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From 5.11 . . .

5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, gear, and footwear, has announced an updated line of its iconic RUSH™ Series Backpacks with the release of a new RUSH™ 2.0 Series. The new line is now available online and in stores following years of development from in-field testing and end-user feedback. 

5.11 initially launched the RUSH™ Series in 2007 to provide a total solution for tactical pack users. The series offered innovative design features that customers still love and appreciate to this day. It is durable, customizable, MOLLE compatible, comfortable and functional. Over 1 million RUSH™ packs have been sold since its introduction.

Now, the RUSH™ 2.0 Series utilizes the best features of the original line and incorporates several strategic updates to improve on one of the best multi-purpose backpacks available.

“We took one of our most popular product lines, one that has been a cornerstone for our company for over 10 years, and made it even better,” said Jennifer Glover, Vice President of Marketing for 5.11. “We couldn’t be more excited to begin offering the RUSH™ 2.0 Series to our customers.”

Features that were carried over from the initial RUSH™ Series include a rugged but clean exterior appearance, durable 1050D nylon construction, MOLLE platforms and multiple pockets and compartments for customization, a contoured yoke shoulder strap system and reinforced back panels for added comfort and 5.11’s signature Center Line™ design

Newly introduced updates include a customer-requested padded laptop compartment designed to keep contents in-place and protected. This new feature is elevated 1 inch from the base of the pack and secured with a front and rear padded sleeve. Further drawing on feedback from end-users, 5.11 added a concealed-carry compartment located behind the zippered front pocket on the face of the pack. A hook-and-loop closure system keeps this new compartment secure and discrete for keeping contents accessible but hidden.

Additional updates include revised interior organization; a relocated hydration port; a larger fleece-lined eyewear and media pocket, and all-new color options.

The RUSH™ 2.0 Series is available in three capacities: RUSH12™ 2.0 (24 liters) (MSRP $109.99), RUSH24™ 2.0 (37 liters) (MSRP $139.99) and RUSH72™ 2.0 (55 liters) (MSRP $189.99).

“Our Gear product team worked with tactical and outdoor experts and public safety professionals for several years to gather feedback from in-field testing by real-life end users,” said 5.11’s Vice President of Global Product, Matt Page. “The result is an enhanced line of packs that will live up to the reputation of the original RUSH™ Series and meet our customers’ need for many years to come.”

To learn more about 5.11 or the RUSH™ 2.0 Series, please visit https://www.511tactical.com/rush.

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    • +1

      Get something more Gray Man. Like a cheap thrift store backpack.

      BTW, I – like many of you all, probably – have too many lights, knives, and gear bags. I’m not really in the market to buy more, since they’re all starting to look the same now. Super MOLLE that screams “I’m a tacticool guy with ”stuff””

      • The last knife I bought was a Buck sheath knife complete with leather flap sheath. At a thrift store for 15 bucks. Looked brand new. Near as my limited research shows it was made some time in the 60’s.

        I like thrift stores. They’re my primary source for wool gear. I recently got a Woolrich coat, looked new, for 9 bucks.

      • For a gray man look you might want to consider a swiss gear style back pack which I know you can pick up at a Sam’s club and probably Wal-mart as well. Capable of carrying a 15″ computer and still have plenty of space for other stuff. Not at all tactical looking.

    • I just got an unused FDE pack with MOLLE straps at the Goodwill for $4.50 and am COMPLETELY satisfied. The money I saved will go to (and be better spent on) something worth it like a Langdon Tactical 92, WBP Fox, OKAY magazines, or some other higher quality hardware.

  1. For when you need a well made, high quality backpack that says “I ABSOUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT HAVE A CONCEALED WEAPON ON MY PERSON.”

      • I use a 16 in. Tool Backpack from HomeDepot. $40 urban camo. No molle to scream SHOOT ME FIRST.

        Rugged. Needs a few internal velco mods for support, and a thin plate of closed cell foam in the bottom. Fits an AR pistol broken down. Works great.

