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In a comment underneath my review of the GLOCK 19 Gen4 FS, TTAG reader RockOnHellChild expressed his displeasure with my assertion that the G19 is the Honda Accord of handguns.

I have never liked the Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, etc. analogies for the Glock 19. I think those analogies are better suited for revolvers.

IMHO, the Glock 19 is more like your standard, base model, gasoline engine, pickup truck (i.e., F150, Tundra, Silverado, etc.) It’s capacity for is work is high and it’s very utilitarian in nature.

What car comparison for your gun? Make that carry gun, rifle and/or shotgun . . .

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    • I’m thinking it’s more of a Honda Civic. Maybe that’s the 19. So I’d say I have a Honda Civic.

      • Ever owned one or know someone who does? Classic lines but they’re temperamental, finicky to drive, lack many modern features, and need a tune-up after just about every drive. But they are oh so sweet when they run right.

        So, 1911. 🙂

  1. My M&P would be a Chevy Impala. Not as many on the road as a Camry, and most recognized being cop cars. My GP100 would be a Z71. It’s big, powerful, and a “working man’s” kind of thing.

    • Oh, I see that others are giving the useful information about the identity of there guns. I am not carrying my new .357 yet so my carry gun is still a Five SeveN (light and efficient even if expensive for what it is, it is also long ranged for a pistol) and my rifle is a very light built .338 Spectre AR. I spent a lot on money one light weight and innovative parts but then weighed the gun down with a .338 Lapua suppressor and the 300gr bullets in very expensive magazines. It is very quiet and rather short of range. My primary loads for both guns have no lead in them so they are both “green”.

    • For the same $ you can “buy a pair” (real) at many automotive dealerships and gun stores. Ask to see the man card approved models.

      • I bet you think listening to Judy Garland and and drinking Chardonnay aren’t manly either. -rolls eyes and snickers-

        • IMO, real man is secure enough to follow his preferences with no regard to whether or not others view his choices as “manly”. If I enjoy singing with my daughters along to Miley Cyrus in my Civic, I’m gonna do it.

        • Serpent_Vision – Exactly, although many of the things I write are an attempt a self deprecating humor, I do drive a Prius and I am indeed secure in my ammosexuality:-)

  2. I finally put together my first AR-15 a few weeks ago. It’s got a PSA upper w/stainless barrel and 13″ M-lok handguard (looks pretty damn sweet), on an Andersen lower with PSA’s polished mil-spec trigger group.

    I’m thinking a new Ford F-150 Raptor package, with its aluminum structural parts and trashy/cool styling flash (and undeniable ability to get stuff done).

    • IWI Tavor 18in barrel in O.D. green = GMC Canyon w/ 2.8 Diesel.

      It’s got the same power as a full size truck but in a smaller package and reliability for years to come.

  3. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage – Quad .50 on a Half-Track. Handguns? We don’ need no stinkin’ handguns.

    • SCAR 17 would definitely be a Ford Raptor. Awesome, good looking, enough cargo space for most things (mag caps) and it’s extremely expensive.

      • Powerful, foreign built, something not seen every day but can be spotted by the informed, and the object of envy from those who see it in the wild. Others will ask if they can drive it.


  4. My M1A with OD Green Archangel stock, Harris bipod and Vortex scope = my Yukon XL Denali. We’re a great package…a little special but not outlandish.

  5. Hmm, I drive a Honda Accord. Bought for comfort and road trips. But I don’t own a Glock. My M & P Shield fits in it, nicely. I could see if a Glock 19 would fit, my son has one. Or, I could make it fit, somewhere.

    Now, if I were to choose any car, and any gun, I’d choose something a lot more expensive for both.

  6. Glock 19 = Jeep Cherokee XJ (80s and 90s Cherokee) with the 4.0 inline-six. I sold my 1992 Cherokee with 405,000 miles on it a couple years ago and it still ran like a top. The Glock is like the Cherokee because it’s boxy, ugly, all business, and just doesn’t quit.

  7. I see my Glock = Jeep

    Ugly and uncomfortable, but rugged and reliable enough to stand up to moderate abuse.

