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Jane Fonda (courtesy

I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to make the jump to see Myth Busters’ Adam Savage recreate the prop rifle Jane Fonda modeled for LIFE magazine to mark the opening of Roger Vadim’s 1968 camp classic Barbarella. ‘Cause no matter what you think of “Hanoi Jane,” the actress was the hottest thing to hit the screen since Raquel Welch, who may have been the hottest thing to hit the screen ever. And they’re both in a different universe than lovable old Adam. Click here to see a clip of Barbarella. Again, make the jump for that boring faux rifle building thing . . .

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  1. For the article, couldn’t you have used a patriotic “stand-in” model vice the sub-human one in the photo?
    Just sayin’.

  2. Umm–that’s Raquel Welch, not Welsh. Someone who is STILL that hot deserves to have her name spelled correctly.

  3. So the rejection of JF’s position on the Viet Nam War is still haunting some of us as being “Anti-American”. Since then we have learned that the war was trumped up and we never should have gotten involved. Still feel righteous, or have you all denied that accurate depiction of history? In that case, how do you feel about the invasion of Iraq?

    • I respected her right to speak her own opinion. But when she went to North Vietnam to pose with an AA gun that was being used to shoot at Americans, she crossed a big line.

      After that I still respected the North Vietnamese. They were defending their own country and were willing to sacrifice whatever was needed to win that war.

      Jane Fonda I have no respect for.

    • So, I’m calling horseshit on “we should have never gotten involved” as the “accurate depiction of history” on the VIetnam War. It’s a debatable proposition, at the very least.

      It doesn’t change the fact that Jane Fonda materially aided an enemy of the United States, either. So, your attempt to lionize her in retrospect fails on two fronts.

      • Yup. And Mila Kunis makes Jane Fonda and ALL the old 50s and 60s actresses look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

        Some of the older generation have terrible taste.

        • I believe you’re forgetting that she has recently pushed the demon spawn of that f-tard Ashton Kutcher through her tunnel of love. A woman who has mated with “Dude, Where’s My Acting Ability?” is just not gonna get me thinking about her the way I used to.

          Catherine Deneuve in her day was tastier than Fonda ever hoped to be. Though likely not as well groomed. Especially as she’s French.

        • Have you seen skinnya## Mila without makeup? Yikes! Fonda was fine in68…but she’s an evil shrew. Yeah I’m Vietnam age. Never went. What a waste…

        • If by “boy” you mean female ‘hardbody with a vajayjay and a perky set of B-cups’ then yes, you are correct.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen for 6′ 125# with store-bought Ds hanging up there…

        • @16V Yes I cannot look at her the same ever again. It was a sad, sad day when I heard she was dating the king of the douche bags. The fantasy was ruined for me – same as when Lacey Chabert got a boob job.

          @JWM You are proving my point.

    • Negative. There are a lot of people who opposed the Vietnam War, many of whom were also soldiers. I don’t afford them the same distaste as I afford her, but the fact that she was the mouthpiece for the NV Army. What she did hurt the US soldiers. I’m not going to go into the POW camp things, because some of that is fiction, and I don’t want to weed through it. But posing with the NVA and pretending to shoot down US aircraft while my dad was a pilot in those aircraft I WILL NEVER FORGIVE! She can come out with all the apologies she wants, but until she serves time in jail for treason, she hasn’t repaid SHIT!

      As to the war being unnecessary, you may not realize it but it was one of those things that kept us from actively engaging in a hot war with the USSR. False intellectual pretending to know what the F you’re talking about doesn’t make it fact.

    • Please tell us all about how you condemn the USA turning Hiroshima and Nagasaki into glass-covered glow-in-the-dark parking lots. Or better, roasting the residents of Dresden like so many 4th of July hot dogs.

      Go ahead. Tell us about how Pearl Harbor was just a Japanese response to the USA blockade, itself an act of war. And how Hitler never intended to invade the USA.

      Or do you have different standards for times when the USA fights right-wing governments versus when it fights left-wing governments? Why would that be?

      • The nuclear attacks were entirely unnecessary, as Japan had already offered to surrender, with the sole condition that the emperor not have to admit fault (a condition the US agreed to in the treaty).
        The firebombing of Dresden was unnecessary, as it had no military value.
        The only discernible tactical advantage to those bombings was scaring the Soviets.

        It wasn’t a blockade, it was an embargo. The US military was also aiding the Chinese with supplies and USAAF pilots and planes.
        I don’t know if Hitler ever intended to invade the USA, but the Wehrmacht failed to cross the English Channel and conquer the UK. How the hell would they get across the Atlantic and invade a country with twice as many guns in civilian hands as there were people in Germany?

        Both of those were left-wing (by the modern definition) governments. Nazi is short for Nationalsozialismus (National Socialism). And the Japanese, under Konoe and Tojo, engaged in total state domination of all labor and industry. Stalin would have been impressed.

        • Bomber Harris said it quite well when a reporter that had no doubt not been born before the war ended asked him about bombing German civilians and cities.

          I don’t remember the exact wording but he basically said that the Germans had the ridiculous notion that they could bomb other country’s cities and not have it happen to them.

          As for dropping the bombs on Japan, I’ve heard as many theories as there are hairs on my backside about that. What I do know from talking to the greatest generation is that they were gratefull for the end of the war.

          An American president, our commander in chief, should have American soldiers interest first above all other countries.

  4. Jesse James said when he was ill
    There was just five things that he’d like to kill
    Lion, Tiger, Grizzly Bear
    Jane Fonda and the hippie with the long, long hair

    St. Peter said he could kill just one
    So he killed Jane Fonda and let the long hair run

    -Vietnam Era Cadence US Army was still singing when I ETS’d post GWOT.

  5. “i’m watchin’ a horror movie, man.”
    “ohhh… is that jane fonda?”
    can- o- worms. welch was a brain melter. fonda carried herself well… pretty is as pretty does.
    i’ll argue for any of half a dozen starlets that preceded them, bardot, loren, kelly etc.

  6. While Americans were tortured in POW camps,
    Jane Fonda gave active aid to the enemy. That was treason, pure and simple.

    Yeah, ok, a tricky tie in to guns, but sorry, bad form RF, here to gve Hanoi Jane any more press.

    Just my two cents…

  7. You should never fail to use her full name, which is Jane Fonda Traitor Commie Bitch. And no, making an acronym of her full name is not appropriate either. The full name must always be used.

  8. I don’t want to see Hanoi Jane ….don’t want to talk about her….and the only reason I won’t piss on her grave is that I promsed my self when I got out of the Marines I would never stand in LINE again.

  9. LOL – there isn’t one single comment about the actual topic of this article (build of a prop gun).

    Bunch of dolts.

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