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Hi Robert-

I’m just wondering-

When someone gets shot in this country- does it bother you-

How about if someone you love got shot-

How about in the face-

What if they they were so disfigured you weren’t allowed to view them-

You silly bastards make me ill and so help me God, one day

we will have controls again- mark my word!!!


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    • Of course it’s a troll, that’s why RF posted this nonsense here. We cannot effectively pursue this fight if we do not understand the depths of (self-imposed) ignorance of those who oppose us. This message points out the extreme ignorance of Geo and the unwillingness or inability to grasp the simple fact that guns also SAVE lives.

      • No, that’s where you’re wrong.

        By definition, a troll isn’t necessarily giving their opinion one way or the other. They write these things to provoke a response, much like your sibling might have poked you on a long car ride when you were younger. Any kind of response (other then giving them a good smack) will only serve their purpose to generate a response, thereby making them laugh, and just adding fuel to the fire to make them keep poking you.

        Are you really going to gain anything by watching your sibling poke you? No, you’re just going to sit in the car looking very annoyed. We have gained nothing through this article, all that’s been done is to give the troll his laugh (haha he posted that email look at all those guys in the comments. LOLZ they’re so mad). And because trolls live off of laughs at the expense of others, you have just fed the troll.

        The internet has its pros and cons. A con here is that we can’t smack this guy upside his head. A pro is that unlike the enclosed space of a vehicle, the internet is massive, and we can choose to simply walk away from these types messages.

        PS: In the car scenario, I was the sibling doing the poking. I know how this stuff works.

  1. This is the type of person I would just walk away from. They speak a completely different language from me, they operate from pure emotion, and while there may be a way to relate to them, I don’t have the patience to find it.

    • True words, Matt. Though it’s funny…because my emotions lead me down an entirely different path than this person. Huh…strange.

    • Yes! Most of them can’t be reached with an sense of reality. The ones that do come around is usually from a serious does of reality landing on them like a tone of bricks.

  2. The thought of this guy having control does NOT comfort me. Not in the slightest.

    My heart can only be sensitive for so many people. Yes, mass shootings and murder grieves me, but generally only on an intellectual level. Otherwise, I’d be a basketcase all the time.

    Actually, those events further solidify my resolve to protect myself and my loved ones. By any means possible. Does that make me a horrible person? If so…well, I can live with that.

    • To use a quote from Changing Lanes…

      “I can live with myself…because at the end of the day I think I do more good than harm…what other standard have I got to judge by?”

  3. How Ironic, someone who wants guns so bad they wish violence upon the person or family of a person that disagree’s with them. And guns are the problem?

    • Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

      Keep this clearly in mind people. Civilian disarmament advocates want to take away your guns so badly that they wish violence upon you to get what they want.

      And yes, ALL civilian disarmament proponents are wishing violence upon you — violence that will come at the hands of state agents who will … wait for it … use guns to take away your guns.

    • While the letter-writer is clearly an idiot, I think it’s a stretch to say those words are “wishing violence” on anyone. It’s a hypothetical question, not a threat.

      Either way, RF: slow news day? Why give this moron a soapbox?

      • Because it’s not very often that someone sends a direct email that reads like that, verbatim. So it provides a point of conversation.

      • A hypothetical can get you on an FBI (and/or possibly DHS) watch list. Geo needs to be reported before they commit a mass shooting or bombing or something equally horrible. One can’t be too careful, you know. Just ask Bloomberg.

        It’s good to use his tools on his followers.

  4. Anyone that uses emotion in any part of their decision making process is unfit to make decisions for themselves, let alone others. Also it’s interesting to know that DiFi goes by Geo online 😉

  5. Regarding the illustration – I’d have a hard time coming up with a more facile and puerile song than Lennon’s “Imagine”. It has a pretty melody, I’ll give it that…but they lyrics are infantile wish fulfillment at best.

    And while I can’t speak for Robert, I will answer Geo’s question. Should one of my loved ones be shot in the face, so disfigured I can’t even look at them, I would feel unremitting anger towards the ones who had committed the crime, but the last people I would feel anger towards would be those who wish to defend themselves against such people by being armed themselves.

  6. mikeybnumbers posting under an alias?

