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Just a reminder for all you gunnies hoping to get your hands on one of the 8000 1911 pistols that were released for sale through the Civilian Marksmanship Program that the order period is now open. The CMP will continue to accept orders through October 4 and will award guns on a lottery basis.

Full information on the purchase process can be found at the CMP site, but here are some key details:

  1. CMP 1911 order form packet is now posted.
  2. CMP 1911 customer service number is 256-835-8455 extension 461
  3. CMP 1911 customer service email address [email protected]
  4. Only ONE CMP 1911 order form packet per customer may be submitted.
  5. CMP 1911 order form packet must be mailed to the following address. This includes USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc. Orders must be postmarked NOT PRIOR TO 4 September 2018 and NOT AFTER 4 October 2018.  Any orders received postmarked prior to September 4 will not be accepted.  Hand delivered, emailed and faxed orders will not be accepted. Only orders sent to the following CMP 1911 address will be accepted:

CMP 1911
1800 Roberts Drive
Anniston, AL 36207

  1. Customer names from complete CMP 1911 order form packets will be fed into a computerized Random Number Generator on 5 October 2018. The Random Number Generator will provide a list of names in sequential order through the random picking process. Customers will be contacted in the sequence provided by the Random Number Generator. The CMP 1911 customers will select their grade of pistol (Service, Field or Rack) from available inventory at the time of order notification. Customers with higher numbers may have fewer grades from which to choose. When this year’s allotment of 1911s is exhausted, the remaining orders will be held in the existing sequence for all future allotments of 1911s. The CMP does not know what future allotments might be.
CMP 1911 Sales Details Auction Process Civilian Marksmanship Program

As for pricing:

CMP has priced the 1911 type pistols at fair market value in accordance with CMP’s enabling legislation.

Service Grade $1050. Pistol may exhibit minor pitting and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips are complete with no cracks. Pistol is in issuable condition.

Field Grade $950. Pistol may exhibit minor rust, pitting, and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips are complete with no cracks. Pistol is in issuable condition.

Rack Grade $850. Pistol will exhibit rust, pitting, and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips may be incomplete and exhibit cracks. Pistol requires minor work to return to issuable condition.

Auction Grade (Sales will to be determined by auctioning the pistol). The condition of the auction pistol will be described when posted for auction. Note: If you have already purchased a 1911 from CMP you will not be allowed to purchase an auction 1911. If you purchase an auction 1911, your name will be pulled from the sequenced list. No repeat purchasers are allowed until all orders received have been filled.

The shipping cost is included in the price.

Good luck.

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  1. Uh, do they know that you can buy a brand new 1911 from any of dozens of manufacturers for substantially less than that?

      • I bought a surplus Lee-Enfield once. It cost me $100 and came with 100 rounds of 45 year old amm unition.

        But I guess if they can find fools to buy them… Does bring into question what the purpose of the Civilian Marksmanship Program is though.

        • Seriously? Those prices are actually really good. Unmolested WWII era 1911s generally sell for around $1200. I fully expected CMP to want $1400-1500 for these.

          It’s the 18-million stupid hoops you have to go through to get one that is going to turn most folks off.

        • The service grade I could sort of see, but I can’t see dropping $850 on what’s essentially a rustic paperweight.

        • Many of these pistols are mix of parts from different serial numbers. These 1911s are not the piece of history you think it is.

        • The current purpose of the CMP is to give baby boomers something to do on the weekend with the gear they bought back when it was still affordable.

          Because most people getting into the shooting sports look at the outlay needed and decide that for what they would have to spend to do CMP matches, and the gear that represents, they’re better off spending less and getting modern arms to do 3-gun, PRS, or IPSC/IDPA.

          In about 10 years, the people who play these games are going to have to look at their profiteering and decide if they want their hobby to continue. Because their grandkids are going to crash the service rifle market via estate sales once they realize no one is buying for what Grandpa thought he should get…

      • Spend $800 and get a brand new Ruger SR1911. I am not sure why you are bringing Glock into this conversation. This is obviously not for people who are considering a striker fired pistol.

    • Way, way over priced. Eight hundred fifty dollars for a pistol not in shootable condition? (Are they out of their minds?)

      • Do you even understand supply and demand, or what “fair market price” means?

        If they sell them all out, they were underpriced. If they sell too slowly, they can lower the price.

        Oh, I bet you mean YOU don’t want one at that price. Waahh.

        • What person in there right mind would pay $850 for a non-functional mixed number rusty gun? History smishtory…you can find good WW2 era 1911s for 12-1400 or less. The CMP is supposed to be helping shooters aquire affordable firearms, not squeeze every penny and then some from their junkpile. $850 for ANYTHING non-working that they made hundreds of thousands of is just insane. I figured they would top off around $850 and that you would be able to get a shitbox one for around $500…but, then again…whenever Uncle Sams involved, get the lube out and bend over.

