We (RF and I) got a little bored last night and decided to record some audio. Here’s the result, us yammering about some of the top stories, a little about reloading, my story of how a Mateba Autorevolver took a chunk out of my thumb, and a little bit extra. The idea was that in addition to writing about the stories we’d record something once in a while where we actually discuss them using vocal cords and stuff. Let us know if the idea (if not the content) is solid and we’ll work on making this a standard feature.

By the way, this was recorded before I saw Top Shot’s most recent episode. So the part where we’re talking about Jake smacking the “top” of the gun was based solely on RF’s less than stellar description of the event. Jake was actually tapping the BACK of the slide, an accepted method for returning a gun to battery if the round fails to seat properly (which is an issue the gun seems to have had throughout that event).


  1. Most definitely – I load up a lot of gun related podcasts on a flash drive and listen to them in my car – I drive around during the day, so having audio content that I actually like (as opposed to the usual superficial headline oriented AM news cycles, NP-Snore, or FM pop drivel), is a huge plus.

  2. This was pretty entertaining…I have to say though, this should really be two different podcasts. Rob your approach and Nick’s approach are just way too different….you’re stepping all over each other


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