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No, this isn’t a prepper post. Sure, getting ready for a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI may make some sense, but this Dilbert cartoon makes a good point about blabbing about any of your stuff. And your gun stuff in particular. It’s one thing to yak about your heaters in on-line comment sections using a screen name. It’s another to broadcast your cache to everyone within earshot at work. That can invite attention and covetousness from the wrong types. Types you really don’t want anywhere near your home…

Sure, we all like bringing a newly minted gun lover into the fold. But you don’t have to disclose the contents of your gun safe to do it. So while taking a gun muggle to the range and turning them onto shooting is highly encouraged, telling everyone at the range about your extensive collection of 1911s and carbines is more than questionable.

Keep your cards and your guns close to your vest. Unless bragging is an incredible turn-on for you, it doesn’t do you much good to broadcast what you have. To anyone. And it may hurt you and your loved ones. So when it comes to your guns (or any of your stuff, really) STFU.

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  1. Reminds me of the “Careless talk costs lives” war posters.

    Actually you don’t want to talk about prepping either. People tend to think that you are the ‘end of the world’ type. Better to just talk about books, music, sports etc.

  2. No, the real reason you don’t want to talk about that is to keep up the facade that you’re sane and rational. You know very well what normal people think of all that “semper paratus” nonsense, whether it be canned goods or automatic weapons and explosives.

    • Wow. Gun news/views and now free psychological evaluation.

      So mikeb, you’re saying Katrina, the storms all over the U.S. this year, prominent earthquakes recently, none of that every happened right? So there’s no point trying to make sure my family is taken care of because emergencies don’t happen. Oh, and nobody every loses their job in this economy. That’s a load off my mind.

    • Mike, Mike, Mike. Sane and rational means being prepared. Out in California, it is *normal* and even *important* for every person to have a 72-hour bag ready in case Teh Big One (earthquake) hits and services are cut. Not only that, but jugs to hold enough water for several days – each person. Wrenches on the outside of homes at the gas meters, to turn them off.

      Tennessee is heading for A Big One again, like the one that created Reelfoot lake. That one caused the Mississippi River to run backwards for three days.

      In such emergencies, don’t you think it would be appropriate to have defensive weaponry available as well, since the local constabulary might be a bit busy to help fend off looters, if you can even get a call in to them in the first place?

      THINK, Mike, before you post. You’re making us liberals sound bad.

    • Nya, nya…. Well that certainly put us in our place, didn’t it? Mikey, maybe you and Professor Grayling (Quisling) can get together sometime and go for a ride on your unicorns. I’m quite sure that you two will have a marvelous time solving all of the world’s problems. Once you two have refined your master plan (final solution), you two can then split the world in half and you each get to control your very own hemisphere! Wouldn’t that be exciting? How does that sound to you, Mikey? Trust that we lowly humans will be forever in your debt when you deliver us from evil, as we all hold hands, basking in the grace and glow of your kindness, your wisdom and your generosity.

      I mock you, the moon and the stars mock you, the Armed Intelligentsia mock you. Congratulations on your trifecta.

    • Notice the typical “sane and rational” statist’s illogical jump from canned goods to explosives? As if there is nothing in between? My recommendation to all of the preppers out there is to go through your neighborhood next election season, make note of all of the homes with Democrap election signs (especially the ones that support Obama), and figure that those will be the people you will most likely have pounding on your door in a crisis, desperately seeking food/water/protection. Be ready to respond appropriately. – That would be with compassion and unlimited support for the feckless, of course.

      • As much as it pains me to have to support libs in a crisis I will share with anybody in need and even be prepared to defend them against outside threats. It’s the American way to defend/support your neighbors in a crisis irrespective of their political beliefs.

        But I will rub in.

        • See, I figure if the world is in crisis, there’s no reason keeping useless people alive and using up valuable resources. Besides, if we have to start society over again, wouldn’t you want to eliminate the least desirable members of it?

          The best that they’d be able to hope for from me is being firmly told to go away. If it’s a zombie apocalypse, I’d more likely ring a bell and shout “DINNER’S READY!” before slamming the door in their face.

    • Having been a Coastie, I think that Semper Paratus is a wonderful motto, and a better way to live your life. I suppose you think the Boy Scouts shouldn’t “Be Prepared,” the Special Forces shouldn’t liberate the oppressed either.

    • mikeb302000
      With all due respect “Tu sabes tanto que sabes a mierda” in kinder words your pretty ignorant for a smart guy.

      I saw the show prepper on TV the other day and I could not believe that this guy with two little kids would show a world of selfish people everything he has to feed his family in the event the economy collides or society fails.

      I thinks those things should be kept private and his urge to have 15 minutes of fame may have put his family at a grater risk than that of a non prepper.

    • Actually Mike you’re kinda showcasing some world-class ignorance here.

      I’m well prepared for “the zombie apocalypse”. I use zombie apocalypse as amusing, humorous shorthand for any interruption of civilized life, and it does give some of my friends something to laugh about. But here’s the thing, before my divorce I lived in a suburban village set on a steep hill that was accessible via a single highway overpass. Twice in ten years that overpass became unusable, once by blizzard and once by hurricane. We were cut off from the police, paramedics, grocery store and electrical grid, once for three days and once for two. Because I was ready those days were only inconvenient, never life threatening.

      That’s not hypothetical, it’s happened.

      If you spend a little time looking around such right-wing rags as, oh, the New York Times you’ll see that since Katrina sank NO preparedness has become positively mainstream. You seem to have this all-or-nothing mentality where anyone who’s prepared must by definition be hunkered down in a bomb shelter reading the Book of Revelations with a shotgun on his lap. That thought process is far, far more insane and irrational than my having some canned goods, medical supplies and ammo in my closet.

  3. If you’re going to tell anyone about your fabulous gun collection, don’t forget to also tell them about your satellite-based surveillance system, the rabid attack dogs and the perimeter defense system with multiple Claymores. Bad people will leave you alone if they think that you’re crazier than them. Hey, it worked for Reagan.

  4. I have no problem talking about SHTF scenarios, or my preparedenss activities around the water cooler. I usually refer to it all as Zombie Appocalypse talk. I mention the new gun I have my eye on, talk about being prepared, and everyone gets a chuckle. Often they remark “Well, I guess I know whose house I am going to visit when something happens” to which I reply, “Sure, head on over. Cannabolisim is part of my survival plan”.

    • What does the mere CDC (or the Red Cross and many others) know compared to Mikey. They’re all rank amateurs in comparison, for he is the font from which all wisdom flows. Give him a chance, he’ll tell you himself.

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