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Courtesy Logan County (CO) Sheriff
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Democrats in Colorado want to pass a “red flag” law to take guns from the law-abiding thought to be a danger to themselves or others. The bill violates due process and puts the burden of proof on the accused.

As Colorado Public Radio reports . . .

Colorado’s legislation would allow family or law enforcement to seek a court order to have guns seized if they believe the owner is a threat. If approved, a subsequent court hearing would be held to determine whether to extend the seizure, up to 364 days.

The bill also would require anyone whose guns are seized to prove that he or she no longer poses a risk in order to get them back.

Sheriff Brett Powell.  Courtesy Logan County (CO) Sheriff.

Some of the commentary at last Friday’s hearing proved quite compelling bordering on humorous. That includes one quote from Local County Sheriff Brett Powell, pictured above, as reported by FoxNews:

“It’s time we quit trying to put lipstick on a pig and start funding our mental health facilities, instead of trying to take the rights from our people,” Logan County Sheriff Brett Powell said in public remarks prior to the vote.

He added that law enforcement searches are traditionally only acceptable during criminal investigations.  …”In Colorado, it’s not a crime to harm yourself.”

Now there’s a sheriff who gets it. Unfortunately, in a state that proudly touts itself as a sanctuary for illegal aliens committing all manner of immigration-, identity-, and welfare-fraud, common sense does not prevail.

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  1. as with all of the sanctuary shitties and states, everybody is crazy except the politicians.

    • wasn’t a “family member” responsible for the death of a poor old guy just because of his political views?….

  2. “Democrats in Colorado want to pass a “red flag” law to take guns from the law-abiding thought to be a danger to themselves or others. The bill violates due process and puts the burden of proof on the accused.”

    Not just in CO, it would seem that the “red flag” laws are becoming an epidemic across the country…

    Liberalism IS a mental disorder…

  3. Red flag laws make all kind of sense if you are a demoncrat……..just think, someone is a public danger due to their mental state and condition. No telling who they may injure or kill…….so we take their guns away by fiat/edict and leave them roaming the streets without oversight or treatment. Japan did something similar to this in 1947. No guns for anyone. Highest suicide rate in the developed world. 4th highest domestic abuse and personal injury rate among family members. Yes, sir. Red flags laws are just what we need.

    • No they are not or more accurately do not care. And neither does the SCOTUS considering the things they have allowed as ok despite the 4A. As Ben Shapiro says. If you are relying on the Courts and/or SCOTUS to protect our rights per the Constitution then you are relying on a false hope. All the Courts have a terrible record in doing that correctly.

  4. Today it’s disarmament without due process. Tomorrow it’s incarceration without due process.

  5. All of us are now out patients in the largest open air asylum in the world. As such we are all dangerous to ourselves and others. Only through demonstrating good behavior will we be temporarily gifted privileges to enjoy as the plutocrats see fit.

    Just as the founders intended.

    • Of course utilizing any of those privileges is “bad behavior” that shows you’re not mentally stable and is grounds for taking away said privileges.

  6. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on proposed Red Flag legislation on Thursday March 26. Now is the time to put the flame to the feet of your Senators. We Must inundate their E-mails,Facebook pages and Phones. Voicing OUR displeasure with this action. I’ve been flooding both my Senators with my displeasure and contempt for any action beyond killing this in Committee. I have met personally with both my Senators. Joni Ernst and Charles Grassley (Chairman of Judiciary committee) voicing my displeasure on this potential legislation. Our only hope in stopping this falls in the Senate. As with Democratic control of the House. There is a chance it my pass a vote. So please voice your displeasure in all ways possible. We MUST fight this at every turn. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • ….and how will that impact state legislation?…not really sure the white house opposes this bill…

        • The Legislation was introduced by????. Here it comes??? Little Marco Rubio. Take that for what it’s Worth.
          There is still time to contact Your Senators and show Your displeasure of this Legislation. If you have a Senator on the Judiciary Committee. Do so with all possible haste. WE must kill this in Committee as that is the first chance to do so. Doing nothing only shows that Firearms owners don’t truly care about their Rights. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Donald Trump is on board.

