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I’ve rearranged the daily EDCs to run this — “submission” — from John P. who at 43 years of age, who writes that he is a retired doorkicker.  From Indiana.   Why?  Because the soyboys over at Vox seem to think EDCs have something to do with survivalism/preparedness.

He calls it his, and I quote, “My EDC covers personal defense, comms, survival and get-home-bag essentials.

As for Mr. John P…  Perhaps he’s been kicking doors as part of military service and not law-enforcement.  If that’s the case, then thank you for your service John, and oh by the way, you’re going to need to get a new gig since military pensions aren’t exactly gold-plated.

As for his submission:  Yeah, I’m more than a little skeptical about all this “stuff” getting carried around on an everyday basis.  I suppose it’s all relative though, as people made fun of my ten pounds of guns, ammo, blades, lights and gear as excessive.  But I suspect I’m not the only one who doesn’t carry around beef sticks and 100′ of 550 cord on a daily (or even infrequent) basis.

Wearing a backpack around as a middle-aged male will also attract some attention.  Not the kind of attention he probably wants, either.

While like this John, I carry two spare magazines, but I don’t carry a box of ammo on top of that.  C’mon John.  I’ve been to rough parts of Indy and Gary and didn’t feel like I needed to carry a spare box of ammo on top of gun plus two spare mags.  Then again, maybe he wants the ammo for barter.  Because .40 S&W has become such a hot commodity in gun and ammo sales lately.  (/sarcasm)

I’d probably give him a gallon of gas (or milk) for that box of .40.

Another perplexing observation:  He’s got an ancient LG 3G Tracphone and he carries a spare Pocket Juice 10mAh battery.  Why?  And 3G?  That’s like, what, 1990s technology there?  It’ll call 9-1-1.  Is he worried about keeping that ancient brick running for a week or something?  In case he buys a Tracphone card and reactivates it, perhaps?  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use a pay phone (or borrow someone’s cell phone)?

He has his Springfield XD 40’s holster down as a Serpa, but a Serpa that ain’t.  I’m no fan of Serpas and frankly, I have met few who know what they are doing who do like Serpas unless it’s something their job requires.  And then while they use it, they oftentimes have less than kind things to say about them.  The risk of negligent discharges runs high (“I just … shot myself!”) because of the release button’s location, to say nothing of the whole system locking up with a little pebble or two getting in the mechanism.

But maybe that Gun Owners of America sticker is sort of a tool to fix those Serpa issues?  Maybe as a big Band-Aid for the hole in his leg if he gets a little too aggressive on the trigger while fast-drawing?



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    • One of two things is happening with EDCs today. Either the EDC gear is a stateside civilian version of what was needed on daily deployment in the sandbox and that’s just how we roll, or it’s an imaginary version of the above.

      Regardless, the pushback is from those who’ve noticed that America is not Fallujah. But if your first thought was to argue that point then you you’re one of “those.”

  1. When I see “comms” in an EDC post I expect at least a Baofeng radio, not an old cell phone.

    • Yeah, that’s what I was expecting, and I was gonna snark on him for carrying a crap-tastic Baofeng.

      (In all seriousness, Baofengs have their place, it’s a 35-dollar radio you’re not gonna cry about much if it craps out on you, compared to a 500 dollar Yaesu, Icom, or other decent handheld…)

  2. I see guys my age with permanently affixed backpacks pretty regular. Younger even more so.

    I don’t carry a sherpa to conceal but do carry my 92 in one. Never had a problem with the gun going off until I pull the trigger. Make your finger mind its manners and there wont be a problem.

    Gotta go….my comms is ringing.

