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Charisa Argys pic sparks animal activist hate (courtesy

The Sportsman’s Alliance [via] writes:

On average, 13.7 million hunters hit the field every year in pursuit of game with 11 percent of that figure being women. Celebrity sportswomen are commonplace on television, Internet and more and have recently come under fire by the anti-hunting community for promoting an outdoor lifestyle. However, in recent months, average women hunters are finding themselves in the crosshairs, being threatened and harassed by people from around the globe . . .

As is the case with Charisa Argys, a Colorado native and avid huntress who recently came under attack after a photo of her with a trophy mountain lion was shared on Facebook by an animal rights activist. That person, Silvia Wadhwa, is a German financial journalist currently working in Frankfurt, Germany.

“I posted a photo of my daughter with her recently adopted housecat on our local Humane Society Facebook page,” explained Argys. “The next thing I knew, this Silvia person commented on and posted a link to my personal page with a photo of my mountain lion. I have no idea how she found me.”

The comment in question referred to Argys’ mountain lion photo saying “Sadly, you don’t love ALL cats, Madame…”

Different anti-hunting organizations quickly picked up on the photo and it was then posted to dozens of Facebook pages including the International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action (World Action), which includes numerous branches representing different countries around the world. According to World Action’s Facebook page, they specialize in environmental welfare, conservation, preservation, and anti-poaching.

A fire storm of comments surfaced targeting Argys, often negatively referring to her physical appearance as well as threats to her life and family.

“I have never been called so many horrible, hateful names in my life.” said Argys. “They even went as far as to post my full name, address and directions to my house.”

Comments included:

  • “Let’s hunt her!”
  • “This ugly woman is an embarrassment and shame to all women around the world;”
  • and, “I hope she knows how much she’s hated. Male or female, I hope they all suffer horrible hunting accidents.”

After a flood of comments, mostly by sportsmen to World Action in support of Argys, the photo of her and the mountain lion were removed. However, it was soon replaced with an article about women hunters on their sister site,

Focusing on sportswomen, the article entitled “Hunting is Not Conservation,” attacks women hunters, and at times men, referring to hunters as having “antisocial personality disorder or sociopathology.”

According to the unknown author, women posing with their kill, specifically mentioning women wearing bikinis, is “behavior typical of serial killers that feel they need to prove themselves to their family or victims.” The author goes on to say that hunting gives women a “form of sexual gratification, a feeling of power and lust” and claims that women hunters wish “they were sexually abusing women, or maybe themselves.”

These types of articles may seem laughable but the threats Argys continues to receive are not a joke.

“I went on my first hunt when I was three years old,” said Argys. “I have been hunting with my dad ever since and it is a family tradition to us. I really can’t believe this is happening to me and my family.”

Argys is not alone, as women hunters across the country are finding themselves under attack like never before. As reported by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) in an earlier publication titled “Hunters in the Crosshairs,” celebrity women such as Melissa Bachman, Olympian Corey Cogdell, Olivia Opre and others have come under scrutiny from the anti-hunting community in recent months.

Why are animal rights activists targeting women hunters?

“They’ve seen an increase in women hunters over the past several years and that makes them nervous,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. The increase in women hunters, shows that our hunting heritage is not only being passed on from the father of the family, but from both parents. Certainly something that the anti’s don’t want to see as it puts their agenda in great jeopardy.”

Numerous photos of women hunters with downed game can be found on all branches of World Action Facebook pages, and at times, full names of individuals along with locations of where to find them are posted.

“This is just the beginning,” says Pinizzotto. “The anti-hunters are attacking all methods of hunting to spread their radical agenda. Women, unfortunately, are just their next target. We have to come together as a community to make them stand down and to protect not only our hunting heritage, but all who enjoy it.”

About: The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen’s organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit

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  1. I am a staunch Second Amendment supporter, but not a supporter of trophy hunting, by which I mean killing animals, not for food, or even to protect your valuable lifestock from predators, but so you can post a picture of yourself with your kill. It hardly seems sporting to kill a large cat, or any other large, predatory game, from a distance, with a modern firearm, or even with a cross-bow or bow and arrow. You want some real sport, take on the same beast with a short spear, or, better yet, a knife. Now you’ve leveled the playing field, and, if you survive, will have something of which you can legitimately be proud, provided you ignore questions of why the animal needed to be killed in the first place.

      • I don’t think its hard to find a moral problem with the standard mountain lion hunting technique, which is ‘get a pack of dogs to chase it into a tree, and then shoot it from 30 feet away’. There is absolutely nothing sporting, or even particularly challenging, about shooting an animal out of a tree. I am not a hunter myself, although I am not against hunting, but hound hunting seems about the lowest possible form of hunting and there’s plenty of people, hunters and non hunters, that have a problem with it.

        • If you have a mouse in your house, would you set a trap or chase after it to be sporting?

        • When I am catching a mouse in my house, I am not hunting, and I am not removing the mouse from it’s own natural environment.

        • Treeing a lion is the easiest way to identify the sex. Often there is a specific subquota for how many female lions can be killed in each district, and after that, only males can be taken. When the most visible outward difference between males and females is the distance from the base of the tail to a black spot of fur underneath the animal, (less than 3″: female, more than 4″ male), then treeing one is pretty much the only way to tell.

