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Royce, a “consultant” who splits his time between Dallas and Nashville, sends us this “Just the right mix” for him from Everyday Carry.

At last, someone who almost carries more rounds than me.  He has a GLOCK 19.  It looks like a Gen4, but I’m not that savvy on the last two generations of Gaston’s perfection.  I prefer Gen 2 and Gen 3 myself.  But look at those spare mags!  Two 15-rounders and one GLOCK 17 mag with a two-round extension!  49+1 rounds total.  That’s some bubble gum!

He has some impressive blades too.  A Microtech out-the-front auto knife and a Warren Thomas blade as well.  And a wallet that he paid entirely too much for.  Nice Rolex, too.

Check out that little Fenix E15 on his keyring.  I looked that up and found the newer Fenix E16 that has a 700 lumen output in a light that weighs less than a Krugerrand.  How’s that for a backup light?

Royce writes of his stuff:

Work: Remember, most things in here don’t react well to bullets; (credit to Sir Sean Connery).

Also work: And don’t forget, if the neighborhoods right outside were safer, we’d have to pay you less.

Yes, if neighborhoods were safer… we could all come together and sing Kumbaya and not need personal safety tools.  In the meantime, I’ve got my breath strips too.


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    • I wouldn’t necessarily call anyone a fool for carrying a ton of shit around; I prefer more to live and let live.

      However I certainly don’t understand these people supposedly carrying all this stuff. I can’t conceal a G19 under anything less than a coat, and I’m sure as hell not carrying 2 knives, 2 sets of keys, and 3 lights around everywhere I go. I’ll never feel the need myself.

      • You don’t need 50 rounds of pistol ammo. You’ll never need 50 rounds of pistol ammo. If by some miracle you ever did need 50 rounds of pistol ammo you’d never get to use it all. Maybe because I carry tools all day,but if it’s not 100% necessary I don’t carry it. And my backups are back up size like Surefire Sidekick and Spyderco Dragonfly size, which fit in the side pockets of my workboots,so I’m not sure they even count.

        • It’s insane. One excuse I’ve heard from people (excuse because they don’t want to admit they’re playing dress-up) is that you should have extra ammo in case of malfunctions.

          Ok, if you’re worried about having three malfunctions requiring a mag swap, you need to buy better equipment.

        • Agreed, good serviceable equipment such as magazines for a otherwise reliable pistol negates the need for 3+ magazines. The best weapon a person can have is what’s between their ears and their senses. Those things coupled with attention to detail will most likely stop the problem before it ever gets started.

    • Who said he carried all of this on his person?

      I carry a G19 with WML and a spare mag, one or two lights (depending on what I am doing – I don’t like using my defensive light for tasks) and the usual pocket knife, wallet, phone and keys… and a TQ in a back pocket medkit

      I also have close at hand (in a messenger bag or car): 2 spare mags, a third flashlight, a larger medkit, a portable usb battery charger and a larger pocket knife.

      Not every bit of kit needs to be on one’s person to be considered EDC.

      Also, as for the extra mags things… one is none, two is one, three is two, etc… I may never need more than one but, as one who lives and works in an urban area, I sure don’t want to find myself in a position of having an empty gun and more problems to solve.

      • I guess I just see the purpose of the exercise differently. If it’s not on my person then it’s not being “carried” as far as I care. I mean, having some extra lights and mags in a fanny pack in my trunk would be super useful if I’m mugged and all, I’m just not going to consider it “carried” at that point.

        I guess I’d understand it more if the segment was “Every Day Carry/ Stuff I keep somewhat nearby.”

        • Okay, as you know, I am not very critical of spending lavishly on weapons for little or no efficacy gain and I am not inclined to criticize any such choice, but I am baffled on this. What is the attraction of these little knives?

        • An out-the-front ‘switcher’ is instant intimidation?

          If I wanted instant intimidation, a Spyderco ‘Civilian’ has that in spades…

        • The attraction wears off for me at around $450. I paid nowhere near that for my Ultratech model.

          Microtech makes a nice knife with a nice warranty and their system is complicated in comparison to a flipper so manufacturing it has a higher price tag. They also sometimes use exotic metals like titanium which jacks up the price because it’s such a PITA to work with.

          IMHO, the attraction shifts with two variables: Your budget and how you view the knife in terms of it’s necessity if you need it.

