German Nazi Walther P38
By Bruce C. Cooper (digital image) - Uploader's collection, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
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For me, purchasing a Walther P38 with the Nazi insignia is the purest form of revenge. It is also the perfect educational tool to help ensure freedom. I explained to my son after buying the weapon that the only thing that ultimately separates a free people from a tyrannical government is the private arsenal that a civilian population owns.

“What happened to Hitler and the Nazis?” I asked my son. “They lost to the Americans,” he answered. “Is the gun still here? Are the Jews still here?” I asked back. “Yes,” he responded.

Indeed, the Jews and the guns are still here. The Third Reich is not! A gun in the hands of a good person can determine the difference in a situation: The difference between freedom and tyranny, the difference between life and death.

– Yehuda Remer in I’m An Orthodox Jew And I Bought A Nazi Gun. Here’s Why.

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  1. Personally I wouldn’t want a gun with bad providence. If it was proven that it was used to kill innocent people I’d sooner destroy it.
    To each his own.

    • Yeah, I’m on the fence with that one. If it were a newer gun, I’d probably destroy it due to the fresh emotional scars. But if it were older – say, 100+ years old – not so sure. Then you’re talking history. I wouldn’t destroy a British long rifle that had been used in the mid-1700s against colonies because now you’re talking about historical events. Otherwise, how many items in museums would need to be destroyed?

      • A gun proven to be at Auschwitz would get melted. The one that Hitler checked out with would be in a glass case.

        • I think it’s quite profound.
          Crucifixion was a punishment reserved for the worst sorts of criminals. It was a device intended to insure a slow, painful death.
          And so the Followers of Christ adopted it as a symbol of their faith – they were saying “you treat us as criminals, so we will wear the means of your oppression as a symbol of our faith”.
          Owning a NAZI gun is in much the same vein: “you used this to try to take our lives and our freedom – now it belongs to me”.

        • No, that’s not why Christians started wearing crosses. The cross is a symbol of the means by which the Son of God, Jesus Christ, paid the penalty for the sins of the world and won salvation for mankind. It was not worn as a “statement” to persecutors.

          Your argument would hold water however if you could demonstrate that Jews are wearing Swastikas as an act of defiance. But they never did, never have and never will.

        • The significance of the cross (for me) is the fact that it is ’empty’. i.e. He is risen. ‘Gone’. Defeated Death. It is a trophy of victory of sorts.

        • @Coolbreeze,

          Exactly. The cross is both a symbol of the instrument used to try to defeat Him, while also serving as a symbol of how He defeated Death for those who believe in Him as their savior.

        • I agree! Very odd to worship the item of torture of their savior. These are the same people quick to get on board with fascism. Look a history, religion and faith are manipulated to control the sheep. Religion is the true danger. And guns are good with the good and bad with the bad, human nature. Don’t blame the tool (gun) blame the human and their ideology.

          • “Religion is the true danger.”

            Odd that you contradicted yourself in two sentences. You state religion is manipulated by humans as a means to control other humans. Yet, left alone, minus human malice, religion does no harm.

            Religion is just a tool. It all depends on how humans go about using it.

    • Not so with me- I’ve always hoped that the M1s, ’03s, ’17 Enfields and other militaria I have in my fairly vast collection were actually used by our forces in defense of our great nation. I consider the same with the Type 99s and K98s, as well as the handguns. After all, the gun only responded to the person with the finger on the trigger, it is inanimate and by itself will cause no harm.I’ll always be fascinated in these mechanical marvels and they provide me much pleasure, even if I’m not shooting them.

    • You are falling into the liberal trap, feelz. Letting feelings dictate decisions.

      You are transferring human actions to a piece of steel. It has no intent, no ability, no thought, it is an inanimate object. It is no different from any other Walther P38 of the same era.

      Don’t be a useful fool, it is just a tool.

      • Amen to that. This is the exact same thing i was thinking. They are making the weapon out to be evil instead of the man who was using it. People of the gun and just people in general are becoming way to soft.

        • A handgun, any handgun for that matter, has no moral will of it’s own, including the above. In the hands of a Nazi SS officer this becomes a weapon of murderous execution with a bullet to the head! Same for a Soviet TT-33 Tokarev semi-automatic pistol in the hands of a Soviet NKVD thug from the Hitler/Stalin era. However, either of these semi-automatic pistols in the proper hands of a resistance or freedom fighter can be utilized for fighting their way to a sub-machinegun, rifle, assault rifle, or hand grenade. Yes….the simple handgun: pistol or revolver is certainly preferable to using a knife. The latter is primarily a close in weapon that requires a certain amount of physical exertion and skill on the part of it’s user. Volumes of course can be taught on the value and purpose of the personal handgun. Fortunately in the last 30 years an increasing number of women have become first time handgun buyers who often apply for a valid concealed carry permit. Not that a permit should be required for personal protection and security via the Second Amendment. Still having a gun and never needing it is preferable to being an unarmed vulnerable defenseless victim!

      • Hey G, just wanted to say not all liberals have this stupid gun bias. I am liberal and I deeply support 2nd amendment! This is one of the few issues that me and my conservative opponents see eye to eye on. I appreciate almost everything about gun culture. From Target to tactical, hunting and other competitive gun sport. Trophy hunting however is for assholes! No one should ever trophy hunt.

    • I’d think, perhaps, if you were a member of a population whose disarmed relatives were murdered by Nazis the ability to possess and control one of their signature weapons like the P38 would be would have a special significance. For a Jew to own a Nazi weapon like this symbolizes personal empowerment and underscores just what “Never Again” actually means.

      • “For a Jew to own a Nazi weapon like this symbolizes personal empowerment and underscores just what “Never Again” actually means.”

        Preach it…

    • Destroying a firearm because of its mfr under Nazi control and potentially used against enemies (including civilians) of the Third Reich: is no different than removing/destroying Souther Civil War memorials. They both reflect PAST history and no matter what miniscule part of that you destroy, history remains. Worse, your blaming the tool for the actions or potential actions) of the users: thats gun control tactic #1.

      There are thousands of surplus firearms in the U.S. that have more than likely killed in conflict or war but do not carry individual providence. Some markings are deliberately obliterated. SKS, Carcano, Mauser, Mosin-Nigant, Ariska, Springfield and Enfield; to name very few: also served in combat. You want them destroyed to? Maybe you want Konzentrationslager Auschwitz plowed under to remove that history too?

    • Now you sound like Daesh, داعش‎, i.e., ISIL when they decided , “I’d sooner destroy it,” regarding numerous invaluable historical sites that they found offensive because they predated Mohamed.

