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Rachea Pendley (cpourtesy The Truth About Guns)

The following message posted on has gone viral:

“As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak . . .

You say Islam is the religion of peace, but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend.

In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? Let me break it down for you. That means there are literally millions of disgruntled, dysfunctional, pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch their friends die because you Islamic extremist idiots can’t seem to act like normal human beings and stop terrorism and the violence.

It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, but if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days. Better yet, it took us about month to control your entire country. At this point, with 13+ years of war under our belts, how long do you think it would take us to do it all over again? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one. Do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear? Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you.

Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy. We will bring the righteous hand of God down upon you and crush you. The ball is in your court now ISIS. We are more than ready to arrange your so called “meeting” with your 72 virgins and send you to your “prophet” Mohamed.”

– Nick Powers

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    • I’ll die first! Marine blood still flows healthily through my viens, and as long as it does, isil, taliban, our own goverment, will not spoil our god given rights. Ill stand with my brothers and sisters to defend this country!
      Semper fi

    • ISIS please disregard what you see our President and government is handling your chicken shit ways. Bring it to the heartland, and not to liberal New York. Show your faces like men and come to the middle of America, so we can fight like you like men of jihad. Come and cut our infidel heads off. We want to kill you as bad as you want to kill us!!!!!!

    • I was coming to USA but could’nt get a Visa in 1987 from Suriname but got a Visa to French Guyana. I thought that I would do some good teaching in unarm-combat, I left the army in Suriname and was teaching self defence and Karate in French Guyana in the CID (police) my diplome is from JKA and ISKA, I began at the age of 17yrs, I learnt to use weapons through my granparents from the age of 5yrs, boxing from 9yrs, kung-fu from 11yrs, I love martial arts. I think that every person should learn to defend themselves, arms or without arms. Just be careful, my granparents never let strangers in our home, he said that whatever they see they will want to take, some people will cry and want shelter and most times its a trick, I Iearnt the hard way, can’t trust everybody

    • I third it, if there is such a thing. LOL.

      Seriously though, anyone who thinks they can take down the only nation with a (mostly) intact RKBA is living in lala land. My neighborhood alone (North Austin, Milwood) has enough shooters in it to keep a Brigade sized element of ISIS busy for weeks. I’m not kidding; I can’t even count the number of Daniel Defense, Larue Tactical and DTOM bumper stickers. If ISIS thinks they can handle it, then I welcome the challenge. Hop on some boats and come pick a fight. ISIS are a bunch of boy-loving @ssholes who are too stupid to realize that fighting the undisciplined, unprincipled Iraqi Army and fighting American militias are two very different things. Come to America, ISIS. We will kill every single one of you.

      • You see…you guys don’t get it. They won’t attack Texas, they’ll just get in there. All this bravado is for naught when an ISIS terrorist detonates his body inside of a mall in LA, or Boston, NYC. They won’t pick a hard target, and they won’t fight conventionally. They’ll will attack in one, or many, of our liberal states where firearms are uncommon, and people who know how to use them are even less common. They will use bombs, and/or hostages. It won’t be pretty. They may be psychotic, but they are not idiots. That said, even in liberal states, there are those of use who would gladly deliver a bullet to an ISIS face, should they decide to show it.

        • I live & work in D.C. It’s a very big soft target. The population is very dis-armed. Basically, any big “blue” city will do (All of Maryland, Chicago, DC, and L.A.). Just stay out of the bad parts of town. After all, the gangs have guns and all.

        • Yes, it sounds bad but they will attack all the liberal areas of the US. New York, Las Angles, Chicago… San Francisco… ETC… It is what needs to happen to wake people up. I look forward to it. ISIS and Muslims /Islam itself in general are bullies… they prey on the week and defenseless. Islam is a lie.
          Yet one more reason we are moving to Texas.

      • Hal, you said “My neighborhood alone (North Austin, Milwood) has enough shooters in it to keep a Brigade sized element of ISIS busy for weeks. I’m not kidding; I can’t even count the number of Daniel Defense, Larue Tactical and DTOM bumper stickers. If ISIS thinks they can handle it, then I welcome the challenge. ” Hence the phrasing of our Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State . . . .” Anybody with the goals of ISIS better look out for these home-grown militia-minded people who remain armed and willing to protect that state of freedom. AND dip each bullet in pig’s blood.

  1. An ISIS attack on US soil would have a great unifying effect on our country. Unfortunately I think it would also lead to more Patriot-Act-esque legislation stripping away civil rights (in the interest of security of course!).

    • This is not the UK. Right, wrong, or indifferent, the first ISIS/ISIL attack would make WWII Japanese Internment-style camps seem a very desirable safe destination for US Muslims.

      Americans realize that Islam has never done anything but destroy civilizations and any attempt to do so here won’t work out quite the way Prophet Mohammed would lead his followers to believe. When you can get even Neil DeGrasse Tyson doing lectures on how religion, especially this primitive one, kills everything it touches…

      That said, we really do have more pressing issues. Leave the primitives to stone their adulterers and make sexy-time with dancing boys and camels. We can’t fix them, they have to evolve enough (culturally) to fix themselves. Just make sure they know we’ll nuke them back square one. With pig’s blood tipped nukes so they can never enter paradise.

      • Interesting assertions. Are you aware that there actually was an Islamic terrorist attack on the US on 9/11/2001, and none of your assertions came to pass? Not one muslim was placed in an internment camp, for example.

        • If you believe the tiny impact stress (compared to regular wind loading) from planes and subsequent light office fires somehow caused a steel-framed highrise to spontaneously pancake collapse, I have no idea what to tell you. We have decades of experience from steel-framed high-rises around the world. They can be fully engulfed, from floor 1-75 and it takes 20+ hours to weaken the steel enough to sag. Let alone fail. Nobody I’ve met who actually works with I-beams believes the ridiculous 9-11 story. Nor a single architect. They just don’t always speak out because the science ignorance is strong in our country.

          I have no idea who actually did it, but the suggestion that those tiny loads and single percentile weakening from that “fire” somehow made those towers not only collapse, but collapse exactly as controlled demo? Even the NIST whitewash report doesn’t validate that.

        • Oh god here come the “truthers” again…. Go back to infowars where you belong. The whole 911 conspiracy has been solidly debunked, and further more, “loose change” that horseshit documentary is a complete farse. The creator of it himself was recorded saying the whole thing was a scam so he could get rich. End of story.

        • So do tell of all your experience with structural steel? How’s your oxy-acetylene torch skills? How many years have you done FEA? From architects to guys who work in a scrap yard, they look at you as chumps for thinking for a second steel fails that way. It just doesn’t – without explosives anyway.

          You obviously have no idea of the melting point of structural steel, let alone the curve upon which it weakens.

          But you do nicely illustrate our 43rd in the world (or worse) science standings.

          Look up One Meridian for what happens when a highrise burns for 19 hours. It stands for 3 decades and is demolished floor by floor due to safety concerns…

        • The planes knocked the fireproofing, off the steel, where they impacted. Bare steel fails quicker than wood in a fire.

        • FWIW, I’ve got experience building skyscrapers, I’ve got military experience rigging explosives and I’ve got experience as a load-master for 757’s and 767’s in a cargo configuration for UPS. They carry a lot of fuel, 757’s over 11,000 gallons, 767’s carry almost 24,000 gallons. IIRC those were the planes that hit the towers. Dump all that fuel in a burning building with elevator shafts acting as a bellows to fuel the fire and it gets plenty hot, hot enough to weaken steel. The Truther narrative is lacking.

        • Innercityswede, How long does it take to flash off the whopping 10K gallon of fuel that Flight 11 was carrying? The wings struck the building, so it was all ‘out there’ as something misty to combust. Are you really suggesting that a what little didn’t vape and flash on impact somehow hung around for hours? Really?

