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Gun control advocates promote civilian disarmament by comparing the U.S. to firearms murder rates in a selection of “developed” countries. They cherry-pick the list of nations forming the basis of their statistics analysis to promote their anti-gun agenda. See? America alone is awash with guns, bereft of “proper” gun control. America pays the price with firearms-related murder rates that dwarf their peers.

The ploy plays into the (racist?) idea that Europe, Scandinavia and Australia are our natural peers. The ruse studiously avoids counting “developed” countries where gun control is and has been an abject failure. Nations like Mexico. The following story from tells the tale. Click here for Google images worth a thousand words.

Remember that all legal gun sales to Mexican civilians — which are few and far between — go through one government gun store, run by the military. They are subject to universal gun registration, strict limits on the number of firearms possessed, their type and caliber; and ammo limits.

Paris Alejandro Salazar writes:

During the 43 months of Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, there have been 66,433 murders recognized by the federal government and the state prosecutors, and 2016 is aiming to be the most violent year so far of EPN’s presidential term.  Intentional homicides increased 14% in comparison to 2015, which had been the most violent, in 2016, a murder is committed every 25 minutes.

According to the National Public Security System (SNSP), from January to June 2015, 8,979 murders were committed, while in the same period of 2016, 10,301 were committed, ie, 1,322 more than the previous year.

Mexico on average experiences 56 murders a day, representing a murder every 25 minutes.

Throughout 2015, 18,665 murders were committed, while in the first six months of 2016, there have been 10,301 intentional homicides reported, representing an increase of 55.1% of the total of last year.

With 18,665 murders in 2015, it was placed as the most violent year of the administration of EPN; followed by 2013, with 18,447 murders; followed by 2014, with 17,324; and in December of 2012, with 1,696.

In 2016, the State of Mexico ranks first nationally in intentional homicide with 1,136; followed by Guerrero with 1,052; Chihuahua with 592; and Michoacán with 594.

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  1. This is sort of silly and it all depends on how you calculate things.

    Look, gun murders every X minutes in the US per year = 365*24*60/8124 = 64.697

    Same thing, total murders in the US = 365*24*60/14,249 = 36.886

    Sure, we have a gun murder about ever 64 minutes. That that mean if a couple hoods break into your house and shoot your wife to death they have to wait another 64 minutes before executing you?

    It’s a meaningless statistic.

    • if a couple hoods break into your house and shoot your wife to death they have to wait another 64 minutes before executing you?

      No, not if Hillary is elected, but there will be a waiting period to buy a gun for self-defense.

    • In the words of a millennial female, “I literally can’t even.”

      If the stat said x amount of murders per year would a person have to wait a year to commit the next murder? It’s a per capita measurement of the smallest feasible amount of time for the sake of effect.

      • It’s not a per capital measurement at all. It’s a useless statistical average of time. It means literally nothing. That’s my point.

        It’s the same shit home security companies use to sell fear: “Every 13 minutes a home is broken into in the US” or when Life Alert says “Every 22 minutes and elderly person falls” or the ASPCA tells you that “Every 27 seconds and animal is abused”. It’s a statistic, that while meaningless is supposed to elicit a “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” response.

        • “Every 13 minutes a home is broken into in the US”

          If I lived in that home, I’d move.

        • Can you imagine the line of burglars outside? “That guys been in there 15 minutes! It’s supposed to be my turn now!

        • It’s per unit of country. It’s inaccurate when speaking in terms of per-person numbers, yes.

          However it’s not without meaning. A country is the division within which laws are delineated.

        • For some reason, I usually hear that kind of statistic about rape: “Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes.” She must be awfully sore.

    • In and of itself, the statistic is meaningless. However, the point of the exercise is to compare violence rates in a gun-grabber’s paradise with those in the supposedly too-permissive USA. In this case, the stats don’t support the story. Gun-control does not reduce the murder rate.

  2. I’ve been saying for quite some time comparing the US to individual EU countries is not a fair comparison. Not that Mexico is either tho it is a closer comparison than say Britain or France. The US population is 325,000,000 ish the whole EU is 500,000,000 ish none of the individual countries is even close. America is a diverse country with a history so much different than Europe. There is no logical reason to compare our crime or gun crime in general to theirs.

  3. With all the Mexican murders, border jumpers and contaminated water, I’m surprised that there’s anyone left down there.

  4. Leftists and Demoncrats are the most racist of all peoples. They are not “racists” in the sense they hate and hunt down “others”, or that they blame social ills on minorities. They are screaming racists because they believe (and act on the belief) that minorities are less capable of overcoming anything, so the “privileged” and “developed” societies must remove all sense of struggle because, well, minorities cannot compete on an equal basis. For leftists and Demoncrats, the only “developed” nations are the old Western Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the US.

    Mexico can never be considered “developed” because they are all backward (except the ruling descendants of Spaniards), lack a sense of how people should act in a “developed” nation (look at all the violence, and the failed government). Mexicans (the populace of Mexico) need a strong overseer (which is actually how virtually all the former Spanish colonies are operated), an enlightened leadership to provide for their every need. Because, well, because they aren’t capable of managing their own affairs, and because they cannot look after themselves properly.

  5. In a country of roughly 128 mil, vs our roughly 316 mil, the rate in mexico seems high to me. Their per capita should be just over double ours.

    According to Wikipedia, in 2013, their rate was 15.7 vs our 3.9.

    Seems like it is working out for them…

  6. As the saying goes, “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

    In many cases, the only reason to do a comparison of such things is to support a political (or marketing) agenda.

    I think that’s the main point that people should be aware of in any political context whether we are talking about gun rights, crime rates or even the use of air-conditioning.

  7. The Left: Open borders with Central and South America.
    The Left continues: We’ll achieve crime rates like Denmark.

  8. Nobody has yet to see the obvious . The Mexican government controls all the guns but the ones Obama is smuggling in thru ‘ Fast and Furious ‘ .
    Duh ha !

  9. Not to point out the obvious, but the statistic touted in the headline is somewhat meaningless and detracts from the point of the post. In the US, there was a murder every 37 minutes during the same period, which is an equally meaningless statistic that can be characterized by the speaker, depending on viewpoint, as confirmation of how violent US culture is, as evidence of how much more civilized we are than Mexico, or as ambiguous in meaning.

    This is why per-capita statistics and comparisons of crime trends are more reliable measures for drawing conclusions about the effects of crime prevention policies. Let’s not engage in the same false numbers games that anti-gunners rely upon.


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