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Elk have a habit of going wherever they want, whenever they want. If elk are common in your area, chances are you’ve witnessed scenes much like the ones portrayed in this video.

Sometimes the beasts mix with the human population, whether they’re looking for food, a mate, or just a little confrontation.

So what are you supposed to do when you encounter elk like this? Just wait it out, that’s what.

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  1. I had to wait it out one night after finishing some conservation work: the only way out of where I was was a causeway with a narrow road. As I got about a quarter of the way down to the paved highway, a half dozen elk came across the road ahead of me and just stopped. Over the next minute more joined them. When I decided backing up and taking the lower causeway road, the first look in the mirror told me I wasn’t doing that, either — for some reason the local elk herd of about two dozen had decided this was the place to be, and they weren’t moving.

    Fortunately, I had my Nook along, so the twenty minutes until they traveled on wasn’t too bad.

    • It’s there in the newest Firefox browesr, Tom.

      Kinda. The older I get, the less tolerant I am about new-fangled crapola.

      Well, except new MILFs. For some reason I never get tired of those.


  2. A golf course in my city is overrun with deer. When golfers come along, the deer stand still and look at them.

    • Yelling “FORE” doesn’t work? Deer on the golf course isn’t as bad as geese, as I always seem to find the water hazards! Angry geese and goose poop on your ball is no bueno.

      • At least you don’t have to deal with monkeys or kangaroos like in some parts of the world.
        That just makes me glad I don’t go out on weekends in clothes I wouldn’t be caught dead in and chase a tiny ball around. That just ruins a good walk.

  3. My grandfather totaled his model ‘A’ Ford on a Maine back-road in the 1930’s when he hit an Elk one winter.

    Taught that Elk a lesson he never forgot…

  4. Malcolm Young, (brother of Angus Young) , co-writer of their songs, of AC/DC fame dead today at age 64.

    Saw ’em in a stadium in the late 80’s, they *rocked*!

    Keeping with the TTAG ‘Guns’ theme, here is their ‘Big Gun’ :

  5. Find two trees that are closer together than the spread of the agitated Elk’s rack, stay behind those trees.

  6. During the rut, a huge bull stepped into the road in a residential area near where I live in rural Colorado and “challenged” my Mini Cooper. He shorted, pawed the ground and shook his huge rack…fo a moment I though he was going to charge.

    I backed up slowly and gave him room, and after a few minutes went back to his cows.

    I wished the King of the Mountain a good day and a good rut. I told him that I hoped to see him again, in different circumstances.

    Michael B

    • Really Mr. Bane, a Mini Cooper? You live in Colorado – where is your Jeep?

      (Full disclosure – I own a Jeep and I’d have backed away from the bull too.)

  7. Train horns don’t work… We tried it thinking they would be scared and nothing. They just looked and then went back to eating.

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