        • I’m not a truther – but why do we spend all our time talking about the structural integrity of steel and never ask what the hell hit the Pentagon or why all the surveillance vids have been pulled…

        • 16v

          FYI, Architects don’t design steel, structural engineers do. As the son of an architect and an estimator for a general contractor who has high rise experience, let me be the first to say the opinion of architects really don’t factor in to structural discussions. Further, the opinions of steel fabricators don’t factor in either, really. The structure of a building is designed by a structural engineer, the engineering of the moment/member connections is typically delegated to a steel fabricator/detailer. I would expect a steel fabricator working in a shop to know a great deal about member connections, and less about structural systems. While wind loading is one thing, large missile impact resistance is another. To a small degree, high rise code does codify the need of small missile impact resistance, but large missile impact resistance is another arena entirely. So we’re clear, a “small missile” impact is tested as a 2×4 shot out of an air cannon. While the skin of the building and the structure was no doubt engineered to resist wind loads, it was not, at all, designed to resist large missile impacts. I’ve not studied the WTC collapse at all really, but I like everyone else have seen the photos. The holes in the sides of the building are enough to have at least knocked out one to potentially two floors of exterior columns, maybe more. I don’t know how far the plane penetrated, but it’s safe to say that it breached the envelope of the building. Depending on it’s penetration it could have knocked out an interior column as well, which would be major. I don’t know the floor system used but it’s common to use a composite deck system where your floor decking acts as a structural member allowing longer spans between structural member supports. The integrity of at least a couple floors was probably violated. I don’t know if the impact destroyed any of the shafts in the building, in high rises it’s SOP to use your shafts to withstand shear forces. If a shear wall was impacted, the building starts to lose it’s ability to withstand lateral forces. Further, you now have a nice big hole in your building, all of those wind load forces you keep talking about are now working against you. Not a mechanical engineer, but it’s pretty obvious to think that the fire would burn up all the air on the floor first, then start sucking air in from the outside to continue to burn, while that’s fanning flames it’s also applying pressure to the inside of the building, forcing structural elements to withstand stresses they were not designed for. Finally, it’s not like these are long uninterrupted columns continuous from the ground to the ceiling of the place. They are spliced together when you run out of semitrailer bed space to lay them on, or sometimes more regularly depending on structural design. While the individual elements midspan are not likely I don’t know what the detail on the columns splices are, but you only have to go to the weakest link in the system, which is probably high strength bolting, if I had to guess. Your huge heavy steel member is held together by what amounts to largish diameter all thread rod and nuts. Again, I don’t know the flooring system, but I would bet that bar joists are used to support the decking. Bar joists are a far cry from the steel I-beams everyone thinks of when they see structural steel. They’re relatively light weight steel webs that can be wracked pretty easily (not like with a hammer, but if they’re run over by a forklift on a jobsite, like) causing them to fail. Regardless of what the properties of steel are against fire and what fireproofing system was used, at it’s core you’ve got a building not designed to withstand a large missile impact that was struck with a large missile. The structural system had multiple facets of it violated and then we all point to academic tests in labs to support our hypotheses on what we think happened when generally we fail to study the impact on the whole system of the building.

          So we can armchair quarterback this all you want, but as someone who works with architects and structural engineers daily, I’m not as convinced as you that “everyone” agrees. This building was designed in the 60’s to a code that’s been updated several times since. Steel is not a great material for high rise construction (for a host of reasons), which is why it’s been replaced by and large by concrete.

        • If you believe our government to be competent enough to pull off a conspiracy of that level, then you sir think much more highly of our government than I do.

      • @Colt Magnum, Feel free to go to an ironworker, or their shop and explain how a little Jet-A (which all burned off in under a minute at a ‘whopping’ 1800F) somehow weakened massive I beams. At exactly the same rate.

        MAPP torches hit 6000F+ and would take hours to burn through each beam of that size. Or weaken it.

        • I work in construction, spoke to both a structural engineer and an iron worker and they both confirmed that you are full of shit.

        • Here some factoids from someone who knows more about the subject than you:

          Those massive beams are part of a structure that is part of system that distributes weight evenly throughout the building. By the plane crashing into the tower it removed many of those critical node points forcing the remaining damaged sections of the buildings to support the same amount of weight but with less support.

          Buildings also have to deal with lateral forces and sky scrapers actually bend and move. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a tower crane on a non windy day and you will notice that even a tower crane only a 100 ft or so in the air will sway. After the damaged caused by the plane crashing into the building the world trade center still had to deal with lateral forces, but once again, had a compromised structure with which to deal with them.

          Lastly, just the fire wasn’t hot enough to “melt” the steel doesn’t mean that the metal isn’t weakened by it. Those metal beams were subject to prolonged temperatures which gradually softens the metal and, coupled with the aforementioned factors, creates a situation where the stress upon the building reaches overcritical mass and collapse ensures.

        • The Twin Towers were designed to pancake onto one another so when the day came that the building had to come down, it would be much easier to do than older high rise structures. Additionally, environmentalists had been suing to outlaw the use of asbestos as an insulater so about the halfway point the builder had to switch to fiberglass to insulate the support beams. Without the proper insulation all the plane fuel had to do was warm up the support beams on a few floors and it would have weakened them enough to cause them to fail. Each floor below had to perform a task it wasn’t designed to do which was support the added weight of the floor(s) above it. OH and BTW the TT’s were not designed to withstand an impact of a 767-223 ER (means more fuel than a standard 767).

        • As a licensed Structural Engineer, who routinely designs buildings with fire considerations, I can tell you that 75,000 pounds of Jet A did not “flash off in a minute” Jet fuel is no where near as volitile as say gasoline. That fuel would have pooled in the building and taken hours to burn off, all the while causing anything combustible in the building to burn too, while the impact would have blown off most of the fireproofing on the floors impacted. With 35 years of structural engineering experience (How many years do you have???) I can tell you the building behaved EXACTLY as I would have expected it to behave. When watching the TV coverage, my co-workers and I predicted that the fires would cause collapse in about one hour, give or take. Even large steel sections rapidly soften when exposed to 2,000 degree heat, and I’m talking minutes here not hours.

          It amuses me when people with absolutely know knowledge or experience in the area of Structural Engineering spout off that they “know” this or that happened. Structural Engineering is a complex science that no one who doesn’t work in the field has a clue about, even architects, steel workers, inspectors, etc… are clueless when it comes to structural behavior….. If you had cancer, would you trust your doctor or would you go by what your second uncle’s barbers brother said to do for it??????

          If you think that those fully fuel laden planes carrying tens of thousands of gallons of high energy content Jet A, and traveling at 300+ mph couldn’t have brought down the towers, GET A CLUE!!!!!!! I’m only suprised that they stood for as long as they did….. And when you get a Structural Engineering license, let me know, I’d be really happy to hear what you think then………….

    • I agree that an attack by the Islamic State would follow by an attack by the US Government on our civil liberties.

      • 16v – Tiny impact from airliner with cross country fuel load
        Might want to talk with a structural engineer
        Architects design, structural engineers make their design work
        Been in the biz for 40 years, you are clueless
        George Bush did it

        • @DaveM, I know exactly how structural steel works (and fails). Tiny impact from a jetliner is a blip compared to windloading, and JetA burns at a temp that won’t do anything. Let alone cause significant weakness. Let alone cause a building to ever collapse at freefall rates – which is on tape.

        • @Lucas D., Please remember this is an article from Cracked. The ‘science’ is somewhat amusing, as one expects from said magazine.

          Feel free to read the NIST ‘analysis’. Even they can’t stretch the science to somehow make the buildings pancake at freefall velocities.

        • Didn’t read it, huh? It figures, because it tackles 9/11 Truther nonsense from a logical standpoint, and I know full well how much conspiracy theorists hate logic.

          The crux of it was how conspiracy theorists have an utterly warped and disgustingly self-absorbed worldview where they’re lone heroes surrounded by corruption and evil, in the process dropping the bar for human decency so impossibly low that they can just step right over it. Add to that how, regardless of whatever vaguely-defined expertise you keep boasting of, hundreds of actual engineers with proven credentials say that you’re completely full of shit, and I wonder what makes you think I’ll be left impressed, intimidated, or even slightly gassy by anything you’re going to say?

          Remember, I’m probably in on it too.

  2. Yep! No rules of engagement. No quarter asked, or given. If it’s “Them or Us” then I know who’s going to get the raisins. And it would be best if they learned how to swim. 😀

  3. If ISIS does come to the USA. Make sure to rub pork fat on your ammo. That way they will not get into the promise land. Also ISIS American women can shoot real good also. If your shot by a women you know you will not make it into the promise land either.