          “We have to do something very decisive. Number one, you can take the guns away immediately.”
          “I think they should have taken them away anyway whether they had the right or not.”
          “A lot of times by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court, to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early.”
          “But take the guns first, go through due process second.”

  7. Bottom line,the Left of both parties don’t give a damn about mental health,they are after control of the citizens of this nation,Guns have to be removed from the population,It’s Coming.

    • “Bottom line,the Left of both parties don’t give a damn about mental health,they are after control of the citizens of this nation” This statement is the most clear conclusion of the issue we’re really dealing with at this point. The rest is psychological fog.

      • Agree. And to expand just a little, most politicians in general, but left-leaning politicians in particular, have no intention of doing what is necessary to reduce or prevent violent crime. I just can’t wholeheartedly believe that these politicians are so ignorant that they actually think that more gun control will have ANY negative effect on crime; they just assume that the general population IS ignorant enough to believe what they tell us, and buy into their schemes. The left needs violent crime to continue to convince us how much we need the government to protect us. Then they can continue to grow a bigger government, supported by taxing more of our hard-earned wages, to control even more aspects of our lives. It’s ALL about control.

  8. I could write pages and pages concerning the historical history of mental health right up to current day attempts to address it. That being said, I’ll endeavor to make this simple and short.
    Mental health is a unpleasant subject that nobody wants to talk about but has affects almost everyone in some way.
    If we venture into human history, mental health has been a painful thorn we avoided as much as we can. Those with mental health issues experienced scorn, imprisonment in prisons or locked away from society in the dark corners of mental wards and hospitals.
    The elephant in the room problem with mental health is painfully basic with two main facts. One, with few exceptions, you can’t fix crazy. People with mental heath issues are managed but not fixed. It’s a never ending long vicious cycle. Two, mental health management is horridly expensive. This single fact, the costs associated with mental health care being prohibitively expensive is why mental health care WILL NEVER BE ADDRESSED adequately. Where we need the Trump Tower of mental health care, the governments will provide a Coleman tent. It’s basic economics. Society can scream like hell about the small amount of mental health funding, only to have various local governments or legislators throw out some funding crumbs just to shut people up and appease everyone until the next crisis.
    Governments will NEVER EVER build mental hospitals, pay for doctors and medications with the necessary associated support costs. It will never happen as long as humans walk this planet or at least as long as our current would monetary system is in place. It’s just way too expensive and is an endless money pit and I’m talking Grand Canyon size money pit. It will NEVER happen. There’s too many crazies which takes too much money to address something that can’t be fixed.
    So when people shed tears and bitch about banning guns instead of spending billions and billions of dollars on mental health, that’s the reason. The slap in the face reality is this: it cost nickles and dimes to make a law to ban your gun as opposed to the huge amounts of endless money to treat the mentally ill that in the end never fixes them. You can’t fix crazy but they can try and ban your gun because it costs almost nothing.

    • solution – sterilize the mentally ill (jury type ruling, BaRD ) and execute mentally ill who feloniously harm others (again, jury type ruling, BaRD).

      these rules can apply to addicts and other criminals too.

      • Right, because tearing down the basic tenets of Western Civ and completely destroying the foundation of our entire legal, ethical and morals systems because of a few crazy people is the way to go.

        Christ, and I thought the people arguing to reorient our understanding of biological science because Caitlyn Jenner were bad.

    • Seriously, “mental health issues” can also mean a period of depression following the loss of a loved one, even a job. Mental health issues are not all “crazy” and many people, over the course of a 75 year life will experience ebs and flows in their mental condition. Cripes, ever have to live a couple years with a menopausal female??? Affects both of you… Basic mood can be boiled down to mental health.

      Of course there are severe issues but to lump all mental health conditions in with those- implying they are a lifetime problem is incorrect.

      • Seriously, read what I wrote.

        ****** “with few exceptions, you can’t fix crazy” *******
        I said “crazy” Yes there are issues such as situational depression. I know that as does everyone. Did you really want to delve into all aspects of mental illness or rather look at the big picture of treating those who are seriously mentally ill which is wear the bulk of mental health treatment costs would go.

