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The stern look advised by the Chinese government (courtesy

I wish I was making this up. But I’m not, no I’m not. “Communist Party officials have told residents of China’s violence-stricken west to add a new weapon to their armoury for fighting the country’s war on terror: the frown,” reports. “Inhabitants of Xinjiang, a predominantly Muslim region that is currently the setting for a major security crackdown, should use the ‘angry stare’ as a way of intimidating terror suspects, according to official advice circulated this week on Wechat, the popular social networking service.” OK, that’s absurd. But is it that much more absurd than the rest of the Party’s advice? . . .

[O]fficials advise locals on six “super weapons” that could be used to repel attackers. The mostly conventional list, which was later shared on Wechat, included pitchforks, wooden clubs and spades, all of which officials said could be used to bludgeon assailants into submission.

Speaking of “super weapons” why no guns? Because the people running The People’s Republic know that an armed populace can defend itself against government oppression with the same tools they can use to defeat terrorists. In fact, that could well be a distinction without a difference. [h/t AV]

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  1. The Chicoms advice compares favorably to USAcoms advising women to wet their dainties or heave when attacked by a rapist.

    • Yep, my first thought was that it’s no more absurd than telling women to urinate or vomit on their rapist.

    • Well; like does attract like. The Chinese Communists= the Liberal/progressives. The modern Liberal progressives beliefs are founded in good old Marxism/communism.

      This “ism” is based on the disempowerment of the people and giving the monopoly of power to the state as its founding principles.

  2. Yep a disarmed, or never armed people get told to beat on a terrorist who has a gun, brilliant idea, why not tell them to try talking to them to prevent the terrorist from shooting.

  3. That…sounds like duffelblog material/article…I didnt believe it till i read the telegraph article.

  4. Maybe some of us could send our wives over there and let them just “Talk” the terrorists to death. Mine has plenty of practice!

  5. The people running The People’s Republic know that an armed populace can defend itself against government oppression with the same tools they can use to defeat terrorists.

    I remember reading that Stalin was almost killed by a a squinty-eyed stare.

  6. The slogan for this should be “what would your mother think?” nyuk nyuk
    Finger wags and nods of disapproval must qualify as machine guns.

  7. From Connecticut to Nigeria to China, it’s the same story over and over again. In the eyes of the ruling elite, the common people are there to play the role of human shields.

  8. “A well regulated village being necessary to the security of a free Tribe, the
    ‘Right’ of the villagers to:- use menacing looks, ( add: #5 harsh language )
    and to keep and bear pitchforks, wooden clubs and spades shall not be
    infringed — but will continue to be subject to reasonable regulations.”

    From the UnUnited States Department of Redundancy Department:
    “Given that Americans have been granted the right to bare arms; and
    that tattoos currently remain a legal loophole in regulatory law and in common use for whatever;
    a subcommittee has now been established to review statutory laws regarding the legality of people acquiring, keeping, bearing, and flashing when appropriate — and only as necessary — a tattoo depicting an image of the golfer-in-chief shaking his putter as an approved symbol of irrational defiance.”

  9. Handy data point: Over the last six months the police in major Chinese cities have been issued sidearms which they routinely carry when on duty. Uighurs, on the other hand, have successfully defeated these measures by getting to terror scenes first with cars, gasoline and knives, sometimes to devastating effect.

  10. “If looks could kill it would have been us instead of him…hey bungalow bill…”

    “I fart in your general direction”

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