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“Anti-gun lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group Gays Against Guns (GAG) took action again this past weekend, protesting and shutting down two different NYC CrossFit locations over the decision to award winners of this year’s CrossFit Games Glock handguns as prizes,” reports. And here’s the best response to that, from commentator 916094925182552 underneath a post at

If city dudes and LGBTQs don’t like guns, they shouldn’t buy them. But as usual, that’s not enough. They also don’t like the idea that farmers and ranchers have them. They don’t like them in other people’s homes. They don’t like them in vehicles. There’s also an endless list of things they don’t like.

When you get right down to it, they seem only to like themselves. They’re in lockstep with the charlatan king’s cadence and they want the rest of us to do as we’re told. But there are a hundred million owners of firearms and the number is skyrocketing. Much of the growth consists of newly awakened LGBTQs and women.

The Democrats cannot have this issue both ways. If it’s really as dangerous as they say it is, they’re ridiculous to think it’s a good idea to disarm us. If it’s not dangerous (and it’s not), arming colossal numbers of citizens is working and they have nothing to whine about.

Regardless, most armed Americans are fed up with the leftist crap about disarming them. They’re not likely to comply with new laws. Besides, there are a thousand more important things we want our government to do. Primarily, we want our government to get into the business of repealing laws, not making new ones.

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    • Oh what more could you expect from a bunch of butt pirates? The only rights that they should be allowed to have is the right to getting ten percent off of vasoline. NOW GET THE FUCK BACK IN THE CLOSET!
      We don’t need butt pirates in our society anyway.
      SO I SAY, FUCK ‘EM!

      • Fantastic method of winning hearts and minds, RJ. Real class act you are.

        The problem with firearms are the people behind them- and the same goes with ideals. These people are wrong, as are all of you commenters who seem to think that bigotry against the LBGT community is the appropriate reaction.

        Firearms are a freedom- as is loving who you want and saying what you want. It doesn’t mean that you should be a bigoted assbag, though. It’s pathetic, people who claim to love freedom espousing exactly the opposite.

        Bigots add fuel to the fire of the leftist agenda to ban guns. They help prove the point that hypocritical incompetents who can barely string a sentence together are part of gun culture. Your hate and ignorance hurts the cause, and you are not my brother in this fight- you’re just another imbecile with an Internet connection.

        • Well actually nonaggressor, as you obviously couldn’t figure out on your own, that when I said what I said, I was mostly just venting my frustration about that gay group being just another anti-gunners group that we now have to add to the list of freedom haters, that we now have to worry about (at least worry about with regards to politically). Personally I really don’t give a shit if they’re gay or not, as long as they don’t try any of that shit with me, then I Don’t care what else they do when they’re alone or with others. So long as they don’t try to interfere with my rights, whitch is exactly what this particular gay group IS TRYING TO DO, INTERFERING WITH MY FIREARMS RELATED RIGHTS. About your claim of me not being your brother concerning the fight for our gun rights, we’ll I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. So there it is there.

        • RJ is a Soros paid troll. Sorry dude, not much anti-gay stuff around here. Most of us really don’t care and want to be left alone to exercise our own God given rights.

        • Vent your frustration another way, RJ. Your venting above was bigoted and casts us all in a negative light. Hundreds of millions of people speak English and can find your post on this very public firearms news source. We have to be better ambassadors.

          Lest you think I’m picking on you alone, Cleophus, Alexander, Frank Masotti, Jim and ButtHurtz all do our fight for 2A a disservice.

          We have an uphill battle to fight, and there’s no reason to put road blocks in our own way.

          One cannot shut down a business one does not own to voice one’s grievances- it’s intimidation, plain and simple. What GAG does not understand is that they’ve used force of their own to remove money from the pockets of the owners of the CrossFit businesses. They’ve essentially strong-armed those businesses- they didn’t use a gun, but they committed robbery. By doing so, they’ve undermined their position of moral superiority.

        • sarcasm:
          You see with the kind of stereotyping we live with. RJ is clearly closeting himself. The guy must be so gay he sneezes glitter and is doing the text version of cutting off his wang to spite his bum.
          end sarcasm:

          RJ: In case it wasn’t clear by the sarc tags, I’m just kidding, ribbin’ ya.