  8. Enfield No 4 mk : a London Cab (with a manual trans of course)
    M1 Garand: the Willys Jeep
    Ruger 10/22 = 1980s Ford Mustang with the lowest end engine offered. Ubiquitous, but under-powered
    Bushmaster/Palmetto State Armory franken-AR: Teenager’s tuner
    Sig P320: Can’t align that with a car because there are no cars that good.
    Sig P232: Opel GT because it looks like a corvette or a Lotus doesn’t mean it is a corvette or a Lotus but still fun.
    FEG 63: Did the Hungarians make cars that were copies of Western cars that were always in the shop?
    Ruger American Rimfire: The much less rusty low end version of the Mustang with a manual transmission
    Browning Twelvette shotgun: Jaguar. Nice to look at. Clever design. Often in the shop.

  9. The Glock to say Accord comparisons are about their utilitarian nature. There are some great cars that don’t inspire passion but do everything right.
    Lotta choices out there.

  10. My savage model 10t would be like my diesel ram 2500
    My 1911 is like my chevelle.
    My ar would be my wifes model s.

  11. Hmm, I think I’ll do this backwards.

    1985 Ford LTD. My first ride. It was a Hi-Point. Ugly and clunky, but it kept running, even at nearly 200K miles on the odometer, and beat to heck from many years of hard use.

      • “Great?” Not sure I could say that, but the “Le Car” ads for Renault back then were kinda memorable in their own way.

      • Citroen……cornered very well….had a bit of acceleration…almost comfortable to sit in….movie star looks. Hard to keep running.

      • Thing here is that KevinVT didn’t seem to get they game and just named a gun without a corresponding car, unless the Manurhin MR 73 is also a car:-|

  12. I like this game…

    My Adam’s Arms piston AR would be a Mustang running diesel.

    My Beretta PX4 an Alfa … not quite a real Italian supergun, and kinda plastic – but dang if it don’t look better than a Accord or Camry.

    I’d put my 870 squarely into the F150 territory. Utilitarian, reliable; everybody and their uncle has one.

    And my B&T APC9 a Koenigsegg. European, super rare, ridiculously priced, and holy-crap fits like a glove precision on every single detail.

  13. Ruger P-95 = 1985 Subaru with 350,000 miles on the original engine – not pretty, but it still handles everything you can possibly throw at it, and will remain functional and dependable long after I do.

    • LoL
      Nice call.
      I was figuring my P95 for a ’60s Chevy Impala.

      Same deal.
      Straight six. Incredibly easy to work on/use.
      Lasts half a zillion miles.

  14. I’d like to think my FNX-9 and Colt M-4 in Magpul FDE are both the Gen 2 Chevy Colorado truck of guns. Utilitarian, reliable can get you out of a jam. The Colt having the Z71 upgrade cause of the little FDE style.

  15. My Sig P238 in black with a purple Hogue Grip. Small, easy to conceal, light weight, easy to shoot, easy to load, easy to clean, fun to shoot. And it fits me perfectly. I say is the new Honda Civic. But, when I asked my 10 year old son, he says my gun is a Nissan 300zx. ? Can’t argue with him.

    My Ruger SR9C. Hmmmmm. I say Honda Pilot. My son says Nissan Pathfinder.

  16. My EDC is a CZ 75 Compact that’s had extensive work done by Cajun Gun Works. So, I don’t know. I’d like to think of it as a supped up Ford Mustang, but CZ definitely isn’t US made. Maybe a classic VW Bug that’s cleaned up and tricked out in a non obnoxious manner.

    I’d like to compare my Winchester 1300, Browning Silver Hunter, 12 Gauge SKB, Blackout AR, traditional AR, C308 Sporter, CZ 75B, Canik TP9SFX, Dan Wesson Revolver, but I’d be tired by the time I finished. Perhaps someone will help me

  17. Miata. Compact, light weight, handles well, manual transmission (DA trigger.). Downside is low capacity (two people or seven rounds), which is an upside for the car. The 1.8 L 147 hp engine makes it a 9 mm. Kahr CW9.

  18. My Glock 19 and my AK would both be a Toyota Hilux. They’re tough as shit and you find them everywhere.

  19. My 27-year old Gen 1 G19 is like my ’04, 4-cyl. Camry. Has 272,000 on it. Original transmission, just replaced the original water pump at 269,000! Gets 31-33 MPG at 75 on the highway, 24.something around town.

