NRA Finally Endorses Brian Kemp for Georgia Governor

As our readers know, the National Rifle Association did not originally support Brian Kemp during the Republican primary in Georgia. Back in April and up to the election, the NRA backed his rival, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, a man with a horrible Second Amendment record in Georgia politics. Here’s an abridged timeline of Cagle’s 2A record: […]

NRA-Backed Candidate Loses GOP Primary Race for Governor to Trump-Backed Opponent

As we reported last month, the National Rifle Association endorsed Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in the Peach State run for the governor’s office. But that endorsement was apparently outweighed by one from the commander-in-chief for Cagle’s opponent, Brian Kemp. Last night, Kemp defeated Cagle and it wasn’t by a small margin. The Lt. Governor even lost his […]

Media Gins Up #Faknews ‘Controversy’ Over GA Governor Candidate Shotgun Commercial

As the Washington Examiner advises GOP office-seekers, “Nothing solidifies a candidate’s support for the Second Amendment like packing heat on the campaign trail. But when a Republican candidate for Georgia governor tried this gun trick he looked less like Eddie the gun-safety Eagle and more like Yosemite Sam.” Here’s the tweet that got so many […]