          On the one hand there’s no way I would spend this kind of money on a pocketknife. OTOH, I dropped $500+ on an all titanium dive knife when they first came out at that price point and in what I considered a truly useful blade design. I did so without a second thought. Would I do the same today at that price point? Probably not because I’m not diving multiple times per day in a professional capacity where other people’s lives are in my hands and everything has to work and work now. But when it was literally a “if you need this you or someone else is likely going to die without it” type of situation then I had no issue with that price tag and probably would have been willing to spend considerably more because it’s a one time cost that’s less than the increase in my insurance premium if someone dies on my watch.

          I had a bunch of Open Water divers question that knife and it’s price. In fact, people still do when I strap it on. They simply didn’t/don’t see things the way that I did because they have no idea what my job at that point actually was or what my professional insurance costs were, how that would be affected by one of them dying etc. They just couldn’t see all the variables that I was considering. They have no comprehension, and no one outside professional divers would know this, that my rating as a diver means that if I’m on vacation and go diving with some dive company for pleasure that I am, legally and monetarily, just as liable for anything that goes wrong on that boat as the people that work there. Really, they have no idea, when I’m on vacation, what my rating is. Only myself, my wife and the dive shop know that. But if SHTF the investigation is going to find it pretty quick. Even if I use an old certification at a lower level, as some people do, they’re still going to find my current rating and insurance status as soon as they punch in my ID number. So, that expensive knife has value to me that other people often don’t see.

        • STRYCH9, you dive? Fresh water diving? I dive too, but only up and down Southern California coast and a few of the Islands. I’d say most of my dive gear is mid-range, just like my guns. Having kids and a mortgage dictates not having the finer things (high end guns and gear).

  1. Pretty sure this guy only runs sterling silver hollow points based on his money/sense ratio. But if he loads up with a nice new 50 round box of ammo he wouldn’t have to worry about the partial box he leaves in his glove box.

  2. Funny juxtaposition. Rolex, Prada and high end Microtech but also Fenix, Streamlight and Chevy.

    Can’t really go wrong with the G19 and two spare though. The extender does make me wonder though, 2 extra rounds on the 46 you already have… big hands? But wouldn’t a guy with big hands put the extender on at least two mags?

      • Using the car to reduce the chances someone comes after your wallet and watch and thereby reducing the chances of needing the G19.

        That works.

      • A Chevy Suburban (like the one I drive) is an excellent vehicle choice for anyone capable of driving a truck that size. Its size makes it suitable for hauling, carpooling, or getting outta Dodge when SHTF. Besides, it’s a pleasure to drive and looks great too. At around 60k, it’s hardly a budget vehicle! I wouldn’t call a large, gleaming, aggressively designed Suburban a life profile choice.

        • Like everything, point of view.

          $60k is a lot to some people and not much to others. The Burban might seem high profile at first glance but it loses a lot of that luster if it’s parked next to a Bugatti or a bright red Ferrari. To those who are car folks the Burban doesn’t seem like that big of a deal compared to even a $140K King Ranch that some farmer has as a “go to town” truck.

          As you point out, it can be a soccer mom vehicle. As such it doesn’t generally get the head turning that a $1 million dollar car does.

          It’s just an interesting facet of how people prioritize spending when they have a $1000 pocket knife but still drive a Chevy. There’s a zillion potential reasons for that since we know the answer but we have no clue as to the question.

  3. Hum I have Rolex, Microtec otf ,a better wallet, and drive a Chevy PU ,carry a Glock plus I own many Fenix .

    Perhaps where some. are confused is Rolex is a middle of the road luxury watch, Microtec a good factory blade nothing more . Certainly fit with Chevy and Glock.

    Let’s see off the top of my head, friends with Rolex .

    Sue , drives a Camery
    John ( a welder ) Toyota pu
    Dave ( firefighter ) Rolex GTM GMC pu
    Myself retried FF Rolex Explorer II Chevy pu
    Rich insurance guy Pathfinder

    • I have never spent more than $40 on a watch. Mickey or LED was good enough for me. I always thought of them as jewelry and am not a jewelry guy. I have not worn one in at least 25 years. Talking luxury wallets would bring a fish look from me, I had never even thought about such a thing until this thread. All value is indeed subjective:-)

      • Sounds like sometimes less is more in a civilian urban environment. I suppose spending a bunch of money on flashy things is better than being buried with it. 😏

  4. For perspective I carried only slightly more in Kosovo and Iraq. Now my EDC consists of wallet, keys, phone, one of the following; S&W M&P FS Gen 1 or 2 9mm with an extra 17 round mag, S&W M&P compact Gen 1 9mm with extra 17 round mag, S&W M&P Shield Gen 1 with extra 8 round mag, or S&W 69 Combat Magnum 4″ or 2 3/4″ loaded with 44 SPL and a speed loader, Surefire 6P LED, and one of several pocket knives. I feel more than comfortable with those 6 items. I’m not going into battle and even when I was I carried a rifle, more ammo for both pistol and rifle, fixed blade knife, I wore a watch back then, body armor, and other accoutrements. Too far into the weeds and perspective is lost. If you want to dress for war sign up and they will send you to some special spot in the desert on the other side of the globe.

