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Well, Oregonians, are you ready to lose your ability to privately transfer guns? A senate bill under consideration would require you to appear before a gun dealer and go through a background check. How fun would that be? It probably won’t be cheap and it certainly won’t be private. Here’s an email blast we received from the Oregon Firearms Federation:

Just in time for April Fools Day, SB 941, the gun owner registration bill, is scheduled for a hearing on April 1 at 8AM in Hearing Room 50 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We told you they were going to race this through and they sure are . . .

The bill is scheduled to be voted on in that committee the following day.

This bill is far worse then we expected. You will NOT be allowed to transfer a firearm by simply calling the State Police (which often ends in a false denial anyway.) Under this bill you will be required to run the transaction through a dealer. The potential complications of this are too many to list. Most dealers will want nothing to do with this, the cost will be high and that is only if you happen to be in a place where there is a dealer available!

We MUST turn up the heat to defeat this dreadful Bloomberg funded bill!  If you can be at this hearing, please come. But if not, please be sure to contact the legislature and express your outrage at this attack on your rights.  We have very little time.

[h/t Mike C.]

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  1. They can kiss my ass. Will not comply. I am a free person, and I intend to live my life as a free person.

  2. This is a bad one. It’s basically like Washingtons 591.
    First offense is a year in the pokey and up to a $6,250.00 fine.

    I’ve been calling and writing like crazy all day.

    Fellow Oregonians, start calling and writing. Email is best.
    Just write “No on SB 941” in the subject line. No need for anything else.
    Sign it. Hit send.

    • Hah it doesn’t have to be just fellow Oregonians that need to be writing and calling in. Any write in that doesn’t require proof of residency will hear from me.

    • It’s not quite as bad as I-591. The main reason being that instead of being written by people hating gun owners it was then passed into law without any opportunity to discuss the changes and suggest “reasonable” alternatives. Oregon’s SB 941is a tad bit better because We challenged the heck out of it last year and Prozanski was forced to water it down a bit so he didn’t look like an utter buffoon in from of the press and his peers.

      One huge difference is that under SB 941 you can be target shooting in the woods and hand a friend your gun to try out. Under current Washington law you’d have to do the transfer paperwork or do it all at a gun range. The SB 941 exceptions for family are a little more loose thanks to OFF’s efforts at pointing out how silly it was that in the 2014 version an uncle could gift a firearm to a nephew but not a nephew to an uncle.

      Senator Hass has made it clear that he wants background checks even for all family members. After this gets rammed through all three branches of our liberal government look for the bill to “close the background check loophole” in the next legislative session.

    • The second of fence for selling a gun without the check is 10 years in prison. Obviously they feel there isn’t enough feline and prisoners in jail. The solution? Make gun owners with no intent to harm anyone who enjoy their rights to privacy pay the price for the actions of criminals.

      Did someone break into your home and steal your guns? Did you not write down those serial numbers??? You better report them or the state will assume you performed an illegal transfer! It’s not the criminals fault. It’s your fault. Because you magically enabled it!

      Oregonians praising the content of the bill:

      Oregonians requesting you give support for this bill:

      We should send what we really think about this bill to their provided links

      • Ok people – go here:

        Change subject line to:
        VOTE “NO” ON SB-941

        Change content of message to whatever floats your boat.

        Go to in a new tab.

        Type a random name in the “name” field and “Oregon” in the state field. Copy a name and address. Go back to the above previous tab. Plug information in form, make up an email address – click send.


        • Found a way through. If you are running chrome, firefox, Tor:
          Right click on the field titled “Close the Background Checks Loophole” and select “inspect element”
          Your browser will find the input class. Double click on readonly=”readonly” Select the entire thing and delete it. Double click on value=”Close the Background Loophole” replace with “value=”VOTE NO ON SB941″

          VOILA – instant profit.

          Type in a fun message, followed by a real of imaginary person in Oregon. Click Sign.

        • It seems they’ve now added e-mail verification before sending it off. However, that doesn’t mean that Penny Okamoto won’t get beet-red faced angry if she gets a verification request for a “No on SB941” message. Of course I would never think to try something like that.

    • The OFF email I received made it very easy to email all senators and reps. I heard back from Sneator Doug Whitsett, he is on our side. But with the loss of two republican senators to block infringements on our 2nd amendment rights, we are screwed. We need to focus efforts swaying a couple of democrats to see the light.