    Seriously, every time I try to make a first comment under a new post I get a blank white screen after I hit post comment. This has been happening since the changeover with just one exception.

  7. Geo, how could you? You were my first car, for God’s sake!

    Speaking of, if someone I loved was killed in a hit-and-run, or murdered by drowning in a swimming pool, it would still be the fault of whoever decided on their own free will to take the life of my loved one. I wouldn’t turn around and demand my neighbors never be able to own cars or swimming pools again.

    By the way, in addition to being clueless about personal responsibility, you obviously have no idea how haiku works, either. Here, let me:

    Why is Geo dumb?
    It thinks that banning guns will
    save anyone’s life.

    • My Mom used to have a 3-cylinder Geo Metro. She loved that car, but I recall driving it up the long stretch of I-70 west of Denver that goes uphill for 5 miles straight, and watching the speedometer go from 65 mph to 55, to 45, to 35 (with pedal to the floor, mind you) as I chanted, “I think I can, I think I can…”

      It did get 50 miles to gallon, I’ll give it that.

      • Best use of a Geo? My friend and I found an abandoned Geo on a beach, burned out and gone through several tides. We unbolted the hood, flipped it over and attached a rope to the latch, and pulled it up and down the beach with my Bronco, riding the hood like a surfboard. It got so hot that it melted our shoes – we flipped it over and the sand had polished it to a perfect metallic sheen.

  8. Funny thing is that all the reasons just shared for gun control are used by pro gun advocates as well. It’s a choice of whether you want to be a victim or have the right to protect yourself. Now let’s talk about another hot issue regarding the right choose for one’s self…. liberal hypocrites.

  9. I would feel terrible if that happened and I or my loved one did not have a chance to defend their self. Criminals and gun related crime or violations of the law should be strict and absolute. That goes to 2nd amendment shouters and permit holders (carry or conceal carry). Crime is crime. Law abiding citizens who safety operate and store their weapons and ammo for hobby, hunting or self-defense are not the issue.

    • “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”

      —Robert A. Heinlein

    • Yep. The zombies are taking over, slowly but surely. At all times, carry a gun, plenty of ammo, and extra Twinkies.

  10. I’d tell them if they were the one that was shot I’d not give a fuck, because you don’t seem to care that the gun is used to SAVE lives every day. I’ll give you the courtesy of not saving you because you are one of those kind of people who say they’d rather be killed by an attacker than to stop them even if it meant using deadly force. That’s worse than retarded it’s self destructive.

  11. Geo, how I feel when someone gets shot depends on who it is. If it was an innocent person, I feel sympathy for the victim, rage at the perpetrator and regret that there was no armed person there to put down the perpetrator before he accomplished his foul deed. If it was a violent criminal who was shot, good riddance to bad garbage.

  12. It is sad for this person and so many like him. Anyone, INNOCENT, getting hurt is sad. For the pedophiles, serial killers and mad rapist lunatics, I have little sympathy. Guns are for self defense, hunting, fun target shooting and only their misuse by evil persons is a problem. Knives, cars, sticks, anything, can be used for evil by evil people. Get a grip on yourself , GEO, (yes, I also had that little car and loved it, haha)

  13. Another statement by the left that unless we accept extreme controls on our freedom to allow for a uniform transition toward a dictatorship, they will declare us bad people. The minions who march in lock step with the Obama Regime’s effort to circumvent the protections guaranteed in the constitution ought to know that history is going to look at them in a rather bad light. In the years to come, I wonder if they are going to claim they didn’t know or were only following orders like so many other minions of dictators have done in the past. Sorry for the online rant. I know it is preaching to the choir, but it feels great to say it.

    • “…effort to circumvent the protections guaranteed in the constitution ought to know that history is going to look at them in a rather bad light.”

      ALWAYS keep in mind: “It’s the winners who write the history books.” (Don’t know who first wrote those exceptional words.)

  14. Speech and actions from folks like Geo are easily explained. Psychologist Erik Erikson studied and wrote about the stages of development. In short: Liberals’ lack of tolerance for debate, their destructive policies, opportunism, and their capacity to displace morality with political expediency, are largely attributable to delayed psycho-social development. There’s a multiplicity of explanations for this stunted maturation including early drug use, poor parenting models, environmental and biological influences, and generational government dependency. This places upon the Conservative movement the additional burden of fighting life-or-death political battles as well as, literally, being the adults in the room.