        • Vhyrus says: March 6, 2014 at 19:06
          “When I am catching a mouse in my house, ,,, I am not removing the mouse from it’s own natural environment.”

          You most certainly are, by making it dead!

          You animal rights activists simply are projecting your own denied self-hatred onto other humans.

          Besides sinning against the Bible’s God, not that I’m a Thumper or anything.
          “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”
          — Genesis 1:26

        • I don’t kill mice if I can avoid it. I usually catch them live and drive them to the nearest uninhabited area. But to get back on point, a house is not the natural habitat of a mouse, any more than a wolf’s den or a snake’s hole is the natural habitat of a mouse. What exactly mice have to do with treeing mountain lions, I am not sure, so I think I have entertained this straw man about as far as it will go. But apparently I am an animal rights activist for suggesting that sending a pack of dogs after an animal is somehow not morally objectionable. I guess since I don’t want someone smoking in my house that makes me a tobacco abolitionist as well.

        • I tried to be sporting, but those little f–kers are fast. Finding mouse shit all over your stuff will make you stop caring about sport in a hurry. Sporting vs vermin removal.

        • Impose: (1) to force something on others
          (2) to demand attention when none is due, like you do.

      • “Murdering strangers is wrong!”
        “If you don’t like it, don’t do it. But don’t impose your “morality” on anyone else”.

        Trophy hunting or hunting for sport is wrong, plain and simple. I have no problem with hunting if you use what you kill. But otherwise, you’re horrible. And as far as I’m concerned, trophy hunting is only valid (from a trophy standpoint, not a moral standpoint) if you killed the animal in close combat, with a spear or something.

        Then, a trophy is valid (as are the scars to accompany it). But a trophy is meaningless if all you did was happen to see the animal, and then shot it from 500 yards away with a rifle that could stop a car. Anyone could do that. And if anyone could do something, any trophy for it is meaningless.

        • I have no problem with hunting if you use what you kill.

          EVERY trophy hunter that I know of takes the trophy part and gives the carcass to the locals for food or uses it themself for food. Except for inedible critters.

          But a trophy is meaningless if all you did was happen to see the animal, and then shot it from 500 yards away with a rifle that could stop a car. Anyone could do that.

          That shot requires a great deal of skill to pull off; not a lot of people can do it. I doubt you could. And if you miss, you now have a VERY angry animal that knows exactly where you are. Got your Nikes on, scooter? You’ll be doing some track & field action instantly if you like your hide intact.

        • Putting aside your self election as the “right and wrong” police about something it SEEMS you know little about, I choose to zero in on one thing you said.

          “Anyone could do that. ” That, in this case, is shooting an animal at 500 yards.

          Have you ever shot ANYTHING, paper target or whatever, at 500 yards? How about while the target is moving or barely exposed? How about while the wind is blowing, or you are shaking from the cold or that 300 yard dash uphill you just had to make to get your shot?

          Have you ever had to stalk in close, quietly and without alerting not only the animal you are hunting, but also OTHER animals that might spook and alert your prey to your presence…just to get THAT close?

          What is the longest shot you have taken on a living thing as you looked into its eyes and deliberately squeezed the trigger to end its life?

          I am genuinely curious.

          It has been my personal experience that most people that say stuff like this are blowing hard hot air. If you are an exception to that, I would like to hear your experiences.

          I have concluded that anyone that says hunting with modern hunting tools is “easy” has not done it…not in true fair chase hunting anyway. It sure is easy, however, to sit in the warm, dry safe comfort of home and type moral pronouncements onto others.

          I am not a “trophy hunter,” but I do hunt. Come hunt with me sometime and I’ll show you “easy” it can be the way we do it.

        • What do you think trophy hunting is? Taking a “trophy” means you keep the antlers, horns, hide, etc of a particularly nice animal. If you’re out hunting and see a trophy size animal, you’ll probably try to get a shot at it, if not, you’ll probably settle for another one. Even if, for some reason, all you want is the trophy, in most places you still legally have to take the rest. It’s usually illegal to just leave the rest of the animal out in the field, at least if we’re talking about animals suitable to eat (not varmints or predators).

          If you’re referring to African style hunts, then the hunter can’t import the meat, just the trophy, but the meat goes to the locals.

      • Saying that hunting innocent animals for sport is wrong is not imposing morality on anyone, it’s just a fact. That is why when people hunt, the moral thing also is to make sure to use a weapon and ammunition that is most likely to kill the animal quickly.

        • Sorry, but technically, it’s not a fact – it’s an opinion.

          And one that cannot be defended on its face to draw that conclusion one has to make the assumption that sport is the ONLY reason a given hunter hunts.

          Sport hunters are generally serving more than just the idea of “sport.” They may derive sporting pleasure from what they are doing, but that’s not the ONLY reason they are doing it.

          Sport hunters also keep meat. They provide population control. They eliminate nuisance animals. Etc.

          Attaching the label “sport” to the activity distills it to a bite size piece that is easy to demonize. To assume that someone hunting for sport is not also doing it for other reasons (and other benefits) is, in actual fact, incorrect in nearly all cases.