    • That’s not necessarily the issue with the serpa that was the problem, it’s the retention clip breaking and failing. I never had it happen, but it’s not a risk I was willing to take for prolonged use. All the idiots ranting and raving about the trigger being pulled when unholstering that actually had an ND, actually pulled the trigger themselves. Even TTAG did an article about it and you could clearly see in the video the guy pulled the trigger after it was unholstered. For me, I just didn’t like the interior clip. There have also been issues with the clip breaking and the gun being stuck inside. Another video where they had to pull so hard, it broke the plastic at the screws on the belt loops. It’s just not a good design, too many points of failure. Kydex is where it’s at. I have had a lot of kydex since I started carrying, and the best one I have found so far is actually a local guy. Talon Retention. The form is perfect, the retention is perfect, there is no lopsidedness, and you can get an exterior thumb break too. Check em out:

      • Yeppers, Warner will build a Kydex for whatever handgun you bring into his shop…and he’ll modify it for lights, sights, grips, clips, lasers…even phasers (if ya got one).

        Good stuff!

      • Interesting holster and looks to be a good design. I’ll take a closer look.

        My Serpa is a paddle as I never thought the belt attachment looked very sturdy.

        I use it as a range holster or when toting the 92 in the open. Not putting it through too much rough stuff.

        Easy to get on …not so easy to get off. Impossible for me to conceal.

      • Being a self admitted Holster Whore, will check it out.

        I lie to myself in saying I can quit any time, I haz an addiction.

  3. Rerun from June 21.

    Didn’t this guy get roasted enough last month? By this point he probably looks like one of those beef sticks.

  4. I carry light-weight paracord when I’m backpacking. I used to carry a lot of it, but then one day it somehow got a bit loose and started trailed behind me. It got snagged on every branch, thistle and small animal for however many dozens of feet I had of it (better to have it and not need it, right??). Collecting that and winding it back up made me wonder if I really needed all that rope under any circumstance I would be likely to encounter. I now keep enough to hang a bear bag, deal with problems with my boots\pack if needed and cover short climbing necessities and that’s it. And that’s out in the wilderness. I’m trying to come up with a reason in my mind why I would want to carry it around going to the post office or grocery store.

    • A bunch of people I know precut p-cord out in the woods/mountains. They all have six lengths of six yards, two of 20 yards and four of two yards.

      Stuck out to me that they all have the same number of the same lengths which I found odd. But they’re all also fairly serious climbers so maybe there’s a reason climbers like those lengths and numbers. I don’t know much about climbing so I can even begin to guess about it.

    • I have para cord in my truck kit. I also have tarps with grommets. If I get stuck in the boonies or marooned by a quake I like to have some sort of shelter rigging. A couple of surplus wool blankets and I’m comfortable for a night or two.

      I’ve moved around quite a bit in my younger days. I’ve seen earthquakes, tornadoes, a hurricane and been snowed in. I don’t think of myself as a ‘prepper’ or ‘survivalist’.

      I think of myself as a dude that has learned as he aged.

  5. Guys, do you all wear cargo pants? I’d look like a pack-horse if I carried what’s in all these EDC articles. I have room for a wallet, keys, phone, in my pockets.

    • Girly pant have teeny pockets if at all.

      I normally wear Wrangler relaxed fit (dont judge) blue jeans.

      LCP in front pocket right. Keys, little knife, Stream Stylus Pro left pocket front.

      Wallet back left. Dew rag back right with Griptillian.

      Phone and spare mag are in shirt pockets.

      Most people never notice even the light or knife clipped on my pockets.

      You could wear a stylish vest with more pockets, bit that might not fit your look.

    • I wear what are called discrete tactical pants, same number of pockets as cargo pants but without the pockets that bellow out, no pocket top flaps and are typically made of a stretchy but still durable fabric. Also, the stuff I carry (wallet, keys, flashlight, knife, pen) aren’t flopping around in the pockets. Whether they are actually discrete is debatable because it depends on the rest of the ensemble (shirt, hat, shoes, bracelet/watch). BTW, not knocking cargo pants.

    • No shit. My work pants actually ARE Propper BDU’s but no fucking way do I even keep change in my pockets. I can’t stand it. The EDC is in a LEATHER holster because Kydex ain’t NEVER touching one of my guns and everything else is in one of those reusable shopping bags that the moonbats are forcing all of us to use for groceries.

