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Following the Sandy Hook shooting, NBC Sports showed its true colors by dropping all firearms related programming. Apparently 50%+ of the American public wasn’t a big enough demographic to tailor their shows towards. Anyway, it seems like the new season of the show will indeed be shown on cable this year, being picked up for a Q3 2013 start on the Pursuit Channel. Presser after the jump . . .

The 3-Gun Nation Television series, which is produced by The National 3-Gun Association of Lexington, SC, has been added to the Pursuit Channel lineup. Beginning Q3 2013, hour-long formats will appear Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. EST.

“3-Gun Nation Television is a model for those Americans who understand the fun and safety of recreational and competitive shooting,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of Pursuit Channel.

“Only a handful of networks in our great country are comfortable with the promotion of patriotic, law-abiding men and women safely enjoying their Constitutional rights to own and use modern sporting rifles, tactical shotguns and the pistols that help win our wars and put food on our tables,” Faulk continued.

“That Pursuit Channel understands and embraces the values of a show like 3-Gun Nation is what sets it apart.”

“Pursuit Channel is a terrific venue for 3-Gun,” said Pete Brown, producer of 3-Gun Nation Television and the co-founder and President of The National 3-Gun Association. “Becoming part of a broadcast family that’s clearly pro-Second Amendment is sure to benefit our partners, our viewers and the future of 3-gun sports,” said Brown, whose programming portfolio includes shows for NRA, NWTF and NSBA.

3-Gun Nation Television,, was formed with one mission: To promote practical shooting by shining a light on amateur and professional shooters alike, as well as the guns, gear and lifestyle that define the high-octane sport of 3-gun competition.

The hosts of 3-Gun Nation are Chad Adams and Patrick Kelley, with special guest host Mark Willis. Willis, a country music artist whose “Nineteen Something” was voted the #2 song of the decade by Billboard, is a recent and fervent 3-gun shooter. He balances 3-Gun Nation events across the country with tour stops for his new album, “Looking for America.” To date, Willis has travelled to Afghanistan and Iraq six times to perform for service members.

Adams, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, began covering the firearm industry eight years ago as the assistant editor of the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine. Adams eventually moved to the NRA’s flagship magazine, American Rifleman, where he ultimately served as managing editor.

Kelley is a veteran 3-gunner who is widely regarded as the sport’s best Heavy Metal-division competitor. With numerous championships to his credit, Kelly, who finished 14th in the country on last season’s 3GN Pro Series Tour provides expert color commentary and analysis for Pro Series matches in 2013.

Pursuit Channel,, active in 38.5 million U.S. television households, is the only audited outdoors television network viewable to every DIRECTV (604 PRST) and DISH Network (240 PRST) subscriber. Pursuit is also the only network in category to offer its live signal online. MOOSE Media,, directs sales and marketing efforts for Pursuit Channel.

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    • No news on it since Sandy Hook.

      American Guns was cancelled immediately after the shooting.

  1. I wish more networks would offer online subscriptions so I don’t have to buy a package of channels on cable, of which I’m only interested in 1 or 2 of those

    • Yet another (big) lawsuit on cable bundling is in progress. I doubt it will ultimately do anything other than provide leverage in negotiations on a bundling deal, but you never know.

      As far as online subs go, that is one thing that has still managed to elude network brass – at least on a channel by channel basis. They sell some stuff to Hulu/Netflix/Amazon but for some reason they are unwilling to try to figure out how to monetize me watching only HBO on my computer. I understand the piracy potential of streaming, but that horse left the barn with HD digital cable/satellite.

  2. I used to watch 3 Gun, Guns and Gear and Guntalk TV on NBC sports, then they dropped them. Wrote to Tom Grisham asking if they would be back, he said no, but was trying to work out a deal with either Outdoor Channel or Sportsman Channel.

    I have seen 3 Gun on one of those two lately, so they must have worked out a deal!

    • The season that just ended with the Las Vegas/Shot Show match has played on the Sportsman Channel (which I can’t get, dammit). The presser above notes that the Pursuit Channel is available online, which will be great, but . . . Right now their website isn’t even up.

  3. Let’s hope NBC doesn’t start hosting a car-related show or they’d have to drop it within five minutes when a drunk driver kills someone.

    Oh, you mean it’s about corporate cowardice and agenda-driven insanity and nothing remotely logical? Never mind.

    • Personally, I was glad to hear that this channel I’ve never seen before is in the hinterlands of the DirecTV basic channel lineup.

      Oh, wait, we’re getting ready to cancel our DirecTV service because basically 100% of our viewing is Amazon and Netflix on-demand stuff these days.

      Hope they’ll be launching a Roku channel…

      • What little TV I have time for is pretty much on the same deal- Netflix/Hulu/Redbox.

        There are a few things that I have to ‘work for’ because I don’t have cable/sat, but it pales in comparison to the $10K+ I’ve put to other use over the last 6-ish years.

  4. I think Pursuit Channel is in most basic packages that I’ve seen. Also I think they are on Roku and Verizon now.

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