        • Hey smartazz, do you even understand we don’t give a shiit about your supply and demand logic?

        • Supply and demand pricing is all good for a business. The CMP is not a for profit business selling guns to collectors though. It was created to help train public into shooters with affordable surplus firearms. This is not it.

        • Ed drivelled: “What person in their (FIFY) right mind would pay $850 for a non-functional mixed number rusty gun?”

          There are no ‘mixed number’ .mil M1911’s. The SN appears in one place, right side of the receiver. And yes, every other part on the piece may, and likely was, replaced over the course of a long and worthwhile service history. I had two in my arms room in the late ’70’s, sn: x-3910 and x-3959, prolly made in 1911 or 1912 that I can pretty much guarantee are not all original but if I was so lucky as to score one of these I’d count myself fortunate. And rust can be dealt with. You do know how to do that, right?

          And frankly, may I call you frank? I’d prefer a 100 y.o. rattletrap +M1911 from CMP than a newer than last week M9.

          In my experience as an armorer I only sent pistols to DS maint for re-bluing, never had to replace anything on the pistols. I did piss off my XO for ordering magazines so frequently that they appeared on his PLL, (Prescribed Load List (aka shit you’d better have on hand for war, XO’s don’t like large PLL’s, you gotta pack it up and take it with you). First action for repairing a 1911 (or an M16 for that matter)? Take a ball peen to every magazine the complainer turned in and order new.

    • I don’t own a 1911, and I don’t particularly care about them, but I’m in for one. Figure if I’m gonna pull the trigger, it might as well be on something sorta interesting. You only live once.

      Also, those who immediately found it necessary to make this comment section political (again, still), fuck you.

        • Nah, just annoyed that I came here to read about something I was interested in, and it took all of four comments from the top it to devolve into political bullshit.

          I spend a lot of time on reddit, and one of the things I love, love, LOVE is the ability to hide child comments. On reddit, I would have gotten to jwm‘s comment about Hillary, clicked on it to hide the whole comment thread, and the very next thing I’d have seen on my scroll was jwtaylor‘s “Done.” Instead, it was necessary to scroll past all the bullshit, which is something that is becoming necessary to do in basically every other post. It’s just gotten old.


        • Matt, we’ve always been political here at TTAG. The posts that stick to strictly the technical aspects of firearms get few hits. Look at the most recent one about black powder revolvers. Almost nothing.

          Clicks is what makes the site run. I would think that the powers to be at TTAG would be sweating all the winning we potg have been doing. Without the ever looming threat of gun bans the interest in sites like this is going to taper off.

          • Headline: New Superwhamodyne Drop-in AR Trigger

            Comment: “Hillary lied!”

            Headline: How Much Gun Is Too Much To Carry?

            Comment: “Orange Man Bad!”

            Headline: Single Mother Of Three Singlehandedly Holds Off Three Home Invaders Until Police Arrive, Killing One In The Process

            Comment: “Hillary would rather she die than have that gun”

            This is every thread lately. Political-bent site or not, this shit gets old. Take a break once in a while. Maybe talk about the actual subject of the post.

        • This is fascinating, I don’t have any of the referenced politics, do I have a special secret filter or something, or did somebody remove a bunch of them?

      • my old lady is drivin’ me nuts as well.
        i’m very glad that these are being released.
        and it’s tempting.
        i’ll pass for now.

  2. In the overall scheme of things this is fairly small potato”s.

    But does anybody believe even this small amount of old pistols would have been sold to the public with hillary in the white house? Every day in small ways we are reminded of the hell we dodged.

    • Oh, FFS! Like Trump really did you a solid there -$850 for a rusty, pitted 1911 with cracked grips?

      Red doesn’t equal “friend of gun ownership” = if it did, Reagan wouldn’t have signed us up for background checks, bush would have *repealed* the assault weapons ban (instead of offering to *sign* it if Congress sent him another one) & trump would have gotten the hearing protection act passed.

      The orange man will roll over gun owners in a heartbeat if he sees an opportunity to make some happy headlines.

        • I didn’t vote for Hillary.

          But it’s a stretch to take what was said above to suggest that he would have “preferred to vote for Hillary, then?”

          I believe he’s trying to point out that some Republican presidents have been less than steadfast in their support for the Second Amendment and gun owners in the past and that he’s projecting that our current president might follow their examples if he was forced to make a choice between us gun owners and something else he perceives to be equally or more important. History is on his side.

          Manners still matter among honorable men. And, twisting another man’s words in not mannerly or honorable anywhere on earth (but perhaps on the Internet.)

        • David. We have folks show up here all the time trying to convince us to turn on the gop and the nra. I asked him a simple question.

