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This GLOCK 27 has an extended magazine with an XGrip Magazine Sleeve over it for comfort’s sake. Yes, the Glock 27 is chambered in .40 S&W, and in my experience it’s an accurate little gun. Using an extended magazine is a good idea to improve your grip but it does make it more difficult to conceal.

.40 S&W may have slowed down a bit but it isn’t giving up without a fight. Any other .40 fans here?

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        • You should have told Don that. When I got into the business in ’91 he still carried one. I saw him knock on a few things with it. None of them doors. Anyway, that doesn’t do the image of the CCW citizen any good.

        • “Anyway, that doesn’t do the image of the CCW citizen any good.”

          WTF are you talking about?

          It’s perfectly fine – It’s not an evil gun that ‘just goes off’ shooting school kids by the hundreds of thousands each second with a thirty caliber clip…

    • Trying to understand the thought process for carrying such a thing… situation not dangerous enough for pistol, commit felony assault instead? Hard to see how this ends other than terribly for the owner.

      • Possibly if he’s at hand-to-hand distances where his Glock could be pushed out of battery by body contact?

        • Or where you can’t carry a gun. I have a friend who frequently travels out of the country. Sometimes he gets through customs with his ASP, sometimes it’s confiscated. But the “coin purse” Omer referred too. Guessing no problem.

  1. My caliber of choice is 9mm, since I haven’t been successful in finding the dread .9mm to defend myself.

    My question though is: Do y’all carry ear plugs or other hearing protection as EDC? How would that work?

    • Nope. If your life’s in danger to the point where you have to draw and fire, you have a lot more to worry about than earplugs.

      If you’re outdoors, it won’t be too bad. If you’re indoors, you’ll probably get some hearing damage — but you’ll also have a good shot at being alive.

      • Even then a friend of mine ND’d his 40 in his living room while I was about 5 feet away. Neither one of us had any ear complaints. Obviously that’s one shot, and I’m not going to repeat it, but I think a lot of us over think the sound volumes in the case of just couple shots.

        • I had a 40 S&W take an uninvited ride in the bedroom one night. Honestly it didn’t affect my hearing at all.
          Ive purposely fired a a few calibers indoors since that time. Only 1 shot and nothing else at the time. In a bedroom sized enclosure sans ear plugs. Only 2 rounds left my ears ringing. A 124 gr 9mm and a 125 gr 357 mag. I figured a little hearing damage now might be worth knowing what its like when its unexpected. Fortunately no permanent hearing loss from my indoor experimentations.

  2. I don’t want to carry a laser device til I can have one with ‘stun’ and ‘kill’ settings on it.

  3. My personal favorite firearm is a 226r in .40 with some gray guns upgrades. Other than that I stick to 9mm these days but i will never sell my 226.

  4. .40 is one of my favorite pistol cartridges but that laser needs a “disintegrate” feature.

    Interesting that he carries a sap. That light is alright but not one I’d carry. They make great bedside lights though and at a pretty good price.

  5. Not sure that a SAP will go over well with a DA or Solicitor if used. Guess it depends on the circumstances and how good your defense attorney is.

    ..just sayin

  6. .the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringeD.i see no distinction between a sap or a cannoN

    • Right, and the DA might not either. That’s the issue. If it is legally defensible to use deadly force, the sap is a very poor practical option. If it is not legally defensible to use deadly force, the sap is a very poor legal option.

      Saps are worth very little unless you are whomping someone you caught unawares. That’s not generally legal.

      • A sap isn’t meant to be a lethal weapon. It’s meant as a compliance tool. Like an expandable baton, kubaton, tactical pen, taser or pepper spray it provides less lethal options while enhancing reducing risk to you.

        Like a baton a sap is meant to be used primarily against arms and legs with the option to use the edge to break bones if required. It’s not designed to whack someone in the head.

        • .i’d beg to bicker on that one strych, I think the sap was designed to whack headS .all that doesn’t really matter to me if I use a sap a gunn or a chainsaw to defend my lifE, it’s the right to bear arms and those who decide on what arms “they” consider legalL

        • “.i’d beg to bicker on that one strych, I think the sap was designed to whack headS”

          Sorry, as a teenager I played Thief and became obsessed for a while with jacks and saps. Later I got the chance to work with some people who really knew how to use them so this gets a bit nerdy on the topic.

          The purpose of a sap or a jack, but really more a sap, is to give you options that range from non-lethal to lethal if you absolutely have to go there. Most sap technique doesn’t involve head shots specifically because that is running a serious risk of going lethal unless you have a really good touch with the sap and if you wanted to kill this person you wouldn’t have pulled a sap in the first place. 95% of a sap is compliance with a little emphasis on a slap across the face in a really bad situation but with specific emphasis in those cases on hitting the jaw to try to avoid killing the person.