          That said, there is the old saying, “…dost protest too much methinks.” which is not popular for what it’s used for for no reason. There is something legitimate to be said about having that much hate in your heart that you’d get worked up about their choice of how to use their genitals with another consenting adult at all. Few here will give two lumps of wet feces about the sexuality of another just like they should not be so bold as to think that they have any right to an opinion about that persons choice of self defense equipment.

          In short, be cool bro cuz you’re totes being uncool right now. So not on fleek.

      • I’m always amazed at the ignorance of people who think someone’s sexual orientation is somehow a statement on who they are. So these gays are idiots who have a moronic Liberal prejudice that in the end would destroy them as surely as it would destroy our freedoms and lives. But being gay or bi or lesbian doesn’t dictate who you are, and anyone who thinks that is as benighted as these fools are.

        I was in DC a while back and saw two guys in a bank opening a joint account. One of them was wearing a T-shirt that said “You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.” This guy had done his time in a combat zone. Stood by his team mates. Faced the enemy. I’ve been there, have you?

        People on these sites like to consider themselves Constitutionalists. People who believe in everyone’s right to be who they are, love who they want, live their lives as they choose as long as they don’t harm anyone else or infringe on their rights.

        So, I’m just sort of wondering what your qualifications are to make the judgement you’re making.

        • People are free to make whatever judgments they want. It isn’t the place of self-selected gatekeepers like you to establish arbitrary cutoff points.

          “I’ve been there, have you?”, is an example. People just love to draw a circle around themselves and their experiences, then declare that’s automatically the universal benchmark. That’s not you demanding credibility in others. That’s just you being a bully to try to silence disagreement.

        • Von schmitto, that’s exactly what I was saying. As long as they DON’T try any of that gay shit on me, then I Don’t give a shit about what they do with anyone else. But if they try to get “funny” with me I won’t be a nice person.

        • Well if you are talking about molestation/rape then yes, defend yourself, but just touch? That is drastic.

          So if someone flirts with you things will escalate to violence pdq? I sure hope you never meet a transwoman in person cause from the way you type i suspect you consider trans as gay (despite that gender and sexuality are not the same thing).

          Is weird straight men seem to think they are the prime target of every gay man. Most I know will take no for an answer, but that applies to every man regardless of orientation.

          If I tried to murder every person that haa touched me when I did not want a hug or breast grope /ass grab I would be in prison.

          Most touchy people I have encountered:
          Straight women (they are curious about my body);
          Straight men (perverted lechers) ;
          Gay men (who are looking for dick on dick which can not happen) ;
          Lesbians (who surprisingly enough mostly understand consent) ;

          Your insecurities are telling? Are you scared you might catch the gay? Well the secret is, if you do not already like it you have no reason to worry.

      • How about you put your bigotry back in the closet, mmkay?
        Or better yet get rid of it..

      • The homophobic crap gets you no where in 2016 RJ and no one is going back in the closet. I am a gay man and despise “Gays Against Guns” (GAG) as much as any other 2A loving person. This GAG group doesn’t speak for all gay people and I for one would flip the bird at them in a second.

        • I’ve got two bumper stickers on my Jeep. One is NRA life member the other next to it is a rainbow flag with “I am an Ally.” Most people just want to live their life as they choose and don’t care what others do.

        • That is good to hear, however, SO many in the homosexual community are on the left…and the left is SO anti-gun. It is HARD not to have negative feelings toward any group that aligns with suicidal madness.

    • I felt bad about Orlando…not so much anymore.  Sorry, but suicidal insanity, followed by the desire to destroy my rights, and the Second Amendment.  Pure, evil, leftist insanity.

      • So basically because you see an article about a handful of gays who are against guns you now think it is ok to dismiss the lives of 49 people who were murdered by a muslim.

        Do you people even understand how to keep allies? Do you realize that you will lose the support of the MANY more gays that are pro-gun by saying idiotic nonsense like this?

      • That is wrong. not all gay people are anti-gun. That is a bit like saying that you do not feel sympathy for police killed because you see the Rodney King video. Is fine if you just lack empathy period, but your statement is irrational.

        Also gun owners may want to understand why so many LGBT politically lean left. Where would we go otherwise?
        On the left we get acceptance, unless encountering BLM or many feminist, and even they are often friendlier than most conservative groups. There is a reason straight white men have become the Goldstein from 1984 to the left.