  6. Rock Paper EDC’s . Field notes cover gunm. Knife cuts Field notes. Gunm shoots Knife Rock smashes Glock.. . I’ carry a BFR Creedmoor in a David® SlingShot AIWB

  7. When I first stumbled on this website several months ago and started reading EDC posts, I thought, “This is interesting, maybe I’ll learn something.”

    Then I thought, “There sure are a lot of negative comments.”

    Then, “Clearly many EDC pictures are intended to be assuming parodies.”

    Then, “Who ever Possum is, he must be the true noble king of all marsupials.”

    • “Then, “Who ever Possum is, he must be the true noble king of all marsupials.””

      You got that shit right. All hail the Marsupial One! 😉

  8. Gallon of gas or milk? Your thoughts on .40 are about as much as I pay to read this website:


    • SCW. you noticed that too? I carry bullets forward, weak hand side. When I draw my index finger lays along the front of the magazine. Point it at the mag well and insert.

      • …and I carry my spare mags vertically, weak side, bullet noses to the rear using my thumb to index the magwell…works well for me…YMMV.

        Never was comfortable with horizontal mag carry (also, it takes up too much valuable belt real estate).

        Train with the method which feels natural and fluid for you.

    • Actually, not a bad idea. If one arm becomes disabled during your incident, reloading can still be done without much magazine manipulation since one of them will be facing the correct direction.

  9. this EDC is complete b.s. and just posted for looks and the writer Bosh claiming to have been to bad areas in both Gary & Indy, I call bullsh!t on that too, every article he’s done whatever is it too..

  10. Why are you always putting these submissions down? Not everyone can afford a modded out Glock or an expensive flash light! Not everyone has a deep wallet to go and buy the most expensive gear out there. We buy what we can afford and make it work for us. Why don’t you just give them credit for carrying and be on your way? Now I understand the points you make in most of the issues with some of these items but there is absolutely NO NEED to try and belittle people and make them feel bad for what they carry.

    • Pro tip:. Anybody who EDCs a modded out Glock is a keyboard commando or range cowboy, exactly the kind of person thay Vox made fun of.

      It is clear that Mr. Boch was making fun of the Vox article. I find it funny that most of the readership hasn’t figured that out and is treating this like it is real.

      And the XD isn’t cheap. Like a Glock, it is a $300 pistol that goes for $500.

      • I am speaking about his articles in general and not this one on its own. He is constantly belittling the people who submit their personal EDC’s. I do realize that there are a few people that are trolling him with bullshit pics and in those cases that is fine and fun to read. I am talking about when someone is sincere in what they post for their EDC gear and he deems that gear as cheap he is quick to point it out and unleash the sarcasm.
        Finally when I see someone start a post out with “PRO TIP” I usually assume that it is not a tip and they are not a PRO.

        • You are partly correct I am no longer a pro and when I was a pro I left the gun in the safe even when wandering the Balkans during the Clinton Administration, but it is a tip. It is an empirical observation that the people who EDC any tricked out pistol have serious fantasy issues. The tricked out gun is a range toy and for competition. If you bought a pistol for self defense and you need to modify then you bought the wrong one.

    • Maybe this particular EDC owner chooses not to buy a Gucci Glock, or a Benchmade, or a 1000 lm Surefire. I choose to EDC a $2 wedding band, $7 pen, $8 wallet, $25 knife, $35 flashlight, and $35 watch.
      But when someone says they are a “retired door kicker” and at the same time his kit is questionable, a lot of us call BS. For example, spare mag bullets facing to the rear, using that Springfield Armory holster (I have one that came with my XD9, cheap plastic, retention is either none or too much so unholstering is horrible), no flashlight, the SA double mag carrier is just no.

  11. I stopped taking it seriously at “comms” along with quite a few others, it seems.

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