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What is it with the Kalashnikov? It’s bad enough that American gun enthusiasts worship this POS. But kids? Kids think it’s cool? As they say in Israel, oy vey. Still, the market speaks. At $29.95, plus S&H, including safety glasses, Toykin’s Airsoft Kalashnikov AK-47 is a hit. So much so that someone withint their vast corporate structure was tasked with translating the Japanese press release into Ingrish.

Nothing in this planet can be an alternate to the great thrill of carrying the Airsoft guns. These real life-like airsoft guns offer the users with extreme thrill. In fact the airsoft guns are the favorite of the PC gamers inspired by the game modern warfare. “Even in the computer games with cutting edge graphics, the virtual realism has a lot of limitations. Compare one holding the Electric Airsoft Kalashnikov realistic metal rifle and one serious gamer who is holding the plastic mouse controlling a first person shooter character in modern warfare. I am sure that the airsoft rifle will have more thrill and fun compared to the plastic mouse” says the spokesperson of

When it comes to great fun, people always love realism. Let it be the PC games or the toys that they hold while playing physical games, people out there want realism in all. This fact is proven by seeing the bestsellers at The electric Airsoft Kalashnikov AK 47 Full Metal Rifle which acquired the podium’s top position in terms of value for money is one of the most realistic airsoft gun that has been ever released.

This airsoft gun feels realistic with the exact weight of the original Kalashnikov AK 47. Added to that, the full metal concept makes this toy rigid and durable. The excellent work with the fake wood finish which enhances the realism of this airsoft Gun and with a great affordable price tag, this is a real treasure for the airsoft rifle lovers out there“.

All of us love realism and with the most advanced technologies available today achieving realism is very much possible. So why should we restrict ourselves with the same old plasticity ‘TOY’ toy guns?”

Considering the bestsellers, the electric Airsoft Kalashnikov AK 47 Full Metal Rifle is followed by the LS S-M9 Steyr AUG HBAR Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle and Electric Kalashnikov Ak47 Fps 300 Aeg Airsoft Gun. The Electric Kalashnikov Ak47 Fps 300 Aeg Airsoft Gun has been announced as the officially licensed replica of Kalashnikov and it is a lot of fun shooting around with these cool toys that look hot.

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  1. If a day-glo orange tip is all you need to tell the police "this gun is a toy – not a real gun," how long before the bad guys paint their front sights/flash suppressors day-glo orange so the police will be lulled into a false sense of security before the baddies open fire?


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