          As for twisting his words, you added ‘vote’ to my question. Does that make you less than honorable?

        • @David Walters

          I didn’t vote for Hillary.

          I’m taking that as a sneaky (or as you would say…twisted) way of saying that you didn’t vote for Trump.

          If you normally vote Republican and you didn’t affirmitavely vote for Trump than you effectively “voted for Hillary”

          Lastly Trump isn’t a Republican and tha’s fine by me with all the poor decisions by the last two Republicans in the White House and the clusterfark actions of a Republican congress.

          What I care about Trump s what HE DOES because his Twitter blurbs means nearly nothing. Adults understand that.

      • If you don’t want, don’t buy. I agree it is not a good value for ME either. I will not be buying; too many hoops to jump through and not worth the hassle. Others may have their own view. The point is I guess, at least you have the option to buy if you want.

        On the other hand, if Hillary had won (God forbid) this would not even be an option. Overall I would say the country and especially gun owners dodged a bullet. Pun intended.

      • Go be a liberal and vote democrat then. Then, when your standing in line at your local police station to turn in your guns, take a long hard think about the choices you made.

      • You have a serial numbered lower receiver (the only serial numbered part). Go crazy. I would like to see more, lots more CMP proselytizing with affordable basic .22’s for marksmanship training in our high schools, boy/girl/whatev troops and others who’d like to sign up. Johnny Appleseed does yeoman service but CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) you have a mandate, use it.

    • This was initiated under Obama… Trump is no friend of the 2A, he just talks a big game to separate fools from their votes.

      • Gawd you’re a dolt.

        Yeah Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will have no impact on 2ndA over the NEXT 30 YEARS!

        Once agin, I don’t care what Trump tweets and how the MFM twists that. What I DO care about is what gets done. And Gawd is Trump killing it with what is getting done even with an obstructionist RINO congress.

      • Actually no. It was “allowed” under Obama. Nobody seriously expected any guns to be transferred until he was out of office and none were. Under Trump the congress changed to law to REQUIRE the secretary of the Army to make the transfer.

  3. I’d like to … but, honestly, for me it’s not the price but the extra hassle factor involved.

    • Too expensive for me too. They weren’t that selective about which taxpayers they took money from to buy these pistols from when they were purchased.

      • F**** a, well said.

        Pistols and rifles should go to the men and women that fielded them in appreciation of their service and acknowledgment that most would serve again in time of serious crisis.

        If they want to sell them, that’s up to them.

  4. Nobody is twisting your arm. Feel free to buy a Glock instead.
    This offering is a big step in the right direction. Cankles would never have approved it.
    Now bring our Carbines back home where they belong.

  5. I actually joined an out of state gun club (cheapest that cmp would accept) in preparation for possible purchase. I’d be a buyer at half that price, but I guess a product is worth what you can sell it for. Perhaps the next lot will be cheaper.

  6. Hopefully no one gets to purchase these old worn out war relics, they will just ruin the plastic gun market. Ha Ha. 8000 ain’t enuff, make it 800,000 at $180 throw in a box of shells and call it a win. I’m thinking since we the people bought these guns, we the people should get em back, not just these guns but all guns and anything else no longer issued to the military or government. Put your name in the hat, you might win a battleship ohhhh yeah

  7. While these guns aren’t worth the asking price to ME, I really can’t help but shake my head at all the whining and crying here.
    Atleast we get the opportunity to buy these guns instead of having them end up in the smelter.
    I bet these same guys would be the first ones whining and complaining if the guns were just scrapped.

    Some people just need something to bitch about.

    • My LGS is very small, yet he has more than a hundred guns which cost more than I am willing to pay, or I would own them. But I don’t bitch every day about him having them. What is the problem, here, do we have an influx of snowflakes think everything should be free?

  8. My take is:

    1-If the gov can find people to buy em at that price, more power to em. Reclaim some of my tax bucks. I’m sure as hell not gonna complain, although I’d admit it’s not for me.
    2-People buy em for the history, mixed numbers or not. It’d be like owning a legit Walker Colt or a Peacemaker or a Henry/Spencer/whatever from the era of the Civil War or the Wild West or heck even something from the gangster era. Yes authenticity matters, but because .gov owned it there’s still some pedigree there.
    3-I could see a lot of these being wall hangers or inoften shot guns. People who are looking for a shooter will probably look at RIA, Remington, Ruger or a myriad of other makers at that price point. Wouldn’t be surprised if you could get into a used Dan Wesson either.

    • There are NO mixed number M1911’s from .gov. The serial number is on the right side of the lower receiver. Only. But parts changing is a long and laudable tradition. And is defined as a repair in every manual from the USA you’d prefer to quote.

