EDC For CCW: CRKT ‘Carajas’

You gotta gatt. You need a knife. An everyday carry blade (EDC) for you the concealed carry weapon (CCW), uh, carrier. ‘Cause bum ballistics and bad guys. And otherwise impenetrable  little girl’s Barbie packages. And the pleasure of cutting through a steak like a hot knife through butter. [Note: experts do not recommend using your […]

EDC For CCW: CRKT “Tighe Dye”

A defensive-oriented EDC knife will have different features from an EDC knife that will spend most of its time shaving kindling, sharpening pencils, or opening boxes. Despite its name, Columbia River Knife & Tool’s soon-to-be-released ‘Tighe Dye’ is no earthy crunchy granola-crumbling knife. It looks more like a small dagger from Assassin’s Creed, because its full […]

EDC For CCW: CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken Tactical Folder

If a general-purpose cutting/chopping/wire stripping knife just isn’t your EDC cup of tea, Columbia River Knife And Tool’s Otanashi Noh Ken tactical folder might be the tool for the job. It’s got a deep pocket clip and a 4.5″ clip point blade of thick AUS8 stainless, designed to punch through just about anything. Click here […]