    • Geo still has the natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected right to self defense. Does he/she have the will, intelligence or ability to undertake same? Doubtful. A perfect example of someone who, possessing a gun, would either shoot themselves or someone else by ND, or let the gun be taken and used against them without putting up a fight.

      The right exists, the WILL is personal choice.

  15. Well first off there Geo anyone that tries to pull the emotional argument about anything should not be allowed to have an opinion. About anything. At least in my opinion. Harsh, I suppose… but that’s how I feel about it.

    Secondly every single piece of evidence points to the FACT that gun control only makes you LESS SAFE. Even persons (and I use the term loosely… more like idiot sheep) like you benefit from the fact that there are people like us that are walking around armed and ready to do violence to protect others.

  16. Hundred bucks Geo has a COEXIST bumper sticker. I guess this is item 2,948,571 in phony COEXIST liberalism. Another reason to CC because the Geo’s are out there, fueled by hate. Take about a time bomb waiting to go off.

    • I saw one yesterday that was the same style as the COEXIST sticker, but spelled out TOLERANCE. I didn’t look closely enough to see what religions they’d added, first because I was in traffic, and second because I don’t care.

      • And third because there is only one religion these days that has trouble tolerating other faiths (or two religions if you include socialism as a secular religion).

  17. Hi Geo,

    Does it bother you when a child is aborted in this country, when that child’s head is removed from its body with a pair of sciccors? How about when they use chemicals and the child survives only to be left horribly burned with chemical scars for the rest of their life?

    Does this bother you? 1.2 Million children are murdered every year in the U.S. by people like you, mark my words abortion will be illegal some day, we will have abortion control.

  18. No, I do not care when somebody I do not know gets shot in the face. Although I do recognize that it must be difficult for their family regardless if that person was a criminal or not. Simply put my level of care radiates outward, beginning at my house. The farther you are removed from my family the less I care. FYI a lady we know in our town was recently killed by her husband. He cut her throat with a kitchen knife and threw her in the pool. I have not drained our pool or thrown out our kitchen knives.

  19. The #1 tactic and ironically weakness of the anti-gun position is their constant use of projection when they speak about gun owners. They are literally projecting their fears, paranoia, and utter lack of knowledge and education about guns onto responsible gun owners to make us look like crazy uneducated hillbillies, when, in reality, the anti-gun crowd are that persona they are trying to project.

    It is truly a failure of communication, perspective, and they are literally leaving out the important parts of their inner thoughts when the speak. They are communicating with fragmented thoughts and sentences.

    Not to mention, gun owners literally educate themselves about firearms and go through voluntary training to be responsible. Anti-gunners literally shun such training, choosing to remain ignorant about the very topic they claim to be experts in (and have the audacity to try to pass laws on the very subject).
    We should focus on what they are leaving out of the conversation. Some examples:

    When an anti-gun person says “guns are dangerous”, what they really mean is “I think guns are dangerous because I don’t understand how to use one safely”.

    When an anti-gun person says “guns kill people” they actually mean “gun in the hands of evil people kill often leads to innocent people being hurt or killed”

    When an anti-gun person “guns aren’t safe” what they really mean is “I don’t think a gun would be safe if it was in my hands”. Which is true, because they have zero training. And it’s not for lack of instructors, they literally have an aversion to guns to the point they will never seek out instruction or training to get over their illogical psychological fear of guns. They choose to remain ignorant about guns so they can continues to mystify guns as “tools of destruction” as opposed to choosing to learn and handle firearms so they can figure out what we already know: they are inanimate tools that are literally life-savers when used by a person of good ethics and morals.

    What the anti-gun crowd represent are the people that choose to worship fire instead of understanding it and utilizing it as a life-saving tool. Sure, it’s dangerous and you can get burned or even die from fire — if you are foolhardy around it or jump in it. But if you choose to understand how fire works, fire can save your life and the lives of your family when the next unpredictable storm or disaster rolls through and it’s your only source of warmth.

      • I did notice a typo I made in the fire analogy.

