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By Brandon [via]

A man was shot and killed during a North Wales, Pennsylvania church service Sunday morning and police are still trying to determine if the shooting was justified or not. “The person shot and killed, identified as 27-year-old Robert Braxton, was said to have been in an altercation with another church member. The person who fired the shots has not yet been identified, but police say that he’s cooperating with their investigation and that he holds a valid PA concealed carry permit. He has also not been charged with any crime” . . .

Braxton was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest where he later died. The person who fired the shots was also injured, according to reports. While we don’t know yet whether this was a justified self-defense shooting, the media is already using the term ‘gunman’, which is typically (and should be) reserved for a person looking to do harm to others without provocation. But alas, the media jump the gun and set in the minds of viewers that this myst be a sinister act.

Simple Definition of gunman (from that thing called the dictionary): a person (especially a man) who uses a gun to shoot someone or to try to shoot someone

On police radio, a person can be heard saying “All units, active shooter, Montgomery County”. While things tend to develop quickly and without warning during events such as this, there is no telling what 911 callers said directly after the incident. “A man just started shooting” could very well have been how the call was made, and it’s up to police to figure out what’s going on when they arrive…and do so as cautiously and safely as possible.

The church released the following statement shortly after the incident.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.55.24 PM

Comments started pouring in on media websites reporting on the incident, again jumping the gun as to what actually happened. Given that this could have very likely been a defensive gun use, I’m annoyed to see comments such as this pop up before details are out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.55.36 PM

More as this is investigated and details become available.

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  1. According to the media rules, anyone who uses a gun who is not an officer of the state is a bad actor.

    It’s like they have been given a script and they are just reading it.

  2. Details seem to have remained unchanged, despite promised mass prayers. Can that be true? Might make a person think that no one is listening!

    • Jesus is listening and can help them through this. He loves us, and because of that gives us a free will.

      • Free will along with the threat that you will spend eternity burning in Hell if you don’t toe His line. Some deal.

        • We are free to walk off the edge of a cliff, Cliff, should we decide to do so. Doesn’t mean that the free will choices we can make are wise ones.

          If you were to find yourself in need of help from drowning, and someone throws you a lifeline… you can choose not to grab the line. The one throwing you the lifeline is not the one that is threatening to drown you, bro.

        • God became a man and died for you. That’s the deal. Jesus won’t send you to hell-you send yourself Cliff.

      • Seems like a majority of Arminians….
        And a few possibly predestined to reprobation. Don’t get angry. it is a theological term. Look it up.

    • I find it humorous that some people want God to be like a Jack-in-the-Box, always on call for whenever you need him for whatever you need him for. Just turn the handle when you need something and he will pop right out and grant you three wishes…no wait.

      Sorry Larry, but that’s not how this works. God created everything including you. You would think you wold give him more respect. And maybe you will learn that God works on His time, according to His desires, and not the other way around.

      • Thank-you, Eric.

        People that make comments like Larry’s have a very narrow and very incorrect view of what “prayer” actually is.

        That view of prayer is a child’s view. For those of us who have grown up, matured and gained wisdom of life’s experiences, well, we can see there is far, far more to prayer than simplistic description.

        Folks like Larry don’t want to “pray,” well, that’s their choice. But juvenile insults toward those that do betray a mind so wrapped in closed minded blindness it is impossible to distinguish from pure bigotry.

  3. You are not safe, and you never were. Also, You never will be. I’ve got my share of complaints about the show the walking dead, but the speech Rick gives his son in the church about not being safe is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV ever.

    • I think that the gun’s cylinder turning might have actually been the cause of the shooting… or at least a symptom.

  4. “I cant believe this happened in a church! It’s not safe anywhere anymore?
    What…..thugs dont go to church? Things can’t happen there? C’mon!
    Wait for the details people.
    Don’t forget your dorritos when you go to the riot…..rioting needs snacks…not facts.
    Everybody carry…everywhere.
    Carry on!

  5. Churches have never been “safe”. That’s why we have a LOT of armed up folks at the church we are attending. Bad guys didn’t get the
    “let’s be nice” memo…

    • Churches have never been “safe”.

      Exactly. See the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting in Charleston, or the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

      Bad people are like wolves among the fold.

  6. Do we refer to vicious criminal assailants and murderer’s as Knifeman, clubman, fistman, bottleman or poisonman to attach the tool used to the person? What about rape crimes should we not call them penisman and if it a woman raping a male vaginalwoman? Even Hangman was a guy doing his duty as opposed to a lynch mob.

    GUNMAN, another hijacked word. Gunman is media and LE spokesperson hype in the same way “shooter” is.
    noun, plural gunmen.

    1. a person armed with or expert in the use of a gun, especially one ready to use a gun 

    2. a person who makes guns.

  7. I am not the church going kind by any means, which is a story for another time after a few beers, so I have no horse in the race. I have a friend of mine that heads up a security team for a church. He was telling me that violence against the faithful is up by staggering numbers. He quoted numbers and trends that were fairly alarming. From the political left stirring up people against the church to hardcore criminals with this belief that Christians are these disarmed, benevolent sheep, it is getting extremely dangerous to be a Christian or even a Jew. Personally, I have to give practicing Christians credit for the strength of their convictions. They are political targets for our recently empowered Progressive elite, often falsely vilified for every ailments of Progressive society, and still, they keep the faith. If history is any indication of the future, I am sure their lives are going to be pretty rough in the upcoming years…and perhaps much worse, if you know my meaning. Anyhow, wrong is wrong no matter race, religion, creed, or whatever, so count me in as an ally.

  8. North Wales is a good 2.5 hours from where I live in Lycoming County, but if it can happen there, it can happen here. That’s why I always have and always will carry in church. And everywhere else, when I’m not being disarmed by my unethical employer during the workday.

  9. I live about a mile from here. I get my fast car tuned about 200 yards from this place. Sounds like a pissing contest got out of hand. Very very sad for everyone involved. I haven’t heard anything interesting from my cop friends. Seems like it is what it looks like.

    I was at Church across town when this happened. It’s a violent world. Carrying at church is now a thing.

    • I’ve been carrying a gun in church for the last 20 years. I got the good practice from the older men who were there, who had been carrying a gun in church for many decades before me. The practice of carrying a weapon in church in this land is older than our nation itself.

  10. I have a feeling there is a history behind this incident, not just some spontaneous, emotional explosion of violence. One thing is probably for sure, if it is a legitimate self defense shooting, it will be hard to find any followup story.

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