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There sure are a lot of guns and white people in Adam Putnam’s vision of Florida the headline at proclaims. In case you missed the point . . .=

Adam Putnam, a Florida Republican candidate for governor and proud “NRA sellout,” released a new ad proclaiming what the state will be like if he is indeed elected, and apparently it’s all about guns and white folk.

The one minute ad, shared on Twitter yesterday, was posted with the caption, “This is what our state can be and what our state will be when I’m your Governor! #FloridaFirst.”

Besides the obvious dog whistle slogan of the #FloridaFirst hashtag (a localized “America First” Trumpism), the rest of the share line is an odd pairing with the video, which shows Putnam discussing the Second Amendment to a sea of white people nodding in agreement around a giant bonfire . . .

So when a Florida gubernatorial candidate releases a video of him speaking directly about gun rights to a crowd of only white people, it’s hard not to see what “FloridaFirst” actually means.

An ad hominem attack by a race baiting media flunkie or something close to the truth?

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    • Of course not. This situation is just another example of the usual far left drivel. In terms of race black people make up all of about 11% of the US population. But the left, specially the racial activist left, seem to believe that ‘people of color’ should be in at least 50% of all media. To them there is no such thing as situational context.

      • Maybe it’s the blacks that are racist for not wanting to go hear a white gubanatorial candidate talk about g uns.

        • Pfht, no. I’m not willing to go that angle myself. Especially in a 1 minute campaign video. But as an aside the use of racial wedge politics is pretty much the exclusive purview of democratic party at this point.

          Hell, back during the 2016 election left wing partisan news agencies would actually go out of their way to down play any footage of a non white Trump supporter they came across. I can’t remember which agency released it, but there was a somewhat well known video clip where the feed was cut when a black man stop against racial division and in support of then candidate Trump. That was bad enough, but the anchor that cam on the screen immediately after that went out of her way to qualify that footage that that man’s opinion was ‘not the opinion of most people.’ Or at least something like that. I’d have to try and hunt it down.

        • I think you’re right Gov.
          They didn’t get counted because they didn’t show up. Clearly they were not interested in being a part of the solution but will complain about the problems ad nauseum.
          I’m reminded of the anti-voters who refuse to go to the polls on election day because “their votes won’t count” – to which I reply, “You refuse to vote? Then you’re correct – exactly no one cares what you think. Especially the politicians.”

        • Well I for one would like to know just why it’s the pro-2A Republican that’s assumed to be the racist and not minorities that won’t even bother to listen to the guy. Or perhaps as DoW pointed out it’s the media that’s the real racist here. If he had those views and was black, he’d be and Uncle Tom, but since he’s white he’s racist.

    • Heres the part of the article the lying racist Robert Farago omitted, and he omitted it of course to evoke that tired racist trope that racism only exists in minds of black folks:

      “When Alton Sterling was shot dead in Baton Rouge while pinned down with a gun in his pocket, the NRA was silent. When Mark Hughes openly and legally carried a firearm at a Dallas Black Lives Matter protest and the police wrongly tweeted out his photo as a sniper suspect, the NRA was silent. When Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer after telling them he had a legally permitted firearm in his car, the NRA was silent. However, after intense criticism from members the group did say the Castile incident was “troubling.”

      These examples could go on forever.

      In fact, one of the only times the NRA was ever cool with rolling back a gun law was in 1967, after members of the Black Panther Party began carrying rifles openly in public. Weird.”

      Makes sense now doesnt it, when you read the actual article instead of racist liar Robert Faragos racist cut-up distortion


        Alton Sterling was a child pervert felon in possession of a firearm.

        Re the mistaken detention at the Dallas march, FIVE COPS were assassinated by a black man ENCOURAGED BY BLM.

        Re Castille, a tragedy, but he was an idiot reaching while a cop had a gun on him, with his ratchet girlfriend looking for a payday, and a local jury decided the cop was not in the wrong.

        You want to ask about RACISM? MORE BLACKS ARE KILLED BY BLACKS. How many whites are raped by blacks? how many black women are raped by white men? Statistically, NONE.

        I can’t wait to hear of you getting taken out by some local thug, the sooner the better.

  1. I down voted his video because he blocked the comment section. Politicians need to move into the modern era. If you do what the mainstream media does and try to keep people from conversing I will not like you as a politician. There is no point in having a youtube channel if you don’t allow comments. Even the white house channel allows comments.

