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Dennis DeMartins writes:

Australia’s descent into full blown fascism just accelerated again. The Adler lever-action ban in Australia just got serious as Prime Minister Tony Abbott has now decided to personally intervene and ban the firearms completely pending completion of a review of the NFA. Australian Customs and Border Protection have been ordered to detain all shipments of the Adler until the review is complete. Amidst the backlash from firearms owners and running out of concocted reasons and emotive rhetoric based arguments as to why law-abiding firearms owners are responsible for the actions of criminals, and that 128-year-old technology has now suddenly become a national security threat, Justice Minister Michael Keenan stressed “that the decision to suspend imports was not about targeting law-abiding gun owners but reflected the heightened terrorist threat in Australia.” . . .

 So there you have it, the terrorism and national security card has been played. Those pesky facts about the 1996 NFA never actually working sure are hard to deal with, aren’t they, Mr. Keenan?

There was absolutely no surprise that this was announced at 11pm on a Saturday night in Australia when most are not paying attention, because open and transparent government right?

It appears we hit a serious nerve with Rupert Murdoch last week when he was called out for the increasing anti-gun propaganda, as he has unleashed several anti-gun hit pieces in a desperate bid to sell the disarmament narrative. The onslaught in the Australian media continued this week with this lowest common denominator emotive rant from yet another “qualified opinion” in Lainie Anderson. And she even threw in the token Port Arthur crying victim photo. Solid 8/10 for effort though, Lainie.

The pick of the bunch has to be this “one rung below the bottom” piece from the Daily Telegraph claiming that Chinese firearms had “flooded the streets of Australia and can get into the hands of terrorists”. In true Newscorp fashion, absolutely no shred of evidence was provided that these firearms were on the streets except for a picture of a Thompson SMG which is apparently somehow related. (read: not)

The most entertaining part of the article was this zinger from counter-terrorism “expert” Professor Nick O’Brien: “Even if you give $50 for every gun handed in, it will be a lot cheaper than investi­gating gun crimes in Western Sydney”. Because as we all know, both law abiding owners and criminals alike will be falling over themselves to take thousands of dollars in losses for their firearms and is a lot better than, you know, prosecuting criminals.

However, there you have it folks. The first mention of another buyback. Hate to say we called it.

Now, go back to what was stated earlier about Customs detaining the Adler. This is the same Customs service and Australian Federal Policethat apparently has “no idea” about how to stop the illegal firearms entering Australia but seems quite competent when it comes to the law abiding. Well, great to know where their allegiances lie, isn’t it? Contradictory duel narratives strike again.

And of course, where would we be without the token unqualified opinion from a faux-tough guy tv talking head, in this case Sky News poser Paul Murray, calling for “tougher gun laws”, without a shred of evidence other than the usual emotive rhetoric, shallow generalisations, soundbytes and footage of illegal weapons which have nothing to do with firearms owners. I can’t wait to see what those lefty b grade celebrities over at the notoriously anti-gun The Project TV have in store for us this week.
Or maybe Rebel Wilson can embarrass herself again by falsely claiming there’s been no mass shootings in Australia since 1996. Which is completely false of course.

What is key to note is the timing of the so called “review”. The 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre is in early 2016. With the NFA review due to complete “within 6 months time” this puts us right in Port Arthur “tribute” territory. Get ready for months of emotive rhetoric and teary content running non-stop on TV and in print, in a desperate attempt to sell the “we need more restrictions” narrative to the ignorant and easily emotionally malleable Australian public.

Because we’re sure as hell not going to remind them of the fact we continue to oppose an open and transparent inquiry on what actually happened at Port Arthur, when we put a 30-year ban on a coronial inquiry. And we sure won’t remind the public that the Broad Arrow Café victims had to endure a six-hour wait for an armed police response; or the fact the AR-15 Martin Bryant allegedly used was in possession of the Victoria Police Special Operations Group and earmarked for destruction just a few months prior, and questions surrounding how it got down to Tasmania and ended up with Bryant have never been answered by Victoria Police. As Police marksmanship has shown this week in Australia, they are the only ones to be trusted as competent with firearms.

