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3D Printed Glock, c /u/Phantom-A

This 100% 3D-printed GLOCK 17 showed up on Reddit late last night and has caused a stir. Nevermind the fact that the bullets are plastic as well and that this gun could never fire. Under the proposed Undetectable Firearms Act and the 3D Printed Gun Ban the simple act of printing these parts would become a felony — since they’re gun parts and the new laws would ban plastic gun parts. The laws helpfully don’t differentiate between toy guns and the real McCoy when it comes to parts that are verbotten. What’s the over/under on how long it takes before the GLOCK mothership sends a cease and desist order to the printer’s doorstep?

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    • I know what you mean! Doesn’t seeing somebody do something someone might make illegal one day just make you want to puke? People shouldn’t do things that might be illegal one day.

      We should show them we’re really capable of tyrannizing ourselves, by ourselves!

      • I’m just not sure how much I should care about something that doesn’t do what it looks like it *should* do, yet made at great expense. And the legality part? Progressives would make anything & everything that doesn’t agree with their sick world view illegal, including this website.

        I just pray we never have to resort to 3-D printers to illegally exercise our God-given rights.

  1. I love it! And not because it is or isn’t a Glock. I love it because it is modern technology flipping the bird at those who know what’s best for the rest of us.

    • Its also a great way for a gun-smithing student or prospective gun designer to learn about a firearm’s functions without having to learn on a very expensive and regulated actual firearm. Hell!, what engineering/medical/architectural discipline doesn’t learn by using models to do so?

        • If they intended on selling it. Which they clearly don’t. The price of that thing is about as far from the point of it as you can get.

          This is about BOTH the First AND Second Amendments, simultaneously. If we lose this one, it will be a serious blow to both, possibly a fatal blow to the 1A.

        • Yes, it probably is, unless the student or school in question already own the necessary printing equipment. All that aside I meant expensive in the bureaucratic costs of having real firearms circulating in a school’s curriculum, not necessarily direct monetary cost of the firearm itself.

      • Not just some ONE, but whole herds of people would be dampening their drawers just seeing this. And the first thing I thought after seeing this was that I had a toy model 1911 gun back in the late 1960’s that greatly resembled this, including the ammo. The bullets were pushed against a spring inside the “brass” case until it snapped in place, and a round adhesive paper cap was pressed on the bottom so that there would be a bang when the hammer hit the spring release in the base of the case. I seem to recall that these were sold under the Johnny Lightning brand. The cartridges loaded into a magazine that inserted into the grip. The slide had to be worked manually because there was no recoil. I’m wondering if the barrel could be made with a loose enough bore that the plastic bullets of this Glock could be fired with just primers without breaking anything? That would make it a working firearm at least in NJ terms.

  2. This isn’t the first, nor the last. Ten years ago I had access to a 3D printer as a college student and we printed all sorts of things that would curl a liberal’s hair. I never did any gun parts, but a few others did.

    • Funny…

      I also had the “hmm.. you know, if I just printed the lower and bought an upper….” moment.

      • It’d break. Real glock frames have hardened steel rails molded in. A guy on homegunsmith tried that, to spectacular fail, until he admitted he spent more time trying to make it work than overtime would have gotten him $$$ to buy a new one.

  3. If they are printing it for personal use/amusement/education, then there is not a damn thing Glock or anyone else can do about it.

    Next we will be jailing medical engineers for being black market organ manufacturers.

  4. BAN TOY GUNS! (It’s for the children.)
    Hey, they’ve banned them from schools with zero tolerance policies, this is just the next logical step–putting toy manufacturers out of business because they make guns.

  5. I can see the reasoning behind having model firearms that can’t be detected being illegal. Plenty of people get robbed by people with fake funs or bb guns. Who’s to say someone won’t paint one of these black and try to hijack a plane or something with it?

    • I’m not saying making it illegal would stop someone from trying that, but I can see some reasoning behind it.

      • What would be the difference from banning the whittling of a fake gun out of wood? I could paint that black and rob someone with it. Does your reasoning allow for that?