      • I have no idea how this got posted here, it was from WAY up the chain.

        Already got it done, all senators and house members.

  3. Sent the link to all my friends, I’d like to go down to Salem, but it is too short of notice to get time off work.

    I am really hoping this gets voted down.

    • Unlike Californians instead of complaining that I can’t move to another state, I will move if this kind of crap starts rolling down the pipeline and challenges in court fail to remedy it. After the last election cycle I told my wife that the 2015 legislative session was not going to be good and to be ready to pack her bags.

      • Keep moving. California will catch up to you and you’ll be so tired from running and broke from changing jobs, lives and moving that fighting back will be impossible.

        • One strategy used in war is to retreat to a more strategic and defensible location. Oregon’s population is increasingly more and more liberal to the point where if every conservative minded person left the state it wouldn’t change politics one iota. On the other hand if we gathered in the states already having a majority of like minded people we’d ensure the local laws remain friendly and help keep national representatives sent to DC from getting out of control. If we all knew the right answer there would be no debate, but since the correct path is not clear and uncontested I’m going to choose the hop out of the pot of water when it starts to get warm.

  4. Q: How exactly is the State even going to know that a gun was 1.) “transferred illegally” in the first place and 2.) know this without full universal registration?

    A: It won’t and it can’t. The sole and exclusive aim of this and every other bill like it is to trap ordinary law-abiding citizens in a “got’cha” moment and turn them into felons.

    After all, someone has to keep the prisons full, to keep State’s coffers fat, to keep the politician’s pockets lined, and to keep the union pensions in the black (which they can’t quite seem to manage anyway no matter how lucrative and how numerous their revenue streams are). When the State runs out of violent criminals to put in cages, the State simply invents “laws” in response to non-crimes to satisfy its thirst for control.

    That — and that alone — is, was, and forever shall be the name of the game folks: control. Don’t even let them breathe one word about “safety”, because if it ever was they wouldn’t be fighting us to start with.

    • This gun right here? I have had this one for many, many years.

      Or in the reverse…..

      Oh, you mean I have to register my firearms? Well….. you see, there was this tragic boating accident a few weeks back.

  5. We already got screwed in Washington last election, but there’s still hope for Oregon. Fight the good fight. You have my across the river support.

  6. Bad news for sure. It’s bad enough having to use a dealer for interstate transfers, but for a FTF transfer within the state, it is completely insane. Having an FFL does not make me special and I certainly do not want to be the long arm of the ATF for gun transfers between private citizens. I do it occasionally for individuals who WANT a record of the transaction, but would be cheating my fellow man to participate if it was forced–let alone charge someone for it!

  7. Just so everyone is aware, SB 941 includes exemptions not only for military and LEO, but their immediate family members.

    But.. but… they protect our freedumbs!

    • Blaine!? I knew you’d be back, after you got banned for that hissyfit. Your new name is rather… Freudian?

      • I don’t think you know what that word means, bro. 🙂

        Any thoughts on the LEO exemption?

        • Damn, it is you! Same snarky writing and all bro 🙂

          And it’s rather silly, of course.

        • Oh now calm down, I’m not looking for a brodown bro. I’m actually kinda thrilled your back. Your fun to bicker with.

        • @Sex T,

          I’m an LEO, but don’t think we should have gun exemptions unavailable to responsible citizens.

          Incidentally, I thought about what you and others said on TTAG about illegal immigration and amnesty. On 03/26/15, at approximately 0840 hours, an unlicensed illegal ran into the back of a schoolbus with 36 kids and 5 teachers on board with a white Dodge Ram truck. The bus was stopped at a red light on N/B Alameda St. south of Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. I impounded the truck for 30 days persuade to CVC 14602.6.

          Guess those are all just “anecdotes” though, because your apparently A-Ok with illegal immigration and not concerned with the crimes and crashes we got from illegals.

        • Accur81, what you said is the literal definition of a personal anecdote. Or maybe in your universe, legal residents never rear-end schoolbuses. 🙂

          So as a California LEO, do you own a single firearm that is forbidden from the unwashed masses? If so, what’s your excuse?

        • @ Blaine I mean Sexual Tyrannosaurus. Shoot me your fake email you are providing this blog and i’ll set you up with a ridiculous dinosaur icon.