          Also, the only people that I know that even use the term “sport hunting” are not hunters at all. Hunters generally just call themselves “hunters.”

          This whole conversation is very reminiscent of the entire Anti-2A talking points. Take an activity of which I don’t approve, mischaracterize it in a way that gives me a sense of moral superiority and pass judgment upon those that disagree.

        • Nope, senselessly killing innocent animals is wrong. That’s not an opinion. As for the reasons people hunt in terms of population control, food, threats, etc…that is all fine and that is why I said hunting for sport is wrong (i.e. hunting the animal for no other reason than just the pleasure of killing it).

      • Hey, Jus Bill, I have no interest in killing anything that’s not engaged in trying to kill me. I don’t hunt, period the end, and any meat I care to eat is available at my local supermarket or butcher-shop. In the event of some kind of apocalypse, when meat might not be commercially available, I might change my stance, but otherwise I fail to see the point of hunting, particularly trophy hunting, other than to satisfy some kind of blood lust.

        • If the day ever comes that you need to hunt for your food to survive, it will be too late to learn. The moment you need a skill to save your life is not the time to be trying to figure it out for the first time.

        • Uh, the meat that you buy at the grocer’s came from a critter, which was killed and packaged. So do the butchers have a blood lust, or just a job at the meat packing plant?

          Lots of people hunt for the traditional aspects and as a means of putting healthy food on the table. In many parts of the country the deer are so thick they’re a menace to themselves and to the farmer’s crops, etc. Harvesting them preserves herd health, puts meat on the table, and perhaps prevents a few of them from colliding with cars. Which have baby seats. And children.

        • Only a vegetarian can have a consistent stance when it comes to hunting for meat. Even the meat bought in a supermarket used to stand on its legs and breathe.

        • Conway, normally I agree with your comments. But hunting is not about satisfying a blood lust. Are you inhumane in your treatment of animals by shopping for your meat at butcher shops and supermarkets that are nothing but pipelines for factory farms that raise and slaughter many thousands of meat animals just to satisfy your lust for a BBQ?

          99% of the time I’m a vegeterian. But I’ve started hunting again after a 40 year absense. Any animal I kill will have a much better chance of evading my bullet than the chances any of the farm/factory raised animals you’re having for dinner.

        • Farming and agriculture kill a lot of animals so choosing to not eat mean is not a bloodless existence. Something always dies to support the next level of the chain or web. It is the natural order of things.

        • Trophy hunting aside, I think you will have a VERY hard time trying to convince me and many others that supermarket meat is more humane than hunting for your own meat. On one hand you have an animal raised in captivity in what were almost certainly horrible conditions in every possible way and, at the end of that animal’s terrible life it is killed, butchered, and served to you as a chop wrapped in plastic. There’s a good chance it was pumped full of various medications and ate a monitored diet of food that it doesn’t naturally eat. On the other hand, you have a wild animal living as it’s supposed to and hopefully enjoying itself out in the freedom of its natural habitat, eating what it’s supposed to. More likely free of chemicals and medications and bacteria and other issues (like e-coli) that come from feeding animals food that they aren’t made to eat. You, as the hunter, find it and shoot it. You care about the animal so you take care to make a humane shot. You butcher it, you eat it. You appreciate it. This animal had a better, nobler life and this is more humane. In my opinion. And I don’t hunt unless somebody wants to take me and I do eat supermarket meat.

          I strongly believe that ANYBODY who eats meat should have no problem with “owning it” and killing the types of animals that they are willing to eat. If you eat beef and pork and venison and chicken you are killing cows and pigs and deer and chickens. You’re killing ones that had crappy lives. You SHOULD be willing to actually kill them your damn self, and kill ones that were raised in better, freer conditions or were truly wild.


        • Conway, to sum up what all the others have said and put a bow on it for you I have just one word: Veal. Google it and get back to us.

        • Nothing wrong with hunting if you want to stay in touch with where your food comes from.
          Whether I pull the trigger myself or I let someone at a slaughterhouse do the dirty work for me, an animal dies so that I can feed myself.
          I realize that, I respect that animal’s sacrifice, and I’m not opposed to going and getting that meat myself.

          Having said that, I’m not a fan of trophy hunting (killing an animal just for sport) either. If it’s not a threat to anyone or my property and I’m not planning to eat it, I’ll almost certainly be content just to watch it from a distance.

        • When you kill and eat a deer or a duck yes you are responsible for its death. When you eat a supermarket cow or chicken your not only responsible for its death you are responsible for its entire unnatural life. The deer and duck got be a real deer and a duck for their entire life. The cow and the chicken were never anything more than just meat. You get to decide which is a better existence.

        • Any animal you hunt for meat will have had a much better life than any meat you buy in the grocery store. Hunting animals who got to live a happy long natural life is much less cruel than buying meat from an animal who spent its whole life in a factory farm.

    • I’m not a trophy hunting fan, either, under the circumstances you described. I don’t condemn and wouldn’t ban it, but I don’t care for the practice, myself, one bit.

    • Mountain Lions evolved (or were created, if you prefer) to have refined senses, sharp claws, large teeth, and a powerful muscular body. Humans evolved (or were created) to have none of those things. We are, relative to most predators, blind, deaf, and lack any sense of smell. We are weak, unarmed, and unarmored. However, we have the ability to make and use tools.