  2. After the war many millions of ex Nazi guns were shipped to Israel to defend the new nation- along with Sherman tanks and B 17 bombers. The Brits did everything possible to stall arming the Israelis. The old Imperial powers did not want to give up Palestine.

    • After the Cold War, millions of weapons from Communist USSR were sold to freedom loving people around the world.

      I’ve got a Mosin (M44) with a hammer and sickle on it. It reminds me of the evil of communism. It also reminds me of WWII. Both the Soviets and Nazis sucked. Holocaust vs Holodomor and Gulags. Commies and Nazis are the same thing, and decent folks must always oppose both.

      I’m not so silly as to think my Mosin is any sort of revenge, but I do like having it. That $80 was well spent, but I do miss the old 8¢ a round surplus ammo that I use to buy (circa 2005).

      • “After the Cold War, millions of weapons from Communist USSR were sold to freedom loving people around the world.”

        That’s the beauty of that – An ideology committed to world domination via communism was brought to collapse by what they hated the most – Capitalism. And they resorted to capitalism to bail their destroyed economy out…

        • And I own one of those. An old Simonov carbine. Should 21st century communists come after my arms, would it not be ironic that they find an old Самозарядный карабин системы Симонова at the forefront of my defenses.

    • My brother-in-law has a P38 that I’ve trying to buy off him for years. What makes it interesting is it has the Nazi stamps on it. But it also has Soviet stamps superimposed on top of the Nazi stamps. Apparently the Red Army took a lot of Nazi small arms back to the Soviet Union, restamped them with the hammer-and-sickle, and re-issued them to their own troops.

      So– is it Nazi, or is it Soviet? Not that I care much either way — it’s a Walther.

      • My understanding of the Soviet use of captured German arms was that the Soviets had large partisan forces that were behind or went behind German lines through out the war. The Soviets attempted to supply these units with German weapons so they could use German supplies when captured.

        The Russian people really were very tough and very brave. Willing to sacrifice all, including their lives.

        It’s a crying shame they were ruled by a leftist .gov. A .gov that failed them repeatedly and led to untold death and suffering through its incompetence.

  3. Forgotten weapons with Ian McCollum is a great show on YouTube, dealing with the history of weapons

    • I second that and encourage anyone with an interest in historic/obscure firearms to subscribe. Further, since many of the firearms related channels have been demonitized (ie, YouTube refuses to pay content creators for the advertising revenue it receives from their channels), I urge POTG to sign up on Patreon and contribute a dollar or more per month in support.

  4. There is much more to the Third Reich collaboration with zionist interests than most people realize. In fact, WW2 was totally unnecessary and was also a “bankster’s war”, not unlike WW1.
    Germany wanted its jewish bolshevik troublemakers gone and the zionists wanted to “encourage” emigration to what was then known as Palestine. In fact, “world jewry” declared “war” on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933). Look it up.
    You see, both Germany and the jews had common interests, something that is NEVER mentioned in any texts on the TRUE reasons for WW2.
    I do realize that a lot of innocent people got “caught up” in the discord that is war, but “that is the way the cookie crumbles”.
    It is interesting to note that many “mischlinge” (half-jews and quarter-jews) served in the third Reich military, another “fact” that is conveniently “forgotten”.
    Since the “victors write the history”, many untruths and much propaganda takes its place in history as fact when it, indeed distorts and even shuts out the TRUTH.
    Eisenhower’s deliberate starvation of German POWs after the war is conveniently overlooked. This is merely another part of history that has only recently seen the light of day and is another historical “correction”.
    That being said, I would like to have a Third Reich P-38.

    • to anarchyst

      My God you are one sick Nazi piece of scum.

      You are hereby awarded the Storm Trooper badge for racism, hate and bigotry and are appointed as one of Herr Drumpf’s most trusted jack booted storm troopers. Congratulations Herr Hauptman.

      Show us some credible authentic documentation about your conspiracy theories of Eisenhower’s starving German prisoners of war. One of the main reasons the murderous Nazi Regime treated Allied P.O.W’s more humanly than they did the Russians is that they knew German prisoners were being treated according to the Geneva Convention by the Allies. You flunked History 101 Jethro.

      And your knowledge of WWII is right at about the zero level (typical uneducated Hill Jack). Hitler blamed the Liberal Government of Germany after the war for signing the peace treaty of Versailles. And he blamed the Liberals and the Jews for what he called “the stab in the back”. The Post War Government had little choice but to sign the treaty and it had nothing to do with banking or Jews. Only a 21st Century warped Nazi like yourself would believe such hogwash. It only shows how depraved you are. But is that not the hall mark of all Far Right Racists and bigots like yourself.

      • Agree with most of your assessment except that you are incorrect on your left versus right political slant. In the U.S. the left (Democrat) has historically always been racist and that continues today, they just use marketing that it is a right wing thing.

        • Projectionism pure and simple.

          The Far Right is the party of hate, bigotry and racism. Their hatred of immigrants and refugees and minority races and religions is paramount.

          Immigrants and refugees which were and still are the backbone and success of America proves how demented the Far Right is to this very day and most make no bones about it the Far Right Racists openly admit they would construct gas chambers and do it all over again. No more proof or argument is needed they hang themselves every time they open their racist mouths. Trump being the star cheer leader of this mob of sadistic naked apes.

      • “to anarchyst

        My God you are one sick Nazi piece of scum.”

        I suppose it had to happen eventually, but I agree with little ‘vlad’ on that assessment.

        It will likely be the last time in my life that happens… 🙂

      • While I suspect he would also post that “no Jews were harmed in the making of this Holocaust” (if you follow my meaning,) none of what he wrote here is actually wrong.

        Eisenhower did order the mass starvation of German POWs in Europe (as well as strike a secret deal with Stalin to hold Patton back to allow Russian forces to sack Berlin;) history is written by the victor, either in slant, whole cloth or, most commonly, a lot of the former and a bit of the latter; many men of partial Jewish descent did serve in Nazi Germany’s armed forces — they considered themselves German and weren’t targeted by the government because of their particular parentage, social position or both; both world wars did have their root cause in a conflict between the wealthiest people in the world –old royalty, old banking families or both — many of whom were Jewish (for historical context on the prevalence of Jews in both banking start from the Catholic Church’s ban on usury, or lending money at interest, and how the economic advantage that gave Jews so outweighed discrimination against them that the most successful families were eventually able to leverage national debts to repeatedly marry into royal families, resulting in the old “coup by successive marriage” trick;) and Zionism (which was really more of a doomsday cult at the time, seeking to return the Jews to Israel as part of apocalyptic biblical prophecy, rather than a type of nationalism as it is today) was the political philosophy of one such group of wealthy families who publicly stated that “all of Judaea” had “declared war on Germany” in 1933.