        • Have it your way- I believe those issues that would fall beneath the “mental health” banner that are “fixable” (usually meaning “healing” over time on their own) far out-weigh those that are merely crazy. I’m not advocating “turning in” or labelling everyone who has ever sought some sort of counseling in a non-violent situation as being mentally disturbed, merely pointing out that the term “mental health”, of which there is also normal and good mental health, btw, is not something we should relegate only to someone being “crazy”. Your statement: “with few exceptions, you can’t fix crazy” seems to indicate that most “mental health” situations are “unfixable”, which is not the case.

      • I think it also includes chix with dix and real chix who want to have a Johnson. Those be’s some disturbed beings.

  9. But….. that won’t take away guns and it will cost money.

    Says every gun grabber out there

  10. Watching all of this develop has made me decide that if a person accuses another of being incompetent or a danger to himself or others, the gendarmes must be made to take that individual into custody, not said person’s property. The property likely has no rights guaranteed whereas the imdividual does and holding one without a real basis will not long pass muster in the court system.

    It is possible in most states for a oerson deemed a hazard to him/her/itself (suicidal) or others to be held for observation for 72 hours. No one wants that, either, but the prospect of having someone bring a 24′ Ryder truck to my place to remove all of the firearms and showing little care to them as they are tossed in, plus the hoops to get them back and no recourse for the damage caused, versus dragging me in and having to let me go is a no-brainer to me.

    I know many here will disagree with me, but it might be a good idea to once again raise the intelligence bar of the average American adult back up to at least that of a 14 year old. For the most part (meaning: not always) anyone who goes around on the internet, social media and other public venues making threats either real, veiled or implied towards the safety of others is shouting “fire” in a crowed theater. There’s plenty of it going on here. I well understand the 1st Amendment protections and side with the Framers but really- want to stay out of trouble? Really? Think, and count to 10 before saying/posting something stupid, even if you mean it.

    And again, the above is different than someone’s soon-to-be ex whatever filing a malicious or false charge just to gain an advantage. For that. there should be overly severe penalties and they should be pursued to the max.

    Like it or not, as with the idiot laws passed during the Clinton era, something is likely to happen. It’s important we firearms owners/enthusiasts and people who believe in the US as founded get involved and offer some viable alternatives. Sitting around decrying alone will get us zip. All the best.

  11. The bill also would require anyone whose guns are seized to prove that he or she no longer poses a risk in order to get them back.

    How does someone prove that? Anyone involved in helping themselves to my stuff should certainly understand that I pose a risk until it is returned.

    • So- amend any such legislation appropriately. It seems many have no idea of the legislative process. Many proposed laws are neutered by poison-pill amendments. The initial semiauto ban during the Clinton era is a good example.

  12. This sudden “mental health” fad is going to bite us in the ass. You see everyone jumping on that bandwagon to excuse everything.

    I can’t believe we managed just fine for 200,000 years but suddenly everyone is mentally ill. Kids failing in school are all mentally ill. Anytime someone acts like an ass, they are mentally ill. Suck at your job? Mentally ill. Rob a gas station? Mentally ill.

    Gun violence comes almost entirely from a very few, known demographics. But we are so scared shitless of hurting their feelings that we grasp for something else to blame

    • Stop using their terms it only allows them to control the conversation. The tool should never be used to describe the violence.

  13. Common Sense is unfortunately not nearly as widely distributed as it’s name might lead one to believe.

  14. Red Flag Laws are the harbinger of more-general “Thought Crime” laws. The Left wants to be able to arbitrarily define “crime” to bypass the Due Process Clause.

  15. The vast majority of mentally ill folks are not dangerous.

    The vast majority of dangerous people are sane and acting rationally to advance their own interests with the least amount of effort for the expected return.

    There are outliers but the numbers are small enough that they’re not generally worth worrying about, at least not until we’ve got the bigger issues dealt with. Margins and shit.

    This isn’t that hard once you cut through the political bullshit and the things people would like to think.

  16. Key phrase in the whole debate ‘those THOUGHT to be a danger’. Who gets to decide who is a danger, LEO, crazy ex, snowflake neighbor or co worker?

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