      Hunting with a bow, crossbow, or even a custom semi-auto modern sporting rifle IS the level playing field. We hunt at the peak of our inherent ability, as do all apex predators. We’re simply more effective.

      That said, I do prefer my wildlife live, when reasonable. Hunting purely for trophies is silly, in my opinion; but I don’t know the specifics of this woman’s hunt. For all I know, her cat had been preying on livestock.

      Also, aren’t there laws in Germany against these kinds of attacks (I mean attacking a person’s character in such a way as this)? I’m always reading stories out of Europe about people being sued and/or imprisoned for all kinds of speech that would be protected if it were in the US.

      • Well put. I note that German people know they have a particularly brutal culture in their livestock industry. The German papers have been full of the stories for years. Certainly Silvia Wadhwa knows this, but forages abroad to gain the noxious infamy which propels careers like hers.

        She makes a living covering the financial industry, a gang of predators that by comparison make hunters look like St. Francis. She’s best known by her occasional appearances on CNBC’s European Closing Bell, which she used to anchor. She eagerly covers central banks and financial companies that ruin more human lives in a year than the marauding armies of the world.

        Silvia’s jealous, I suppose. In a typical year she’s much to fat to hike the mountains in pursuit of elk or mountain lion. No wonder a tall slim woman’s endeavors enraged her.

    • That’s not leveling the playing field. Humans are not made to go head to head with large animals like that. We are made with huge brains which allow us to invent and implement weapons. Firearms are a natural evolution of the knife, harnessing fire and stone

      • True enough, David PA/NJ. Our large brains have also permitted us to develop dynamite. Would you also argue, then, that dynamiting a lake is a sporting way to fish?

        • On the contrary, Jus Bill, it has everything to do with our discussion, in so far as you think it sporting to dispatch an animal from a distance with one of the firearms that our large brains have allowed us to develop, and against which the animal has no natural defense. So, as I said, dynamite being another invention of our large brains, would it likewise be sporting to fish by dynamiting a lake and scooping up from the surface the concussion-stunned, or dead, marine life?

        • I am also judgmental about kitten-kickers, puppy-punters, child molesters, and the like. In any event, I find your sense of tedium quite tolerable, Rich.

        • Is it sporting that the meat you buy from a butcher comes from an animal that’s herded into a slaughterhouse and killed without even the chance to escape? Especially a cow. A cow can be aggressive, but it’s just as likely to walk up to you and lick your head. Is it sporting to take docile animals that trust people and systematically kill them, then sell their flesh to other people for profit?
          If you’ve got no problem with that, how could you possibly have a problem with hunting?

          Off that topic, tribal people have used poisons to paralyze fish to make harvesting them easier. This system is generations old. How is that different from a stick of dynamite?

          Back on the topic of the discussion though, have you ever hunted anything? Hunting a wild animal with a firearm is no sure thing. Often as not, the animal’s superior senses, speed, and agility give the animal a better chance than the hunter. No offense, but if you’d step away from the butcher shop and into the woods a few times, you’d get a better understanding of what that means. And if you feel remorse the first time you drop a living animal for food, or the second time, or the hundredth time, you’ll understand what it is to be a hunter.

    • What makes you think that simply because a cat was hunted it constitutes a “trophy hunt”? Just like all other wild animals, hunting of big cats is highly regulated, and most of the cats shot are because they have overpopulated the range and are attacking domestic animals. Moreover, from what I’ve read, cats are very hard to hunt, even with a rifle and a pack of dogs. Personally, I think that American mountain lions are one of the most beautiful animals on earth, but that does not mean that they are immune from being hunted when necessary.

      • Yes, Mark, my comment was intended precisely to raise the question of the necessity of killing this mountain lion. For all I know, the animal was shot for food, or because it was destroying livestock, or because it was unprovokedly attacking humans. But the simpering grin on the hunter’s face raises the possibility that it was killed simply because the hunter was capable of killing it, and I, for one, do not find that acceptable, wouldn’t do it myself, and reserve the right to hold in contempt those who do find it acceptable, just as those who do will no doubt hold me in contempt.

        • I find contemptible your characterization of her grin as “simpering”.

          I’d wager that all of the details you don’t know that ultimately led to this photograph being taken could fill a book – starting with knowing whether or not her grin is “simpering”.

    • Your comment about a “level” playing field by using a knife or short spear is absolutely asinine and goofy.

      Apex predators, such as a mountain lion, evolved to hunt by being strong, fast, agile, having claws and fangs that can sever arteries and crush bone. We do not possess these natural tools, so using our evolved brains ( although some of us may have reverted a bit) we created better tools to compensate (e.g bows and firearms)

      If you ever leave the safety that our evolutionary path has given to you, I hope you never have to encounter a hungry mountain lion in the wild, even if you are armed with your short spear and courage, because you will most likely lose. That is of course you are extremely lucky or extremely skilled.

      • Were I to encounter a hungry mountain lion in the wild, that seemed intent on assuaging its hunger using my body, and were I in possession of a firearm, I would not hesitate to kill the animal. Otherwise, I guess I’d be just SOL.