  2. “An ad hominem attack by a race baiting media flunkie or something close to the truth?”

    I’m going with the former.

    Funny, ain’t it, that when there’s a bunch of white people on the screen or tube, it’s racism, but when there’s a bunch of black people on the screen or tube it’s Oscar-worthy.

  3. Yeah Moonlight was pretty poor…seriously is EVERYTHING raciss if it appeals to white folks?!?

  4. Here is a fun thought:
    — About 11% of the U.S. population is black.
    — About 10% of the black population votes Republican.
    — Assume roughly 1 in 20 people are willing to appear in a political ad.

    That means about 1 in 1,800 black people would be willing to appear in a political ad for a Republican candidate. If that is true (and I believe it is pretty darned accurate), it is quite likely that the candidate’s campaign quite literally could not find a black person who was willing to appear in the advertisement.

    And as a reality check, let’s look at the numbers for white participants:
    — About 70% of the U.S. population is white
    — About 60% of the white population votes Republican
    — Assume roughly 1 in 20 people are willing to appear in a political ad.

    That means about 1 in every 48 white people are willing to appear in a political advertisement for a Republican candidate. Finding a few such people is a MUCH easier task.

    My conclusion: the advertisement was not racist. Rather, the advertising agency simply could not find any black people willing to participate.

    • Your last “1 in 20 people are willing to appear in a political add” would be irrelevant to your point since it would filter out equal percentages of black and white people.

      • JR,

        While I chose the same factor (1 out of 20 willing to appear in a political ad) for black and white populations, the end result is enormously different. Which task is WAY more difficult:
        (1) finding 1 out of 47 people for an ad ???
        — or —
        (2) finding 1 out of 1,800 people for an ad ???

        And look at it this way:
        About 1 out of every 200 black people would be willing to appear in the ad.
        About 1 out of every 33 white people would be willing to appear in the ad.
        If you had the task of finding black people willing to appear in the ad, do you even know 200 black people that you could ask in hopes of finding just one participant?

  5. Of course, it’s racist, but the redeeming feature is that it’s only incidentally racist. It’s primarily culturalist. That the culture he has in mind, self’determination, individual freedom, states rights, etc. and not all the evils stereotypical of minority subcultures, is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Getting a good education, getting and holding a job, staying out of the criminal justice system, not having kids until you’re married and ready shouldn’t be “white” traits. They should just be common sense. They only are “white” because so many minorities reject them and choose other, lrss productive lifestyles.

    You really aren’t going to find very many actual white racists. What you will find an abundance of are white people who are sick and tired of all the special privileges for minorities and having to walk on eggshells for these people, all the while being called racists.

  6. I’m a black man and I’m really liking what this governor has to say in this add. If I were living in Florida, I would seriously consider casting my vote for him.

  7. it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter what the actual contents, message, moral, or intent was. it will be construed into a quagmire of stereotypes and cliche’s to keep the dividing factors in this country active. the government is doing a AMAZING job keeping its citizens divided so we can’t fight the real enemy of the people of this country, THEIR GOVERNMENT.

  8. Look, when you play the race game you will lose no matter what you do.

    Let’s say Putnam put some minorities in his video. He would then be attacked by putting “token minorities” in a flagrant political ad. There’s no pleasing the left, so eff ’em.

    It’d be easier to just flip the script around accuse the accusers of racism since that’s all they ever see and care about. Here’s a quick example: I don’t see many Asians in the NFL. The NFL therefore must be racist!

    Just brush them off and move to the actual topics.

  9. I seem to remember a time, not too long ago, that when a person heard secret messages, and saw hidden meanings and symbolism, where there wasn’t any, particularly in political ads, that person’s ramblings were not given much consideration.
    Not to make light of a serious issue, but aren’t those classic signs of significant mental illness?

  10. I am not offended that white people decided to hang out with a bunch of other white people. I am bothered by the fact he is happy to be a NRA sellout.

    The NRA was originally created to be a negative force and continues to be today. For an extremely short period of time it was for human rights of the individual. They transitioned into a money making machine that manipulates its members by constantly putting their human rights at risk.

    The NRA is not an ally of Americans, they’re their enemy. They want to be in perpetual “war.” Just like the war on drugs, the war on crime, the war on terror, etc.

    I am not inclined to support people who partake in the NRA’s BS. I am pro human rights, not pro NRA.

  11. Evidently they didn’t look very hard, because you can easily find black people in most of the crowd shots.

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