        The conservative party tends to force LGBT people and non-whites into the left camp where we cannot help but be inundated with bullshit from birth

        How could I vote conservative for anything BUT gun laws? Many want to toss the 1st amendment for the sake of a theocracy and oppose gay rights (including marriage). 99.99% of the harassment, degradation, and oppression I receive is from Christian/Muslim people with issues.

        Btw, I am not Democrat, or feminist, and have been a life time member of the NRA since 15.

  1. Armed gays don’t get bashed… You’d think they would pull their collective heads out of their asses after Florida.

  2. I wonder who feels worse about this; the military guy responsible for selling out his ‘creation’ or the trendies who would, without crossfit, be sipping sugar-filled smoothies after yoga class and saying “namaste” to everyone they see.

  3. LGBTQ-E-I-E-I-O community is very good at getting what they want, considering their percentage of total population.

    • Agreed. Their political pull to populace ratio is astronomical. Oh the perks of being a member of a protected class. Stupid me being born white, male, and straight.

      • well if you changed to a 8 inch purple Mohawk and black spiked leather vest you would get more recognition too.

        Not that there is anything wrong with that, just sayin…

    • I think you just lumped the bestiality crowd in with the LGBTQ community. Not that they wouldn’t be welcomed, but they aren’t ready to cross that bridge publicly yet.

    • Geezer time.

      Since when was the Q added. Gobbled it and said it stands for people who ID as Queers. Isn’t that what a lesbian and a Gay man are?

      Or is it reserved for home designers, and drama chefs or old drama queens?

      • Catch-all for “other assorted sexual weirdos with the conspicuous exception of pedophiles” because even they realized the acronyming was getting retarded. There’s a hilarious Youtube of some European politician satirically greeting each accepted ‘gender’ per a Facebook list individually…over about a fifteen minute period of intermittent chuckles from the audience. Hey, I’m all for weirdos rights, as they’re people as much as I am, but we all have a bus to catch and can’t spend the day simply acknowledging their existence just because they want me to (this goes for public policy too).

  4. As far as I can tell from the recent attack in a gun-free gay nightclub, disarmament kills gays dead.

  5. Wow! My esteem for Crossfiters just shot up(pun intended) exponentially! Here I thought they were just wannabe weightlifters preaching their goofy dangerous workouts… but a GLOCK as a prize! How cool can you get. All I ever got were medals and trophies. Yeah tell the lbgtqxyz’s to get flocked.

    • Idea of a firearm as the prize is a winner But a Gluck? What else, a mountain bike with training wheels?

      In response to the libtard whining, up the award to a high grade AR with a box of Magpuls.

    • “Here I thought they were just wannabe weightlifters preaching their goofy dangerous workouts…”

      Nothing changed. They still are and still do.

      Crossfit: Were you can go from a fat, out of shape, couch-potato who has never lifted weights in your life to max reps to failure in the same day… What could go wrong…

  6. I’m still confused. What does a Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato and Quinoa sandwich have to do with guns?
    Man, these leftoids will protest anything.

  7. “if you don’t like it, don’t buy / use it.”

    The only thing I’d add is that if someone isn’t bothering you, dont bother them.

    If someone or something bothers you by the simple fact of his/her/its existence, enough to want to destroy it, well, you might have some other issues going on.

    • I think it’s a bit ironic that the average gun enthusiast doesn’t really care to shove his or her hobby/interest/lifestyle into the faces of the neighbors or public at large. But the Gay Pride contingent seems to like nothing better than to parade their lifestyle in front of a public that largely doesn’t give a damn about their cause or their preferences.

      • Slight correction. Certain elements of the LBGTQ activist community love thrusting their lifestyle in the face and down the throats of the vast number of people who do not partake of that lifestyle and at best tolerate it. Heteros do not push their way into gay bars and smooch or grab ass of the opposite sex just to raz the gay people. We can’t help it if the vast majority of the animal kingdom and even some plants are hetero. As others have said about other types of anti’s — don’t like guns, don’t ask to be protected by those who carry them.

        • “thrusting their lifestyle in the face and down the throats of the vast number of people who do not partake of that lifestyle and at best tolerate it.”
          Wrong. I get plenty of straight people who are affectionate in public, more than willing to tell me I am terrible, to not be trans or lesbian. Plenty of Straight people have and still are pushy.
          “Heteros do not push their way into gay bars and smooch or grab ass of the opposite sex just to raz the gay people.”
          Psh we get groped by straight people too. Hell some of us get raped in a twisted attempt of curing us.