        • Incidentally, I thought about what you and others said on TTAG about illegal immigration and amnesty. On 03/26/15, at approximately 0840 hours, an unlicensed illegal ran into the back of a schoolbus with 36 kids and 5 teachers on board with a white Dodge Ram truck. The bus was stopped at a red light on N/B Alameda St. south of Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA. I impounded the truck for 30 days persuade to CVC 14602.6.

          Guess those are all just “anecdotes” though, because your apparently A-Ok with illegal immigration and not concerned with the crimes and crashes we got from illegals.

          And so did the illegal have insurance?

        • Example: one of a number of things, or a part of something, taken to show the character of the whole:
          I.E. This painting is an example of his early work.

          This incident an EXAMPLE of irresponsible driving by an illegal immigrant. I did mention having hundreds, and that I’ve written approximately 1300 collision reports. A factual compilation of examples becomes statistics. Those statistics handily prove my point – that unlicensed illegals are approximately 2.5 times more likely to be at-fault in a traffic collision. Kinda like we, as truthful and responsible gun owners, use statistics to show how responsible CCW permit holders when statist politicians lie about “blood in the streets.” Statistics mentioned on TTAG also show that background check violations don’t get punished, and are therefore useless.

          But I guess you guys don’t get that. It could change if you get rear ended or involved in a hit and run with an illegal, but perhaps not even then.

          But you called my example an “anecdote” so you must be right. Let’s have an open border and grant amnesty. That’s a super-duper idea that’s worked really well in CA. Go ask another CA cop -who actually works the streets- about working near the border. I’ll bet dollars to donuts you’ll get the same opinion.

        • Accur81, you didn’t answer a question posed in the other thread: why do you support government mandated car insurance? Is it because the car insurance business buys free gear for cops?

          Here’s an idea: maybe if immigration laws didn’t make it so difficult for immigrants to acquire licenses (a precursor for car insurance), the problem might go away.

        • Add this to the list of things you’ve said that are factually incorrect: it is absolutely possible to obtain car insurance. Even without a driver’s license.

          And since you tend to not believe me, here’s a search result:

          I’ve also seen it done with Eastwood and Esurance, among others. Those are examples, not anecdotes.

          Also, our policy does not allow full insurance verification. We just accept a name and policy number. It’s a stupid policy, but it’s there just the same.

        • Difficult is not impossible, genius. Also immigrants are poorer than the average resident, ergo they are less likely to have insurance. That is no different from legal residents.

          By the way, you should stop pretending to be an authoritative statistical source on illegals and traffic accidents, being a literal source of one working in a city with a large immigrant population. Go look up sampling skew and bias.

        • @Sex T,

          As I’ve said before, I challenge you to speak to other SoCal street cops about the issue. Folks seems to be pro-illegal immigration while simultaneously underestimating the amount of crime committed by illegals. Just trying to put the truth in perspective. Talk to some ranchers or border patrol agents.

          Have fun. A little truth might just change your perspective. And as I’ve mentioned before, I have no problem with legitimate immigration. Those are the people who will actually support / defend the constitution and provide a contribution to our nation. I’m going to help incarcerate and deport the other kind. You’re welcome.

        • Do you actually believe people change their behaviors based on a government-designated status? Are you saying all these crooked illegals magically become upstanding citizens when the government hands them a green plastic card?

          LOL @ ask the other cops. Your anecdotes are bad enough, but now you suggest we listen to BS stories swapped around the donut shop by other cops? By parity of logic, should TTAG post sob stories from “victims of gun violence” instead of looking at hard statistics?

          Your “truth” is nothing more than appeal to emotion. Just change your name to Everytown.

        • Well, you got burned on car insurance, didn’t you? I could provide daily and weekly examples of my first hand experience with illegal crime. Examples, bro. The compilation of which become legitimate statistics. The usage of which being the basis of an intelligent argument, excepting inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator.

          But seeing as you have a tough time admitting you are wrong on the car insurance (hey look up some anecdotes of the CA vehicle code sections 16028(a) and 16028(c)!), I have no faith that you posess the intelligence to admit you are wrong in the future regarding immigration. Go ahead and celebrate illegal crime and the use of social services paid for by your tax dollars. So I’m done arguing the points for now.

        • Learn to read. I said it is *difficult* to obtain car insurance, not impossible as you implied. Why won’t you admit you were wrong?

          >>the compilation of which become legitimate statistics

          Then feel free to post said legitimate statistics instead of regurgitating the same old Adam-12 tales.

  8. Why are there police exemptions when they can be prohibited from federal law from possessing a firearm (except for Lautenburg domestic violence)?