  4. You say Islam is the religion of peace, but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace?

    Er… that’s wrong, they call it the religion of submission.

    It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, but if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days.

    But that’s like ploughing the sea – it just comes back (see below).

    Better yet, it took us about month to control your entire country.

    No. In fact that was never achieved at all. Control is not the same thing as reaching everywhere.

    Do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear?

    From their point of view, yes – because that’s how attrition works, and it would give the U.S.A. more chances to make mistakes (see below).

    Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you.

    Feeding whom?

    Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy. We will bring the righteous hand of God down upon you and crush you.

    That’s 100% correct, apart from the “crush you” part. The U.S.A. is likely to lash out blindly and hit someone else – just like the last few times. You know, like attacking Iraq and Afghanistan when Saudis were more involved in the provocation.

    • But the Saudis have oil. Oil that we could easily ignore if we spent a tiny fraction of GDP on solar farms, thermal storage, and MSR’s, but too many entrenched interests getting rich…

      • Sadly, none of those other things could substitute directly for oil, as they don’t provide liquid fuel. Just as burning coal instead of oil in power stations only helps while it frees oil up, but after that you have to do a whole lot more to convert coal into oil equivalents, those other things wouldn’t actually deliver on their own.

        • They actually can and do. The propaganda is that they somehow can’t.

          The guy who invented/designed the LWR that’s in use around the world and is the bane of nuclear power? The next thing he designed, built and tested (successfully for 4 years, full power over 1.5) was the MSR. Worst accident an MSR can have? It shuts itself down because the reaction stops without deliberate outside control.

          The reason that MSRs were never funded beyond prototype by US DoE? They are incredibly safe and efficient. Except they don’t breed bomb materials. That’s all. DoE is in the nuke bomb business, not in the energy business.

          Liquid fuel is really easy to replace when you have metric f-tons of safe electricity. Liquid hydrogen is the simplest thing in the world to make and compress anywhere, given cheap electricity. Anything will run on it with minimal mods.

        • But creating the hydrogen, even as a gas, takes more energy than you will get back consuming it. Now add in the energy required to cool and compress it as well. It is pretty silly, especially when you keep talking about cheap electricity. Just use the electricity, that hydrogen is at least 5 times as costly.

        • Paul,
          You didnt even mention that Hydrogen is extremely explosive and any car using it would have to have a fuel system built like a tank to protect it. Currently there is no non nuclear energy option that gives as much bang for the buck as liquid petroleum fuels so until one comes along we are stuck with it.
          I’d like to know why 70+ years after German scientists developed a process to convert coal to gas/diesel for the nazi army our scientists havent been able to improve the process to make it both efficient and profitable.

        • 16v:

          Actually, LWRs are so prevalent because the first widespread reactor use was for US sub’s and large surface ships. They’re reasonably compact and powerful, and Rickover pushed their development because it was the fastest route to a nuclear powered Navy. After that, they served as baseline models for scale-up for civilian use, and given the dramatically increasing regulatory environment, development of a competing technology would have been too much of a gamble. Bomb making had nothing to do with it, the US used different types of reactors for that purpose.

          Regarding hydrogen as a fuel, simply, it sucks. The only way to get a good energy density is to keep it liquid, which requires energy input as it’s a gas until you get it down to 33 K – colder by half than liquid nitrogen. The H2 molecules are so small they permeate the typical seals on our current gas pipeline system so you can’t losslesly ship it long-haul and it’s not directly compatible with local distribution either … Nor is your water heater or stove going to like it without some significant upgrades.

          So while I would like to see us be energy independent, and we can do it if we choose, it’s not a simple process being held back merely by a conspiracy or three … Unless you count history, physics and materials science as conspiracies, of course. But I couldn’t possibly comment about that.

          Well, I could, but … You know.

      • Or we could just drill for our own plentiful supply of oil – and let Canada sell us theirs, vial the Keystone XL pipeline.

        When those other forms of energy become an economical competitor to petroleum and coal, then we can talk, Until then, they serve no purpose other than to line Al Gore’s pockets.

        • That makes far too much sense for us to actually do.

          I am very much in favor of buying as much oil as the Canadians are willing to sell us, and letting the middle east become China and Europe’s problem.

    • I’m just glad at least someone else out there remembers that it was Saudi intelligence operatives that attacked us.

      • if I recall my history right after we declared war on japan Germany declared war on us and I also believe had a pact with the UK to help them also
        but then I could be wrong about that

  5. Now that we are all done pounding or chests, you all do realize that, if terrorists have any brains at all, they would never go toe-to-toe against the U.S.A. on the mainland, right?

    A really nasty, determined, and shrewd enemy would engage in no-holds-barred attacks ranging from mass murder events in schools to secret assassinations to disabling of infrastructure to massive arson to … whatever else you can and cannot imagine.

    • While that outcome might paralyze a soccer mom with fear, it’s far less frightening to someone who has been stockpiling SHTF supplies since our nation was dumb enough to elect Obama.

    • Will they go toe to toe here, in the US? Only if they’re as stupid as we wish they were. They’re not, if past actions are the criteria. Nope, ISI would get much more bang for the buck by going after petroleum shipping facilities, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere Stopping the tankers from loading and transporting energy to the US would accomplish 2 things:
      1. If our ‘allies’ in the Kingdom of Saud can’t ship oil, there goes their income stream, and,
      2. The petroleum dependent US would return to the oil embargo days of the 1970’s
      ISI could accomplish this and never get their feet wet.
      All the guns saved in preparation for the invasion would be otherwise occupied waiting in the gas lines.

  6. Does anyone here believe in non-interventionism? Anyone? I don’t understand how so many people who would gladly take up arms against invading forces, but don’t see that the US is occupying these people’s land.

    For them, this is Red Dawn. Does no one else see a problem with this?

      • His point is that WE do not live THERE, yet we seem unable to keep from sticking our noses into their bidness. It is always an interesting exercise, when information is available (many missions are secret) to document the massive list of countries where we have a military presence, all the way from a few “advisors” to full fledged armies. In the middle east, the countries where we have boots on the ground and/or aircraft include Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, UAE, and probably Bahrain. Moving west to Africa, and just in the vicinity, we have at least Egypt, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

        • Your model is simply false. We have been involved, if you consider western civilization “we” since Islam was created.

          The first undeclared war of the United States was when Jefferson sent the Navy after the Barbary coast “pirates” who had been enslaving europeans for centuries. The idea that Muslims only are at war with us because we provoked them is laughable.

          Islam is, and always has been, an expanding, provacative, aggressive philosophy. They only time it stops being one is when it is forced to, by being shown that its aggression will not be tolerated.

        • Right, that’s what Spain said in early eighth century when 1700 Muslims landed there to test Spain’s armies and look at what happened.. The fight lasted until the early 1600’s. Go study some history. These people have one mission, and only one. The conquest over Christianity.

    • All we have to do is what we should have done decades ago – quit giving them our money for their oil. That’s it.

      They will return to being tent-dwelling, camel-fornicating, religious nutters. Dangerous to no one but the poor souls who live near them. Without our oil money it all collapses in less than a decade, they have no assets to last longer, nor can they ever feed themselves at current populations.

      • Between US oil and the intelligent development of nuclear power, we could run virtually free of foreign oil. Of course our current president has blocked the Keystone pipeline and we have closed nuclear power plants. Sad.

      • Because it’s not like the Europeans, Chinese and Indians won’t happily buy it. It’s a global market, and the US buys a small fraction of the oil produced in the Middle East. North America could easily be completely energy self-sufficient, and that would be good from balance of trade and strategic security perspecives, but with the rising Chinese middle class, it would not make an lasting difference to the market for Arab oil.

    • I see your point, I really do but there is a huge difference. 1) Americans don’t want to stay in Iraq, own Iraq, control Iraq or otherwise have anything to do with Iraq ( politicians not included) (2) we do not murder or condone murdering innocent people – yes there are soldiers who snap and we deal with that accordingly and casualties happen ( we actively try to prevent this) (3) we don’t hide.

    • yup. But elaborating on examples isnt popular on this site..but it will be when it comes home to roost.. i just pray that it doesnt happen in my lifetime.