        • Your example illustrates the stupidity of all this quite well. Your whittled gun would be perfectly legal right up to the point that you tried to rob someone with it, because the laws say that if someone reasonably believes it’s a gun, then it’s armed robbery. This “plastic gun legislation” is no different that outlawing home-whittled wooden guns.

      • What if I made my model firearm out of cake, ate it, and then I snuck on board the plane, pooped it out and resculpted it back into a gun. Then I could make the pilot do whatever i wanted while I held a turd to his head! We should make cake and poop illegal.

        Seriously your own scenario shoots itself in the foot the second you said, “Plenty of people get robbed by people with fake funs or bb guns”. There is nothing to stop someone from painting a toy to look real as it is. But I tell you what, just for funzies, try taking such a gun through an airport right now – you know before its illegal. I’m certain you wont have any trouble /sarc.

        • I’m pretty sure airport x ray machines can see plastic….especially plastic this dense. This really is a non issue. Hell, they can see my shampoo bottles and water bottles in my luggage…..

      • It it has no effectiveness, there is no reason behind it. You’ve just gotten acclimated to thinking like a slave, instead of thinking like a free man.

        Go to the window, open it, stick your head out, and yell “I’M FREE!!!!” very, very loudly. It’s good for the neighborhood!

    • Attempting to hijack a plane is already illegal. Trying to ban a bunch of stuff in an attempt to out guess the bad guy is largely just security theater. Murder, theft, rape, assault, etc are illegal actions that carry (usually) appropriate consequences. Tools used should be held in no higher scrutiny than determining whether the prep is to be charged with simple assault or aggrivated assault. I don’t particularly care if you attacked me with a black painted bar of soap shaped like a glock or a functional machine gun, my response, and the prosecuter’s charges would be the same.

    • They already do that with Airsoft guns. A few years ago, a young man robbed a bank with an Airsoft (no orange on the muzzle) and then successfully committed suicide by cop. Any number of armed robbers are committed with BB guns. So this changes NOTHING.

  6. For what it’s worth. Don’t forget to give your rep input. Votes are comIng up in house and senate.

  7. The law would never past, congress couldn’t agree on obama care or a budget so the likely hood of them passing is little and none

  8. That IS awesome though. Id love to have these 100% realistic working models of dozens of guns
    for my office room or reloading room.

    • Hate to break it to you, but the maker said it broke after hand cycling less than a dozen times.

  9. Of course it should be banned you silly #GUNBULLIES; some rapist gun owning brute could paint it a scary shade of black slip it past a metal detector and use it threaten some poor women into an unspeakably position of moral compromise #GUNSENSE #REALGLOCK7#IN.THE.LINE.OF.FIRE.GUN #OMG #NRA’SFAULT #blackgun #GUNOWNERS.R.RAPIST’S!!!!! #HERE’S.

    • I hope this is just bad satire for your sake. If not, we’ve been concerned over nothing. Just a heads up: this isn’t twitter, we’re wittier, and don’t support hashtags. And you’ve never seen what anyone, male or female, has come up with, using hand tools, a small piece of wood, and 30 minutes of free time. And “bullies”? Be polite, and you’d be surprised how polite others can be. And you are in no danger, so you are not “in the line of fire”.

  10. Doesn’t anyone know that this G34 has been on the web for over a year now?
    As far as I can tell, it’s been around since before mid-August of 2012. The CAD files can be found in DefDist mega packs. They have been available before and are still available via torrent. The Renderings and jpeg are in those packs.

  11. I say we should just do what ever the hell we want and if we should ever go too far, then and only then we pay the price. If we want to 3D print a glock for novelty purposes then it’s no one’s business. The more we LET the government interfere with our lives the more they will do it. It’s a plastic replica and can hurt anyone.

    • *can’t

      But yeah, I totally agree with you. The government of most countries takes far too many liberties when it comes to controlling what we can and can’t do.

      Why, crazy stuck-up Australian government, why won’t you let us have airsoft?? 🙁

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