        It should’ve read “fear, mistrust, and mystify fire” instead of “worship” fire. But same thing pretty much.

        Fire is impressive and it’s easy to make it look evil. But it saves billions of lives during the winter.

  20. PS, I am for the law, and one almost universal gun laws that is ignored too often, LOCK YOUR GUN AND AMMO UP, if not in your direct control or control of someone you authorize. Many mass shooters stole the gun or guns and ammo from family or friend. Many mass shooters are crazy; there were clear signs…. We are not going to ever prevent all gun violence by crazy people or terrorist, but we can do something’s proactively, not just go into instant defensive mode, yelling 2nd Amendment and WE SHOOT BACK. I agree shooting back is one answer, but most people are not comfortable with that. We need to agree with the fact gun violence by crazy folks (including terrorist) is bad; gun related crime and crazy people with guns is bad. The current ATF Form 4473 has one question about mental health, “Have you ever been adjudicated of being mental defective.” That really is a low bar. There are folks with a history of mental issues that should not have a gun. Sorry, 2nd amendment, but I don’t want crazy people or criminals with guns. Mass shooters come in two forms: CRAZY or TERRORIST. Criminals and gangs in general target people to commit a crime or attack other gangs, or random drive by shootings, not go into a mall or school to kill in mass. Terrorism is a form of crazy, often religious zealots. We need to do everything we can to take way the 2nd amendment rights from crazy people and criminals without undue infringement in our rights as law abiding citizens. The slippery slope argument is over used. I am in my 50’s and in no time in my life have guns been so plentiful, easy to get and now carry concealed. We have more rights then ever. Too often us gun owners and permit holders seem crazy to general public, for not even addressing the real problems and just yelling 2nd amendment. This is not 1776 with citizens fighting the red coats with flint locks. At that time America had no military. We now have more hired guns, police, ATF, FBI, CIA, Fed Marshals, Secret Service, 5 branches of military, than any country in the world…. In 2013 only has two main uses PERSONAL self-defense and HOBBY (collecting, target, hunting, competitive shooting). Unless you are in the police or military, none of us will fight crime or fight a foreign enemy with our guns. Having a gun does not make you the police or “well organized militia”, aka military. Some gun owners seem to think they are more patriotic than everyone else, who doesn’t own a gun or who not comfortable with owning a gun. I understand. I am just saying coming to a more understanding, rational and compassionate position to make other civilians feel comfortable is a win for gun rights. The “I don’t give a **** about others” attitude shows immaturity. Last, OPEN CARRY IN PUBLIC RETAIL STORES, IS DUMB and is only showing off. It demonstrates lack of judgment. People expect uniformed people to carry guns open, in town. People who carry at stores, very public places, with flop flops, shorts and some dumb T-shirt, especially to bate cops to video it for YouTube are idiots. I only conceal carry in town. I open carry in the country, when hiking or camping, but even then it is often concealed, a tactical advantage.

    • Yeah, you’re right the Second Amendment was written to protect our hobbies. That’s why the bird-watching amendment, the scrapbooking amendment, the knitting amendment, and all the others are in there.

      You sir, need to read a history book or two. Every tyrannical government that ever existed began with gun control. If you do not think an armed populace curbs the worst impulses of government, your grasp of reality is tenuous at best. How did Soviet tanks, helicopters, and modernly equipped army fare against Afghany tribesmen outfitted with obsolete weaponry? To save you all that dreary research, I’ll supply the short answer. They abandoned their vision of subjugating the country and went home with their tails tucked firmly between their legs. H***, the same thing is happening to the US right now.

      If you think the literally hundreds of millions of privately owned firearms in this country are no cause for pause to the worst of our political leaders, I again refer you to history. Examples of how to convert a country to tyranny abound.

      “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.” (Adolph Hitler)

      The Second Amendment AIN’T about duck hunting, you idiot!

    • “We need to do everything we can to take way the 2nd amendment rights from crazy people and criminals without undue infringement in our rights as law abiding citizens.”

      Sorry, sir, your lack of understanding of simple writing conventions and your resorting to purely emotional arguments to try to “prove” your point made it impossible for me to go past the above lifted quote.

