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This marks the first pocket dump submission I’ve seen featuring a Springfield 911. At 3.9-inches tall and 5.5-inches long, the 911 is specifically designed for superior concealability. The gun ships with a flush 6-round magazine as well as an extended 7-round magazine and is chambered in .380 ACP.

Here’s the question of the moment: how do you guys feel about using a gun with “911” engraved on the slide for self-defense? How do you think the prosecuting attorney might view it? Discuss.

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  1. They won’t care about the 911 on the side but they better give you an earful for carrying one with Springfield on the slide.

  2. I prefer more than 6 rounds. And bigger than .380. Though as we know, a single .22 shot to the head does the trick with a burglar in the home of a 74-year old woman.

    I think the 911 would matter to police only if the shooter went on a shooting rampage (with a .380?) in a mosque … or in the offices of highly placed political people.

  3. You think someone at court will care because it says 911 on the side? I think that’s stupid.

    I won’t carry a gun in a caliber smaller than 9mm. My Kahr pm9 fits in a pocket or disappears IWB just fine thank you.

  4. Couldn`t care less about what a prosecutor may think about a stock firearm.

    Just no aftermarket punisher crap on it.

  5. I don’t get it, is ‘911’ a code for “I’m gonna go kill some innocent kid” that I wasn’t aware of?

    Because if not, asking “how do you guys feel about using a gun with “911” engraved on the slide?” is like asking “how do you guys feel about a gun with “1911” or “92F” engraved on the slide?”

  6. Hell I never connected the 911 to law enforcement soldiers, I thought it was meant to mean a nine that looks like a 1911. It looks like a1911 but it lacks “one” important thing, it’s not a .45 . …. This to EDC pocket dump looks more realistic to me, I still haven’t figured out what a watch has to do with EDC though. “I looked at my watch and decided it was time to act.” I looked at my watch and it took him five minutes to expire.” I looked at my watch and it’s beer thirty.

    • “…I still haven’t figured out what a watch has to do with EDC though…”

      I think that’s understandable. On one hand my dad taught me to never leave the house without, at bare minimum, a knife and a watch. I always used to joke “What about pants?!” with him. So, in some ways I can see how a watch might be like a pair of shoes and no one is showing off their new Pumas or Danner boots as part of their EDC.

      OTOH, many people consider a watch to be a piece of gear as opposed to clothing or a fashion accessory.

      So I guess it depends on how you view the item and how you roll with it. If you have a spot for your “kit” where you go every morning and grab your gat, knife, watch and whatever else then I could see calling it part of your EDC kit. Especially if your watch is one of those GPS watches from Garmin or something like the Promaster Altichron I sometimes wear.

      All that said, I think most of the people who have a watch in their posts just want to show off. I note that a high percentage of them are Rolex Submariner watches and nearly all are high-end and usually *very* high priced watches that don’t really have much in the “features department”. Not a lot of posts with a Timex or other reasonably priced watch. Heck, not even a lot of really useful travel/dive/outdoor features watches.

      • “On one hand my dad taught me to never leave the house without, at bare minimum, a knife and a watch. I always used to joke “What about pants?!” with him.”

        Pants are optional if you are hauling-ass out of there because her husband came home earlier than expected. 😉

        (Not that I have ever contemplated that happening, of course. *cough*)…

      • “I think most of the people who have a watch in their posts just want to show off.”

        I’m not gonna lie; I’ve done this. I like my watch. It was expensive. (More $$ than I care to remember.) It’s an automatic Maratac with a sapphire back. It’s part of my EDC along with a knife, (slip joint at a minimum – usually a Northwoods) flashlight (Copper Maratac AAA), keys (w/ titanium rings and Maratac clips, just because) copper Hinderer Investigator pen (because it’s small and handy, not because I know how to kubaton anyone) wallet (Hitch & Timber, because it keeps control my knife, pen and flashlight) and handkerchief, which has soaked up more kid snot, blood and tears than I ever realized they would. All of these items see regular use.

        Absent is a gun with a reload because I live in a May Issue state. I can only carry in other states. But I do when I can.

        My point here is that if they’re not proud of their stuff, why post at all? Why do we look? Yes, I’ve spent more than is practical on many EDC items because if I’m going to carry them all the time, why shouldn’t I like them? I like looking at other folk’s EDC. It’s entertaining and can be informative. However, common black, tacticool and G-Shocks and kershaws/entry-level spydercos/Benchmade etc, bore me.

