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Post-Sandy Hook and then again post-Parkland, the gun control industry really kicked into high gear. As we’ve proven time and time again, gun control advocates and their enablers in the media base their arguments — such as they are — on dubious scientific studies. They shamelessly, artlessly cherry-pick and twist data to bolster their appeal.

And no wonder. The facts simply do not support gun control advocates’ anti-gun agenda. Which is why emotional appeals are their primary “weapon” in their endless fight to restrict Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

To that end, the gun control industry creates videos like the one above and manipulates the language itself. Here’s a guide to some of the euphemisms and hot button terms gun control advocates use to control the conversation about guns. See what they did there?

“A conversation about guns” – Both gun rights and gun control advocates abhor armed criminals, madmen and terrorists. And yet gun control advocates have no desire to discuss anything with gun rights advocates. Not (real) gun safety. Not enforcement of current laws. Nada. What they really mean: listen to us, not them.

“Assault rifle” – Technically, an “assault rifle” can switch between semi-automatic (one round fired per trigger squeeze) and fully automatic (multiple rounds per trigger squeeze). Also, any rifle that can be used to “assault” can also be used to “defend.” What they really mean: ban all rifles that don’t look like traditional hunting rifles.

“Military-style rifle” – There’s no technical definition for a “military-style” rifle. But gun control advocates know one when they see one: the AR-15. That said, any rifle without a wooden stock, and many with them (e.g., the AK-47), qualify. What they really mean: ban all rifles that don’t look like traditional bolt-action hunting rifles. And some that do.

“Weapons of War” – America’s Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to ensure that citizens would always have access to firearms suitable for warfare (as opposed to, say, duck hunting). The gun control industry uses the term to attempt to capitalize on the Supreme Court’s opinion (expressed in Heller) that it’s OK to ban machine guns. What they really mean: ban all rifles that don’t look like traditional bolt-action hunting rifles.

“High-Capacity Magazine or Clip” – The gun control industry uses the term “high-capacity” magazines or “high-capacity clips” to mislead people into believing that standard capacity ammunition magazines (e.g., an AR-15’s 30-round magazine) are crazy and inherently dangerous. What they really mean: ban all ammunition magazines that hold more than 10-rounds.

“Gun Show Loophole” – While gun dealers must run an FBI background check on all purchasers and record the transaction, Americans can buy and sell firearms to each other without running a check or notifying the government. Background checks don’t prevent crime, but the gun control industry wants government supervision of all private sales. What they really mean: the government should control — and ultimately restrict — all firearms sales.

“Common sense gun control” – The dictionary definition of common sense: “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.” The gun control industry uses the term to lead Americans into short-circuiting rational contemplation of the facts. What they really mean: support gun control—any gun control—because you feel bad about people being shot.

“High Powered Rifle” – This term is used for any long gun chambered in a caliber larger than .22LR. Try explaining to anyone in a red t-shirt that the typical hunting rifle is far more powerful that the average AR-15. If it’s long and black and scary-looking, it must be banned. What they really mean: outlaw any rifle more powerful that a Daisy Red Ryder or a bolt action .22.

“I support the Second Amendment” –  The gun control industry wants laws that violate the Second Amendment (“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”). But they know that won’t play in Peoria. So they add the word “but” after voicing their 2A support. What they really mean: I want you to believe I support the Second Amendment even though I don’t. At all.

“We Are Better Than This” – The Brady campgain popularized this slogan years ago and it keeps popping up here and there.  What they really mean: Americans need to transcend (i.e., ignore) their Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms in order to stop innocent people from being shot.

“Gun Violence” – Suicides account for around two-thirds of all firearms-related deaths. Accidents represent a tiny fraction of the total. The majority of firearms-related homicides are related to criminal activity (usually connected to gangs and illegal drugs). The civilian disarmament industry lumps them all together to pin responsibility on an inanimate object (a gun). What they really mean: feel guilty for not supporting gun control.