          “We can’t help it if the vast majority of the animal kingdom and even some plants are hetero.”

          that’s nice.

          ” As others have said about other types of anti’s — don’t like guns, don’t ask to be protected by those who carry them.” this is the only point I agree. But anti gun people are raised with the shepard guards the sheep mentality. I prefer self help.

  8. When the headline is that good of a non sequitur, you know its goona be good…and progressive.

    “How many more have to die?”…how many of you are laying like fools on that sidewalk?

    • The shoe stores? Yeah, I was about to post “that’s what I call misplaced resentment” but I’ve seen them protest even more unrelated stuff.

  9. Here is an idea, you freaks stick to spanking each other and doing the rump ranger and leave me and my guns alone.

  10. Yup, typical Leftist reaction . . . “If we disagree with someone, we will make their lives miserable.” I know several Conservative Gays, and they are pretty rational people who believe everyone should be allowed to live their own lives. Gee, what a difference.

    • That is not leftist. Both sides do it. It is the sign of people who are unable to argue rationally. They have no desire to educate cate or pursuade, but instead to bully

  11. They should be treated like the thug terrorists thst they are. Arrest them all and don’t let them out until restitution is paid to the stores for lost revenue by each and everyone. If one doesn’t pay their share, they all stay in jail. They shut down the business together, they can rot in jail together

    Want to shut down a highway? Same thing. Pay all the people for their lost time and business and millions of dollars to the family of people who died in ambulances while waiting for the terrorists to allow them to pass

    • Sammy now what you have suggested here is an interesting idea. Actually it does have its pros and cons. Still not a bad concept.

  12. This is a country based on individual freedom! I don’t care what LGBTQs do, I don’t care if people smoke pot. My problem is these hypocrites want their individual freedom, but they want to take away others. You want me to leave you alone? Leave me alone.

    • Hypocrites being the operative word here. People like this want everyone else to agree with them and do whatever they say, but don’t respect anyone else’s views. In other words, Liberals.

      • Word.

        Kinda odd how the group that claims all they want is tolerance and acceptance is…

        Wait for it…

        Is themselves intolerant of others and will not accept other’s points of view…

  13. Is there anyone among us who doesn’t believe that GAG is an astroturf front group organized to counter the Pink Pistols after the Orlando fiasco?

    Who is paying GAG’s bills? I’m pretty sure it’s not that lowlife scrofulous rabble in the video. I’m speculating that it’s the DNC, Soros, Bloomberg or the Joyce Foundation. Maybe all of them.

    • Probably true, but it’s also entirely likely/plausible that GAG is simply a side-project of the multitude of liberal LGBT’s that infest those broadly-liberal orgs, same as BLM is the product of generic liberal outragers who feel like indulging their racist angle vs. their classist angle for a change. We were all told straight up by the gay marriage folks within two days of Obergefell that they’d all be moving on to other liberal causes.

    • Look at the black community. Blacks attitudes on fire arms have changed the majority support gun ownership by a solid number( almost 60%) And even when they didn’t a large minority did (30%+). But you’d never know front he black leadership. They get money from the left so they shove left ideas down the throat of everybody and promote progressive orthodoxy.

  14. Rather than trying to force either end of the spectrum to adopt or accept the lifestyle of the other, just formally separate the two camps already. People that want to be disarmed should be allowed to be disarmed. In fact, they should never see a gun in their lives if they can help it. The same mentality behind the great Gun Free Zone, I present:

    The Gun Free List.

    Anyone that is a hoplophobe or anti-gun is welcome and FREE to register to the Gun-Free List. This database will not discriminate, anyone can apply and will be accepted. This includes all politicians, celebrities, and all walks of life. Anyone on this list waives their 2nd Amendment right like it never existed — it would be illegal for those on this list to purchase a firearm. However, the catch is no one on this list can force someone else to be on it without their permission. You have to join it willingly.

    When you call 911, the police that are sent to you will also be gun-free. No pepper spray or anything projectile based can be used, in fact, anything related to the words “assault”, “military style”, “tactical” or “self-defense” can be used either. So, sorry, this also means the military and National Guard will be hands off as well.

    Problem solved.

    I think we would see a marked increase in crime in a very predictable category of the population after this is put into effect.