  7. The terrorists are impotent and they know it. They can declare that “region x” is their “caliphate”, but they can never set up a real government there, because as soon as it gets set-up, some us government contractor half a world away can knock their little fort down. Without breaking a sweat, stepping a single foot in the desert, or giving these terrorists any chance what so ever to fight.

    Getting mad gives them what they want – they need the US in muslim territory so they can play “religious hero” instead of building roads, feeding the peasants & taking care of their fellow muslims, like real men do.

    • if we were to pull out of the middle east lock stock and every swinging dick and let them do as they wanted in that area they might set up their own form of government it might last a month or but then one sect would get fed up with another and they would be right back to killing each other just make sure when we leave we don’t even leave 1 round behind if they don’t want to bring the trucks tanks and other gear back blow it up

      • Just in case make sure we have the ability to agitate to start them killing each other again. Send in no food or medicine. Its Allah’s will.

  8. “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”
    (Matt 5:44).

    I absolutely agree with a lot of what the Marine is saying. We can utterly crush ISIS militarily, and they would be butchered if they openly attack US soil. I think we can and should intervene militarily, with the support of other nations, to end this violence, and stop these horrendous people.

    But, at the risk of sounding un-American, I have to disagree with this jingoism. Yes, these guys are killing innocent men, women, and children. Yes, they’re the ones persecuting my fellow Christians. Yes, they probably want me dead. Yes, you’re dang right part of me wants to see them blasted back into the same stone age where they got their morals. Yes, if I had to I’d pick up my rifle and fight to keep my country and those I love safe.

    But when we take delight in imagining killing them, when we promise them no mercy, when we take delight in sending them to hell, we become no better than them. We become the very monsters we swear to fight against. These are still human beings. Godawfully misguided, yes. But they’re still human. It might be (well, is) necessary to kill them, but it isn’t a good thing, it isn’t something to be happy about.

    Just my two cents.

    • You think we should intervene militarily to do what? The only change in these people’s beliefs and actions occur when you kill them. If they need to be killed let their countrymen do it, all we do is make ourselves bigger and bigger targets for a zero return. We feel good, pat ourselves on the back, and a few million more fanatical fruitcakes vow to kill us all. Leave them alone and let them kill each other. Why would we care?

    • I have no problem becoming a monster to destroy a monster, particularly if it prevents my children from becoming slaves. They would prefer you turn the other cheek, F-that. Moral superiority is a luxury we have been afforded by our fellow country men doing what needs to be done. Leave the bible at home, bring your machete and rifle, the bible will be there when you are done.

  9. “All right, ISIS… You called down the thunder. Well, now you’ve got it! You see that? It says “United States of America.”… Take a good look at Bin Laden, ISIS, because that’s how you’re gonna end up!… ISIS is finished, you understand me?! I see the black flag, I kill the man flying’ it! So run, you cur… RUN! Tell all the other curs the civilization coming! You tell ’em I’M coming… and Hell’s coming with me, you hear?! Hell’s coming with me!”

  10. What we need to do is light up a minor but well populated Iranian city with a small nuke. Tell all the islamic governments around the world that every time ISIS or some other group steps up to murder Americans we will light off more nukes on more islaqmic cities. Every time. Let the islamic governments deal with these groups or pay the freight for not.

    I’ll bet within a week of that first strike Isis fighters and their supporters will be stacked like cord wood in mass graves.

    Target Mecca and let the Saudis know that would just be the start.

    Barbaric. Yes. But when in Rome…

    • We would be sacked like peyton manning by the entire international community for doing so. Japan, among other anti nuke countries, would never do business with our government again and we’d be the hypocritical world bully everyone thinks we are.
      Nukes are so last century anyways…

    • That’s precisely what I meant about lashing out at someone else. You can nuke all the Iranian cities you want and it won’t slow the terrorists down one bit, any more than the Germans wiping out the Warsaw Uprising bothered Stalin one little bit.

      Oh, and it won’t make those you hit turn on those who provoked you, not only because you will get the blame but also because those you hit know where you live but don’t know where to find the ones you want them to hit any more than you know that. Once the people you hit have nothing left to lose, they will go invisible and angry themselves.

      • You going to tell me that Saudi and Iranian intel people can’t give you names and addresses of all the ISIS pukes?

        Make a credible threat to their happy status and see how fast they suddenly find ways to reign in the terrorists.

        We never should have been in Iraq, but it’s too late to put that toothpaste back in the tube.

        It’s that or wait for ISIS to hit us at home.

        • You do realize that the Saudis and the Iranians hate each other? You do realize that ISIS was created by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the US and Israel? Iran is innocent in this matter.

      • Nah. Drop leaflets in advance which state they are from Allah, stating his displeasure with their performance, and claiming his wrath will strike such and such city if they are not instantly repentant or whatever. Deny sending any such thing, then nuke that city and claim Allah did it. These nutbars are completely uneducated, living in the 13th century, or they would see it coming and get out of the area. Those who remain need killing. Then we deny everything, forever, destroy hard drives, “forget” facts, lose papers, you’ve heard it all at home, til you refused to know what you of course know. It’ll work better on them. If someone refuses to quiet down, invite him to the US under a flag of truce to make his accusations, take him off the airplane in a body bag and insist he never showed up, you can’t prove he did. You get it, why do we always have to be the adults when nobody cares?

        • You are the uneducated one. OBL’s right hand man was an accomplished surgeon. Underestimating your enemy is foolhardy, and often lethal, for you.

    • Just ignore that Iran actively opposes ISIS, and that mass murder with a genocidal tendency would make us the bad guys. The international community would go apeshit. I’m talking embargoes, sanctions, demanding payment on loans, refusals to loan, the whole nine yards. It would be ugly. Imagine the US with no oil, money, imports, or trade relations. It would break us.

  11. Even if these terrorist groups do distort Islam to their desires, there’s no reason to take jabs at their liturgy of 72 virgins or Mohammed or whatnot.

    Attack the individuals, the behaviors, the unsavory actions… not the correlated culture that others who aren’t the lunatics also practice.

    Imagine if someone said: The ball is in your court now right-wingers. We are more than ready to arrange your so called “meeting” with “Jesus” at the “Pearly Gates”.

    • Please explain that part about distorting the quran. I have read it, studied the chronology of the writings, etc,…and it seems that the “radical islamists” are not distorting anything, they are following it to the letter. You too could read and understand this, or keep believing the pop media BS about how “true” islam is not about terror, it is about peace. The islamic peace is what would be attained when the whole world is one for islam, no matter how many have to be slain to attain that. Terror is “true” islam.

      • That was quite a generalized statement with no validation or explanation. Things seem to sound much better on one’s head, no?

        I can google “terrorism distorting islam or quran” and find thousands of references. Most are not very well explained.

        Syed Manzar Abbas Saidi in the Athena Intelligence Journal made a great piece called “THE FUNDAMENTALIST DISTORTION OF THE ISLAMIC MESSAGE” and went line through line of the Quran, and compared it to messages that some modern terrorist groups are using, critiquing where they are straying from the straight and narrow.

        Mais Masadeh defended his Ph.D dissertation on “Terrorism and Islam: Distortion of Islamic Concepts to Justify Violent Attacks” and succeeded. (Abstract –

        I will not claim to know much about Islam anymore. I’ve taken several classes that it was the focus or side topic in the class during undergrad and graduate studies. Most of it went in one ear and out the other.

        I still stick to my guns (no pun intended on TTAG) about it not being necessary to take jabs at their faith to be derisive toward those who follow the faith, and also perform atrocious activities under the guise of their faith.

        “Attack the individuals, the behaviors, the unsavory actions… not the correlated culture that others who aren’t the lunatics also practice.”

        • Just in case this can be misinterpreted –

          “That was quite a generalized statement with no validation or explanation. Things seem to sound much better on one’s head, no?”