  20. Medium duty diesel pick up with a 3″ lift and steel aftermarket bumpers with a winch.

    Not ostentatious but capable and ready to get shit done.

  21. I’m going G19 has the Honda Civic. Everyone has one, they’re moderately priced, have decent room, efficient, and resale value is fair.

    AR’s are any midsize truck, you pick make. F150, Silverado, 1500 Ram, etc.

    AR-10’s are any large truck, diesel, 2500’s, Super duty, etc.

    The Barret M107 is definitely a Semi.

  22. Beretta 34 -> Fiat Topolino
    Enfield n.1 -> Morris Seven
    Enfield n.4 -> Land rover (real ones, leafsprung)
    Mosin Nagant -> Cart with horses

  23. Sorry to be negative, but glocks are actually more akin to the Toyota Camry. Honda accords are at least slightly fun to drive.

    • I’d go with the Camry comparison for the G19. It’s too expensive and proud for what it is. The G17 would be the Subaru Outback, not any kind of truck, or even an El Camino (the El Camino would probably be a 9mm AR).

  24. See a few Mosin people saying their guns are like a horse drawn cart. I raise you an 1876 Martini Henry Mk II. Thats a war horse.

    • Do you have the Stanley Baker sideburns? I think if I had a Martini Henry Mk II, I’d get a full costume for it. I’d have to be Bromhead though.

  25. If I am gun was a car?

    3.5″ Ruger American Pistol : Dodge Challenger (Non-Hellcat)- Extremely heavy while offering no real added performance over its lighter competition, but with some slight differences that make it more or less preferable to people with different tastes. Also, very heavy for its size.

    H&K USP: E39 M5. Best full-sized car of its era, using that period’s best new materials and technologies, and still inspires nostalgia today despite being beaten in performance by relatively budget-minded modern equivalents.

    • H&K handguns? Kinda scream Saab or Audi driver. Acquired taste and designs. Ruger in general reminds me of lesser Dodge products. More minivan & k car than Challenger.

      • The P7 could very well be a Saab, but the USP is a little bit too mainstream for that to work. Normal controls in the normal locations functioning in all the normal ways, just a little bit better.

  26. I’d have to have a whole lot of auto’s to play this game. I’ll throw in some (I own a farm with a lot of work trucks), but in reverse, if my cars were guns.

    Cadillac Escalade ESV = Cabot Black Diamond 1911. (Powerful, good looking, luxurious, but it’s probably going back to the dealer a few times.)

    HMMWV M998 Truck = Pre-Freedom Group Remington 700 in .308 (Great all around work truck. Capable, great value. But most people can’t leave it alone and spend 10X what it is worth trying to turn it into something it’s not.)

    Ford F250 4WD = Freedom Group Remington 700 in .308 (Everything the same about the HMMWV 998, but it starts out sucking too.)

    Toyota Tundra 4WD = Pre-Freedom Group Marlin 1895 in .45-70 (Capable of everything I need it to do and then some. Fantastically durable and reliable. More vehicle than I need 90% of the time, but I’m really grateful for what it delivers when I need that other 10%).

    • Cadillac Escalade ESV = Cabot Black Diamond 1911. (Powerful, good looking, luxurious, but it’s probably going back to the dealer a few times.

      A solid axle like a farm implement, not to mention an OHV engine. Like a farm implement. Not to mention the ergonomics and controls. Like a…

      HMMWV M998 Truck = Pre-Freedom Group Remington 700 in .308 (Great all around work truck. Capable, great value. But most people can’t leave it alone and spend 10X what it is worth trying to turn it into something it’s not.)

      I’ve never heard of a HMMV randomly driving off and running someone over, without the key in the ignition, or anything but being fueled.

      Ford F250 4WD = Freedom Group Remington 700 in .308 (Everything the same about the HMMWV 998, but it starts out sucking too.)

      Same applies to the Ford.

      Toyota Tundra 4WD = Pre-Freedom Group Marlin 1895 in .45-70 (Capable of everything I need it to do and then some. Fantastically durable and reliable. More vehicle than I need 90% of the time, but I’m really grateful for what it delivers when I need that other 10%).