    • “I am a staunch Second Amendment supporter, but ”

      Need read no further. But I did.

      Let me guess. You are a city dweller that has no earthly idea what he’s talking about in regard to hunting. I’m betting you’ve never been hunting and thus know nothing about what it takes to accomplish it or what experiences come from it.

      • Conrad you dont sound like any of the hunters I know. They are humble and respectful of one another and the animals as well. I did a search on your name here on TTAG and found no entries. If I am wrong I apologize up front but this post smells like typical trollbait which is not surprising given how TTAG has been rising in pageviews and in particular spanking the nitwits at MDA and elsewhere with the simple facts and truth about guns. Nothing enrages a prog-tard more than to be calmly beat on facts…except to be mocked and ignored after…

        dont feed the troll is the bottomline.

        • 1. The name is Conway, not Conrad..
          2. That you have been so careless in reading my name, suggests that you have been equally careless in reading my post, even a casual perusal of which should have made it clear to you that I am most definitely not a hunter, and have never aspired to be one. The firearms I own are solely for marksmanship practice, and, if necessary, self-defense.
          3. Nor am I a troll, if by that you mean an anti-2d Amendment person posting to TTAG simply to mess with the minds of the pro-gun folks. I am a dues-paying NRA member and a contributor to more than one gun-rights organization. But if it makes you more comfortable to think that no pro-gunner could possibly be anti-hunting, then be my guest. BTW, if you searched the TTAG site using the name “Conrad” as my first name, it is no wonder you came up dry. I have never posted to this site using that name.

    • Wow that’s a long thread!

      Anyway … Regardless of my own feelings re hunting for whatever reasons, what this woman is being put through is wrong, in my opinion.

  2. Ms. Argys, why would you care about what a bunch of Nazi b1tches think about you? Their words cannot have any power over you unless you allow them to. And their threats are actually funny — like a bunch of panty soilers can hurt you when you’re the one with a gun and the ability to use it.

    You shouldn’t be afraid of them. They should be afraid of you.

    • They are afraid of her. That’s the root of all this. She shoots. She kills. She’s not helpless. She has not swallowed their kool aid.

      They are afraid of anyone and everyone that dares do for themselves and does not follow the various party lines.

    • It’s more than reasonable to take the threats seriously. Posting locations, full names, even directions to her home, suggesting someone kill her. It’s all very threatening on a real level. There are animal rights ‘activists’ who burn buildings down, bomb buildings, attack people, even kill for their ideology. There are animal rights groups who support and condone this behavior. Coaxing someone into actually harming this woman wouldn’t take as much pushing as many hope.
      Traveling down the disturbing rabbit hole, many animal ‘rights’ groups have paid for animal abuse footage, coached people into torturing animals so they could get their shock images, then edit it down to what they want and send it out to gain more followers. They con and pay people into doing horrible things fairly often.
      PETA is a prominent group that has advocated drunk driving in the hopes that it would kill hunters. These groups attack women on a routine basis, so it’s not very shocking for them to start attacking women who hunt.

      Having a loaded gun won’t help her much if these cowards bomb her home, or set it on fire.

  3. “Let’s hunt her!”

    “I hope she knows how much she’s hated. Male or female, I hope they all suffer horrible hunting accidents.”

    Aren’t they Terroristic Threats? Or at least Menacing? Hello, DHS? FBI? Anyway, I’ll take Argys in a showdown any day. People with character always wind up on top of things.

    Be strong, young lady!

    • This person showed that they are proficient with firearms, lets make death threats against her! we are so smart.

      Or, I smell a “hate crime” dumb as that term is

    • Isn’t that kind of speech illegal in Europe? Or at least something that can be sued over? It’s not that I think it should be that way, but why take full advantage of the disadvantages that Europeans have chosen for themselves?

    • It’s not Terrorist Threats, just plain old simple Death Threats. The mentality behind the issuing of the Death Threat is why all folks, not of the liberal mindset, and most folks of a non-conformity mindset should consider carrying on a regular basis. This is all emotions, and we know emotions build, cause rationalization, and eventually erupt into physical action. Sure most are just running their mouths, but some will act, and those just running the mouths will tacitly condone. The Age of the Rule of Law is perilously close to going away, then we have an age where it is mob rule. Look at what these mobs freaking out over women hunters are doing now. What would they do if they realize there wouldn’t be any consequences?

  4. Man, those people, Silvia Wadhwa and her ilk, are sick. They just hate anyone doing their own thing, being independent and self sufficient in any way at all.

    Why is it acceptable for them to threaten people? Imagine the outcry if gun rights people posted something even remotely as violent as “I hope they all suffer horrible accidents.”

    And they have the audacity to call hunting a disease. Wow.

    • Silvia Wadhwa and her ilk are the reason ALF and such are designated as Domestic Terrorist Organizations.

    • Google Silvia Wadhwa. She is a CNBC reporter, reporting on markets and central bank policy. I find that relevant, don’t you?

    • Because they think they are fighting for the poor defenseless animals who cannot protect themselves from ‘monstrous women hunters’ . You know, like that 500+ mountain lion that takes 2 people to hold up… That thing is completely defenseless against a woman. In order to understand simply put all of the facts out of your mind.

