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We recently received an e-mail from the owner of 300 Below, citing TTAG’s approval of their Tactical Triad Cleaning Kits. Thanks to an overstocking error at Amazon, the company’s trying to move some inventory post haste. To prove the old adage that everything sells at a price, 300 Below is offering the kits at 30 percent below the normal price through the end of the month. Here are the deets and a link:

Need a good gift idea? Today you get 30% off.

I was proud when we launched the Tactical Triad gun cleaning kit a couple years back, earning a glowing review from the top ranked firearms blog in the US,, and we believe it remains one of the best non-toxic cleaning kits on the market.

Unfortunately, I got excited when we restocked and over-shipped too many gun cleaning kits to Amazon beyond the rate we were selling them. (My mistake!) Amazon just sent me a notice that I’m going to get dinged next month with inventory charges… soooo….

Rather than have these kits sent back or destroyed in place, I’d rather pass along some savings to get them in your hands. Plus, if there’s anything you don’t like about our gun cleaning kits, just like our services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

My mistake = your gain!

Our kit sells for $49.97 on Amazon, and through July 31, we’re offering 30% off. (~$15 off) That gets rid of my margin, but helps us get our costs back so I’m not taking a total negative.

Even if you’re not a shooter, our kits make great gifts.

Here’s the link:

Use the discount code “TTEXTRAS” on Amazon to save 30% starting at noon PDT today.

Thanks for taking a look, and helping me out on my inventory screw up!


Prescott Paulin
300 Below, Inc.

+1 (217) 423-3070 ofc

P.S. – If we run out by the end of the month on Amazon and you’d still like to buy, I’m also glad to honor the same rate shipping out of our warehouse in Decatur, but you’ll have to take care of the shipping costs. Just call our office and we’ll get you taken care of. Six kits max per client.

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  1. It say item unavailable at this time.
    That’s OK. I like my cleaning kits toxic. If it ain’t toxic it ain’t working.

  2. I also checked via the link and it says unavailable at this time. Article says starting noon PDT so in just two hours they sold off this massive inventory? I seriously doubt it.

    • Well the e-mail came through yesterday (also mentioned), so when the text of it said “today” it actually meant “yesterday.” Confused yet? Haha 😉

      They WERE in stock when this post was scheduled earlier today. At least they’ll still honor the 30% off price if anyone wants one (see the P.S. in their e-mail). Phone number is there or the e-mail came from prescott [at ]

  3. As someone who has tried the product and my and others review of this may still be in the Amazon comments, do not purchase it. It does not work as they state.

    • Does it work as Jeremy stated in his review? That’s the promise I bought it on.

      I’m not expecting it to be magic, and I haven’t actually seen the marketing claims. I’ll be happy if it works basically as well as any cleaner can be expected to.

    • I thought it worked as stated. The reviews on Amazon are pretty darn positive, especially considering most of the negative ones are complaints about the bottle having leaked during shipping rather than issues with performance.

      The cleaner is a strong yet safe detergent, and it does a good job. Especially considering it’s safe and smell-free. Considering it comes concentrated and is supposed to be cut 10:1, it’s a heck of a lot of gun cleaner. The lube is good as well, with my only complaint being that it thickens up after sitting on a gun for a few months. There are plenty of synthetic lubes that don’t do that. So I wouldn’t use their lube for long-term storage or anything like that, but it is very safe, smell-free lube that’s excellent for guns that are actively used. It’s like a highly modified and stabilized soybean oil, I believe.


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