        Again, I’m making no cliché claim of vast conspiratorial historical fabrication here, though I suspect the poster going by “anarchyst” would. ICRC observer reports and pre- and post-war population estimates are enough to dismiss that line of thinking. But everything he did post is true as far as it goes, and very little if any of it makes it into history books.

        • He has in the past claimed that the holocaust did not happen. As for letting the reds have berlin? Why not? It cost them tens of thousands to take it. And those dead and wounded could have been American. And Ike was an American general. His responsibility was to American soldiers. The war was over. Why die taking a city that did not need to be taken?

        • ” . . . many men of partial Jewish descent did serve in Nazi Germany’s armed forces — they considered themselves German and weren’t targeted by the government because of their particular parentage, social position or both; both world wars did have their root cause in a conflict between the wealthiest people in the world . . .”

          I’m so glad to read this! So this means that the Nazis weren’t so bad after all. History is so much clearer to me now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! //SARC//

        • To Herr Hauptman Mercury.

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””But everything he did post is true as far as it goes, and very little if any of it makes it into history books.”””””””””””””””””

          Your as big a Nazi as he is. Lets see a little documentation on all that racist garbage. I have studied WWII extensively because my relatives were caught up in it and no, Eisenhower never starved any prisoners to death. The statement is only some wild conspiracy theory that could only come out of the minds of the demented far right who love Hitler and his filth to this day. Next you will also be telling us the Holocaust never happened. Well all you assholes my Father helped liberate them you Nazi filth and scum.

          Other Losses is a 1989 book by Canadian writer James Bacque, in which Bacque alleges that U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths by starvation or exposure of around a million German prisoners of war held in Western internment camps briefly after the Second World War.

          Stephen Ambrose, a historian Eisenhower had enlisted in his efforts to preserve his legacy and counteract criticisms of his presidency, and seven other historians examined the book soon after its publication and came to the conclusion that it was inaccurate and the product of conspiracy theory.

          READ THE GODDAMN REVIEW BELOW ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUS THE BOOK WAS. Only the demented Far Right Nazi’s would believe such nonsense.

          In conclusion considering the millions of starving people, both civilians and surrendered soldiers the Allies performed almost a miracle in feeding them and keeping them alive.

    • Anarchyst brings up some valuable points that deserve careful inquiry. If you’re unfamiliar with the Balfour Declaration, you can start there and work your way through the Weimar Republic. See if you still think there isn’t something to be said for banking/monetary influence in both of the wars. If you’ve never read any zionist literature, it might be a good idea to start. It is not conspiracy to ask the difficult questions.

      • “Anarchyst brings up some valuable points that deserve careful inquiry.”

        Not when it’s polluted with anti-semite hate. All ‘credibility’ evaporates…

        • I’ve seen enough of anarchyst’s worn out, long-winded “points to be considered” on another blog. Not even imaginative enough to change his posting ID here.
          Gee, I wouldn’t mind a Third Reich P-38 … to go with my Third Reich hat, Third Reich boots, and Third Reich attitude.

        • So the fact that he’s a rabid racist automatically makes anything he says untrue? If he says the sky is blue and rich Jews just lie to you and say it’s green does that mean it’s green? No. You and I (sane people) can observe the facts and see that it is indeed blue, though there is obviously no conspiracy to make it look green. It’s the same here in that the only falsehood is the conclusion that “Jews did WW2” (to paraphrase a more recent anti-Jewish slogan.) The events -as described- (emphasis important) are all true. A delusional racist telling you of a verifiable fact doesn’t somehow make it untrue. It just means he’s telling you because he wants you to join in his racist delusion, not because he’s trying to inform you. The latter is merely a side effect, should you choose to acquire some knowledge from his references to history obscura.

        • Mercury. A rabid racist is going to cherry pick facts that will make his twisted views seem more reasonable. You can literally, with enough prejudice, pick true facts about any given historical situation to make either side look good or bad.

          The only question here is why you’re defending this fool? Bet I can guess.

        • to JWM

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Mercury. A rabid racist is going to cherry pick facts that will make his twisted views seem more reasonable. You can literally, with enough prejudice, pick true facts about any given historical situation to make either side look good or bad.

          The only question here is why you’re defending this fool? Bet I can guess.”””””””””””””””””””””

          3 CHEERS FOR JWM . I SALUTE YOU. YOU REALLY FRIED HIS ASS ON THAT ONE. NOW YOUR RIGHT ON THE BEAM. I will refrain from slamming him myself. You did as good as job as I could have done. Good God I can’t believe we agree on something. Miracles do happen I guess.

        • So far, I haven’t seen anything that proves Anarchyst wrong. So are y’all gonna stop playing the race card and hit us with some facts?

    • Found the Nazi!

      The irony of course is that this troll would probably be one of the first against the wall in the Third Reich since he’d probably be determined to be mentally defective.

    • Ooops, anarchyst! You seem to have posted to the wrong site. This is The Truth About Guns. The “Truth” About Nazis is over there…..way over there…..that’s it …keep going….buh bye.

  5. To the victors go the spoils. The third reich is gone, and God has delivered His chosen people just as He has promised.
    The pistol is a great piece of history to signify this.
    It’s unfortunate and shocking that anti-semitism still exists, and even seems to be growing. These enemies of God will meet their demise – how sad for them.
    As a Christian, I stand together with Israel.

    • As a Christian, I stand with the Chosen One, the Lord Jesus Christ, and sincerely hope and pray for the Jewish people to come to faith in Him.

      Christ is Savior of all who come to Him in faith, especially the children of Abraham. At the same time, all who reject Him are separated from God, even the physical offspring of Abraham.

      “He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:11-13 esv

      As the apostle Paul tells us in Romans 9:8

      “This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring.”

      I grieve that many Jewish people (and Gentiles) have been cut off from God by rejecting Christ. I also rejoice greatly that I (though a wild olive) have been grafted into the people of God by faith in Christ.

      Romans 9 though 11 explains much of this, and seems to indicate that the Jewish people will at some point largely return to their true King.

      Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and every knee will bow to Him. I encourage everyone (Jew and Gentile) to bow now. This is the time to receive mercy, and the time is limited.

      • Sorry sky rider but I will go with the Great Buddha. He at least believed all life was sacred. We know exactly what the Great Buddha believed in because he was an educated man and surrounded himself with scholars who also left written records. We do not know what the prophet Christ or his followers believed in because they were all illiterate fisherman who left no written records of what they believed in. All we do know about them are the myths and fairly tails that were written down about them over 400 years after they ceased to exist by power mad Church Elders. And since most were crooks and fornicators not much historical credence can be given to whatever they said.