“Gun Safety Organization” – Go ahead and Google that term. We’ll wait. What you find is a startlingly complete list of civilian disarmament fronts like Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, something called the Gun Safety Alliance and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. None of these orgs have anything to do with actual gun safety (i.e., the safe, responsible handling and use of firearms). They project themselves as plucky survivors and concerned citizens who just want everyone to be safe. What they really mean: well-financed operations backed by billionaires and big money donors, run by experienced political and PR operatives with the goal of outlawing all civilian gun ownership.

Please add to the list below and we’ll add them above.

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  1. Dear “Gun Control Advocates” With all due respect. Read the Constitution then go F*%k yourselves. Enjoy being cowards, victims and stupid. When the Gestapo comes to load you in the railway cars maybe then you will understand.

      • The writing is on the wall at Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden’s site. It’s a Gun Control zealot’s wish list for what perverts want to do to your 2A Rights. One can only imagine what such sick individuals who despise firearms and firearm owners would really like to do to you and yours if they could.
        Look how the democRat Party treated unarmed freed slaves and used the KKK to disarm Black Americans throughout the era of Jim Crow. Look how the democRat Party treated the POTUS over the last 4 years. Recall how death wishes were plenty.

        Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide that makes it a racist and nazi based agenda. It is no coincidence that such an agenda is the platform of the sicko democRat Party. It is in their history and it is in their nature.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • What would they do? As I’ve said in many other posts, gun owners would be subject to Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation (leftists are big on confessions and atonement), and survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

          Such is the level of hate ANTIFA and BLM would be demanding the privilege. The rendition camps will be under resourced and over crowded to speed up the end result.

    • ”Gun Show Loophole” – While gun dealers must run an FBI background check on all purchasers and record the transaction, Americans can buy and sell firearms to each other without running a check or notifying the government. Background checks don’t prevent crime, but the gun control industry wants government supervision of all private sales. What they really mean: the government should control — and ultimately restrict — all firearms sales.

      The “gun show loophole” was never a loophole. Private sales were always intended. When regulations across state lines and FFLs came into being, there was no intention for force everyone into a background check. There was never a loophole. Saying there was a loophole is misinformation.

  2. “Responsible gun owners” = Fudds who are fine with gun restrictions that they think won’t affect their own guns, and don’t care about anyone else’s rights (often quoted mistaking the 2nd Amendment for a right to hunt).

    • If there’s a right to hunt, why do all the hunters have to pay a fee and ask the government for permission, sometimes waiting years to have their name drawn in a lottery?

      Answer: There is no right to hunt. It’s a highly regulated privilege. They’re just fooling themselves into thinking that their restricted tradition is a right. Of course the Fudds are all on board with “common sense” gun control, because it’s the same kind of restriction they’ve already accepted to their “right” to hunt.

  3. “Military Grade” – Anthing presumed too dangerous for the average citizen to own (but OK for the supposedly racist and overly violent police).

  4. Too many people on the pro-gun side capitulate to the fake way the left has redefined terms. People that are new to it or are caught in the middle end up confused. The meaning of AR15 and clip vs. magazine are great examples. People who do understand are glossed over in favor of talking heads on TV because of a perceived level of expertise thar doesn’t actually exist. We end up with half the population believing things that are not real.

  5. Under weapons of war:

    Bolt action rifles, in current use with militaries around the world.

    Pump action shotgun, in current use with militaries around the world.

    So no, the anti-gun extremists will not let hunters keep those weapons if they get the power to take them…..

    • This is part of what I’m talking about. Where in “ANTI-GUN” does it specify anything in particular? The term itself is all encompassing. Anyone thats thinks it means getting rid of AR15’s only is deluding themselves. Its just like thinking that defunding the police does not mean defunding the police or that only white people can be racist.

    • “So no, the anti-gun extremists will not let hunters keep those weapons if they get the power to take them…..”

      As those same un American Marxist’s are also anti hunting.

      The Second amendment has zero mention of hunting game, tyrants is another story.

  6. The Democratic Party has raised more than $500 million dollars for this election than the Republican Party. Everyone on this site needs to donate hundreds if not thousands to the Republican Party NOW. The big donors are not stepping up. If we lose our rights please don’t be crying on this site. It’s your own fault.

    • I have already donated, but not to Trump. My first $100 went to the Biden campaign. Anothoer $100 went to The Lincoln Project. These are the only donations I have ever made to political campaigns.