  9. What I’m sick of is going to gun shows and seeing all the Garands and carbines with CMP stamps up for sale, obviously never used after being received in the mail.

    If this is what has to happen to stop that, then I guess we know who to blame.

  10. What a bunch of butthurt whiners.

    I just hope that Hillarys pet Russians/Chicoms don’t “hack” the “Random Number Generator”. Might need to have Mueller start the special investigation before it happens.

  11. I will continue to use my Hi Point 45 pistol. It has no rust, cracks or pitting. Only $140. It has a 9 round capacity and shoots great. Twenty round magazines are now available. Go head and spend several hundred dollars on a rusty pitted and cracked gun. You still have the Liberty to do so.

  12. This seems way too high to me. I am not just whining because I am unable to get a good deal here, but have to say that this misses the whole point of the CMP. Or does it? Perhaps the day of the CMP is over. Back after WWII, when there were untold numbers of surplus guns around at scrap-pile prices, this was a win-win. Civilian shooters got good quality military weapons at reasonable prices, the government got more money than they would have gotten for mangling and selling for scrap, and the nation got a continued pool of firearm savvy citizens for possible military or reserve use.
    Those days are done.
    Today, the standard weapon of the infantryman is fully automatic, so no chance to sell to civilians. Pistols are used, refurbed, issued, reissued, and beat to crap. They are not sold off until they have more antique value than shooter value. If the CMP did not gouge and sell a these prices, then savvy gun traders would all buy these up at lower prices, and mark them up to this much or more.
    I suspect the days of the CMP are long over, and the concept is no longer valid – at least as far as a distributor of firearms.

  13. I see these are valued for the historical aspect only. As others have already stated, a serious shooter looking for a working 1911 would most likely go for a current production model offered by any of the major firearm manufacturers rather than spend their money on a beat up, aged military weapon.

    I looked into this when they first announced the program, and despite living in a major metropolitan area, could not find a CMP sanctioned club ANYWHERE. The only way I could join a CMP club would have been to go with a statewide club that didn’t even have events within 100 miles of me. What’s the point of that???

    I spent a little over $800 for a brand new SA Range Officer 1911. It’s a beautiful firearm and works perfectly out of the box. Doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to buy one of these former military beaters for more unless I just want to hang it on the wall as a piece of history….

      • Yeah, I considered that, but again, I wanted a functioning pistol that I can use without concern of needing refurbishment or parts. With that in mind, I came to my senses and bought my SA 1911. No need for any wall art.

  14. CMP has an over inflated sense of value on most of the firearms they release to the market. Their prices are typically way out of line with actual market value, and these 1911’s are no different. $850 For a gun that will require work to be usable? That’s a ridiculous amount to expect for a worn out, abused and inoperable firearm (a third of that price would be more in line to the actual value for a non functioning gun). I see this over inflated value on about 99% of the weapons CMP offers. No thanks, I get bent over enough by the IRS, I don’t need bent over by CMP too.

  15. Price is too high for the condition of what they are offering.
    For the purpose of collection I’ll pay MORE for something else outside with BETTER condition.

    I just blew about $2,000 on three Arisaka worth of parts and complete rifle. I’ll keep two and sell out one after I’m done picking and choosing.

    This CMP deal is not for collectors and not for shooters. It’s just not there.
    I spent $2,000+ on a Springfield Operator and 10 mm upgrade through Fusion Firearms. So I see values in well made 1911s. Just not this CMP deal. They will sell, for people who expect more but will be disappointed when they pick up the guns a year from now.

  16. All of you who say you can buy a better firearm cheaper, you are correct. This is not about buying the most functional firearm at the lowest price. This is about owning a 1911 issued by Uncle Sam. I own a lot of 1911s and have sent in my application for one of these. Why? For the same reason I own a 1916 DWM Luger. Because its unique and I want one.

    People own firearms for all sorts of legitimate reasons, just like people own classic cars. Some are not just for the function, but also for the history they represent. Would you rather these continue to sit in storage costing taxpayer dollars, or be sold on the market?

    Trust me, these will all be sold.

  17. YOLO. Besides, the chances of your number being picked through the lottery system (and early enough to choose Service Grade) is slim.

  18. I’ve submitted my order form. And if I’m drawn I’ll buy the nicest grade available, and I will every year, until they quit selling them. And I bet there are plenty of people like me.
    I’m super happy the Government/CMP is doing this and I don’t see any issue with the price for any grade.

  19. I would rather buy 2 new ( or used) milspec SA 1911’s instead of wasting the money on a beat to hell 1911 which won’t increase in value (much) unless you put a bunch of “improvement” cash into it – history is great, which is why I collect vintage US Flags…..

  20. I would like to see what I am buying. It’s not so much the cash as it is the condition. Sometimes they all get lumped together.

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