        And one other tidbit of interesting info on the apostles . It seems likely Judas did not kill himself nor was he killed by the apostles or anyone else. After he was booted out of the Apostle crowd he did want all good religious fanatics do, he started his own religion and wrote his own bible and started his own church. His bible was still being used during the reign of of Constantine 400 and some years later.

        It is interesting to note that the Romans thought that the Christians were the most depraved religious cult they ever encountered and that was saying something considering how cosmopolitan Rome was in regards to all the religious being practiced there at the time. The Romans thought that a religious cult that thought you should suffer in this life for happiness in the next as well as believing that sex should be practiced only for procreation were not playing with a full deck of cards. Considering all the sexual hang ups the christian religion caused down through the years and the almost complete rejection of this off beat idea in modern times seems to prove the Romans were the ones who were far less depraved when it came to sex and religion. Orgies are back in style again.

        • “All life is sacred”. Yet you cheer lead for .gov death squads to murder whole families if they don’t comply with your anti gun agenda. You use classic propaganda terms to demonize those you would genocide. Hillbillies, Jethros, Hilljacks.
          A fascist that worships Buddha?

        • I’m sure that textual criticism is not your field, but you are mistaken about the material facts of early texts.
          There are a dozen New Testament Manuscripts that date in the second century (101-200CE) with at least one (p52) of those being less than 100 years from the death of Christ. 43% of the New Testament can be seen in 2nd century texts. All of the NT is found in pre-Constantinian (prior to 300 CE) texts (two books are disputed). We have a complete list of the works of the NT Canon at least by 250 CE in Origen’s Homiliae on Josuam. Also there are extensive quotes among early church writers of the second and third centuries that appear in manuscripts which corroborate the authenticity of the quotations. Any person can see digital copies of these texts, and the dating of these texts is largely agreed upon even by critical scholars. By contrast, the earliest Buddhist accounts are the Gandhāran Buddhist texts which date from 100BCE to 200 CE, or from 300-600 years after the life of Buddha. The NT manuscript tradition is by far the most robust and earliest we have of anything dating around this period, including popular texts such as Homer’s Iliad.

        • To Something Moronic.

          “””””””””””””””””””””””I’m sure that textual criticism is not your field, but you are mistaken about the material facts of early texts.”””””””””””””””””””

          I am sure believing in fantasies is definitely your field.

          What I said stands most glaringly accurate. No written records exist that were authentically linked to the hands of the Apostles. They were illiterate fisherman while the Great Buddha was a product of the highest education of the time.

          Interesting post script.

          The Great Buddha wrote “I am not God and do not wish to be worshiped as one”. Never the less many of his less educated followers started to worship him a as a God after he died. Now how easily the same could have been said of Christ if we knew exactly what he thought about himself, which again we do not because he left no written records. Contrast this to early mentions of Christ in religious writings. None of the early written records call Christ a God. Let me repeat that one more time “None of the early written records by church elders ever called Christ a God. None”.

        • I am so sure! If any of this silliness is true, try explaining why there is no *video*??!! Seems like a simple enough thing for something all powerful and all knowing, does it not?

        • to Something Moronic

          ===================By contrast, the earliest Buddhist accounts are the Gandhāran Buddhist texts which date from 100BCE to 200 CE, or from 300-600 years after the life of Buddha. The NT manuscript tradition is by far the most robust and earliest we have of anything dating around this period, including popular texts such as Homer’s Iliad.====================

          Early Buddhist Texts (EBTs), Early Buddhist Literature or Early Buddhist Discourses refers to the parallel texts shared by the Early Buddhist schools. The most widely studied EBT material are the first four Pali Nikayas, as well as the corresponding Chinese Āgamas.[1][2][3][4] However, some scholars have also pointed out that some Vinaya material, like the Patimokkhas of the different Buddhist schools, as well as some material from the earliest Abhidharma texts could also be quite early.[5][6]

          Besides the large collections in Pali and Chinese, there are also fragmentary collections of EBT materials in Sanskrit, Khotanese, Tibetan and Gāndhārī. The modern study of early pre-sectarian Buddhism often relies on comparative scholarship using these various early Buddhist sources.[7]

          Various scholars of Buddhist studies such as Richard Gombrich, Akira Hirakawa, Alexander Wynne and A.K. Warder hold that

          “Early Buddhist Texts contain material that could possibly be traced to the historical Buddha himself or at least to the early years of pre-sectarian Buddhism”.[8][9][10]

          According to the Japanese scholar Akira Hirakawa, “any attempt to ascertain the original teachings of the historical Buddha must be based on this literature.”[11]

        • Textual criticism isn’t a religious field. It’s a field of historical inquiry. If you don’t want to believe that the current NT is an accurate representation of 1st century Christian writings, that’s certainly your prerogative, but understand that there is better evidence for it than for any of the other texts of the era, including the Buddhist writings. To claim agnosticism about the textual history of the NT means that you will have to be agnostic about all historical claims from that era as it has the best preserved record of any documents. Note that this is different from the claim that the contents are true. I believe we can say we have Homer’s Iliad even if I don’t think Zeus is a real person.

        • To JWM

          “””””””””””””””””””””“All life is sacred”. Yet you cheer lead for .gov death squads to murder whole families if they don’t comply with your anti gun agenda. You use classic propaganda terms to demonize those you would genocide. Hillbillies, Jethros, Hilljacks.
          A fascist that worships Buddha?””””””””””””””””

          Actually your speculating I merely compared Buddha to Christ. I did not say I was a Buddhist or a Christian. And as far as promoting violence I only relate what one side or the other is capable of doing I do not promote violence and never have.

        • To Something the Antithesis of Clever.

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Textual criticism isn’t a religious field. It’s a field of historical inquiry.”””””””””””””””””””””””

          You can continue to deny reality (the hall mark of religious fanaticism) but the fact remains we have way more proof that the Great Buddha’s writings were indeed his, not some power mad greed grasping Church Elders of the Christian region speculating about Christ centuries after his death with not a shred of original manuscript documentation to back up anything they said. As one can see this is not the case with the Great Buddha. We know he was an educated man and so were his immediate entourage . We also know as admitted by Christian followers Christ and his followers were fisherman none of which in those days were literate. The proof is in the pudding and Christ comes out on the short end of history.

        • To Something less than Clever.

          I think the most shameful part of the Christian gang of Church Elders is their attempted denigration of Mary Magdalene by calling her a whore and a lunatic. It was actually she was the real brains of the outfit so to speak. According to carbon 14 documentation of the Coptic scripts it was Mary who took over the Apostles and she ran the show lock stock and barrel. She made the new religion appeal to women because she knew it was the women who brainwashed the children and when the women reject an older region it is doomed to extinction.