        • Correct. Except in the Communist (and former Communist) countries, where only the elite get to have guns to hunt with. There, you make a death threat against a hunter and you disappear. Along with your family in some cases.

  5. <- oh noes! the site DNE, if they let the domain expire, some pro-lifer should buy it up, that'd probably make them fume. (Not saying all evironMENTAL people are pro-abortion, but I think they line up more that way than others, nor are all envioronmentalists "MENTAL"..)

  6. when are we going to wake up and wage similar warfare on these groups and people. Who made them the holder of the high ground? take some pages from their play books, as I am sure they have skeletons in their closet…find them, exploit them, embarrass them publicly. What’s on her blog, or facebook, or whatever? do the people she works for, or her husband know the type of behavior she engages in? do they know her husband frequents porn sites? or her child was picked up in Munchen with a heroin needle i his arm? hypothetically speaking of course…

    just checked wikipedia, it appears Sylvia lives alone with her cat…

    • It creeps me out that you can find that out on Wikipedia…. Welcome to the 2 edged sword called the internet.

    • A guy was just arrested today for “doing the dirty” with his dog. They lived together too, just the two of them.

      • In Tampa 🙁 With a pit bull. With neighbors yelling at him to stop. And he had 8 dogs. Also he is a felon caught in possession of a firearm, released on bail the very next day. Sometimes it is embarrassing to be Floridian. >_<

  7. Just when you think the liberal War on Women is over, these monster mentality jackals open a new front. Un…..believable……

  8. I can’t say bigotry and hatred spewed by anti-gun and anti-hunting folks surprises me anymore, but it’s still sad to see.

    I guess that these female hunters are indeed a “threat” to them. The more that people become educated (regarding both firearms and hunting), and the more that these subjects are demystified, the less control over people the anti-freedom folks have.

    And yes, as Vhyrus mentioned above, if the term “bully” is ever appropriate, it seems appropriate here.

  9. Ain’t it weird that liberals, anti gun peeps, and others of the type are always the first ones to start making death threats and things like that when they encounter ideas and lifestyles they don’t like?

    I swear the reason they don’t want others to have guns is pure, 100% projection on their part because there is something mentally ill going on with them and they expect that the rest of the world is as violent and emotionally out of control as they seem to be. I really believe there is something wrong with them. Narcissism, bi-polar, first world sense of entitlement, BPD? Take your pick.

    Doesn’t surprise me the E-Bullies of the left would specifically target women. What’s that they’ve been yapping on about a war on women? Yeah. By them.

    As to the lady in the photo, I’d take her out on a date. Breakfast included. Hubba hubba. 😛

  10. I’m not a hunter either. If hunters got on board for 2A RIGHTS we would have a much easier time of it. How about 30 or 40 million NRA members? Interesting that major cougar attacks are prominently in the news TODAY. HEY CONWAY did you eat meat today? Wear leather? Use lanolin? Hunters(even trophy hunters) perform a valuable conservation service. Hope you never die hitting Bambi.

    • Please specify for me the valuable conservation function that trophy hunters perform, former water walker, because I can’t think of a single one, except when the animal killed has itself been endangering some endangered species.

      • Money.

        The money paid in licenses and tags by hunters is used (in most states) to run the fish and game department, preserve habitat and manage state game lands.

        What’s wrong with that? It’s not like they would issue so many tags that it would make the species extinct. It’s carefully managed.

      • You hit the nail on the head, Conway. The trophy animal is the largest animal around, and basically deprives the rest of the food and breeding opportunities available. This also weakens the herd. You’re in favor of sick, hungry animals dying a slow, painful death, aren’t you?

        I think you need to get some fresh air. Away from the city.

      • Conway is not a hunter or he’d already know the answer which has been the case for several decades. Hunting licenses and tags pay for a healthy chunk of the budget for state game wardens who enfirce the laws and the professional biologists and land managers who manage the game population. Hunters help to cull the herd according to bag limits and tag lottteries by zone which can specify sex of animal, age ( antler size for deer for example) snd numbers based on population surveys and hunter success jn past. The reason this matters is because with acres of habitat drvoted to agriculture or encroachdd upon by cities yhe game can become weakened by drought in tough years or starvation by overpopulation in good years. Ever see a Mt Lion starved and disease ridden? Well come to California where the cat lovers pressured the Legislature to pass no hunting laws in 1996. Male mt lions cover a range of aprox 200 sq miles. About the size of Marine Corps Base CampnPendleton the last remaining contigous coastal and low mountain habitat left in So Cal. Look at it from Google Earth. Its the huge piece of green between San Clemente in Orang Cty and Oceanside in SD County. I’ve hunted that a bit gor last 3 years. Itsery ruggdd and good Mt zlion habitat as its got a lot of deer. When I took my Hunter Safety class 4 yrs ago the very senior warden mentioned that tge biologists had tagged 13 lions

        • Now..what happens when mt lions overpopulate a territory? The males kill one another of course buf they also target the cubs and females they did not mate with. Not to mention starve and fall prey to disease that heathy cats shake off. I remember reading about a sick lion that was hiding and dying in a shallow cave in a weedy section of an urban park just north of the base a couple of years ago. It weighed something like and bones. These magnificent freatures go well ove 200#s can jump 13′ straight up or 21′ across a stream from a stadstill to catch their prey and kill by biting thru the spine paralyzin their prey. Then they feed on the juicy bits starting wuth thr eyes and face and internal organs while the prey is still alive. Jn the absence of sufficient deef ( AN ADULT PAIR NEEDS 13A-20 deer per year) they will and do ckme into farms to take animals and suburbs to takd dogs and coyotes. In the last few years at least four hikers and bikers have been attacked and two eaten.