  5. Rolex? Guy offered me one of those one time on a street corner in a big city. Claimed they were a big sale, $20 for one or three for $50. I was tempted, sure, but I had a perfectly good Timex and just didn’t see the point of buying an expensive imported watch. Especially if it was so poorly made they sold it with spare watches just in case.

    So, the two spare magazines are not excessive to me, but it depends too on how he carries them.

    In my younger days it was a S&W 59 on the right side and two spare magazines on the left. Never found it uncomfortable. These days when I do open carry it is a Ruger SR9 and one dual pouch, so really still the same setup.

    Of course these days there is a pistol case in the vehicle with a bunch more magazines. Only because I got a deal on the case, it had all these pockets to fill and darn it but I kept finding SR9 magazines at $20 for a while on

    So, it’s really not my fault. I mean, if I’m not supposed to have that much ammo on hand then why in the hell did they put all those pockets on that pistol case?

    Clearly, not my fault.

    • I reload so I have ammo and mags aren’t a problem but the thing here is how much is carried on person. At most I carry 35 rounds on me, one 17 round mag in the gun with a round chambered and an extra 17 round mag. If I find myself in a situation that 35 rounds of ammo won’t get it done then I wasn’t paying attention to detail and what happens after that I probably brought on myself because of the former.

  6. $1200 for a knife will get you in the ball park of a decent blade, but for just another $6000 you can get the Fireball Xr-7 or a good B.O.C. me262

    • If $1200 only buys decent then I would like to know what a substandard sub $400 knife can’t do that a $1200+ knife can. I have a couple $200-$300 pocket knives that do everything I need them to do. This allows me to spend the other $900-$1000 on guns, ammo, and reloading supplies. Not sure if you are joking or not.

      • Lol this is just like the argument that no one wants to stand in front of a .22 and get shot. No one wants to get stabbed by my $150 Spyderco either, but they can shit on reasonable knives all day long because it makes them feel special.

        Collecting rare/expensive things is certainly cool and fun, just don’t expect most of the population to care that your knife is worth more than a year of community college.

        • I have a Spyderco Tuff that in my opinion is an awesome knife. Is it in the price range to be considered decent? Not even remotely. However it is somewhat collectable considering Spyderco has discontinued it. Is my sample worth any more than I paid for it? Probably not considering it has been used and sharpened several times since I bought it. My Spyderco Manix 2 XL is another awesome knife in my opinion and because I caught it on sale I think I paid under $100 shipping included. My Spyderco Endura 4 with ZDP-189 blade steel has a seriously off center blade but that doesn’t stop it from taking and holding a razor sharp edge that is almost scary. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a cut by it anyway. Granted none of these knives are anything to brag about but if they serve their intended purpose how substandard can they be?

  7. Yeah, I always carry a spare M1A1 or three in my trunk, you never know when it might shit a war zone in my daily life… Seriously, to each their own. I generally carry a spare for my pistol, but I live in a different situation from this individual and there is always a carbine in my pick up with enough ammo to level a group of hogs…more of a problem in my area than two legged varmints. I wish instead of people commenting on someone “else’s” mistake, they would share their gear and a why. I love to see what other people carry daily, I know all situations are different and you never might learn something.

    • I would share pictures of what my day to day carry could possibly look like if I could. I don’t need my EDC to be published though. It’s really boring I would consider compared to what most people carry. I did share what my options are for daily carry and what it consists of for EDC on a regular basis in a comment here. This EDC is so over the top flashy it begs the question why, especially if the wearer is in such a bad environment? I would think it would be like a mug me sign with a target on your back for criminals to take you up on. Carrying a firearm for protection is one thing but drawing attention to yourself so you might have to use that firearms seems reckless to me. I would much rather have your four legged vermin problem than any two legged vermin any day. Live in the country or on a farm a truck gun makes perfect sense. Around here it’s mostly coyotes or the occasional fox. We do have some hogs but not many have made it this far north yet. On the other hand I wonder if having a carbine rifle of some type in the vehicle wouldn’t be a good idea regardless?


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