From his gear, it’s obvious that Dee goes with what works. And few bits of gear work better than a M&P SHIELD and a Buck 110. Check it all out at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. Love the Olde School Buck 110, I still have mine around here somewhere. Yet I wonder about these Slim Wallet thingys. Just like a lot of EDC pocket dumps I see here, most of that stuff would not fit in my pockets & I wonder how they do it – same with the slim wallets. I could never fit all of my EDC wallet stuff into a little biddy thing like that. I’d have to carry several of them which kinda defeats the purpose. I usually pay by credit card but it’s not always possible. Maybe I’m the only one who suddenly finds I’m stuck with like 47 one dollar bills in my wallet because I hate to carry change. In any case, those wallets are woefully inadequate.

    • If it doesn’t have room for a handful of bills, it ain’t worth carrying. That said, I rarely every have the problem of accumulating too much cash…or any other form of money, for that matter.


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