          I find it most interesting that the Christian religion rocketed to a legitimate religion of the establishment only after mass murder among the 55 different Christian Religions in Rome during the reign of Constantine . The all out war over what legends and fantasies would go into a generic one size fits all bible and which legends and fantasies would be left out resulted in all out war and bodies piled as high as 3 deep on the streets of Rome (until Constantine waiting of course for them to slaughter themselves into a force that was no threat to his government) sent in Roman Soldiers to stop the massacres. What a way to start a new Religion with mass murder.

        • The NT writers were not all fishermen, and the NT doesn’t claim that they were. Matthew was a tax collector. Paul was a highly educated religious leader. Luke was a physician. Jude was likely in the same trade as his father: carpenter. Among Jesus’ followers there are a number of different professions available. In any case, the use of an amanuensis (transcriber) was common practice in the people of that era. Paul, for instance, distinguishes between what he wrote with the help of others and what he wrote with his own hand (Gal 6:11, 2 Thess 3:17), so the idea that they all had to be literate in order for the NT writings to be legitimate is one that simply isn’t held in high regard by critical scholars. The fact is that contrary to your claim, early reliable texts of the NT exist in greater number and with wider provenance than with any other writing of that period bar none. There are 5,795 copies of the NT that begin within as little as 40 years of the people who wrote them. The next closest is Homer’s Iliad, for which there are 1,757 copies, but the oldest is from 400BC or roughly 400 years after Homer is thought to have lived. Nothing comes close to the textual availability of the NT. The benefit of having so many texts for a scholar is not to prove that the belief is a true belief, but rather the ability to say with some level of certainty that what you have is a valid and reliable text. The NT has an abundance of such evidence.

        • to Something less than clever.

          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””The NT writers were not all fishermen”””””””””””””””””””””

          There have been so many re-writes of the Christian bible its hard to keep up with them all.

          There have even been people caught inserting things in the bible such as the false fact that Jesus had a brother that was stoned to death. It was merely an attempt by a Monk to try and prove that there was a contemporary account during Roman times that Christ actually existed.

          Looking at it from a Historical level most Historians agree the Bible was never written by the Apostles and the religion I grew up in stated all the Apostles were poor fisherman. Its also interesting to note that the Christian bible even contradicts itself between various chapters.proving that all the chapters certainly were not written at the same time in history giving further proof the Apostles had zero to do with its content.

          Much of this is nothing new. We can go back to Thomas Paine in the late 1700’s in his book “Reason” who gives a hilarious critique of the bible but its serious with its criticism about the contradictions and inconsistencies and its often bizarre assertions..

        • to something not so clever

          Many scholars have pointed out that the Gospel of Mark shows signs of a lack of knowledge of geographical, political and religious matters in Judea in the time of Jesus. Thus, today the most common opinion is that the author is unknown and both geographically and historically at a distance to the narrated events

          As you can see the bible is an amalgamation of writings of various Church people that had zero knowledge of the Apostles or of Christ. To go into it depth would require pages of testimony by Historians not Religious fanatics who are not concerned with ever getting at Historical truth.

        • to something less than clever

          It should be pointed out that when Emperor Constantine ( erroneous deified as a Saint) who was a ruthless murder and despot that in Rome at the time there were 55 Christian Bibles and religions and throughout the Middle East probably at least 100 more. All had their own religious dogma and biblical stories some of which still exist to this day.

          As one can see even an attempt to sort out all this madness is futile to say the least. The only thing certain is no Apostle had anything to to with the writing of the bible. Historians are adamant on this.

        • The beauty of textual criticism is that scholars can compare texts to find if there have been insertions/deletions etc. NT textual criticism has a greater abundance of texts and texts closer to that source from which to draw than any other text from its era. Again, if you believe textual critics know anything about historical documents from this era, then the evidence for the NT canon is stronger by an order of magnitude. This doesn’t even take into consideration the number of quotations of the NT from nonbiblical 2nd century sources or the lists of canonical books from the 2nd century. There’s really nothing comparable.

          I’m not sure what your earlier religious education might have been, but ad fontes. The documents aren’t secret. Most of them are digitally available if you know some Greek or Aramaic. But even an English translation will clarify for you the professions of many of the characters.

      • Art out West, I was going to tell you to rein in the testimony a bit. Not that I disagree with any of it, Praise God, but I thought it might not be the right time and place for it. Turns out it was, though. cuz it lit up Ol’ vlad pretty good. The Word strikes again.

  6. There is certainly a place for Lugers. I understand their significance and the desire to have them as I have no arguement with the ideas in this article. Understanding the historical importance of Nazi Germany is necessary.

    This simply is one of only a small handful of firearms that I refuse to own. But I have no quarrel with those that do.

    • Lugars seem pretty big and heavy for a single stack 9mm. For practical purposes, I’d much prefer a Glock.

      Still, for historical interest, I’d love to have a Lugar.

      • In my own experience Lugers are a better target pistol than the p38. I never really got to like the p38. I really liked the PP, just not the p38.

        Both the Luger and the p38 were a tad heavy and low round count by modern standards. But they were pretty much the standard in capacity for the time.

        These war ‘trophies’ were pretty much every where in my youth. Starting at age 10 I shot Tommy guns, Grease guns, MP40s and some that I never knew the name of. Probably Italian. And some that were belt fed.

        Fun times.

      • If you have never shot a Luger, do so. They are surprisingly smooth and accurate shooters.

        Yes, the toggle action has not withstood the test of time (unlike the 1911, which has), and but they are still amazing guns . . . especially considering when they were designed.

        • LKB. My experience in the past had been with military issue 9mm Lugars. Sweet shooters, indeed. But recently my BIL came into possession of a commercial Lugar in .30 Lugar. With the grip safety. That is a very sweet shooter and it’s in better overall shape than the war trophies I’m used to.

          I would pay the ridiculous price for it if he would part with it.

        • LKB, the Cabellas in Buda has a wide selection of Lugars right now, including some that include the wooden butt stock. In the gun library. Worth a look.

    • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””This simply is one of only a small handful of firearms that I refuse to own. But I have no quarrel with those that do.=============

      question Purdll????

      Would you buy a surplus Cop revolver or pistol knowing it was used to murder an unarmed civilian just because the cop said “I feared for my life” . An establishment standard defense which is seldom overturned.

      • Plenty of people by used guns as they are generally cheaper. That’s fine. Have what you wish.

        What I have was bought brand new (only one owner….me). There is value in being the one that breaks in a new firearm. It will be with me for a while.

  7. An object with odd symbols isn’t evil, it’s just a gun from a time when right wing over wrong – we must never forget our history.