Now, compare that to the absolute media circus that ensued following the Sydney Siege, with two major tv networks wheeling out the victims for endless survivor stories (they pretty much completely ignored them after Port Arthur), a coronial inquiry beginning immediately, the backlash against Senator David Leyonhjelm’s call for concealed carry permits and that an armed citizen could’ve stopped Man Monis, or the simple fact that Man Monis was a convicted felon on bail for attempted murder and used an illegal firearm he obtained without a license,and you can see how utterly absurd this whole gun grab is.

So to sum up: A spree killing that killed 35 people was never properly investigated and a coronial inquiry was actively opposed by John Howard, while used as an excuse to take firearms away en masse. But a siege that killed two people warrants an immediate investigation, is still getting air time on television and is being used as an excuse for even further disarmament. Yeh, work that one out.

Semper Fi Australian Firearms Owners. It’s championship minutes from here on in.

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  1. This is what happens when your rights are subject to the whims of politicians. It matters not how little this has to do with crime or actual terrorism, it only matters that they can get their jollies by exercising their power to show they can do whatever they want because they can.

    • Invent a time machine and go back to when they could have done something about it. The time for all those ghost guns to be dug up was about 20 years ago.

    • What’s the plan? Move to an American red state or just piss and moan about it. That’s all they can do until someone drops a zipfile online that has step by step instructions for manufacturing small amounts of smokeless gunpowder and boxer primers, pressing brass cases, swaging bullets, and fabricating every single part of a Leader Dynamics T2. Australia can do NOTHING, they are unarmed subjects.

      • I can think of one thing that can be done about it, in 30 caliber increments from half a mile out. Not saying I will, but I do have the capability of starring solo in a civil war. I’d rather give up my ground, of course, but maybe that won’t be an option for much longer.

  2. As long as illegal drugs can get into Australia enough guns will to arm the criminals and the terrorists. Only the law-abiding are left defensrless. The PM, naturally, has a full squad of armed guards 24/7.

    • Worst part is, even if we seal up the border, it won’t end.

      Criminals already manufacture sub-machineguns of relatively high quality, and the 1996 buyback led to a huge uncompliance resistance by the gun owners, and a large amount of those firearms are now in the gray market, potentially being lost to the blackmarket. There are around 7000 handguns at least on the blackmarket from a poor deactivation scheme alone.

  3. Rupert Murdoch: This is the primary reason, but not the sole one, that I cannot buy into the horseshit that is Fox News. They sound good, but they will not support a serious republican candidate who has any inclination of making a real difference in the status quo.

  4. Here in the US we are largely protected from our government by the Bill of Rights. Citizens of Australia have no such protection. Had I lived there when they started collecting guns they would have gotten my old crap and I would have securely stored my best gear where I or my offspring could access it. Lincoln got it right when he said “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better.”
    Here is to hoping the Aussies finally grow a pair and deal with their politicians as they so clearly need to!

    • Breaking the law was done by a vast number of Australia gun owners after 96. If they truly want firearms freedom they are going to have to take it to the next stage.

  5. Back before ’96 even, I knew a guy that called Australia “Helmet Land”. He said something like “you know all those Australian tough independent movie and TV characters? Australia is really the exact opposite. They are a bunch of scared helmet wearers.” Until then I had imagined a land populated with Harry Morant and Steve Irwin types.

  6. Australia is the type of country that the USA should aspire to be as they have had gun crime plummet due to reasonable and sensible gun laws combined with honorable gun buy backs. He he he. Australia is an advanced country that does not have the gun violence that the USA has. Godam America!

    • Yep. We have Thor, as well as Wolverine that originate from Down Under. They don’t need guns. Only cowards and penis compensators need to use guns.

      Be more like these examples of what a real man can do without a gun.

      Oh, wait, ones a god with a hammer that commands the lightening and the other is a mutant that is immortal with a skeleton and swords in his hands that’s made of Adamantium, Darn!

      Well, I guess guns it is.

    • How can the government “buyback” something that was never theirs to begin with?

      As for aspiring to be like Australia, huh… I don’t think so. Thanks for playing.

  7. Wait…. there are crimes in Australia involving firearms?

    That’s unpossible.

    That is a civilized nation, one who has outlawed firearm ownership from its subjects.

      • Cool link! Thanks!

        Let me see if I am understanding correctly…… “…homicides committed with a firearm continued a declining trend which began in 1969. ”

        So ‘gun violence’ was already on the decline before Port Arthur. And the decline did not accelerate after the ban on firearms.