  15. Yea tjlarson, people would wake up in the aftermath of such a situation.
    Just like what has always happened in the years that followed these things, eventually people would begin to become too comfortable living in peaceful USA and them they would begin to question about our rights regarding firearms. They would forget about what happened before when nobody had any means of defensive, they will forget about that real fast too. They always have, why would they change now? Then next anti-gunners groups would spring up overnight and the rest of us would be right back in this political battle again. History really does repeat itself.

    • How would it be peaceful USA? People on this list would actively avoid gun owners. They wouldn’t want to live next to them or be around them.

      Over time, the anti-gunners would have to migrate into exclusive gun-free neighborhoods and maybe even cities to live together in their bubble communities devoid of reality. And when that happens, the criminals will pretty much have their way with them with little to no resistance — well, I mean they will have to deal with the annoyance of “gun-free” language on lawn signs and windows — because you know how effective that is.

      The gun-free police would be ineffective whenever they are called to take notes on any crime scenes naturally assuming they show up at all — when they think it’s safe to do so of course. A few years of this and Darwinism will have taken care of the anti-gun community.

      The only unfortunate result would be the increase in crime in those areas. But really, since this is the lifestyle that anti-gunners choose for themselves — victimhood — it seems like the logical conclusion. I mean, everyone gets what they want: Criminals get easy pickings, antis (if they’re not dead) can compete to be the best victim they can be. And we don’t have to hear about it anymore because the only people with guns that will be bothering the antis will be criminals. And that’s so much better than armed civilians ruffling their feathers. Alls right with their world.

      I mean, eventually, when the criminals are bored and rich off the antis’ stuff, people with guns will have to step in and do the adult thing and put them in jail as they will eventually grow bold and go after bigger game and start to bother gun owners, after all.

  16. Things would be all around so much better if these daisies would just go back to playing hide the weasel in the privacy of their respective closets and back alleys. I’ve never gotten so sick of anything in my entire life as “gay rights” and “LGBTQ.” I’ve heard that politics makes strange bedfellows, but if this is an example of what gun owners have to associate with in order to keep their rights, then I’d just as soon turn mine in right now, because it’s just not worth the swap.

  17. These ass wipes will do anything to get on the news. If straight people did it, the MSM would have nothing to do with it.

  18. Well this “butt pirate” is as much against this group as you are RJ. What you need to know however is it is people who “vent” like you did that was a major contributor as to why I wised up to my rights.

    I cut victim out of my resume a long time ago and it was people like you who are as aggressively opposed to my right to live as Muslims are that I am just as concerned about.

    In the unlikely case you wish to know or educate yourself there is a far greater number of “butt pirates” who are pro 2nd Amendment than against. Pink Pistols is one organization that proves this. So stop worrying about all the nasty gays, we want nothing to do with you, and focus on ALL of us maintaining those rights!

    • I think gay men should and will start to leave the Democratic Party. With he marriage issue over , what does it offer to gay men? MIlo has talked a lot about this and he’s very pro gun and very gay.

      I think we should welcome gays into the 2 A community. First off because it’s morally correct. Gays and other minorities ( ESP the handicapped ) are often targets of violence. They have a right to defend themselves.

      Secondly because gays tend to be over represented in the creative communities and we need better looking gear. Im serous about this. I’d love t see stylish handguns and holsters enter into men’s fashion.

      As a gay guy, do you feel that the activists groups tend to push left causes that may not reflect the best interests of the gay community? For example taxes? Since gay men tend to be higher earners.

  19. So much for the “Gays just want to be free to love the person of their choice and neither bother anyone else not be bothered by anyone else” myth…….

  20. This is wonderful. You should see how bad people freak when the Crossfit booktotheface page posts anything gun related. If you could translate words into decibels, the shrieking would be louder than the space shuttle taking off.

  21. I’m glad to see anti-civil rights homosexuals are out of the closet.
    The one and only pro gun homosexual leader was Harvey Milk.
    There are no pro gun civil rights homosexuals in leadership positions anywhere.
    I’m glad the anti freedom homosexual is out in the sun light for all to see.
    I hope they never go back in the closet.

    • Actually I have heard of one Pro-gun group that consists primarily of gay and lesbians individuals mostly gay men I read. But they are a San Francisco (big surprise about that city huh? Yes pun intended) and they call themselves — PINK PISTOLS. I know I laughed my ass off too when I first heard of them. I believe thier website was or some shit like that.


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