  8. World War Two is a textbook example that force is neither good nor evil. It can be used for either. The Nazis murdered at least six million “undesirables” not counting casualties resulting from their military operations. (In Russia, that had to be several million more.) It didn’t stop until a lot of Americans, Brits (including their empire) and Russians killed 15% of the German population and overran their homeland.

  9. 9 mm suck no matter what country makes it and no matter how many rounds it holds and no matter how many magazines of those # rounds you have on your side. No better than a 38 special and we all know the story of where that went

    • .38 special goes right into my pocket. An AirWeight S&W 642 is a wonderful pocket gun for EDC in a relatively peaceful society.

      No, I wouldn’t want to go to war with it.

        • The 642 is my EDC when I can’t carry something bigger and less concealable. It’s a belly gun, but like the man said, I’m not going to war with it.

    • to Warchild

      Your as ignorant as they come. No the .38 special is not anemic and for your info you seem to be implying it failed in the Philippine U.S. Storm Trooper war of rape, pillage and conquest. Well for your info it was not used there, the .38 Long Colt was and the .45 Long Colt used there was also a failure as well and ditto for the last year of the war when the .45 acp was used.

      No test ever given on live animals i.e. the Chicago Stock Yards test by Col.Tompson, the Strasburg tests or the tests conducted by Pistolero Magazine in Mexico proved that any of the larger pistol calibers used were superior to the .38 special or 9mm.

      As a matter of fact the .45 acp proved to be a spectacular failure for military application because of its poor penetration. It bounced off of a helmet at a scant 35 yards while the 9mm penetrated the same helmet at an astonishing 125 yard and might have done so even further away but no one succeeded in hitting the helmet beyond that distance. See the book “The Inglis Diamond” the author devotes a chapter on this.

      There is a reason the 9mm has outlasted and been the no. 1 choice of so many nations and that is because it works and the .45 has too many faults and was rejected long ago by the worlds police and military. History is on the side of the 9mm and so are actual testing. Even the much ballyhooed .40 S&W is now a dying cartridge.

        • JWM

          You really take the cake. You whine and cry whenever you get attacked by me because of all your running off at the mouth at me every time I post something and you then seethe in jealously because at the subconscious level you realize how little you know about anything. Anybody with even a little grey matter between their ears would simply knock it off and bury the hatchet but since you know zero about psychology as well as your being born with a low intellect simply puts you on a self destructive treadmill that keeps bumping your head against the wall over and over again.

        • You are very mentally ill, vlad. I’m worried what a fanatic like you will do when Trump is re elected. You are the type that is so sick, you love to talk about murdering folks that resist the .gov, that when you realize the fantasy world you live in is indeed a fantasy that you will lash out and a lot of innocents will get hurt.

          My only hope is that your father, the gunsmith, realizes just how sick you are and takes precautions to keep you away from the guns.

  10. A few years back, someone was able to come by a bunch of pre-War/ Early War steel P38 frames…as well as a lot of the last production post war P-1 top ends/ barrels/slides.
    Best of both worlds IMHO- better sights and a much more durable frame. Wish I had been able to score one of those FrankenWalthers.

    • Do not feel too bad the post war slides had a big disadvantage as well as an advantage. The Disadvantage was that the post war slides had a top cover that was even worse than the WWII cover. The post war top cover had only 2 friction legs holding it on as opposed to the war time cover that had 4 legs.

      On the other hand the post war safety was improved over the war time safety to prevent accidental discharges if the safety broke and failed. Post war safety’s will break but usually do not result in an accidental discharge. If the morons that owned either of these models would just gently lower the hammer with thumb pressure either gun works fine and the safety will not break.

      Just as an addendum. My experience with the P38 showed that late post war manufactured guns had a detent added to help prevent the extractor from blowing out of the gun with hot or even mildly warm loads and believe me the load does not have to be all that hot to blow an extractor out of the gun as my tests proved it. The other change of course was the steel hex pin added to the delicate aluminum frame to prevent cracking.

      I might add most people like the post war guns because they were more accurate than most war time guns although some early war time guns were fairly accurate.

      • Cool story, bro. But why would anybody listen to someone that appears to be seriously deranged in nearly every comment he posts, like you?

        Isn’t it time for group?

      • The wartime and postwar P.38 slide top covers are exactly identical, except for the P.38 IV (P.4) and late P.38k, which did away with the top cover and loaded the firing pin mechanism from the bottom of the slide like a PP series pistol.

        The improvement in postwar P.38 safety function was achieved by adopting a cold formed, round profile firing pin which replaced the stamped sheet, flat wartime firing pin. The postwar firing pin has a spherical safety lock surface which replaced the wings on the wartime firing pin. Those wings had a major stress riser at their roots which promoted fractures and loss of safety function.

        No change was made to the P.38 extractor after the concealed (1911 type) extractor of the early HP was dropped in 1938. Postwar P.38 extractor and mounting hole geometry in the postwar P.38 are exactly identical to that accepted by the HWA in the zero series P.38s.

        The P.38 pistol was very popular among WW II resistance fighters, including Jews, due to its powerful cartridge and ever ready double action lockwork.

        • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””The wartime and postwar P.38 slide top covers are exactly identical, except for the P.38 IV (P.4) and late P.38k, which did away with the top cover and loaded the firing pin mechanism from the bottom of the slide like a PP series pistol.””””””””””””””

          Stop shooting of at the mouth and making a fool of yourself. Remove the top covers from a WWII and a post war P1. Two legs v/s 4 legs.

          “””””””””””””””””””””””No change was made to the P.38 extractor after the concealed (1911 type) extractor of the early HP was dropped in 1938. Postwar P.38 extractor and mounting hole geometry in the postwar P.38 are exactly identical to that accepted by the HWA in the zero series P.38s.”””””””””””””””””””””

          Again do not know what the hell your are talking about. The detent was added later in time and is not present on even all P1 guns. I have worked on P38’s so I know what the hell I am talking about.

        • Perhaps I should further discus the late model detent. If you flip over the extractor on early p38’s and even some p1’s you will NOT see a hole drilled on the underside of the extractor. The hole was added later to help keep the ball detent from walking out of the extractor. You would have known that if you had any experience on working on these guns.

  11. I gotta guy who buys all sorts of militaria,guns and WWI & WWWII crap. I’ve been in his vault and I’ve never seen so much NAZI BS. But he also has an astounding collection of lever action rifles with a bunch of early Henry & Winchester beauties. As an antique dealer it’s up to me to determine if he’s some kind of Nazi nut(mostly sold him scrap silver-I have multiple buyer’s for German lugers!)