      Next is to wait and see the results. Normally, I wait on my tax refund to donate to the GOA, SAF and NRA. Well, the NRA is on my shit list until Wayne the Thief and Traitor is removed. But if Biden wins, my donation will be a much larger cut of that annual tax refund and spread around to the top three pro-gun groups.

      Just have to wait and see what comes.

      • enuf…From the replies I’ve seen to your despicable joe biden lint licking posts I don’think anyone around here would p down your throat if your guts were on fire.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Lol…..enuf is a mouth breathing commie…. pay no attention to scum like that….

        • Are you and miner looking forward to 2021? Cause both of you will still be a s lame as you ever were and Trump will still be your president.

      • A hundred bucks? Weak. You should have given them your precious Cabels Bucks, if Biden wins he is taking those guns you’re buying with them. So either way, because of your moronic vote, they will get them.

    • Those dollars will not change my vote one way or the other. There is no reason it should. That money is to buy the minds of fools. Be it industry leaders or joe shmoe on Twitter.

      That said…I give and in various ways.

    • Again with this? Simple answer: NO.

      If the Republicans can’t separate rich people from their money, that’s not my concern. I’m voting Republican only because I hate the Democratic party even more than it hates me.


    I’m not in the emotional mood to post anything today but this. This link will suffice for Sunday, October 18th. 2020. I’m approaching burnout due to fighting and resisting the organized establishment socialist anti-gun deceit of dishonest newspaper editors, journalists, elitist politicians, our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia, and their “LBJ/KGB” treasonous ilk!

    • Jim,

      It’s amazing how much fuel those groups you mentioned get from hate.

      Much of this could have been avoided if Conservatives would have reliably gone to the polls twice a year.

  8. All Leftard mumbo jumbo to describe infringements which are un Constitutional,as the government is prohibited from any law which would infringe,at least according to the supreme law of the land.
    Further more they use their ministry of truth to distill all of these usurpations to We The People through the MSM.

  9. Their command is simple: “Do as I say not as I do!” The simple fact that they usually travel with the minimum of 5 ARMED bodyguards, travel on private Aircraft- easier to accommodate travel with those evil weapons of war, especially in areas that have banned them, live in gated communities, have gone to extraordinary to obscure any residential addresses that are correct, same with land lines and other comms, generally deeply hide their true digital footprints, have raised misdemeanor ‘privacy’ intrusions that are successful to felony status; the list continues, but you get the idea.
    The end game is truly safety as they claim- it’s just their safety only.
    The rest of us will return to knives, swords etc. just like in Europe!

    • Un American civilian disarmament disciples better get used to the simple fact that St.Benitez reads the 2nd. amendment as it was written.
      His decisions just return to we the people what was always ours in the first place, if they don’t care for the US they are always free to move to Cuba or Venezuela or pound sand.

  10. Conversation. They talk. We listen and obey.

    And once “enlightened”, we are to give away all our possessions and privilege as a part of our atonement.

  11. “High-Capacity Magazine or Clip… What they really mean: ban all ammunition magazines that hold more than 10-rounds.”

    But sometimes less! Some cities (e.g. Buffalo, New York) limit their citizens to 5-round magazines.
    And remember, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York banned all magazines larger than 7 rounds, but courts overturned this (because there were no 7-round magazines available for most guns!), so the law was eventually amended from 7 rounds to 10 rounds. Before it was amended, there was a confusing period in which people were allowed to own 10-round magazines, but law-abiding citizens were only allowed to load 7 bullets into their 10-round magazines (I guess the government expected home invaders to follow the law and only load 7 bullets in their guns, too).

    On, people frequently pose questions asking “Why can’t we limit guns to 1 round?” (or sometimes, 2, 3, 4, or 5), which shows there are a lot of gun control idiots who think 10 rounds is still far too many for a law-abiding citizen to have in her gun to protect herself from multiple home invaders!

  12. When it comes to the gun control, I usually don’t know that much on the subject, so it is pretty hard to make a proper research. I found this great post to read and was more than happy to complete the task that impressed my teacher and classmates. I think next time, I will use your resource to get even more info on this topic.


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