          Was meant to be a remark about my statement. 🙂

        • It is a religion, not a culture. Well, it is more than either, but masquerades as a mere religion. Apparently the classes you took were liberal apologist style classes. Figures, even Catholic clergy puppet the falsehoods.
          All your bluster, and not once did you actually mention study of the quran, the biography of Moe-ham-head, or the hadiths. No wonder you are so ignorant.
          I am not “taking jabs at the faith”. not do I understand your facile statement about standing on one’s head. Is that some strange islamic humor? On the contrary, I am giving islam credit for intending to follow the dictates of its holy books, unlike you who pander to western sensibilities, and get it wrong. You would be better served taking the quotes by CAIR representatives and their like which show the quran’s peaceful side, and do a check of the chronology of those quotes. One would find that those quotes are from the Meccan period of the quran, and are eclipsed and rendered moot by the quotes of the later Medinan period. Granted, it takes study of history to know this, since the quran is not tabulated in chronological order. Your examples fall short when compared to the words of imams around the world, and the well-educated leaders of the various factions conducting jihad..
          What next, are you going to tell me jihad is not warfare? It can be used in another context, but the quran makes quite clear that it is calling for warfare against unbelievers, at least 96 percent of the time. Education does you no good if you don’t study truth. But hey, ignorance is bliss, right?

  12. “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”-
    Isoroku Yamamoto

      • If it helps you feel better just drop the quotation marks. Are you also going to try and say the sentiment isn’t correct?

        Most “fact” checking sites are liberal and biased. There is strong evidence that is funded by liberal leaning group’s funds. Just as you claim it hasn’t 100% proved to be from Yamamoto, it also hasn’t been proved to have not been said by him.

        • The sentiment is spot on regardless if he said it or not.

 also debunked the “Have there been 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut? ” and specifically said the person lied about the number.

          While there has been a lot of BS going on lately with Wikipedia including Obama’s administration and congressional staffers all trying to rewrite history, cares more about the “facts” over the politics.

      • 1) If so, it doesn’t make it less true
        2) it has been around a long time. Legends don’t have to be true to be real

  13. I don’t think for a minute, make that a second, that these so called freedom fighters, jihadist, or what ever they want to call themselves, would ever consider coming over here en mass.
    So what are they gonna do, build a fleet of giant sampans? If they come, and I suppose some are here now, they’ll come one or two at a time, wearing a red, white and blue shirt.
    Some of them will learn Spanish, and come across the Mexican border like all the other freeloaders.
    I say, go into Syria and bomb those bastards to death, before they get any bigger of a threat! Screw politics and the Geneva convention.
    unofficially of course!

    • There is an interesting hypothesis that they ARE coming here en masse, and with a hideous purpose.

      They come here on student Visas to attend our universities and marry impressionable college girls, converting them to their ‘religion of peace’ along the way.

      Then, crank out a bunch of Muslim babies raised to hate what this country was before they began.

      Some light reading:

      • JR, sometimes we can agree to disagree, but in this I think we see eye to eye.

        Saudi’s funded the Wahhabi’s “madrasahs” schools in Pakistan, to indocrinate and isolate poor youth there, and Qatar is now funding ISIS, including the sophisticated online activism, not to mention their captive TV “channel” Al Jazzera (thank you once more Al Gore you horrible excuse for a sentient human being…was the carbon tax brokering not enough for you, slug?)

        so at some point, you have to ask, WTF are our political leaders thinking…
        well, actually, I ask more WTF are the Prostitutes and Presstitutes for Progtards thinking…

        But then, when you think about the origins (socialism), the dogma (dont ask me, just go read the course desriptions of any of the social “science” courses at any liberal college), and the methods (alinskys rules),

        when you get right down to it, Progressivism 2.0 isn’t that far from Radical Islam- total thought control and no tolerance for dissent. The Power is the money, the money is just the lure…

        The real question is when will the moderates in the middle get tired of it, and if and when the LIVs wake up… my cynical side says it will probably take another 9/11 to drop the PC insanity. My really cynical side says “follow the money” – to Congress, to the universities that have Saudi funded Chairs on Middle East Studies, etc.

      • +1,000,000

        That is the game plan, not terroristic pin pricks, not Islamic armies sweeping across the ocean like armies in the World Wars, but rather Fourth Generation warfare. Fourth Generation strategies like:



        -religious conversion.

        • Guess that means I need to ranger up and buy more ammo for a target rich environment. The NE will be easy pickings for them because the populations have been disarmed, The rest of the country will be a little dicier for them.

    • See, the pisser is that would be supporting Assad, which will piss a bunch of people off. But, looks to me like, this jackass butchers an American and laughs at us, because he thinks his friends are safe in Syria. Gloves off, we should have been droning every ISIS encampment we could find within minutes, carpet bombing as soon as we could get coordination with other forces in Syria to be sure we didn’t kill the wrong people. Longer we wait, the more time they have to disperse their forces. Just stupid, and you spell that O-b-a-m-a.

  14. Every time the US government takes more military action and people see their family members blown to bits, they build up the enemy forces. It has to stop.

    There are horrible things happening to women and children everywhere. Don’t use that BS to try and justify it. Should the US intervene every place where something bad may be happening?

    • So as long as Isis leaves you and yours alone you couldn’t care less about murdering innocent non-combatants and directly threatening your homeland?

    • “Should we intervene” Not always. Personally. I’d like to see more cooperation and help from other countries. You need to realize if these terrorist groups are not stopped with a loss of a few American lives, they tend to grow bigger, much bigger! Then it takes many American lives to stop the threat.
      A petty squabble is one thing. A group of fanatics that want to kill you if you don’t bow down to their religious beliefs, is whole different matter.

      • Provided POTUS puts away his ego and dogma for some time, he has a chance to have a coalitions of the wiling. Even many Arab countries are fed up with ISIS and want to see them gone because ISIS only wants their way of ruling to be the only way and are happy to kill other Muslims to get what they want. Just as Putin wants the old Russia, ISIS wants the old Ottoman Empire.

        If POTUS would have a meeting and tell everyone, okay, lets get rid of these guys together, he would have a lot of support. POTUS has got to get off the sidelines.

        • Yeah, he’d get a lot of support to spend American money to send American men to die on the other side of the planet. When they come here, they’d like the roster of men to be sparse, and their funding more so.

      • Had the US never intervened, I seriously doubt anyone would want to kill us. Including assisting Israel I mean. Maybe further back than that. The fact is, they hate us because we police the world. Hopefully you don’t believe that old George W. bullshit about them killing us because we’re free, or not Muslims.

        • I guess you are just Joshin, or have never studied islam. Read and understand the quran. George Bush did not write it.

        • “Had the US never intervened, I seriously doubt anyone would want to kill us. Including assisting Israel I mean. Maybe further back than that. The fact is, they hate us because we police the world. Hopefully you don’t believe that old George W. bullshit about them killing us because we’re free, or not Muslims.”

          That is what Islam does to non-Muslims. It has nothing to do with Bush, or America, or Israel.

        • Flea,
          How about reading some history. Mooslims hate everyone that isn’t #1 everyone thats not muslim and #2 any muslim that doesnt adhere to their particular brand of islam.

        • My girlfriend is a Muslim and I’m certainly familiar with the Qu’ran. Fact is, most of you bayonet polishing fellows seems to misinterpret the passages relating to the battlefield as encouragement for terrorism. I’m no pacifist. This is a gun website, right? I do have a problem with the current foreign policy. There is no end to this. So keep telling yourselves that this war needs to happen for the “homeland” to be safe. That’s a pretty Orwellian/Soviet term, is it not? Anyhow, I’m not interested in convincing anyone here of my beliefs. Seed planted. Do with it what you wish.

          I’m for defense. Not aggression. If that is the way things go here, I’m in the wrong place. Enjoy the police state that grows with the “patriotism” a lot of folks have here. Keep supporting this if it makes you happy. Don’t complain when the stripping away of your rights becomes apparent. Best of luck guys.

        • Familiar with the quran? Like you have seen it sitting on the coffee table? You certainly have not read it, and your “muslim girlfriend” is violating her religion by seeing you. No, nobody is misinterpreting battlefield passages. Maybe you should stop commenting about something you have never read or studied. You ignorance is showing. Truthfully, my bet Id that there is no muslim girlfriend, and you are making it all up as you go. You certainly have no basis in fact whatsoever.

        • Reminded me of how many progressives like to bring up an imaginary “black friend” during discussions about race. 🙂

    • “There are horrible things happening to women and children everywhere. Don’t use that BS to try and justify it. Should the US intervene every place where something bad may be happening?”

      Strawman argument. We are not arguing that America intervene in every place, we are debating intervening against the ISSI genocide of Christians and Yazidis.