  9. Everyone, please donate to the oregon gun groups opposed to this bill. The mistake that was made with I-594 is that the widespread local support against the anti gun bill was not enough to counter the billionaire money flowing in. Bloomberg bought signs and newspaper ads across the entire west coast of Washington while the pro gun organizations were only able to get signs in a handful of cities.

    Hopefully national support will be able to help our Oregonian friends.

  10. Looks like it’s time to retrieve my guns from Oregon just in case. I’ll be writing in for this crap this weekend.

  11. I immigrated out of Oregon to Free America just in time. From Arizona to my family and friends left behind enemy lines, I wish you well on your fight again tyranny. It is horrible to see such a once beautiful independent state be turned into a province of California.

  12. This kind a legislature fries me so bad living a liberal dream land called oregon a beutiful state with some terrible gov if you havent heard the governer was forced out due to some shady shit going down behind the scenes. This stuff pisses me off so bad and im only 15 come on a 15 year old has a better grasp on these types of things than a lot of adults just infuriating.

  13. These government bimbos fry me so much constantly whittling away at our rigjts as a citizenry to keep amd bear arms. Plus living a liberal dream state of oregon its very anoying the only thing stopping portland politics is soithern and eastern oregon (eugene is a lost town). On top of tjis oir governer was recently outed by resigination because of shady shit behind the scenes. Im only 15 and have a better geasp than some adults about his shit come on people open your damn eyes (preaching to the choir). Thats my two cents worth.

  14. Oregon’s a democratic state:,_2012

    You would think that with so much red in the state, that SB941 wouldn’t pass the state senate. But they are looking to fast track it through the senate before anyone realizes what is going on.

    I think it is all the bloomberg money they are cheering and throwing in the air:

  15. Im using a tablet so I just cut pasted and sent a blank email letter with the no on sb941 in subject line to every representative, took a while doing it that way and may have mailed 1 or 2 of them twice but I would hope if we need help in MI you guys would help tip the scales here too.

  16. Not to sound antigun, but with all this background stuff the antis are pushing why don’t we get ahead of the curve and push for a national FOID card system. $10 for 10 years. States have the right to participate. Anyone can run a check at anytime on a FOID and an authorization is put down on the transfer receipt both buyer and seller keep. NO paperwork is sent in, and authorization numbers DO NOT equate to an actual sale but can be requested at any time. You then have “background checks” without registration. Yes the government knows you “may” legally own guns, but have no idea what and how many. Use the same framework for national CCW, hell the same bill. It’s give and take you know.

    On a personal note, l live in Illinois. I kind of like having the FOID cards for personal firearm sales, I know the guy I’m dealing with can legally buy the gun, and I don’t have to go to a dealer to find out.

    • Because then politicians say, “Wow, what a rousing success this FOID program is! I bet it would be even more successful if we [insert more anti-gun here]”.

      You’d be letting the camel’s nose under the tent.

    • ” push for a national FOID card system”

      Binder, you forgot a word, there. That would be “voluntary”. I don’t need a FOID card and don’t want one, with one you are guaranteed a place in someone’s registry of gun owners, and if you use the FOIA I am certain you will find that the system you are fond of has accomplished precisely *nothing* else, and they charge you for it.

      I certainly do not need a national FOID card shoved down my throat at my expense.

    • The closest I might consider along those lines is an indication on one’s state I.D or driver’s license that they are not a prohibited possessor. It could just be a little green icon for those good to go. Better yet, it could be a little pistol icon with a red circle and diagonal line through it, “ghostbusters-style”, indicating they’re a prohibited possessor, and no icons at all for those who are good.

      No background check for anyone at the point of firearms transfer. No Form 4473. No personnaly identifiable record whatsoever of the sale. It’d be like buying alcohol. If you’re legal, you pay and go on your way, in privacy and anonymity. If you’re not, then you’re both committing a crime if you complete the sale.