  12. The swastika is not a sign of evil. It only got that view because of white Europeans. Ya. That’s right I said it.
    Anyone who visits Asia will find Green color swastikas used to identify a place of medical care. 90% of the non European world views the swastika as a sign of help. A sign of life.

    Since Libertarians Liberals and the Left, including Jews. All support open borders. This will bring thousands of Asian people who will post swastikas all over America where they live.

    I don’t care if a gun has a swastika or KKK or hammer and sickle on it. Former slaves killed their masters with those guns. And used them to free other people.
    It all depends on who hands that gun is in. Good guy. Or bad guy.

    • Its interesting to note that some of the American Indian tribes also used the “Swastika”. Its a very old symbol.

      The revolt at the Concentration Camp in Sobibor by mostly the Russian Soldier inmates showed them blasting down the Nazi’s with stolen German Lugers and German Rifles.

      • VLad tepes
        I almost mentioned the American (feather) Indian swastika in my comment. I’m surprised you know about that. There is hope for you.

        Any Nazi gun in the hands of resistance Fighters is always a good thing.

        • The swastika is a very old symbol, and it has even older roots in the stylized spinning sun symbol.

        • So when vandals today spray Swastikas on Jewish places of worship or tombstones they are just doing it because is an ancient symbol used in India?

          I learn something new every day around here.

    • When I was in SE Asia back in the late 1960’s, I (an 18 year-old country boy who had a lot ot learn about the world) was seeing lots of swastikas – on medical facilities, on Buddhist pagodas, etc. I learned that Native Americans also used the symbol. So I learned that until the Nazis polluted the swastika “sun wheel” as the badge of their evil movment, it was actually a benign symbol and not a perverted one. The presence of the swastika as a Nazi proof mark or ownership mark means nothing – it was just a phase in the pistol’s existence.

      • Ogre
        Sadly Asian immigrant children have been accosted by poorly educated american adults and children because they were wearing a swastika sign necklace.
        The same stupid people who want your guns will physically attack children and adults who wear the sign for a good life as jewelry.

    • Chris,

      “It all depends on who hands that gun is in. Good guy. Or bad guy.”

      Absolutely!! We do not blame the gun. That is what the gun grabbers do.

    • This Libertarian doesn’t support open borders, but I choose this party because The other parties are not in line with freedom. How many people are 100% for any party’s BS?

  13. Agreeing with all, above, who say “We do not blame the gun. It is history.”

    History can only be instructive if it is preserved.

    So, we do not deface statues, paint over murals, ban books, or forbid politically incorrect lyrics. We recognize them for what they are and we preserve and learn from them.

  14. I might add that when I go to gun or militaria shows, there are always vendors selling Nazi uniforms, badges, etc (as well as former Soviet uniforms and insignia) right alongside U.S. military items. There has been a big market for this stuff amongst collectors ever since these items were “liberated” and some of it is big-buck stuff. While I have to wonder about some of the guys digging around amongst the Nazi badges, I really don’t care unless they were to appear in public wearing this stuff. That might be a problem.

  15. Vlad, give away your computer. Go do something helpful for someone. Build something. Go try something new and fail at it or hang out with people better than yourself. Improve as a human. You need a very serious dose of humility. Your words are not the beautiful flowing enlightenment you think they are. They’re tainted with the same misinformation and bias you think you’re fighting or correcting. Or arrogantly scolding to boost your fragile, puffed up ego. You’re not as enlightened as you think and no one ever changed anyone’s mind by arguing and spouting facts. Even if you completely decimate someone with irrefutable facts and logic, (which you fail to do) do you really think they will then submit and acknowledge your superior view point? No, they’ll call you a douche and move on. Seriously, go get rid of your computer. Now. For your own good.

    • Every time I see your username I have to laugh. (That’s a good thing.)

      Our Vladdie boy is indeed a sad, strange little man. However, he does not have my pity. He’s a despicable specimen; he’d be first in line to help load the undesirables into cattle cars and fire up the gas chambers, and he’s actually proud of it, as if he’s discovered some great secret.

    • Turd Ferguson and Ing:

      Maybe you guys are trying to “…load (Vlad) into a cattle car…” How about it???

      • Ha! I fart in your general direction!

        That’s as close as *anyone* is going to get to cattle cars and gas chambers if I have anything to say about it.

  16. Wow. That’s high-voltage symbolism several different ways.

    (I have to believe the proto-Israel pilots flying repurposed Messerschmits got an extra kick out of what they were flying, and for what purpose.)

  17. You, Mr. Remer, make a goddamn fine point. Hard to imagine that anything would piss off Hitler more than one of his targeted classes arming themselves out of his arsenal 75 years later. I may very well do my part on that front.

  18. Okay people, why don’t we just shelve the whole name calling/”ideology” shaming and get back to the original post? God, sometimes men just plain think with the wrong head. IF they think at all when they react to things.

    MEN! Can’t live with them; can’t sell ’em for spare parts.

  19. If you destroy history, it won’t be remembered. Then you are destined to repeat it. There is a force at work that is doing exactly that here in the States. Somehow when things are gone they lose their significance. Keep your P-38 as a reminder of the past. Objects have no power without humans using them. Some People are sick and evil takes advantage of them. A healthy population of people is a relatively peaceful place to be. A unhealthy population turns dangerous. If you haven’t looked around lately you might have missed a world that is turning more violent. Stay save my friends.



    George Luger found out how crappy U.S. Ammo was when he tried to use American made garbage ammo in his .45 cal. Luger’s at the U.S. Army Test trials. The dilemma is still with us today when the local back woodsman tries to shoot his great granddads Luger and it jams every other shot.

    The Luger is a great balancing act between all its moving parts and its very close tolerances make a bad situation even worse. I have found that mismatched Lugers often shoot more reliably than the all matching guns simply because if the parts that were replaced are a slop fit it benefits reliability.

    Every Luger is a nightmare unto itself with some work much better than others so when I speak of its unreliability I am making a generalization and as my college professor once said back at the dawn of time “All generalizations are false including this one but we make a generalization to prove a point”.

    Contrary to Retarded Gun Writer propaganda the absolute worst thing the back woodsman can do is create HOT hand-loads to try and get the Luger to work. Its the best way to CRACK a breach block I can think of and as one should know the breach block is the Achilles heal of the German Luger. Not as weak as the C96 Broom-handle whose breach block seems to be made of egg shells but a weak breach block never the less. One must start with low power loads and work up until the toggle will just barely begin to lock back on an empty chamber (in other words only put one round in the magazine when experimenting). Then up the load about 2 tenths of a grain depending on the powder burning rate when the toggle locks back.