      “. the right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” It’s simple. It does NOT say, “… shall not be unduly infringed.” There’s a reason for that. And if we for some misguided and foolish reason decided that the government WAS authorized to infringe I firmly believe your name would appear somewhere on that list of “crazy people”.

    • “I am just saying coming to a more understanding, rational and compassionate position to make other civilians feel comfortable is a win for gun rights.”

      Greg, I am happy to take a moment to explain to someone why I am armed and the benefit that it provides to everyone around me. That is as far as I will go to “make other civilians feel comfortable”.

      I will not give up my rights to “make others feel comfortable”. Why is their “comfort” more important than my rights?

    • Ummm… yeah… the 2A mentions a “well-REGULATED” militia. It says nothing about “organized” or the military. You need to look up the definition of “well regulated” in the context of the period. Well, I’ll save you the trouble (but you’re free to vet, if you desire). It means well-equipped.

  21. The real question is: What is he going to do when he has control?

    Take away peoples guns? If so how?

    The answer is of course agents of “control” with their guns.

    This fool is not “anti-gun” he is “anti-your-gun” and “pro-his-guns.”

  22. I’m just wondering-

    When someone gets stabbed in this country- does it bother you-

    How about if someone you love got stabbed-

    How about in the face-

    What if they were so disfigured you weren’t allowed to view them-

    You silly bastards make me ill and so help me God, one day

    we will have controls again- mark my word!!!

    Here’s a thought: both knives and guns have these things called handles. Blame the guy with his hand on the handle, not what’s in his hand. Hands can hold just about anything.

  23. Dear Geo,

    Does it bother you when school children are mowed down by a madman with a gun because there was no one to intervene due to stupid laws that forbid anyone to be able to arm themselves and save the lives of those children? No, of course it doesn’t. I bet you even have blood on your shoes from dancing in it. Admit it, you love it when innocent children die, just like the rest of the gun control nutjobs.

    You make me sick.


  24. My answer to Geo:

    If I am confronted by a someone bent on murdering me, madman or terrorist on a rampage I might not survive but I will go down fighting like a man rather than, like you, cowering in the corner begging for my life.

  25. Yes it bothers me when folks get shot (except thoes who deserve it) in the face or otherwise, but what bothers me more is when folks are denied their Second Amendment rights and their ability to defend themselves/others.

  26. People who espouse violence to the most innocent of all people should be entered into a nationwide data base as mentally ill, put on the no-fly list, and especially not allowed near schools.
    Don’t care if his defense is “I was just joking”. Sorry, time to lock your arse up forever.

  27. Geo,

    I am deeply saddened every time a criminal attacks a citizen and insults their dignity as a human being … regardless of what weapons the criminal uses.

    I abhor attacks in any form. All attacks are wrong whether it is a two-bit street thug beating an elderly person with their fist, a pedophile molesting a child, a rapist violating a woman with a knife to her throat, or a hardened criminal shooting a victim.

    I also abhor anyone, whether citizens or government agents, who would tell our daughters and wives to “lie there and take it” when a rapist attacks. That would be people like you Geo. Rather than telling our daughters and wives to lie there and take it, I am ensuring that our daughters and wives have an effective means to stop a rapist who is twice as strong and twice as heavy as they are. And that means I am ensuring that our wives and daughters have firearms, training, and the confidence to use them if their life and dignity depends on it.

    I am not going to sacrifice our daughters and wives to assuage your fears of a violent criminal using a firearm.

  28. Re: “When someone gets shot in this country- does it bother you-” Well, that depends on who it was that got shot, Geo.

  29. Wonder what to call the mental affliction that seeks to blame anyone except the person who pulled the trigger? Is it a disease or just inverted morality? It’s probably curable, no doubt, but the patient really should seek treatment.

    • Geo and people like him/her view the gun as a sort of irresistable mystic talisman in itself that will by its very presence compel the person who holds it to shoot anyone or anything that comes their way. This is his/her reality of the world and as such I believe qualifies for inclusion in any list of “mental defectives” that might be compiled. The value of that list, if any, is a separate question.

    • On a separate issue, forgetting for a moment urban myth, a person who is “mentally defective” should probably be considered to have a physical defect causing their mental difficulty. Aside from finding and removing a tumor I’m not sure this can be corrected. “Mental deficiency” is also self-descriptive and there is probably no way to correct that.

