Rahm Emanuel doesn't believe in good guys with guns
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A good guy with a gun. In Chicago . . . No Charges For Concealed Carry Holder Who Shot Man Near West Side Store

A person with a permit to carry a concealed gun has been released without charges after shooting a man Monday night at a Near West Side store.

About 5:30 p.m., a 55-year-old man who was naked except for the socks he was wearing caused a “disturbance” outside a retail store in the first block of South Western Avenue, according to Chicago Police.

Just another day on Chicago’s west side.

The naked 55-year-old broke a glass and was acting menacingly toward others when the concealed carry holder fired a shot, striking the man in the leg, police said.

The menacing naked dood was hospitalized in critical condition. The un-named 55-year-old man – the one who was legally carrying a concealed weapon, no thanks to the best efforts of Chicago’s city fathers — is home with his family for Christmas. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was unavailable for comment.

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  1. In critical condition from a leg wound, or in critical condition from whatever caused him to run around naked threatening people?

    • That’s a good question. In general you wouldn’t really expect a single handgun bullet to the leg to cause critical condition, but if it hit the femoral artery, it could very well have been a fatal shot.

      • Shattered femur can kill as well. Fat from the marrow can get in the bloodstream and cause an embolism, so broken femur is always considered critical, then can be upgraded later.

    • So far, I’ve not seen where Facebook was served with a warrant to produce information concerning those private pages.
      Perhaps I missed it, but I would have thought that would have been a major point that would have been mentioned.

  2. “Facebook, which hates legal gun sales, seems to have been obstruction the investigation of illegal gun sales, imagine that. ”

    Should that read “…seems to have been obstructing the investigation…” ?

    • Thank you autocorrect.

      (no, truthfully, I think I typed that myself, and since it was a real word autocorrect didn’t point it out to me)

  3. I’ve been telling you guys that DGU is reported positively in Chiraq LATELY. Even on the most leftard local newz. Is it a sea change? Nope but it’s lightyears better than just a few years ago…

    • It takes less and less time to clear you of potential charges, but I bet it still takes a year or more to return your property.

      Hey, Chicago PD, I dare you (beg you?) to prove me wrong.

      • They won’t. That gun will never see the light of day. The owner will have to sue Chicago/Cook County, who will tell him that they destroyed his gun when the case was closed and they’ll write him a tax payer funded check…… prove me wrong Chicago PD!!

    • Carry a disposable gun and have at least one more as a replacement. I’d rather lose a cheap 9mm than a priceless custom gun.

  4. I’ve got a (one) liberal friend. He’s not particularly anti-gun, but being a liberal he’s a bit of a bird brain. One day I asked him what he would do if he found a naked guy in his kitchen holding a pitchfork, referring of course to the Merced Pitchfork Massacre, but knowing full well he’d think I just pulled that right out of my ass. Then I showed him how naked guys with pitchforks standing in your kitchen is actually a thing. This just reminded me of that.

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