify as “news” as this point regarding anti-gun commentary about pending legislation is if the anti-gun crowd actually told the truth.

    Which I’m not expecting to happen anytime soon.

    • It just happened. The point of this story is not that Gabby’s band of merry gun haters thinks the Georgia bill is the “most extreme”. The news is that the left-leaning, normally as anti-gun as the MSM gets, Atlanta Journal Constitution smacked them down.

      This is big news in my book.

  10. Imagine if this were the 1st amendment. Or the fourth. It’s not the most extreme bill. There are actually other states where people do not need a pre-clearance permit and police need actual probable cause to search your house. We rate this as false.

  11. RF said “I’m not quite sure how to take this.”.

    My guess is: someone lost a bet, and was forced to do something that they wouldn’t normally do.

    Only thing that I can some up with that fits.

  12. WOW! This tells me alot about how fearful these people are. When ever there are bills that support law abiding citizens exercising a right, they immediately play the freak out card. That’s why when anti’s say there for the Second Amendment my eyes roll in back of my head and I say BS, because the same people that are saying there for the 2nd often act like it’s going to be Mad Max World if some pro gun bills get passed.

  13. What? You mean a screaming anti self defense organization LIES to try to get it’s way? SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

  14. I like how they do a jump cut (01:25) to a meter with the word “False” on its face and the meter pointer doesn’t move at all. Suggesting that there is no indication of, er, falseness?

    TV news just. Sucks. Truth-o-meter my ass.

  15. I Like it Hmmmm Guns everywhere…..
    Sounds good to me
    I don’t see what the problem is
    Before 1968 anybody could buy a gun and society didn’t fall apart and there was no NICS check no 4473 form to fill out You could buy surplus riffles at the hardware store out of a barrel plunk down your cash carry it out no paperwork and no mass shootings
    That was freedom Bud!
    What has happened to our Country man?
    Its been taken over by Leftists

  16. “Experts we checked with said there’s no evidence that, if the bill passes, Georgia would be considered to have the most lax gun laws. Four states, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming, don’t even require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, they said.”

    This idea that states with more freedom somehow have “lax” gun laws infuriates me. The definition of lax is, “not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful” the laws in these states have been debated in their respective legislatures, legally voted on & enacted to the betterment of the residents of these states. They are in no way lax.

  17. GA Extreme? No. Actually refreshing for once.
    Extreme are NY Safe Act, CT pre-confiscation gun census, 86 full auto ban, $200 tax stamps, the Boston Marathon in-house door to door searches and any state whose combination of law and policy results in less than 10% of citizens able to carry legally thoughout their day.

    Maybe I should add another zero to that 10%.

  18. “… which is a flag-raiser for gun safety advocates.”

    Any journalist who uses the term “gun safety” in that context is attempting to salvage the framing of the argument since the term “gun control” doesn’t do well with focus groups.

  19. The word “extreme” has overtaken “racist” and “traitor” as the most abused word in today’s society.

  20. This is pure BS, but the logic is to lie, misrepresent, lie, and misrepresent enough and people may even start to believe you. As a Georgian that has been following this legislation and local discussion, the holes in their presentation do not paint the true picture. Just makes me sick that people/organizations can do this. Guess if O’Bummer can lie and misrepresent the truth, then others will try the same approach on their issues.

  21. True, if citizens can’t bring guns somewhere it will definitely stop criminals and psychopaths!

  22. “…. a flag-raiser for gun safety advocates.”

    Oh, they’re “gun safety advocates” now?

    What, exactly, do they do to promote gun safety? Do they sponsor Eddie Eagle training classes for children? Do they offer basic firearms home safety classes for adults? Do they distribute trigger locks FREE to anyone who asks for one?

    No, that would be the NRA and NSSF who do those things. These mothers and mayors are anti-Freedom, anti-Civil Rights, and imho, anti-American.

  23. I think they’re confusing the term extreme with sensible.

    Georgia gun law– sensible.

    California gun laws- extreme.

  24. It is irresponsible journalism to call pro gun control people “gun safety advocates”. Legislation regarding prohibition of guns has zero to do with literal gun safety. A law that supports teaching the 3/4 laws of safe gun handling would have gun safety advocates supporting it.

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