        • One last ooint: real hunters know its about habitat. Ducks Unlimited was founded 50? yrs ago and hunter donations have bof and put more eetland acres into prrmanent conservation yhan any grren group since.

          Those wishing to learn more about hunting eill enter into a lifrlong jorney that is MUCH more than just the one stage of progression..trophy hunting. If you do you will learn than people like yhe grrman cat lady deserve our pity…thats all.

  11. I feel bad for Charisa. I might not ever wish to hunt Mountain Lion, but I respect her right to do so. The progressive anti hunting, animal rights groups are viscous. They are targeting women. they are crossing the red line in the sand.

  12. This is a reminder that anyone could target any of us for any reason at any time. And that is why it is best to be prepared before someone targets us.

    The animal rights stooges are stalking (no pun intended) Ms. Argys, plain and simple. The stalking stereotype is of a man stalking a woman because he is infatuated with her sexuality. And yet who hasn’t heard of a “fan” stalking a celebrity, regardless of the gender of the stalker and the celebrity. Of course there are other circumstances as well including the subject of this article.

    Unfortunately, the “downside” to freedom is, well, freedom. Nevertheless, I’ll take the “downside” every time without any hesitation. There are no guarantees in life. Live your life honorably and to the fullest because you never know when “today” might be your last day.

  13. I find trophy hunting just shy of disgusting. That said, I’m sure there are things I do that people find disgusting. But if anyone posts anything on facebook without privacy settings… well, you’ll learn.

    • Indeed. Unfortunately I think the real moral of this article is: Don’t post anything about firearms publicly on Facebook. Today it’s how flamers and trolls will find you, who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be how the confiscation squad finds you. Every gun owner really needs to be careful what information they put out in certain venues. It’s the sad reality of living in a world of “reasonable infringement” on Constitutional Rights.

      • Yet another reason to stay away from social media. Facebook is for compulsive exhibitionists of the newer sort. Who gives a rip what you had for breakfast, anyway?

        Here’s a blast from a past vanished in a time unspeakably remote. Fifty years ago I put together a plastic model kit of the Piper Tri-Pacer. But the kit also included two hunters; one posing with his rifle over a slain mountain lion, the other snapping his picture. Whether the cougar was shot from the airplane or the hunters flew into a remote camp from whence they went on foot in search of their prey, I don’t know.

        Anyway, the scenario was that the successful outcome was recorded on film, the photos to be shared with friends and no one else. So, why now make yourself vulnerable to wild activists all over the globe, just to utilize the convenience of Facebook?

        A little tactical & situational awareness is in order for this hunter or any other hunter, regardless of gender. The nuts are out there on the internet and that’s just the way it is.

        Maybe there’ll be a rebirth in the use of film cameras.

  14. “Let’s hunt her!”

    Really? Do they understand she owns guns and they probably do not? I would love to see them try to hunt her. There are stalking laws against humans and it won’t end well for them.

  15. I remember several years ago,in Georgia, a 12 or 13 year old boy harvested a wild hog that was nicknamed “hogzilla”. The same type of people went after him in the same manner. They deliver death threats to hunters,yet,we’re the bullies? Go figure.

    • The mountain lion and huntress in the photo are not those from the previous week’s 11-year-old girl who shot a very thing cougar which was stalking her brother. That incident did highlight, however, the lack of food available to CA cougars this year.

      Trophy hunting is widely misunderstood, due in part to the way hunters sometimes seem focused only on the size of the game they take. The largest male animals in many mammal species are still able to win fights for mates, but often are not the best ‘maters’ and often do not produce the best offspring. If you need help with the concept, think of old rich men buying the attentions of younger women by means of lavish gifts and economic threats against younger men: If these men were out of the game the younger ones would probably produce more and healthier offspring. The shortage in the wild is food and habitat, not dollars and mansions.

  16. This tells me there are at least 13.7 millions gun owners and they wont join NRA, or GOA. Can’t you realize how this would open the congressmen eyes and take heed. There are strength in numbers. This actually would make quite a few congressmen think twice about voting antigun laws . Obama will never accept guns, so he needs to go and anyone like him. For God sake why would anyone keep voting this vile and evil women, Diane Feinstein.

  17. I’m a huge hypocrite in this matter. Unless it was outright attacking, I couldn’t bring myself to shoot this beast, or any other, really. Just not my thing. If there’s a mouse in my house, I catch and release it. Hell, I’ve done the same with spiders. At the same time, I just got back from the meat market where I picked up a honking big sirloin steak to plop onto the grill. I’m betting the life of this cow absolutely sucked before it was put down. I know that, but I’m gonna eat it anyway and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it.

