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Dr. DK from Tennessee sends his “Normal Day EDC” via Everyday Carry.

It’s Tennessee, of course, where everyone carries.  Well, a lot of people do.  And as a chiropractor, discretion is likely important for Dr. DK.  Hence the small pistol that will provide a big surprise to a bad guy up to no good.

Doc writes:

The knife and worry stone/fidget change regularly, but the other items go with me pretty much everywhere. It’s all unobtrusive and there is a spot for everything in my pockets. These items give me what I need to accomplish pretty much anything I come across when I’m out and about.

I’m not a huge fan of the North American Arms mini-revolvers (this one is a .22 Mag NAA Pug), but as my friend once told me as he dumped one out with his pocket change:  “It beats my .45 left in the safe.”

He has a Kershaw Link for a blade.  No light though.  -1 for that.  Of course, YMMV.

Note how he carries a pocket Bible.  Something we don’t see a lot of here.


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  1. Some boom stick is better than no boom stick.

    Just be absolutely nothing but the gun in the holster in in that pocket. No car keys, no wallet, no pen, no loose change. You wouldn’t those things into a belt holster, they’ve no business being in a pocket with your LIFE SAVING BOOM STICK!!!!

    • “Just be absolutely nothing but the gun in the holster in in that pocket.”

      You obviously have never owned an NAA mini-revolver.

      Because if you had, you would realize how foolish you sound.

      You see, it’s like this – It takes some serious, deliberate effort to cock-and-fire a ‘mini’ when the hammer is down and parked in the safety notch between cylinders… 🙂

  2. I’d need a chiropractor for my poor old hands I’d I had to manipulate a mini revolver rapidly.

    But better than harsh words. Remember to aim for the left eye.

    • “Remember to aim for the left eye.”

      Up the nose or in an ear is usually best…

      • Lol mine was a paraphrase of am old movie quote.

        I have never needed more than one .25-calibre bullet to kill. I shoot at the right eye, Mr Bond. And I never miss.”

  3. Have shot several NAA SA mini revolvers. Liked the Ranger II – best by far. A gentleman makes aftermarket grips of a fine quality if so interested. A little stippling and you’re GTG.

  4. I suppose he has his reasons, but no thanks to the handgun and pretty much everything else. I’ve shot one of those NAA revolvers. All afternoon. Took both hands to be effective. Very slow to shoot. A novelty.

  5. At least that’s one Chiropractor who will tell you the truth.
    In order to put the nay-sayers to rest here, I’ve decided to eat only the game I harvest with my Pug next month.

    • Not saying they are not accurate….

      but if that squirrel is trying to kill me ……

      I’d have a hard time getting shots off fast with a mini.

  6. “It beats my .45 left in the safe.”

    Maybe someone should explain the phrase “false dichotomy” to him.

  7. In AA pro duckcers a fin han gunm. I wish they were easier to Lodi. These e d See’s are getting more down to earth if you ask me., , , , ,, I aSk besides the obvious,” I can’t see the keyhole” of what use is a flashlight in a city? Out in the country I can see the need for flashlight.for shinning on animals of four legs, is for to identify tar guts with two legs, I would think it makes u a tar gut. Remember rule “Everyone Has A Gunm” so the boogies CAN shootzing back. Oh no say some, I blinding you with flashlight. To think this, is stick on tunnel rat flashlight not good, why use stick? Kinders in house or female , is hearing noises, to shout ” who are you, who who, who are you, good as flashlight, I really want to know.

    • Not sure what you are trying to say honestly. I think you might have said something along the lines of who needs a flashlight in the city ?
      Power outages
      Nighttime activity
      Looking under and around tight spaces
      Target identification in low light
      These are all things that you would need a light for.

      Also, your phone has spell check … use it.

      • Our Possum mis-spells that way for a reason –

        It messes up the code this page runs on text that turns some words into clickable links.

        It’s *highly* annoying links that nearly always has *NOTHING* to do with what was typed.

        It’s just his way to ‘Sticking it to it to the man’…

        • Aw man!…….now everybody knows. Lmao

          You can always tell who is unfamiliar with this site when someone responds to possum.

    • *deciphers Possum’s message with my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring”

      Be…sure….to drink….your Ovaltine…

      A crummy commercial? Damn you, Possum!

  8. I would prefer a light so I am not using up phone battery in an extended emergency, that’s just me. Never shot the NAS so cannot say much except if it work a for him good deal.

    Some of the other stuff I will have to look up. The bible is some good reading material and inspiration, but not sure why one needs several worry stones. A nice tiny SAK midnight manager might replace some of the stuff and be even more functional.

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