      • You should look into the term “strawman argument”. Or maybe it makes perfect sense to you in the context that you used it. Please reread your comment. If you see nothing wrong, I’m quite sorry.

  15. May I point out ISIS/IS/BS is basically a death cult whose demon possessed adherents WANT to die. Kinda’ similar to the Saudi backed wahabis who crashed into the World Trade center. All the bluster & threats mean nothing when your enemies are psychopathic religious lunatics. I like the nuclear option but it won’t happen(from US). Israel is a different matter. An impotent POTUS may force their hand. With possibly 500(?) warheads they could reduce Iraq &Iran to cinders. Stay tuned…

  16. Shoving a pork chop up their ass does appeal to me, before putting them down for having the audacity to even come here and threaten us.

    • This is exactly why I think West Bank BBQ and Grill is a good idea. You cannot fire off an AK when you have BBQ sauce on your fingers, you are interested in 72 virgins in paradise when the hostess in front of you is wearing Daisy Duke shorts, and you are certainly not interested in fighting anyone when the caloric coma hits after the double helping of banana cream pie dessert. Peace in the Middle East through Southern Style BBQ.

  17. If we want freedom, we must allow the same for others. Not by forcing what we think is good on them, but by leaving them alone.

    If we don’t stop these conflicts, American lives will continue to be lost. At wholesale rates. Its accomplishing nothing. Except the goals of slimy politicians. Why are we fighting their wars? This is not a defensive war. It never was. Wake up…

    • You don’t get it. When ISIS is done with their little patch of sand, they will be coming for the West. They are well funded and more organized than any before them.

      In case you need a refresher, here are all the terrorist attacks on US Soil broken down by date:

      You are insane if you believe just leaving them alone will result in a good outcome.

      This is what they have declared they want

      How did leaving Hitler alone work out for the world? If they do not go after us they WILL go after Israel and we will be involved anyway

      • You nailed Pascal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. woods has peace signs all over his walls, and his 65 VW van.
        Maybe General Custer would have lived a little longer if Woods had been there to talk to the Indians.

        • No peace signs or Volks Wagon. Sorry. I do like peace though. As all people that are not sociopaths do. You’re both right that’s its pretty messy now. Never intervening would have been ideal. That way no one would want to kill us.

          My point is really just that this won’t get us anywhere. Except more dead soldiers and war debt. Terrorism will not be extinguished. Its not possible. Sorry. Its been 10 years now and we’ve accomplished nothing. What’s to do now aside from stop these wars, or keeping fighting them indefinitely? I don’t see another option. Its a cycle of the US blowing them up, and them getting more angry young men to fight on their side.

          Sorry if I bunched up anyone’s panties.

        • “Never intervening would have been ideal. That way no one would want to kill us. “

          This is wrong.

          That statement is simply NOT true. You have no basis in any observable, recorded history to back that up.

          YOU believe it; that does not make it true.

          You have another misunderstanding: that only a sociopath does not want peace. That, sir, is a false dichotomy. War and peace are not the only two considerations.

          There is at least one leg of the equation you are discounting: annihilation. The opposite of war is not always peace. You better get that through your skull, or perhaps you should just go to Syria and beg them for peace. See how it works for you.

          I’m sick of this pacifist nonsense. If you want to be enslaved or destroyed, put your own life on the line to allow it.

        • Well said!
          Its obvious Gunr has never been in the military and never would consider joining to protect this country he seems to hate. He also needs to expand his travels and see what the rest of the world is like.

        • DBM
          You have made a mistake in your post. You obviously have me pegged for someone else, maybe Woods??

        • Your half-history is cute. Glad you learned something in your indoctrination camp. Put it to good use.

  18. ISIS. You have no fvcking idea who you are messing with…
    stick to killing cowardly corrupt Maliki cronies, and helpless women and children, while you can:

    Your time is coming-

    The only lesson learned from the First Gulf War, is don’t hold the Marines back:

    Or you will have to send them back to finish the job:

    Personally, I see no reason to waste another drop of American blood and a dollar of treasure on any part of Iraq.

    We won, we gave their country back, and they are back to the same senseless killing they have been engaged in since the 7th century, of “who gets to be the one to decide what the moon god says”…

    We didnt go for oil, and it certainly wasnt for the politics…we went to contain Al Qaeda, and give Iraqi people a chance to escape the clutches of a mad dictator who had gassed his own people, and threatened his neighbors with WMD, and we won…but in the end Obama gave it all away…

    I’m reminded of Golda Meir’s quote in 1957 “peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us”…

    And the “us” which she used to describe Israel, is “everyone not muslim enough”, according to whatever wack job neighborhood imam decides-

    its not a religion, its a death cult that thrives on simply one thing- power, that at its heart is anti-freedom, and domination. Islam means submission, for both Muslims, and in the meantime- if you are not Muslim your choice is pretty simple- like ISIS laid it out- convert now, pay money to be a dhimmi and convert later, or the Sword. How many beheadings do we need to watch to take their word for it?

    I’m with Jonah Goldberg on this- Fvck ’em. For right now, let them fight it out.

    But never underestimate the madness or the evil.

    We are in the Long War. At some point, you have decide what it means to be free, and what will you do about it.

    It is a struggle of free people against totalitarian power- and until the free world wakes up, nothing is going to change.

    • I am pretty sure that it was Bush who gave it away. He installed Maliki. He offered to leave trainers and advisors, but Maliki refused the terms offered (specifically, immunity from Iranian law for our troops, a provision we always include in such deals). Obama was handed the deal, and Maliki was not interested in re-opening negotiations. And given Maliki’s subsequent (mis)behavior, it is pretty obvious why he did not want us around to mess with his ambition of complete dictatorial power. It was Maliki who fired the experienced Sunni officers, replacing them with political appointees. It was Maliki who discriminated against the Sunni and the Kurds for the greater glory of himself and the Shi’ia. Kind of hard to blame Obama for things that were not in his control. Or are you suggesting we should have sent in Jason Bourne?

      • Mark N. With respect, no. The Staus of Forces agreement was Obamas alone. Maliki is and was the running dog of the Iranians, yes…but remember, the Iraqi’s elected him, thanks to Bush promoting democracy, in what, the first in their whole history?

        No, BDS wont fly here, six plus years later, not even in the most even handed moral equivalece fallacy logic, well meant but foolish Libertarian non-interventionist Pauluan self delusion, or Progrard Press history rewrite to fit the TPMemo…
        The facts are the dacys, Iraq js Obama’s tar bay, he touched and he owns it…Remember the 2008 campaign politics. Iraq was a good war while convenient for the one term Senator from IL, who voted for the surge….until it wasnt, when he was campaigning for POTUS the first time.

        Then it was Iraq is the Bad War, and Afghanistan the good war (which was never a war, and over in a few weeks thanks to Specops on horseback scaring the Talibs out of Dodge, and the corrupt Afghans tipped off OBL on the move to grab him in Tora Hora) and of course, obvious and Total BS to prove hd could be a hawk with the rest of the Best.

        Obama Fantasy CInC Role Playjng was nwver real, and he has gotten a lot of good men and women killed and maimed, for no good reason, other than to look good in the press. AQ on the run in North Africa, just before the presidential election debates in 2007? Amb Stevens paid for that one.

        Muslim Bro-in-de-Hood running Egypt, with hiw many billions promised again, if they just play nice…yeah that worked out for the Copts, didnt it?

        Redline in Syria? Oh, yeah, count on the USA to save you from Assassin Assad…again, Christians targeted, and a country in ruins, while one of the nuttier Shiite sect stays in power, thanks to proxy host suport from Iran, where Imam Sadrs proclamations in Iraq, were only exceeded by Ahmafvckin’Nutjob And his stated belief in the 12th Imam, and Holocaust Denial.

