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“They’re trying to kill me, Mama! I’m going to die tonight! I’m going to die tonight!” – Jestin Anthony Joseph in Gun misfires, prevents possible mass shooting at Fort Worth McDonald’s [at]

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    • Perhaps, but I was making a delivery in a (questionable) industrial neighborhood in the center of the LA metro area a few years back and went into a Burger King for dinner….

      The cooking/serving area was separated from the ordering/dining area by a completely enclosing wall of 1 1/2 inch thick Lexan exactly like you see in some banks. You order through a microphone set in the Lexan and your food is passed to you through the same kind of pass-through box system banks use to accept money bags from merchants. It was, to say the least, surreal. Sure seems to me like a BIG sign by each door: “WARNING! Patrons and/or staff may be armed!” would have been cheaper and a lot more effective.

  1. “The mother said she believes that her son had a mental breakdown, just as his father did a few years ago. She said she believes it runs in his father’s family.”

    see, if the government would make all the mentally ill and their families wear a black triangle patch on their jacket and trousers, the world would be safer. hell, just put ’em in a special camp.

  2. Allen police have had dealings with Joseph about a half-dozen times since 2005, including issuing him tickets for possession of drug paraphernalia and arresting him on a narcotics-related warrant, and later for assault,
    From the newspaper.
    This POS was still walking around.
    Isnt our justice system terrific.
    Blame the gun not the jerk pulling the trigger.
    Or the judges who let him go.

    • And how long until we find out that he was treated for his mental problems, prescribed drugs for it, and released again? Sorry, he sounds like a textbook schizophrenic and in all of history there has NEVER been a cure for that, although injections of 125 to 158 grains of lead have been known to have some beneficial effect.

      Thank goodness he was too crazy to figure out how to properly operate a semi-automatic pistol.

  3. Divine intervention eh? Their deity didn’t lift a finger to save innocent children on multiple occasions, but now apparently he hops too cause someones meal is about to end tragically? I’m guessing it’s more like the perpetrator didn’t understand how to use his firearm and/or didn’t have a round in the chamber. But as others have and will likely mention, good to always carry as you never know where trouble will rear its head.

      • Who’s belittling believers? I called out the absurdity of the divine intervention claim of the police officer. If people want to believe go for it, it’s their right. I would have said the same thing if someone had attributed it to karma or something.

      • Why not? Superstition is superstition, and eminently worthy of being belittled. In any event, its being belittled doesn’t in any way prevent anyone from continuing to believe in it.

  4. No Divine intervention here. If he’d gone outside and looked down the barrel while pulling the trigger, then I might buy the divine intervention. Or if the judge actually sentenced him to appropriate time…

  5. People should really see this in the right light. The police, the ones they expect to protect them, are saying it was “divine intervention” that saved those people. The police couldn’t do anything to save them and not even physical intervention could stop that guy.

    Wait a minute, a state institution acknowledged and asserted it was a higher power that saved someone’s life in America, that PD should be getting some lawsuits coming in soon. How dare they push their religion on others, especially when it comes to their protection. /s

  6. Misfires on a loaded chamber are indeed strange. I wonder what gun and ammo he was using. It’s safe to assume he was not a seasoned firearms owner. Even gang thugs know how to clear a misfire.

    • The details makes him sound like he was very stressed and panicked. Could have been anything from a malfunction, not putting the magazine in properly which could also activate a trigger safety depending on model of gun used, or it could also be that the witnesses were so freaked out that they misunderstood his poor trigger discipline as actually pulling the trigger. Eitherway, this is how it should have played out a nice video by Lee Ermey.

  7. The gun jammed Jestin time.

    You have to feel sorry for a guy who’s too stupid to be able to kill himself. Too bad there was nobody around to help him.

  8. The gun jammed Jestin time.

    You have to feel sorry for a guy who’s too stupid to be able to kill himself. Too bad there was nobody around to help him.

  9. The gun jammed Jestin time.

    You have to feel sorry for a guy who’s too stupid to be able to kill himself. Too bad there was nobody around to help him.

  10. Another guy with a long, well documented history of drug abuse and mental illness running around loose instead of confined to a secure treatment facility.

  11. This may sound kind of morbid … I am glad that the McDonald’s is not a “gun free zone”, otherwise the civilian disarmament people would finally have one example where they could claim that the unspecified magic of a “gun free zone” actually worked.

  12. The crazy psychos and gang bangers will never stop.
    Neither will the liberal gun control agenda.
    It’s sad that stupid people will willingly sacrifice your freedom.

    Those that give up liberty for a little security deserve neither.


    • Who do we really need to fear more, the criminal, crazy or gang-banger going about their business, or the Progressive political machine and their millions of useful idiots who believe it is their right to take away our rights and to control our lives?

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