        Springfield looks a lot like a SIG P238 only not as nice. I’ve got that base covered already. I hate how Springfield’s stuff has all this garish roll stamp, molding or etching all over it. 911 on the side? Meh, I don’t care, I just don’t see why they feel compelled to mark everything up with a bunch of meaningless stuff.

    • Its an accessory not a necessary. Unless its part of your EDC because you think it is.

      I carry a small flasjlight everyday, like my knife, keys, wallet and gun.

      Havent worn a watch for 30 years.

      To each his own.

      • Whether or not you consider it required gear depends heavily on where you are.

        Where I grew up getting lost in the woods was a serious consideration. Back before watches could be purchased with a compass built in a savvy person could use an analog watch to figure out the cardinal points. That same person might well also use their watch to judge distance traveled on foot with reasonable accuracy.

        As such, many people considered it a key piece of equipment for navigation should anything go wrong. These days if you live in a similar type of situation you might still consider it a key piece of equipment, as a backup for your other stuff.

        • Jim Bridger, frontiersman, hunter and trapper, to a St Louis newspaper writer. “never been lost, fearsome confused for a month or so, but never lost”. Amazing how dependent we are on technology. Watch where you are going, so you know where you been.

      • Me neither, maybe longer. I use the sun, when it’s up its daytime, when it’s not it’s nighttime. Daylight savings time has me puzzled though,, I’m wondering how they turn the sun back an hour?

        • ‘Only a white man would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom of a blanket and have a longer blanket.’

  7. Don’t see a purpose of SAO, heavy and big 380’s. If you want a small 380, there’s plenty, but they’re not antiquated designs trying to be new. There’s also guns made by companies who don’t back door sell out their customers and others in the industry just to make a little more money.

    In short, fail, completely.

  8. It might also be worth noting that this particular pistol has the laser grip installed. I know as I won one of the 100 that were given away earlier this year and the Viridian laser grip was part of the package. It’s a neat little gun and I’m happy I won it but wouldn’t have purchased it because of the selling out.

  9. This is a great gun. I wouldn’t want a heavier one for pocket carry. Place in a pocket holster with cargo pants, and you won’t even notice it after awhile. It shoots great, and it puts 9mm (or larger) size holes in the bad guy. And yes, you get enough penetration with the proper ammo.

    The 911 name doesn’t matter from a legal standpoint IMO. 911 is synonymous with ‘help’, not ‘kill’. Plus it looks like a mini 1911, so it suits.

    But….but….Traitors! IMO, they’ve acknowledged it, and more than made up for their mistake. Plus, it seems like they do more now for the 2A community than most companies. No doubt, they’re trying to make amends.

  10. We are all told we should call 911 immediately after a DGU. This guy just found a handy place to write the phone number down.

  11. If I can conceal it, it goes “BANG” in the direction in which it is pointed when I manipulate the trigger, and it’s all I have at the time, I’ll carry it. It is “Life Insurance”, and like my policy, that I’ve had since my early 20’s, while I have it I have not had to use it yet…

  12. My grandfather insisted on us fronting; “car fare”, change for the “pay phone” and a clean, white and freshly ironed handkerchief before we had his blessing to leave the farm. He knew right well that we all had knives, he’d given them to us. His last sinecure city job before he retired was as a trolley car conductor . He used to iron his cash everyday before leaving for work. He was the real deal and could pick up an occupied wooden kitchen chair and lift it waist high when he was still well into his sixties. If he were alive today he would either be out in one of the sheds, quietly humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic and puttin’ 13 and a ‘hitch on some long white ropes or it would flat out kill him. -30-

  13. I have the 911, the base model in stainless without the laser. I am extremely happy with it.

    Yeah, the “911” name is a bit silly, but it is an extremely well-made, accurate, and concealable pistol with great sights. The ergonomics are excellent and it is a very enjoyable shooter at the range. It also costs less than a P238 or a Kimber Micro and is every bit as much gun in all respects.

  14. So a gun commemerating the World Trade Center destruction would be a problem? What kind of liberal thinker would be afraid of having 911 on a gun? I can’t believe someone would even be inclined to ask how we felt about it. How do you feel about having the 911 buttons available on your phone? Seems like what we are supposed to dial in times of trouble. How does everyone feel about global warming? Stupid….


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