      Perhaps this one works…

  27. My Ford Ranger has been extensively rebuilt and modified by myself to the point that much of it isn’t Ford at all anymore. I needed Ford to start with and I built something that isn’t practical for everything, but good at quite a few. It also isn’t very pretty, but has a rugged appeal thing going on. This is just like my home built AK 74 variants.
    My springfield is like my bmw… It works and is kind of pretty, but I think the company that built it hates me. Also they are both a little overpriced in my opinion.

  28. Glocks are cop guns. Thus, they are the Ford Crown Vic of guns. Not pretty, simple, have big bumpers and around everyplace. My M38 Swedish Mauser screams classic Volvo wagon. My kelTec PF-9 , screams 1987 Mazda Rx-7. Quirky, rotory power, two seats & lots of plug changes.

  29. I was an Army tank commander, so I’d compare some of my guns to military vehicles, both current and historical…

    My shotgun is like an M1 Abrams tank: It’s a double-barreled Stoeger Double Defense with 20″ barrels, chambered in 12-gauge of course, with NVD-capable red dot sight (Sightmark Wolverine FSR), back-up iron sights (fiber-optic front bead sight), tactical rail-mounted weapons light with strobe and infrared capability, and stock-mounted shell carrier holding eight additional 12-gauge shells.
    That makes my shotgun like an M1 Abrams tank: powerful, bulletproof, reliable, 120 mm main gun to destroy anything on the battlefield, with high tech sights for accuracy and redundant back-up systems for infallible reliability!
    It can fire even faster than an M-1 tank, two rounds every five seconds compared to one round every five seconds for an M-1 tank.

    My AR-15 is an M-3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle: The AR-15 has a stainless steel 20″ barrel, Burris AR-532 scope, tactical rail-mounted light with strobe and infrared capability, two spare CR123A batteries in the grip for the tactical light, spare CR2032 battery on a rail for the scope, QD bipod, Kaw Valley Precision linear compensator, Stag lower with 2-stage trigger; Magpul buttstock, trigger-guard, and grip in Flat Dark Earth color.

    My Beretta PX4 with Burris FastFire red dot sight and Viridian green laser with strobe light is a Ferrari.

    My Marlin 1894C lever-action .357 (replica of the 1894, before the automobile) is a Conestoga covered wagon!

    That means my Ruger Vaquero Bisley .45 Colt single-action revolver is a mustang (the horse, not the car!)

    My Ruger Bearcat .22 LR single-action revolver is a pony.

    My Smith & Wesson Governor (.45 Colt, .45 ACP, and .410 shotgun shells) is a Humvee, lightweight (by Army standards) but powerful and flexible for different missions.

    My Ruger LC380 is a Honda Civic, small for easy parking, only 4 cylinders but enough power to get the job done (.380 ACP = 4 cylinder equivalent).

  30. I see a lot of folks point about the Glock being a Honda or Toyota (car) and the AR/AK/Shotgun being a pickup truck. However, my only issue with that is how many folks sling your long gun everyday? I would venture, not many, if any. But, how many folks carry a pistol everyday? See my point. Trucks are commonly used, like G19. Long guns are more of a speciality item, which is why most people don’t use them everyday.

    Unless y’all just buy pickup trucks and park ’em in the garage, like most folks buy a long guns and store them at the casa, until you’re ready to do something with it.

    The long guns are probably more on par with the more commonly garaged vehicles (muscles car, off road buggies/vehicles, show cars, motorcycles, etc,) you may use them frequently, but they have special purposes. And let’s be real, it’s not an everyday thing.

    We don’t live in a world where people typically walk around with long guns (not that I care when people OC long guns – I don’t give a shit.)

    And anyone who has lugged around a rifle all day knows it’s sucks. You ever try to take a shit with a long gun strapped to your body? Its not super easy to do.

    Anyways, just trying to keep my analogies realistic. And I’m an Engineer, so I over think everything.

    The G19, like the pickup, is something you can live with everyday, but can also get down and dirt with, if you got to.

    Long guns are like motorcycles and off road buggies. Bad ass, but once the weekend is over, your ass is numb, and you are all done sweating you balls off. So, you just want some A/C and comfortable seat – back to garage they go.

    G19 = pickup truck.

    • Oh, and the reason I say revolvers are Hondas and Toyota (car) is because they are minimalist, compact, and reliable. And the gun most people get for their first gun.