        So the gun ban was…….. theater?

        Or am I oversimplifying the data from the link?

        • When one takes the data from Australia vs US the Aussies reduced their murder rate by firearms -4.34% 1996-2012,

          Whereas the US reduced ours over -38.3%……

        • “…Whereas the US reduced ours over -38.3%”

          But that is unpossible!

          We don’t have gun laws as strict as Australia.


        • The gun ban was the opening act of an opera which later features gulags, closed borders, and promotes labour as the highest ideal.

          The gulags are going pretty well, actually, as if a person decides that they don’t want to support the Government’s war on trade/profit/wealth they get put in a correctional facility.

    • Australia is not done yet total civilian disarmament is the goal. As to the US getting there that is the intention of the other side, you are right we need to keep fighting, emails, letters, phone calls, protest, Courts etc. and when all that’s exhausted we will only have the remaining two elements of freedom left., God help us if we have to go there.

  8. Meanwhile in Canada on Saturday, two firearms that were previously prohibited were now made non-restricted (Cz-858 and the Swiss Arms family).

    “Today, the Honourable Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, announced the Harper Government has amended the firearms classification regulations to prescribe Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 858 rifles and certain Swiss Arms family of firearms as “restricted” or “non-restricted” as they were treated prior to February 26, 2014.

    Through these amendments, possession of the CZ 858 rifle and certain Swiss Arms family of firearms will be governed by the same rules as those applicable to non-restricted and restricted firearms in Canada. ”

    I can only hope that sensible actions like that soon happen for our brothers to the south.

      • I think you misunderstand. In Canada, two types of firearms were banned last year. The laws were then promptly changed to un-ban those firearms.

        I want Australia to have a similar improvement- for the Adler to be immediately un-banned.

  9. Deport Muslims and ban further Islamic immigration. Boom! You just reduced terrorism by 95% without touching guns.

    • Since USDOJ data proves that 30% of the population, not white, commits 87% of all violent crime and that 30% votes 95% demokrap, we see banning demokraps is actually a reasonable common sense law that would reduce 87% of all violent crime

    • I lived in Australia for a little while in 1997. I entertained the idea of staying but didn’t like all the beatings and knifing s going on and no way to defend oneself. However, Australia would have let me immigrate right in and get citizenship, IF I brought in $150,000 in cash. Didn’t matter who I was, as long as I brought the money. At the time, there were thousands of Arab and Chinese (Hong Kong) people pouring in who had the money. So, it appears that the Australian government’s greed probably did more to set them up with terrorists, than any gun did. Seems ironic that they allow the immigration of terrorists, but not the guns necessary to defend themselves from those same terrorists.

      I found that most of the members of Parliament there to not be the sharpest tools in the shed, i.e. dumb as a brick. When I was there, a fight broke out in Parliament and I watched members throw each other through the plate glass doors at the front of the building. Real smart characters. Australians are FORCED to vote or pay a fine, so they really don’t care who they vote for and this is what they got.

  10. What wasn’t mentioned and is very plausible, is that current owners of any lever action firearm may suffer reclassification of those lever guns currently in law abiding hands, and in some cases may be lost if the owner is not able to justify ownership (a component of licensing here); or,

    I tis also plausible that another “buy back” (the pollies words) may take place banning lever guns completely.

    What is being done? Look here:

    And what we have to put up with from the politicians and police:

    We are trying – remember Aussie is a country of around 23,000,000 not over 300M as in the US…. Our power is somewhat limited in the overall scheme of things.

    Some of you will think/write “weak and pathetic effort” – that’s OK mate, we are doing what we can via lobbying/writing local political party members/meetings etc.

  11. The plan is total confiscation and it is coming on fast. In this way the Gov’t feels they can’t be overpowered by the people and will become as oppressive as they see fit. Aussie’s had best hide what they have and start building a solid underground and plan for a revolution when the time is right.

    • What we have is already hidden, and has remained so. Alternatively, it is registered. If they check on your rifles and one is missing they’ll put you in gulag for a few years until you become the sort of profitable citizen that most frequently exit gulags.

  12. And today the Sydney Morning Herald had a beat up on the growth of licensed firearm owners and registered gun ownership. This is very unsettling for the Greens because while not breaking the law, people are not doing what they are expected to do.

