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In other words, are you buying any of this? That kidnappers abducted actor Jeremy London after helping him change a tire in Palm Springs, California and forced him to do drugs. And now we learn—if that’s the right word—that his wife was in the car with him during the kidnapping. Well, part of it. “The story Melissa and Jeremy told police is that they had gone out to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box and come out to find a flat tire,” the Huffington Post reports. “Two men helped them change it, and Jeremy offered to give them a ride home. For some reason Melissa felt uncomfortable in the car, and the men allowed Jeremy to drop her at home before taking him on a ride of terror, forcing him to do drugs at gun point. Jeremy claims that the kidnappers told him, ‘Hit this! Hit this or I’m gonna kill you!’ while holding a gun to his head and forcing him to smoke some sort of drug.” London’s wife has some words for those of us who see this story as unmitigated BS . . .

Melissa addressed the doubters, citing a new wave of crime.

“I just hope this never happens to them,” she told. “Police told us this is the new thing to do down here… rob people at gunpoint and make them do drugs so they won’t be reliable witnesses. It’s happening more and more. I can tell you that Jeremy was scared for his life. He’s still scared.”

And for once, the HuffPo gets it right.

Jeremy and Melissa have a 3-year-old son, Lyrik. They are in the process of divorcing and Jeremy must undergo regular drug testing because of a custody issue, so his story of doing drugs under duress is even more suspect. Both parents have lost custody because of drug use and Melissa’s mother has been raising Lyrik.

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  1. History of drug abuse + strong motivation to lie + highly implausible story = You don’t have to be an MIT grad to figure this one out.

    BTW, as regards Melissa’s comment about what “police” told her regarding this “new thing”: Have “police” shared this info with the rest of us? ‘Cause I’ve never heard of it and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me (besides why would low-life criminals share their precious, precious drugs with victims? Wouldn’t they want to keep it for themselves?)


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