870 Not Tactical Enough For Ya? Magpul has the Solution

The inventive folks at Magpul will be introducing a couple of new options at the SHOT show for your standard 870 to make it blacker and scarier. First, a drop-in fore-end that’s longer than the original and is made with fore and aft hand stops to keep your sweaty charging paw from sliding off. Make the jump for the new stock…

Then there’s the new SGA stock that’ll be spacer-adjustable for custom length of pull and have a molded-in sling loop. What’s not to like?

[h/t soldiersystems.net]



  1. avatar Jason says:

    This sort of thing just makes me want to take that wood-stocked police 870 off the wall of the local gun shop and give it a home where it’s loved and appreciated. A 12 gauge slug is a 12 gauge slug. Is this really going to make it hit any harder?

    1. avatar Zealot says:

      It may not hit harder but it will hit 400% SCARIER and 1,000% TACTICAL-ER. Those are actual figures.

    2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      Yeah, what he said! The buttstock has a special echo chamber which amplifies the ‘chi-chuck!’ racking sound, so the bad guy will poop twice as much in his pants when he hears it.

      It’s true; I read it somewhere on the Internet.

    3. avatar Tom says:

      This might make the 870 look tacticool in front of a jury. It probably is more ergonomic than a stock 870. It would be nice to be able to adjust the length of pull for different sized shooters.

  2. avatar CarlosT says:

    Does Magpul make a shoulder thing that goes up? Because that would really complete the look.

    1. avatar mlk18 says:

      No way. Wouldn’t that make it NFA? Shoulder thingies are the difference between a self defense tool and a tactical assault murder gun.

      1. avatar HSR47 says:

        No no no no, he’s asking if it has that cool thing they put on the old WWI/WWII trench guns…

  3. avatar Colin says:

    awwww… no love for the Mossy?

    1. avatar Sean says:

      Yeah! Us 500 owners should be allowed to play too. I would imagine that is coming fairly soon.

      1. avatar NaH says:

        They do have a chainsaw grip for the 500 series, haha, Youtube it for some laughs and figuring out how exactly it helps.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    I am now marketing my own line of tactical undershorts. All black, of course, and equipped with rails for mounting your favorite accessories.

  5. avatar jamieb says:

    I think nice plastic is nicer than poorly finished berch or beechwwod, with pressed checkering etc.

    I have a express super magnum 870. Its a badazz shotty, but the wood looks like something from the gift shop at the crackeral barrel.

  6. avatar Dgarynyer says:

    Making something more ergonomic and possibly easier to operate must be for mall ninjas and tactical nerds. Don’t do anything practical or try to be innovative or original.

    1. avatar Zealot says:

      C’mon don’t get upset, it’s Christmas and we’re all just poking fun.

      Truth is, if the price is right and they come out with this for the Mossies (so the other half can play too), most of us snarking here, will at least take a look and imagine how cool WE’D be staring down a hoard of home-invading, methed-out zombies with these goodies strapped to our 12 ga. of choice.

      Of course, I’d have to add some rails on there somewhere for my light, my laser, my pistol grip…

      1. avatar whamprod says:

        Zombies use meth? Who knew?

        I’m thinking that stock would look awesome on my custom over and under skeet gun. 🙂

  7. avatar Derek says:

    Soo uhh… when are we getting a Gear Review?

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