    • I’m sympathetic to your idea. Respectfully, I’d like to offer a few criticisms.
      First, I would NOT approach it as a FEDERAL FOID. To the extent possible, we should TRY to keep to a minimum the amount of Federal regulation of the practice of keeping and bearing. The longer we can keep keeping and bearing regulation under State “police power” where it belongs (if and to the extent any such regulation is constitutional) then we are much better off. The Anti’s will have to fight us one-by-one through 50 States before they completely erase the RKBA.
      Second, in lieu of a Federal FOID why not expand on the system of State bi-lateral reciprocity and unilateral State recognition of CWPs. If you have a CWP you are FOID’ed irrespective of whether you have or carry a handgun. States can have higher / lower standards and States (like Idaho) can have basic / enhanced certificates.
      Third, I’d like to see National Reciprocity passed; that should help a lot with carry. That may serve as a springboard to expand the notion of National Reciprocity to a national system of BCing private-party transfers. Bear in mind that for about 22 States, private parties can skip a NICS check in their FFLs if they have an FOID or CWP that includes a NICS check. If it’s good enough for the Feds then it ought to be good enough for private party BCs.
      Fourth, and most important, I whole-heartedly agree with your idea of separating the ideas of BC from paperwork. We absolutely – positively – have to keep private-party BCs OUT of FFLs. Once the Anti’s push-through “UBC” as an FFL monopoly they have us under the roof of the FFL’s box of blank 4473 forms and file-cabinets of filled-out 4473 forms. Doing the BC via a showing of an FOID/CWP is one great solution. Also, opening NICS to subscribers who are gun ranges/clubs, sporting goods stores, notaries public etc. also gets us out of the FFLs. We should make the public decide, do you want: BCs; or, paperwork.

  17. Oregon is being neutered apparently, the state is also tring to pass a bill that will remove all vaccine exemptions except for medical exemptions, which don’t really exist. Hiding behind children to weaken rights…..

  18. One question, how do you know if someone is OK to buy your gun of you don’t know them VERY well? I have no issues with the background checks, however someone using your weapon while you’re present, and transfers to family members should be excluded. The constitution does mention “well regulated” after all. Being pro 2nd Amendment is not all-or-nothing. As long as weapon sales and transfers are not impeded by bias and prejudice, I think some regulations can be valuable. Just my honest opinion.

    • Jeff, I *don’t* know, and I don’t care. If the person buying my gun is a prohibited person, then HE just committed a crime good for 10 years in federal prison, start punishing the actual criminals, and stop trying to make ME one! The average year there are claims that NICS prevented 72 million felons from buying guns at gun stores, and yet fewer than 30 are convicted of that crime (trying to buy a gun). What is sought here is the required registry, nothing else, and that has been true forever, since the beginning of the NICS checks. And a full-blown absolute 100% registry can accomplish exactly *nothing* except facilitate confiscation.

      And “well regulated” means “well equipped” in today’s usage. “Infringed”, OTOH, means “infringed” in today’s usage, don’t drink the kool-aide.

  19. They deserve the government they get. Screw ’em.

    There’s no state in this Union whose entire political system couldn’t be turned upside down by the people who fail to vote, if only they voted. Don’t like living under statists and lazy asses? Then move.

    Don’t give me this “easier said than done” nonsense. When it really matters, refugees have never hesitated to pull up stakes and flee. Beyond that, none of these slave states have suddenly lurched in the last five minutes. The road to serfdom has been well marked for years. You shouldn’t have put down such deep roots in such sour soil in the first place.

    Now, please proceed to bash me, while ignoring your responsibilities in the upcoming presidential election, and spreading your state’s failures nationwide.

  20. Suppose the FFLs line-up behind us. Get some FFLs to testify that they will not to BCs for private transfers. Have a discussion among FFLs along the lines of whether it’s a good idea to shun BCs for private transfers. Then, if OR passes this law, flood the legislators with complaints from gun owners that they can’t find an FFL who will do the BC; or, that they are charging an extortionate amount.
    Look into the possibility of running across the boarder to do private transfers in another jurisdiction; e.g. ID. How is OR going to prove that Sam did NOT transfer to Bob within the State of ID.
    Have individual gun owners tell the Legislators that they are going to start buying 80% receivers and mail order parts. Then, have the FFLs testify that the 80% receiver business will destroy their businesses.
    As Bloomberg moves across the West from Washington to Oregon to Nevada we need to mount massive resistance to convince these State legislatures that they will face (armed) non-violent resistance to their registration schemes.
    If 4+ States fall; and, not one of them is reversed within a couple of years then we will have learned our lesson about private-transfer BCs. We had a choice:
    – Let Bloomberg write the UBC law; or,
    – WE PotG write our own UBC law.
    The die-hard – no compromise guys had their way – Bloomberg had HIS law. In this campaign it is up to us to respond with enough political force to overcome the public gullibility for UBC.

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