    DISREGARD the over all length of the cartridge when handloading that you see in the loading manuals. This over all length is not long enough to get many Luger’s to function period. I use an over all length of 1.180. And yes due to the extreme slant of the magazine the rounds will fit in a Luger Magazine but not in a normal 9mm magazine so these loads will not be usable except in a Luger.

    Although I have an extreme fetish for lots of grease the Luger is one of the few guns I recommend to RESTRICT grease only to the OUTSIDE of the gun to prevent rust, NEVER use it INTERNALLY as the Luger’s close tolerances will jam the gun up if even a thin coating of lubricating grease is used. Since gun oils are a Religious crusade with gun owners I am not going to tell you which gun oil to use but us an oil that is marked “gun oil” not some hill jack 3 in one oil you bought because you were to fking cheap to spend a penny more and buy a quality gun oil. Use it very , very sparingly but do not shoot a Luger with no OIL as with all firearms its a good way to make them self destruct in short order.

    A medium burning rate of pistol powder works best in the Luger. At one time Unique was considered the gold standard but the idiots at Alliant fked up Unique some years back when they were experimenting with it and trying to change it to burn clean. One lot I bought damn near blew up my 1911 even though the loads were far below maximum. Be careful if you use this powder. I have got a better lot recently that worked ok in my 16 gauge loads and my 9mm loads but be cautious with the idiots at Alliant. Another powder that works well is Power pistol.

    CAST BULLETS IN THE LUGER. The old Lyman conical 120 grain bullet was specifically designed to be used in the Luger but if you use any cast bullet the lube is critical. It took me much extermination to find a bullet lube that would not gum up the action of the Luger in only a couple of shots. I finally settled on Red Rooster Rifle Lube which is a non sticky synthetic lube. And yes you will have to purchase a heater to use the damn stuff so it will go through your lubricator. I was out last week with rebuilt Luger that had all new springs and a new breach bolt and I shot a box of 50 rounds with no jams which is about like winning the lottery when shooting the typical Luger. I used 4.5 grains of Unique powder. I also shot some 115 grain fmj bullets (which I do not recommend for WWII Lugers that had stronger springs than WWI Luger’s) never the less my gun worked with 5.2 grains of Unique and I used some 124 fmj bullets (recommended) and used again 4.5 grains of Unique like I used in the cast bullet loads.

    Luger’s must always be kept clean internally because of their close tolerances. No playing lazy and shiftless here (typical gun owner) , keep it clean after you shoot it or forget it working the next time you shoot it.

    THE SHOOTING TECHNIQUE: When you shoot any Luger a stiff armed stance is mandatory. Your arm will act as a shock absorber if you limp wrist shoot it and I guarantee you will jam it up on the first shot even with tailored hand loads. Use the same stiff armed technique when shooting small pocket pistols as they too are notorious for jamming up when you limp wrist them including even the icons of the gun world.

    Most people are fascinated with the snaky look and good ergonomics of the Luger and they love the great accuracy of the Luger but getting them to work takes some time and effort and good shooting technique. The sad fact is they will never be made again.

    • “It took me much extermination to find a bullet…”

      certainly not as much as i would have preferred.

  21. Friends and neighbors, rather than be mired in virtue signaling and speculation, perhaps we could “consult” an expert in the matter. Does the name Werner Klemperer mean anything? Colonel Klink? Adolph Eichmann?

    Werner Klemperer was born in Köln (Cologne), Germany, 1920. His father was Jewish, his mother Lutheran. The family emigrated to the US in 1935 (do the math). Mr. Klemperer had a long career in the US on stage, television and movies. Of note here, he was seen in “Judgement at Nuremburg”, “Operation Eichmann” and “Hogan’s Heroes.” In both “Eichmann” and “Hogan’s Heroes”, Klemperer portrayed German officers of the Nazi regime. He did not avoid those roles as being verboten because of the nature of the characters and/or the regime. Indeed, in one interview, when asked about his long portrayal of Colonel Klink, commandant of a German prison camp, Mr. Klemperer reported that the role gave him the greatest pleasure, as a surviving Jew, to ridicule and mock the Nazis, and all they stood for.

    If Mr. Klemperer could use the emblems and clothing of the Luftwaffe during the Nazi era as a vehicle to not only humiliate the Nazis, but also to revel in the great irony of a Jew of the period playing a figure of German authority as a buffoon, perhaps we can embrace the questions in the article heading this discussion, “Is the gun still here? Are the Jews still here?”.

    • Also in Hogan’s Heroes. Robert Clary who had his arm numbered and survived a concentration camp though many of his family did not. John Banner who made it to the states before the war started by way of Switzerland also lost large numbers of his family to the camps.

      I’m not a jew. I was raised country baptist. But it truly pisses me off when people deny what happened in the camps.

    • “…his long portrayal of Colonel Klink, commandant of a German prison camp, Mr. Klemperer reported that the role gave him the greatest pleasure, as a surviving Jew, to ridicule and mock the Nazis, and all they stood for.”

      He only accepted the role on the condition that the character would never win a confrontation with the POWs in the ‘Stalag’…

  22. It’s disturbing to see all the nazi ‘memorabilia’ at gun shows. It’s not just ‘a bad look’ for people of the gun, it’s downright creepy. While I suspect this particular buyer is not a nazi, by putting money into the market he’s part of the problem.

    • “It’s disturbing to see all the nazi ‘memorabilia’ at gun shows. It’s not just ‘a bad look’ for people of the gun, it’s downright creepy. While I suspect this particular buyer is not a nazi, by putting money into the market he’s part of the problem.”

      Soviet era guns are OK? Guns made in, or imported to, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, Finland, Bulgaria?

      FYI, Stalin and the communists managed to kill millions more than the Nazis. The Sovs cannot be considered benign toward the Jewish people. Have a look at the Russian word “Pogrom”

      You are free to have your opinion, feelings, prejudices, likes, dislikes. But regarding symbols of evil, you don’t get to pick one over the other as some sort of objective declaration of what is an acceptable symbol of evil.

  23. A worthy trophy of victory is possession of your foe’s weapon. Well done.

    During his ‘tour’ of northern Europe back in 1944-45, my father picked up an 8mm Mauser repleat with ‘ruptured ducks’ (as he called them). It was made early in the war so the craftsmanship is excellent. He liked using it for guard duty due to the bolt action having a clear distinct sound. Useful for quickly getting someone’s attention that you mean business. He brought it home. He never gloated over it. More like he earned it (which he did) and he had too much respect for his enemy for that. It is an awesome, powerful weapon and for me it is a reminder that an Ohio farm boy (and many others) had to fight and endure much to defeat the enemies of freedom. Also a reminder that it is a constant, unending battle.

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