        For some reason, I can’t post a link here…so these are the product numbers at Home Depot:

        Internet #312420750
        Model #H-68003-03
        Store SKU #1005144944

    • lol

      I wouldn’t go that far. I was buying 511 tac stuff a whole lot longer than I owned a gun. The shirts are awesome for the phone pocket, I have not ever stored gun in it, except just to feel what it was like, but phone slips into it perfectly.

      The bag is awesome, now cause a gun goes it it, but before cause my pad and all my tech crap has a centralized home.

      No, I like the stuff alot and would like it even if I was a stringer for The Trace, Or Moms demand failed action.

  2. “…backpack for everyday carry…”

    I haven’t used a backpack since high school. Even then, not much. But who knows? I think I could get more use from a duffel though. Perhaps others could carry one every day. To each their own I guess.

    • “…backpack…” ? Not unless I’m hiking. Too easy to steal off a woman….or you get dragged along the way. Either way, not pleasant. Use your pockets.
      I don’t like their clothes. Pants are too “low rise”. Shirts tails too short to tuck-in and stay-in. Pockets are useless.
      LLBean is better… (for backpacks, also)

  3. An old military ALICE pac is what I use on my property in MT. I can carry my gold pans (3) plus machete, bars, hand trowels, extra ammunition, sniffer bottles, T P, rope, food, lots of stuff I need for prospecting, I personally wouldn’t want any thing else. Even a fold up chair to sit on when I’m panning…
    wish I could find another one…

    • Paid $110 for mine in 1993, and I thought it was overpriced. It doesn’t have a special place for a lap top though, if it’s one thing a backpack should have is a special place for a lap top.

      • Compass vs. GPS.
        Your choice and why?
        My pick is compass and topo map, its accuracy is dependent on me and only me, works when wet , power not required, and in case of accidents more durable. Even without the topo, line of sight will get you close.

        • Compass and map. I learned it in the Scouts and the military. Never learned the gps. Am always leery of anything needing a power source in the boonies.

  4. bring me the torch, I am going to watch them all burn.

    I will see you boys in the next life.

    hold the line, they’re coming for me as I speak.

  5. Don’t use backpacks much, but have always used messenger bag to carry laptop to work and back. After I retired the laptop came out and a 3A panel went in. I went to a 5.11 bag six months ago in part because I liked the internal Velcro section that now holds Glock and a couple of spare mags along with one of those new HDPE 3A panels. Gave the old one to a friend who needed something.

  6. I have been using backpacks since the 1970s – once I discarded a briefcase. I started bicycling to college cross town for fitness and that old Samsonite “Watcher” case had to go. I used an ARVN light framed patrol ruck.

    As packs became more fashionable I had already learned lessons: You fill them up with all the one-time-a-year possibles, too many textbooks (dated myself) and other junk, you learn to regret it. I then moved to messenger bags, aka “Jack Bauer” bag, but significantly downsized.

    I’ve tried tactical sling bags, even small range bags to take lunch, but the fact remains, EDC should be restricted to pocket carry only. It’s a harsh standard but it prioritizes things quick – some items become sheep, some goats. I have found for the most part, items in an off carry bag are goats. As the infantry school taught, you dump that shizzle for dynamic action, not drag it around like a boat anchor.

    Tacticool bags are that, New! and can express your lifestyle, but on the other hand, as something in an urban environment ie anywhere there are paved roads and running water, they mark you as more than the passing adventurer. With roving gangs of thugs harrassing patrons of restaurants at night and the admitted agenda of shooters in high density public places, keep in mind that choosing to be a high priority target is entirely up to you.

    And BTW I bought my latest bag yesterday, a Timbuk2 Command laptop bag at a flea market, $4.00. G hooks, ladder racking, graphite and molasses color scheme, just a higher end range bag which doesn’t crease the neon sticky range targets. Unzips flat open for a soft gun rest on a concrete bench, too, bottle pocket, and fits on a wheeled dolly when you need to test all those toys stacked in Pelican cases. ; )

    You could do worse, but a $10 bag from DAV goes a ways to paying those employees. Not that I’m willing to donate my Kosovo 3 day bag from the 90’s, Parting with $100 back then was “sweet sorrow.” Last time I’m pay that much. And all it really did was haul my gym clothes and bike lock on GTMO.

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