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Around 2:30am Wednesday morning in Whitehaven, the quiet neighborhood best known for Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate, three suspects forced entry into a home with the intent of robbing it. Above is a Google Street view snapshot of the general vicinity.

Once inside, they were quickly met with an armed homeowner who shot one of them, killing him and causing the other two to flee. Those suspects are still at large.

When reporters arrived at the house, a gray car was being towed from the scene (it’s unclear why the car was being removed). Two children under the age of five are believed to have been in the home at the time of the break-in.

Just another defensive gun use story in which an ordinary citizen protects his family from harm with a firearm. Nothing eyebrow-raising here – except the fact that you almost never hear these stories from the left-leaning anti-gun media. For some reason.

Here is a brief news video of the incident:

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    • “People” rarely use a gun for self defense. But, for a “person” who finds themself in that situation the possibility is 100%.

    • Likely the “people” of whom she speaks are like her and have armed security surrounding her constantly forming a bulletproof wall of bodies.

      Most of us normal folks have to fend for ourselves. Agree, better to have and not need, etc.

    • In the 50+ years since I became an “adult” I have only used a fire extinguisher one time and unfortunately it was insufficient to put out the magnesium fire of a burning Volkswagen engine. But I did have it and I did use it for its intended purpose.

      Another time, in the army, a fuel truck pulled into our Kaserne (in Germany), hit the brakes and shorted out its battery box resulting in an electrical fire (under 1,200 gallons of regular gas). I grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and ran down four flights of stairs to the truck. Three others had beaten me to the fire and had it out by then. But I did have the extinguisher even though I did not need to use it that time for its intended purpose.

      So far in that same life I have only pointed my EDC at a live person one time. While making a late night bank deposit a car with its headlights out rolled up behind me at the drop box and I turned to cover the driver with my S&W model 19. It turned out that it was a Dayton police officer! He waived his hands at me, put the cruiser in reverse and backed away. I did not need my pistol that time, but I had it, and if it had been a BG that had followed me from the theater instead of Dayton police doing a welfare check I would have been covered. ($14,000 cash in the deposit bag.)

      Better to have it (guns and fire extinguishers) and not need it, etc.

    • Technically, it’s true, but misleading. 1-2 million out of 350 million is less than a percent, which I consider rare, but it’s certainly not unheard of odds. It’s also rare for a police officer to ever discharge their firearm unless they’re on special duty, like SWAT. A shooting spree, especially at a school, is even more rare, yet they use them as an excuse to push for every gun control bill they can think of.

      • a) Actually that is per year, not lifetime, and per person, not per household.

        so lifetime DGU per capita is more like 2.5 million x 70 years =175 million.

        b) Moreover in many cases multiple people are being protected by one person in one DGU — such as when my sister in law pulled a firearm on a two guys breaking into her home with her three kids sleeping. If on average two people are protected by a DGU that is 350 million GDUs out of 350 million persons lifetimes.

        c) that is not even counting future victims saved by a DGU in the past that results in detention, arrest and conviction of assailant/perp. That is not trivial since most violent crime is committed by a small cohort of repeat criminal.

        it is quite common for a perpetrator of a crime of force and violence to have committed a dozen or more crimes for each one they are actual caught and prosecuted doing. If a civilian has DGU with arrest of criminal at crime #3 occurs, instead of waiting for a police apprehension at violent crime #12, the civilain’s DGU has prevented NINE crimes, not one.

        so in terms of victimization prevention, it may be extremely likely you will be protected by a DGU since NONE of the studies count a) lifetime, b) multiple potential victims protected c) subsequent crime by an uncaught perp. All three of those means ALL estimates of DGU are massive underestimates of lifetime benefit of US DGUs

  1. But, but, what about the poor dead bad guy not getting his due process, so that the judge can officially slap him on the wrist, and make him promise not to do it again?

    Does anyone fail to see this is sarcasm, aimed at those who are pushing for the so called red flag laws?

      • The homeowner turned it around for him. A 180 degree pivot, from life to the opposite of it. Can’t make a sharper or quicker turnaround than that.

      • The only thing that perp was trying to turn around was his sorry ass to get to the nearest door.

        Like the old joke about the two guys meeting a bear in the woods: “I don’t have to be faster than the bear, I only have to be faster than you!”

        That’s what his “compatriots” were thinking about him as they pushed their way to the exit.

  2. I do hope I never have to shoot someone, it would suck bad enuff with out all the gestapo questions, then I’ve got the problem of eating what I shoot, I’m sure there’s a law against eating humans, however being a possum I might get away with that one?

  3. In other parts of the world, like the UK, the law would force you to get robbed, beaten, or killed because you might use “excessive force” to protect yourself! (excessive force would be anything that effectively defends your life or property)

    • How long before they also make it illegal to have a rear exit or windows large enough to escape through. Seems entirely unfair to the burglar/robber if you have a way to get out.

  4. Crime happens everyday in this nation but we seem to have the ideal that bad guys have right if you threaten to do harm to people then the people has the right to react in a manner befitting the threat.

  5. “Whitehaven, the quiet neighborhood best known for Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate” – The author has obviously never been to Whitehaven.

  6. Looking at a map of the area, this shooting took place within a few hundred yards of a police station. When seconds count, the police are only a few yards away.

    • 61North,

      When seconds count, the police are only a few yards away.

      And carrying unloaded rifles!

      (Reference the police response in Cincinnati a few days ago.)

      • His rifle was unloaded. But his transition to his pistol was smooth and fast and he was still able to support his team. I’d call that a mix

  7. If the name is Whitehaven, it would suggest that mean old white men, Nazis, racists, xenophobes, toxic masculinity and “White privilege” people all reside there. Therefore, they must all be NRA Members who are hell-bent on using their firearms indiscriminately against all who would want to break into their homes, regardless of the intruder’s intention, and finally because of these homeowner’s inherent bias against all people of color.

  8. Well if DGU’s are statistically insignificant then what can we say of the number of innocent people dying a violent death by firearms, which compared to DGU’s is an even more infinitesimally small figure (including the much hyped “mass shootings”)?

  9. 😂😂😂 Whitehaven is far from a quiet neighborhood! Its not the worst area in the city, nah that goes to Orange Mound, but Whitehaven is a massive ghetto.


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