          Generally a sap is meant to target muscle masses or places where bone is close to the skin like your collar bone. Turning the sap to it’s edge is meant to break bone and/or cause extreme pain.

          Can you whack someone in the face or head with one? Sure. Is it meant for that? Like a nightstick: not really. That’s what a palm sap, hat sap or sap gloves are for.

          There are people who teach head shots with a sap but there are also people who teach eye and throat stabbing techniques with a kubaton or head attacks with an expandable baton. It doesn’t mean that’s the primary way the item in question is meant to be used.

          The idea of headshots being the primary target of a sap or jack is a media myth. It led to most police departments disallowing the use of saps because they were perceived to be “too brutal” due to misconceptions about how they were supposed to be used. The sap went from a very, very common non-lethal police tool to being rare in cop work. Lots of the old-timers argue that the baton is actually more dangerous than the sap.

        • “The idea of headshots being the primary target of a sap or jack is a media myth.”

          Not quite. Hollywood *really* helped.

          Remember a few months back in another pocket dump featuring a sap someone mentioned a movie title that used a sap? I can’t remember the name of it now, but it was a *brutal* sap beat-down in a parking garage, featuring *lots* of head shots…

        • I think you missed my point, but I agree that it’s like a baton- and I’d have the exact same cautions about carrying a baton. Used ‘properly’ it is not meant to be a lethal weapon, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one- if a police officer is attacked by someone with a baton, you think he’s going to eschew his firearm because “the perpetrator was armed with a weapon typically used to gain compliance?” Of course not. And if you are carrying such an item without the certified training and authority to use it, you can bet the DA will treat it as a deadly weapon.

          Hell, there are very few departments (if any) that allow the carrying of such a weapon nowadays. Given that, you’re taking a big risk if you carry one as a private citizen; and it’s a risk that doesn’t make sense if you’ve got a gun. To reiterate what I said in the first post, it’s a poor replacement for a gun practically but a DA may very well charge you as if it were, legally.

  7. Again with The Truth about Glocks EDC, power hour. Tommorow the 42, 43. Monday 17, 19. Lather, rinse, repeat. Yawn

    • Drew, I’ve said before. A Glock is a Glock is a Glock. I like to see the accessories. Almost fell out of my chair when I saw that sap. Never used one, but seen it. Very effective. Just not a great image. Then Omer posts the Hot Tamale coin purse. I’ll never carry it, but I want one.

  8. Wow. One of the *worst* ‘articles’ I’ve seen in quite a while. How about listing what’s in the picture for those who want to learn? Just a thought…

    • “How about listing what’s in the picture for those who want to learn?”

      Click the picture, genius…

  9. Interesting to see my EDC posted photo show up here on TTAG

    Couple of things: The earplugs are not for shooting. I just always carry them for when I have to go into an obnoxious and noisy place—like Walmart. 🤣

    The sap is by Todd Foster of Foster Impact Devices. I have various ones that I carry … different weights and sizes … at different times — depending on the mood I’m in and the clothing I’m wearing.

    I also regularly carry a convoy blackjack by D3 Protection, which weighs in at just over 17 ounces. That’s *in addition* to a sap. I just neglected to include it in the photo.

    Both saps and jacks are absolutely devastating close quarters weapons. In fact, sometimes I don’t even carry a firearm anymore. That’s how confident I am deploying one at close quarters, which I can do in less than a nanosecond. You are legal carrying a sap or blackjack in Tennessee (where I live) IF you have a baton card.

    The X Grip magazine extender is only for when I can easily conceal. If not. I just pull that mag and use a smaller one with a Pearce extender.

    Be careful out there. There are psychos on the loose everywhere.

    • .my little skinny uncle was a railroad agenT .one of his jobs was securing the boxcars and escorting hobo’s off of them, he had a pistol( don’t know what kind, I was just a kid when he showed me his stuff, all I knew was it wasn’t a cowboy gunn) and his blackjack, he said he never used the pistoL

  10. I carry a stock G27. Was at the range last Friday, working at 25 yds. There isn’t much wiggle room when the front and rear sights are that close and the target is that far. I also have a G22 (police issue), and can group at 25 yds all day.

    Been thinking about getting a replacement barrel with conventional rifling. Lone Wolf, KKM, others? Any experience?

  11. Does he wear the earplugs all day or quickly put them in when anticipating a defensive shoot? 🤔

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