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SPOILER ALERT! Comedian Orlando Jones pours empty brass on his head in the video above, then condemns the death of millions of people around the world fighting for peace that “all seems to stem from some militarized police force threatening the rights of people to assemble.” Uh, what? Those deaths stem from the people who order the police to quash peaceful demonstrations. Oh well. That’s the kind of cognitive dissonance you’d expect from a self-proclaimed lifelong NRA member and “active member of the Louisiana police force” who Tweeted that liberals should kill Sarah Palin to gain some respect. Funny peculiar I’d say. [h/t IK]

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  1. It just proves the point that most folks AND celebrities need an editor. IMHO he was soooo close to making a really good point. Pity.

  2. I was wondering when this would make its way up here. Seems a lot of people really love their “Im an NRA member BUT ______” card these days…

    • I’d love to see the NRA, from time to time, say something like “that is a lie, you are not now, nor have you ever been, a member of the NRA, you are not welcome to join, and if you claim that again, we will sue you.”

  3. I’m having a hard time seeing what exactly is so wrong other than hyperbole. Robert I think you missed the mark here. As far as I see it complaining about the militarization of the police isn’t any different than complaining about than those who would ‘give the order’ given that the police can only be militarized with the consent of those who give the orders. City and state legislators could end militarization tomorrow if they wanted.

  4. Yeah I saw this. I don’t get his point. NRA & some kind of cop? Sure. Isn’t Jones some kind of gay activist too? “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. Oh well it’s a nice break from the ice buckets…

    • I’m black and I must say that’s not a very nice thing to say. Funny as hell but not nice! 🙂

        • They do seem to have the same hair, and they both say “um” quite a bit, and nobody’s seen them in the same room together… I think you may be on to something

  5. I don’t see anything wrong in this video. I even think it’s nicely done…
    I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s spot on. It’s about time people wake up about the current situation…

  6. Never heard of him. Sounds desperate to revive, through anti-gun bile, whatever relevance he may have once enjoyed. Guess these people regard the NRA as career CPR. Had he any self-respect, he’d opt for career DNR.

  7. Why are people against this video? I think he’s making a pretty good point. This isn’t an anti-gun video by any stretch of the imagination. It’s also good to see another brother that takes the 2nd amendment seriously as I do.

    • Call me crazy or paranoid, but I’m quite convinced a lot of people wouldn’t have any problem with this video if it would be done by a christian middle-age straight republican white man…

    • I’m with you 100%! Its a really great video and the point he’s trying to make is well founded in my opinion. Ferguson was a dissaster. Is his speech perfectly worded? No, because he’s obviously speaking from the heart. And I’ll take that kind of response over some well typed out politically correct speech any day of the week.

  8. After seeing Orlando Jones’ name in the headline, I think I speak for millions of Americans when I say: “Who?”

  9. Seriously WTF???

    I am not sure what that was? What does the NRA have to do with this? What does his “special” police badge have to do with anything.

    I live in St. Louis county. People have assembled every day since Brown was killed in Ferguson, including last night even though they are getting bored and the turn out is a joke now.

    Their rights to assemble only get threatened once they break the law. You know like loot buildings, burn them down, throw bottles, bottles of piss and bottles full of gas at police. Oh and shoot each other.

  10. Don’t know who he is or why I should care? I wish the bucket had been full of hot shells from a .50.

  11. After the video stopped, Orlando Jones was tragically injuried as reloaders mobbed him looking for used brass.

    • The old guy with the stick nailed him in the foot so many times trying to scoop up the brass that he can’t walk due to swelling.

      Other than that, I think it’s a decent video. He spoke about what was on his mind and he didn’t go into loony toons land.

  12. I think his message is spot on. I don’t understand the negativity towards the speaker or the message. Some people here are insinuating that he is lying about being a NRA life member. Any proof, or are people just pulling stuff out of where the sun doesn’t shine?

  13. “Uh, what? Those deaths stem from the people who order the police to quash peaceful demonstrations.”

    Nope, sorry Rob, but it’s entirely on the police. A politicians “orders” mean jack unless the thugs in blue are ready and willing to commit violence against people.

    • This exactly. If your comment wasn’t here I’d have said it. The order-givers aren’t half as responsible as those following them. If the jackbooted enforcers of the state didn’t exist, the order-givers would be irrelevant and they’d have no way to enforce their edicts. But thanks to our valiant, intrepid paladins of public safety…

  14. So, now law enforcement is responsible for the deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatma Gandhi? Um, how? Both were shot, true, but neither assassination was in any way associated with law enforcement.

    I don’t hear anything blatantly anti-gun in this video, but, man does Mr. Jones have a horrifyingly severe case of cranial-rectal inversion.

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