    It was hoped that after Port Arthur the sport would die out and fade away. The fact that people are successfully completing the long winded application process and passing the checks required for licensing (something most of the Greens politicians and party members would fail), and then justifying their reasons for purchase is worrying some politicians and media types.

    At least the NSWPolice spokesman said illegal guns in the hands of criminals are the danger and are targeting this activity.

    A while ago ADI (the same ADI that supplies guns and ammunition for the Australian military and is tooling up for the production of sporting bolt-action rifles) made a copy of the Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun in 12g, but they were very expensive (about $1500+) and had issues with reliability. The only notable use was by cowboy action shooters, otherwise they were not very common.

    In the article there is “concern” over the growth of firearms ownership allegedly exceeding 60% in some suburbs since 2010. But low initial numbers will show a large growth percentage with any increase. Classic lies with statistics.

    My own suburb shows a 30.8% increase in firearm owners between 2010-2015, with 3056 firearms in possession, and 0.04 firearms per person in the suburb.

    I said six months ago that the lawful firearm owners will bear the brunt of cafe siege inquest. The campaign is just starting. It’s BOHICA time (Bend Over Here It Comes Again).

  13. The pick of the bunch has to be this “one rung below the bottom” piece from the Daily Telegraph claiming that Chinese firearms had “flooded the streets of Australia and can get into the hands of terrorists”

    Thank God that if this ever happens in America we have the Chinese to flood the streets of our home towns with weapons and ammo and resupply us with all that we need to kick the Govt troops in the ass!!! ( Sarc )

  14. So terrorists buy their pump action shotguns ( Yeah, nevermind the long waiting list, play along here) from Australian gun shops now? Every news story I see shows American or Russian made rifles. But I suppose you never know when the Aloha gang will want to shoot skeet.

  15. There’s a simple rule to remember: every time someone talks about the need to “balance national security with our freedoms”, they’re lying through their teeth to dupe you. What they want to do will almost certainly not make you more secure, but will sure as hell strip quite a few rights from you, or neuter them to the point where they’re meaningless. This works just as well in USA: “PATRIOT” Act and NSA surveillance state, TSA security theater in the airports, special provision for warrantless detaining of “terrorists” etc.

    Every time any politician starts talking about “terrorists” and “national security” in the same sentence, start listening, because he’s almost certainly talking about something that will hurt you.

  16. Another example of when you have absolute power, you can get corrupted into using it for any agenda that you want. Just look at North Korea to see how well that works out. But the citizens are being disarmed so will have no ability to fight back, once fully implemented, you’ll see the government make them register and get ID implants “for their own good”.

  17. If enough Aussie shotgun owners disobey the new ban, what is Austrialia going to do? Begin mass confiscations? Arrest and imprison those who failed to turn in their previously legal shotguns? No, that course of action would cost much more than $50 a gun and if the Australian gov’t is really that evil to flat out confiscate those guns, then the Australian people have something to fight against tooth and nail.

    • They’re not in country yet, the only way to disobey the ban on this particular firearm would be if every person along the supply chain put their hands up to go out of business, face massive fines, imprisonment and become ‘prohibited persons’ from owning firearms ever again.

  18. “…had “flooded the streets of Australia and can get into the hands of terrorists” So moron Tony Abbott won’t get rid of the terrorists, but will take away rights of law-abiding citizens…WHAT A JOKE!!!

  19. Interesting how 3 of the 5 countries that comprise the ‘Anglosphere’ are pathologically hoplophobic w/ Canada being the conditional 4th & America pulling farther away in the opposite direction every day despite the best efforts of a ruling class/its allies who’re philosophically quite similar to their counterparts in 3-4 components of the aforementioned ethno-linguistic group. Also note that as socio-political conditions in the primary country continue to deteriorate emigration from it (mainly to Oz & NZ for the young, to Spain & France for retirees) increases, the ‘English accent’ appears more & more in American media along w/ the number of Bwit & Ozzie (& also Canadian) actors.

    Another interesting thing is that the majority of the citizenry of 4 of the 5 ‘Anglopshere’ countries have, at best, an unfavorable opinion of the majority of the citizens in country #5 while the opposite is generally true about the other 4 from #5.


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