        But I digress. I think we can agree that Obama’s warfighting skills, foreign policy, and integrity is as scanty as his ability to speak off the Teleprompter on pretty much anything other than the next NBA or the break on the greens at Andrews AFB golf course…

  19. Well said. Here in Minnesota I have printed up hundreds of t-shirts “Destroy The ISIS” with various other slogans and American symbols, and I wear them as I go around my side of town that happens to have the largest Muslim Somalian population in the nation. Not a single threat or mouthing off from that percentage of Somalians that hate us Infidels. No ISIS tough guys in south Minneapolis or Riverside. I am mostly anti-war and am also against police militarization but these ISIS cowards along with our media who make them look as if they are something to fear outside of the areas in the middle-east they’ve been “allowed” to terrorize, are nothing but angry and confused little men, and I mean “little” in the man sense. If it wasn’t for their pathetic beheading and murder videos that teenagers around the world have done in various lawless nations, and our media portraying this group as a world power and threat, we wouldn’t know who these goofs even are. To think they or anyone else could believe they could ever cause terror on US soil other than some random and small shootings by followers or possible group members that live here is like saying we should fear Canadians crossing in and attacking us. While it could happen the end result would be a lot of dead Canadians, in this case a lot of dead ISIS wannabes. Even the Japanese who were and are more vicious and dangerous than these ISIS fools could ever be, their leaders wrote that fighting on US soil would be a losing idea being many Americans are armed. This was during WW2, can you imagine how much more firepower we have this day and age then compared to 1940s? ISIS uses the internet much like keyboard warriors use it, to give the illusion of power when in the real world you’d never see one of these people acting out unless they control their surroundings and there are many of them. Outside of that hole called the middle-east, the ISIS is not a threat to anyone.

    • IF you believe they pose no threat to anyone but Middle Easterners good luck to you. As they consolidate there power, there gains, pumping 2 million a day in oil there influence and power will grow.

    • Clever moral equivalence there Ken.
      Are you saying that ISIS and the USMC are the same, because…GUNS!

      I hope not…my snark meter is pegged out on serious right now.

      But if so, then here is your “EEEeeek Evil Guns” bumper sticker.
      You can order it at any Bloomberg sockpuppeted campaign site- MAIG, MDA, Everytown.

      • Ken is right. Only thing different is that we are petty about who we kill. We kill each other over $100 pairs of Jordan sneakers. We kill each other over turf drug rights to poison our next door neighbor with crack. We kill each other junk foods off the $1 value meal. The list goes on and on on just how efficient killers we are. But now some nation or radical group says they want to attack us. Oh really, us going after and killing you is just a distraction from us killing our own. As fracked up is our way of life is, we will fight to defend it. Heaven help you for wanting to take us on.

  20. Nick:

    Thank you man! You have expressed my heart and mind on the matter.

    My extended family and neighbors are mostly vets. Some of us are older, with not quite the reflexes or legs we once had, but defend, you better believe we will defend. They might not take some of us as volunteers but we will volunteer and do what we can.

  21. I think Rand Paul has a point. You need to remember we have been messing with Iran and Iraq since WW2 and even before that. We put both Husein and the Shah in place and propped them up until they fell or we knocked them back down.

    This country needs to put some real effort into a coherent energy policy (fracking government lands and the Keystone pipeline are a good start) and cut way back on the oil we buy from them. if we were able to cut our imports of oil 50 or 60 percent this would cause the oil markets to glut and crash the oil economies of the Middle East (and would also twist the tail of a resurgent Russia). No money for arms from Russia and North Korea because they would have to spend their cash on food. ISIS and their ilk would soon be out of money to pay their hired mercenaries and Islam would start to fade back into the obscurity it deserves.

    • I agree- we Americans have a fundamental problem, when dealing with the rest of the world, and in particular the Arabs. We believe in fundamental human rights, have the whole Judeo-Christian ethical teaching, and when we abandon that in favor of RealPolitick, we get in trouble, from CIA training OBL, to piss off the Soviets, to our current bumbling in Syria, Libya, etc. I mean, who would have thought you could negotiate with terrorists and thugs in a Libyan ghetto and expect to get your Stingers back…only the State Arabists and HRC, I guess. Even the CIA has threatened their people with permanent loss of pensions if they dont clam up…never mind what they did to Petraeus for daring to testify…

      Progtards think they are so much more morally superior than the rest of us, but the fact is their superiority and lack of self-awareness contributes to even greater failures of political will, and foreign policy strategy. Forget Obama, he is a caricature, that someday will be explained in the tell all’s about Valery Jarret and who is pulling her strings, foreign money for campaigns, etc…if we live that long.

      The truth is, evil lives in the world. And since we are on this big island, and barely understand the Canucks (eh, hoser?) and the Republic of Mexico, which has been run by corrupt oligarchs for so long that no one understands that the cartels are pretty much running most of it now,

      that we can’t even begin to understand whats going on in the Mideast and the tribal culture there, much less the politics and history…and I am not claiming to be a guru either…just willing to speak to some “inconvenient truths” foisted upon us by the Progtard PC Police…

  22. Yep, thats what you get when you hire a community organizer, who has no work experience, or accomplishments other than being mentored by a convicted cop killer and bomber, the protegy of a black radical communist, who grew up Muslim, and ‘converted’ to Christianity, at the feet of a radical racialist America hating pastor… but, hey, nothing to see here, right? CNN? MSNBC? NYT? WAPO? Investigate journalilsm, speak truth to power- good for Watergate, good for Contra gate, but so …out of fashion since then, right?

  23. If ISIS attacks America, I can see our President calling it ‘workplace violence’ (even though unemployment is at record high numbers, i.e. where’s the workplace?), Holder trying to charge the offenders in civilian courts, rather than military courts, asking that they be provided with defense attorneys at U.S. taxpayer expense, and ensuring they receive a proper Halal diet & prayer mat while awaiting trial. Then, after months & months of stonewalling, delays & excuses, and prior to any trials, and just before he leaves office, it’s not inconceivable that our President will issue pardons to them all.

    • You are spouting nonsense. Even in military courts, the accused are entitled to counsel, paid for by the government, just as in “civilian” courts. Further, our “civilian” courts have been trying federal crimes and federal criminals for a long long time, and they are fully capable of dispensing justice. Third, the way the so-called military tribunals were set up under the Bush Administration/Patriot Act did not guarantee the same level of due process accorded to military prisoners, which in turn led to resignations and a near revolt in the JAG Corps. Under the Patriot Act, terrorists are not classified as common criminals (and thus entitled to the due process rights accorded under the US Constitution and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure) nor as soldiers of an enemy (entitled to the procedural due process rights accorded by the Code of Military Justice), but instead as “enemy combatants”, a nether world designation that accorded no rights at all—a fundamentally unfair procedure that would be playing out on the international stage. Which is why it was suggested to try them in the Federal District Court,. An idea overruled not because it was bad from a legal perspective, but because the goivernors of the bvarious states where trials would be held were aghast at the threat of further terrorist attacks (i.e., try them and fry them, but NIMBY).

  24. Can I just say I’ve never bought into the whole “terrorists on American soil” thing. Yes it does happen, but very rarely. It’s no where near the scale of Africa or European countries. These guys aren’t complete idiots. It costs way too much to send some guys over here to die while holding a school hostage. It makes much more sense for them to keep on making videos and letting CNN etc do their distribution for them. As others have said they’ve been fighting since humans have inhabited the region, why try and stop them?

    • Read the quran. Understand it. The murderous terror of islam has existed far longer than the CIA, or even the USA. I am sure it is easier for you to believe your fantasy though. The tooth fairy implants chips in children’s heads when it collects teeth from under their pillow too.

      • Paul,
        Your post was spot on. People in the US have this screwy notion the whole world would love us is we stopped meddling in world affairs and if it wasn’t for the Bush’s. I was on a business trip about 10 years ago and there was a guy across the aisle who looked like a 60’s hippy talking to the guy beside of him. He said “When all of this started (world trade center) I just wanted to talk to muslims and explain we are your friends and we are sorry if we unknowingly offended you so badly you’d want to attack us. But then I realized we didn’t do anything wrong, they just want to kill us.” I wanted to shake the guys hand on the spot! He got it!
        The muslim countries have always needed a strong man to hold down the country and keep the sectarian violence to a minimum. The current wave of Islamic violence/ Islamic Crusades was set off by Jimmy Carter stabbing the Shah of Iran in the back and assisting Khomeini into power. Then Clinton treated Islamic terrorism as a law enforcement issue and then faked trying to do something about it. Now we have this loser encouraging it.
        I am one of those vets the story talks about and when the next muslim terrorist attacks happen in the US all of the libs who want to deny people their right to own firearms will be hiding to people like me crying for us to protect them.