  31. Gun: For SHTF, I prefer Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle.

    Car: If such a rifle were a car, it might not even be a car! I prefer two identical bicycles (same spare parts, same repair skills, etc.), both spray painted dull black to deter thieves. No need gas. No fear gridlock. No make noise.

  32. “Question of the Day: If Your Gun Was a Car, What Car Would It Be?”

    Not sure if TTAG is out of ideas for articles or is really high right now.

  33. My Garand is a late 40’s Dodge Power Wagon – old, heavy, slow but honest American steel that will get you out of trouble
    1911’s are a WW2 Jeep. Some might argue they’re uncomfortable and obsolete, but they’re a classic minimalist vehicle that goes everywhere and does everything it needs to.

  34. A Ruger redhawk is a dump truck.

    But the real question is what gun would the Smart be? One of those smart guns?

  35. Well if the Glock 19 is the Honda Civic… I suppose my Glock 17 is a ford minivan cargo variant.

  36. Well, one of my guns is a kahr, so …

    Colt 1911 – ’57 chevy
    Colt 1903 – ’32 Ford
    S&W Model 19 – ’69 Camaro
    All my .22s – plain jane 4 cylinder, 4 door sedan.
    12 gauge shotgun – Ford F250
    Savage 110, .270 Win – ’63 impala
    Remington 1858 – late ’40s Willys pick up
    AR-15 – ’80s Toyota Celica
    Marlin 336 – ’70s International Scout II

  37. “If Your Gun Was a Car, What Car Would It Be?”

    My gun never was a car, but if it WERE a car it would be a Karmann Ghia – looks like a sports car, but just a plain VW inside (Mauser HSc), and past perfect.

  38. No, I would stand with the assesment that Glock is the Honda Civic (or other highly customizable car of choice) of firearms. By contrast the AR platform is the Truck of firearms. What I mean is yes you can heavily modify a Civic to put out tons of torque to tow a horse trailer it becomes an unholy abomination (CAA Roni kits) that no longer can be called a Honda Civic. By contrast the truck perfectly lends itself to custimization; work truck, off roader, dragster, you name it the truck or AR can perform with style.

  39. Ruger Security 6 Stainless .357 Magnum=> Triumph TR6. Classic, fun to drive, spot-on-accurate.
    870=> F150. Who doesn’t have one.
    Remington Nylon 77/Mohawk 10C=>Toyota Tercel. Maintenance not required. Runs forever. For-ever.
    BP Revolvers=> Any MG. Constant maintenance required.
    S&W Governor=> Hummer H2. Too big to be useful, expensive to maintain. Destroys whatever it hits.
    AR-15 (aka Scary Black Rifle)=>Viper V10. Flashy enough to piss off most anyone that sees it.
    Pump-up pellet rifle(varmint gun)=>Smart for Two. Useless, underpowered, overhyped but serves a purpose.

  40. If my gun was a car then I would be able to operate it openly in almost every country in the world. I wouldn’t have to worry about the fuel tank capacity or the number of cylinders. The beefy tires and paint job (scary parts) wouldn’t be banned. And if the exhaust was too loud, people would be very happy to see me use a muffler.

  41. Given its a S&W 66 in 357 mag, Mine would be a 55 Chevy… like the one in “two lane blacktop”

  42. My “J” frame snubbie: a volkswagon beetle
    My Model 29: a 70’s caddy
    My modified 1911: a full on rally car
    My M9: A Jeep CJ
    My simple, generic, non tactical, 870 pumpgun: NOW we are at pickup trucks…
    The glock I don’t have is more like a 1975 ford pinto or a corvair. Unsafe at any speed????

  43. Most of my rifles, pistols and shotguns are stock and not expensive or rare so I’d probably lump them in with basic cars. They do the job and not flashy at all.
    One pistol tho that has been a project, would be akin to the Corvette Z06. My Beretta Brigadier. After a lot of customization, she’s fast, light and dead sexy.
    I don’t own anymore Glocks but they were the working man’s truck of pistols.

  44. I must have missed still another memo. I thought guns was equated in some way to dicks. Not transportation.

  45. Ford Pinto. Goes bang with a giant fireball every time, and likely to kill somebody in the process.

  46. I would be a 2004 F-250 Harley Davidson Edition with a “bulletproofed” 6.0 Powerstroke. 6 inch lift, 18 inch wheels and 36 inch Nitto grapplers. Just saying…

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