    • So why not spend a little more and buy pasture finished beef instead of the feedlot stuff? Healthier for you and the cow.

      • Being wrapped in cellophane don’t seem to much healthier for the cow, regardless of how it was raised and then killed.

  18. I don’t know if this woman hunted purely for trophy reasons or not. I have no problem with hunting to stop animals from starving due to overpopulation and also attacking humans and for food and to stop them from attacking herds, but otherwise, doing it purely for sport I do not agree with.

    In terms of haters commenting on the woman’s looks, TTAG readers did the same thing regarding an anti-Second Amendment woman once.

    • Why not?

      The fees they pay for hunting licenses and tags are used to manage and preserve the animal’s habitat, state game lands, etc.

  19. Ms. Bachman was vilified for shooting a huge african lion with bow and arrow.
    If anti-hunters would contribute as much money into game management as hunters do, I might be tempted to listen to them.
    11% tax on all guns, ammo, fishing and archery equipment. Plus licenses, tags.

    • And, in Texas, the hunting lease money that keeps the rural economies going and the ranches intact as wildlife habitat. Any wildlife lover who isn’t ponying up is getting a free ride on the hunters.

      • That’s the case pretty much anywhere. You can just about lease by the square foot here in Maryland. It’s a big industry on the Eastern Shore; many people get by on fees.

  20. That cat is twice the size of the one my parents have on the ranch’s living room floor here in TX. In CO, mountain lions sometimes eat people. Mountain lions across the west are on the increase, and unfortunately need to be controlled somewhat. They become more aggressive to humans in areas where they aren’t occasionally hunted, because they lose their fear. they are all over the place, even inside the San Antonio city limits, but no human is ever attacked except for in Big Bend National Park, where hunting is prohibited. I wouldn’t want to shoot one, but I’m glad that the cats in my area avoid attacking humans out of fear. Also, they have an over-abundance of WT deer and feral hogs to eat here.

  21. If these terrorists are getting the photos from the FaceBook page of the hunter it would seem one of two things has happened. 1) The hunter’s FB security settings aren’t limiting access to designated friends or 2) a designated friend is sending the info to these groups. If you knew who it was, would that person still be your friend?
    Any other possibilities? Perhaps your friend’s page doesn’t have good security settings and once your post shows up there it’s available to anyone?

    • Hunting may be part of what the 2d Amendment is about. The other part is defense of self and the state.

  22. Sorry, had to laugh; at first I thought this post was about women hunters, but it turns out it’s about female hunters.

    I don’t think women are in season.


  23. That is a huge mountain lion! They don’t get that big over night so assumme this was close to beyond peak condition. Bet he sired a number of male cubs who are grown and more than willling to take him out when he starts to slow down. Ever seen what happens in a lion’s pride when male is too old to protect the females, Another younger male comes in to drive the older lion out, if sucsessful the older male is usually injured, can no longer depend on the females to share their kill. He wanders off and is killed by hyenas or just staves to death. This male mountain lion was no doubt on the brink of not being able to take down natural prey. His off spring will have more prime targets to pursue, keeping over population down. Mother Nature is a hard bitch, but it’s been that way before we got here and will be after we are gone. Most species have natual defenses. Mankind is only species that had to create tools to survive into old age. Wildlife does not have a pension, others that will care for them in old age. Far better for this lion to go out with one clean shot, that the alternative. I do not hunt nor compete. I do a lot of target practice to hone skills for the self defense and hope to never have to use those skills but I I do not intend to became human prey. Wish more women would take steps to better assure their own protection. Folks who rag on this gal had better not show up on her property. She has guts and a pretty good aim. Kudos to her! .

  24. What funny and a tad pathetic is the German lady that started this laughable anti-BS campaign, Silvia Wadhwa, doesn’t allow posts on her FB page, but yet she wants to post crap on others. Typical German propaganda…………sorta runs in their blood I guess (reminds you of another well known propagandist from around the 40’s).

  25. If I was threatened by any of these individuals, I would dare them to come on to my property. Of course they might get mauled by one of my dogs but hey its a animal so they cant complain.

  26. Please STOP hunting down and kill poor defenseless animals just for fun/sport and trophy photos. Please STOP all kind of hunting. Those animals have done absolutly nothing to harm or hurt you. They all just want to live a peaceful life in secure freedom. Animals have exactly the same rights to live like humans.

    • “They all just want to live a peaceful life in secure freedom.”

      Right up until they die of disease, starvation, or being eaten alive by predators and scavengers, right?

      ” Animals have exactly the same rights to live like humans.”

      That’s not true by any stretch of the imagination. I’m no Bible-thumper, but I do find it handy to look up zingers from time to time, like “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” — Genesis 1:26

      Unless, of course, you know of a higher authority.

      • This, of course, is the same God who commanded Abraham to kill is son Isaac and then, at the last minute, when Isaac was trussed up on an altar and Abraham hadf raised a knife to take his life, sent a messenger to say in essence, “Whoa up, man, I was just kidding.” Or who, to cover a bet by Satan, messed Job over big time. Gee, Rich, I have a tough time taking anything such a God says at face value.


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