        • DBM, this is not a rebuttal but more of an agreement and my own anecdotal evidence. I had friends in Turkey on 9/11 who had many Muslims tell them that they were sorry for America and that others would do those attacks in the name of their religion. Turkey is a very pro West nation and very Muslim.
          Second, the rest of your post just further illustrates the point that these conflicts are not about religion. The most populace Muslim nation is Indonesia. Indonesia does not have Sunni vs Shia violence like what is in the Middle East.

        • A-Rod, Turkey was a pro western country and now its changing. When I was in the military I had to go to turkey a lot. I was in Istanbul alone on the day Saddam invaded Kuwait. I felt perfectly safe anywhere I went in Turkey (a little common sense helps). A year and a half later when I returned to the US my wife was pregnant and her OB/GYN was at Maryland General Hospital and whenever I took her to her appointments in Baltimore I always had a gun under my leg.

          BTW I always enjoyed my travels to and through Turkey. Hope things settle down there again as its a great place to visit.

        • Indonesian muslims are 99 percent Sunni. The state grants official sanction to a number of other faiths beside islam. Still there is religious turmoil.
          Even your anecdotal example does not fit your claim. It is about religion.

  25. Conspiracy nuts have been saying for a few years that thousands of Russian peacekeepers have been stationed in the US. Why not use these guys against ISIS.

  26. There has been a lot of talk downunder about stopping local wannabe jihadis from joining ISIS in their beloved caliphate.

    I say DON’T stop them. Let them go but don’t let them come back. Some of the jihadis were still receiving welfare payments while overseas. Cancel their citizenship, stop the welfare payments, and let them see what their options are as a “stateless person” residing in a state which has no formal recognition.

    And if ISIS want to push things further, load up the B52s for an Arc Light strike on their columns. Or let the Russians turn the Islamic State into a plain of glass.

  27. Terrorism is the last resort of a broken ideology that cannot stand in the public eye on its own merits. But by all means, continue to behead reporters. Maybe they’ll realize collectively who the bad guys really are and report on activities within the middle east with some modicum of honesty and integrity.

  28. It took 4 days to take Fallujah because our gov’t didnt want our troops to destroy mosques or hurt civilians. If they had let us actually do our job it would have take 2 days at the most.

    • To quote General Curtis LeMay a good start would be to carpet bomb with neutron bombs from Morrocco east to the Indian Ocean, “bomb them back to the Stone Age”. Tell the Israelis to clear out for a couple months and when they return Israel will be considerably larger and much more peaceful.

  29. As a former US Marine and contractor I whole heartily agree. Please bring the battle to US soil so I can stack you scum bags like cords of wood.

  30. Well as I head out to do some shopping today I am armed pistol/knife and put in a day at the range ,yesterday,, so let they come … different when the bullets come your way.. FOR ISIS… come get it……..

  31. The ISIS people aren’t that stupid. They know the best war is the one where you divide your enemy and have them kill each other. The pen is mightier than the sword. America is more vulnerable to bleeding-heart political activists with ulterial motives of converting our liberty into a federalist state that would cause revolt and splintering of the country.
    Stick to the constitution, morality and values, help each other, raise your own kids and vote for what’s right, not what’s easy or popular.
    The only time they’ll touch US soil will be to die as suicide bombers anyway.

  32. Are you people really afraid that ISIS is going to just ride their camels accross the sea and shoot up a mall? Meanwhile mexicans are coming up here, raping and pillaging as they like.

    • Camel comment shows your quite the bigot. No they don’t have to come over here in mass. We have quite a few muslims in america now ready to do terrorism. They know they cannot defeat us in open combat, And the goal would be TERROR and we would do the rest to ourselves. Look at the liberties we have lost because of 9/11. And in the meantime the wussie left would seek out a a whimpy solution so islamists could rule us and not hurt anyone.

  33. I heartily endorse this Marine’s view and willingly, yea gleefully add my name in the event it becomes necessary. To some of the commenters I would strongly advocate you read the Koran, keeping in mind that the standard interpretation is that among the many pronouncements made on many topics it is the one that occurs last in the written order which is to be considered absolute. It is not so much a religion as a means of social control, Islam does mean submit after all. It is relentlessly aggressive and imperialistic to such an extent it puts even the communists to shame. Read what their idea of a ‘truce’ is and it’s purpose, equally what qualifies as the truth to an unbeliever and it’s purpose. ISIS is only a modern name for an ancient cancer, a Wahabi army did much the same thing in the region the year West Point opened for business, when Thomas Jefferson was president. What’s that tell you? They are not going away. They will return in various iterations until they can destroy civilization or at least dial it back to the 7th century. While an actual invasion of any scale may be unlikely I’d rather ere on the side of caution so in accordance with then MAJ Pershing I believe I will stock up on pig skins.

  34. Overall, many good comments and discussion on this post. Thanks to all!

    The IS people will infiltrate the U.S. (and probably have already done so thanks to the Democrats’ “open” Southern Border) and attack us by stealth and surprise. They will kill our children in unprotected schools, kill us at work, play, shopping and wherever else they can. Damage and destroy our infrastructure (which is sadly lacking in security and ridiculously outdated). Their invasion will amount to killing by thousands of small cuts.We will kill them back, here and abroad, but they will persist. It will be a long, bloody affair.

    I am actually less afraid of what they will do to us (although there will be lots of blood and tears shed), than I am of what they will force us to become in order to deal with them. When you consider all the facts, there is no compromise, negotiation, armistice or peace possible with these people. That leaves only very grim choices for strategic options. I have little confidence that the feckless, incompetents in charge of the present Executive Branch of the Federal Government have the realistic vision much less the stomach for making the appropriate strategic decisions. Worse yet, their inertia will cost tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives, which is somehow more despicable than risking being too aggressive immediately.

  35. “There is no greater danger than underestimating your enemy” – Lao Tzu

    To that, I would add the danger of overestimating our own abilities. Food for thought, before we are too quick to dismiss the threat from dedicated fanatics who are only too willing to die for their cause.

  36. Isis are bully’s only, if they want some good ole fashion ass stomping come on over! Now if they pull there chicken shit bombing, we will fvck them up really bad. They better remember that these citizens have real guns and most of us know how to use them! There is always a group of thugs that think they are shit, my, my, they will never learn! Oh and I’m scared to death, yeah right.

  37. All hail the constitution! The document that got us where we are. Yay tyranny! Anyone read anything aside from the bill of rights? That’s just to make the rest tolerable. Obama is a result of the constitution. Although, he may as well not exist. Just a frontman for the popular progressive ideals.

  38. 72 virgins?,…Get Real.
    With as many of there little buddies that we have already sent to allah, they ran out of virgins a long time ago.
    They will be lucky to get a choice between two slightlly used, low milage MILFs,……or a goat.
    They do have that choice,…for now.

  39. 9/11 is coming up …..Tip stay away from air travel, Big malls, and big sport events,,, and always CCW …Be ready .. Why as I said BEFORE we have NO civil defense , No EMP defense, No star war defense, and the border is a Joke … a fence stops NO ONE………..Think MURPHY’s law … if it can go wrong , it can and WILL….Any thing… can and will…

  40. You’ve been reading my diary haven’t you? All the beauracrats shuffling papers in Washington; worried about proper process, so arrogant thinking about their reputations- make me sick. Whoever’s standing in the way of us doing what’s right & protectin our homes, I say we throw their sorry asses over there, I bet they’ll be begging us to strap on our boots. But despite this, make no mistake isis, One way or another, Americans dont take shit long. And once that straw breaks that camel’s back, God himself won’t protect you, he’s just going to shrug and say “well, you were warned”. Excuse me I gotta lace up the boots.

  41. most govt workers are aware N Americans HAVE TO REFUSE muslim islam ideology IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS …. they await US …


    as muslim islam ideology is Foreign ON N AMERICAN LAND

    refuse muslims entrance to mosques, and put locks on doors
    refuse muslims entrance to our schools, banks, policing and justice buildings, med facilities

    walk muslims off OUR N AMERIAN LAND and / or freeze their banks accts, buy airplane tickets to send muslims to Only muslim islam countries
    where all musilms belong and deserve to be

    N AMERICA IS OUR LAND not muslims


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