      As for the actually insane, how many verified cases are you aware of where an insane person, by whatever means so diagnosed, has ever received treatment that “cured” them of their insanity? Even the psychiatrists have mostly given up and just prescribe drugs to mask the symptoms.

        • Actually, I’ve had some success with ambivalent or mildly anti-gun patients. Usually a couple of trips to the range and you can see the disease start to reverse. Often there’s some residual toxin from all the propaganda they’ve been exposed to, but once the truth is administered, and some physical therapy in the form of target shooting (fun guns are better), some patients make a full turnaround almost overnight.

  30. It’s honestly quite simple how you reply to these people. “As I am NOT your slave, you have no business dictacting to me what my morality decides is sufficient in my own defense of life and liberty.”

  31. Dear Geo,
    Doesn’t it bother you the mentally unsound don’t get the treatment they REALLY need? The fact that you give them a bottle of pills and hope for the best? Shouldn’t you do more to ensure that these people get proper treatment so, one day, they can rejoin the population? Do you listen to what you say when you complain about the Patriot Act but not about gun control? I’ll answer for you, of course not. If it doesn’t directly affect you, you don’t care. You’re not the one being shot by mentally ill people because they didn’t get proper treatment. You’re the one shedding crocodile tears when it happens, just because you f***ing can. Believe it or not, the Constitution is just as important to you as it is to anyone else who enjoys running their mouths without listening to half the sh** that rolls out of it. I’ve got an idea for you, buddy. How about you stop playing hooky from Harry Truman Elementary School and GO TO CLASS?

    Your Friend,

  32. What’s most unsettling is that which is often quite clearly thought of but almost always left unsaid, and understandably so.

    For many years there has been discourse regarding the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. And that, in and of itself, while often extremely aggravating, is perfectly healthy.

    But over the last few years, particularly since Obama took office, I’ve noted a dark undercurrent in motion among ‘progressives,’ as exemplified by this Geo. And that is the threat of violence against peaceful gun owners for the purposes of fulfilling their wishes. In other words….some people really want to kill us. Lord knows I wish it weren’t so, but I’m afraid it is. The reason is very simple, actually. They’re driven by raw emotion, just as surely as the Germans were turned against the Jews by the Nazis during the 1930’s. By the time war broke out, the average German never thought to consider that his fellow countryman might actually be a human being as well as Jewish. They had been blinded by emotion, egged on by Hitler and his minions.

    It is deeply troubling to even remotely consider the possibility that I might have to pick up my rifle and use it to kill another human, not because that human merely disagreed with me, but became blinded by hatred so much that he thought of me as something other than human.

    I’ve attempted to explain the difference between resentment and visceral hatred to some people but it never seems to get through – now all I can do is hope it’s not too late. Is it?


    • “…as surely as the Germans were turned against the Jews by the Nazis during the 1930′s.”

      Progressives would scream in horror at your equating them and their tactics to those of the (fascist/socialist left-wing) Nazis, and they will do everything they can to prevent the comparison, but they will never distance themselves from any propaganda tactic that has proven its value over and over again throughout history. Demonize the enemy, make him appear less than human or insane. The when you kill him or throw him in camps (usually both) the people believe it was for his own good and for the necessary protection of society.

  33. I lost my brother on St. Patrick’s day in 2010, after an argument with my cousin that my brother stepped in and stopped a man left and came back looking for my cousin. My brother was home on leave from his second tour of duty in Iraq. My brother was walking alone after leaving BW3’s and was shot by this man with a load of 12 gauge 00 buckshot. He ambushed him, waiting like a snake in the dark. I KNOW PAIN AND LOSS. I KNOW VIOLENCE. Want to know how many in my family said we should ban guns? NONE, PERIOD! I’m tired of all this left wing hippy nonsense. When the man who murdered my brother got 26 years, justice was served the best that it could be served. Guns don’t do EVIL, the man that sent this post, reply, or whatever is a moron.

    Think that you need a gun to kill? I lost a second brother the next year when some 18 year old ran my brother of the road while he was riding his motorcycle. He was thrown head first into a pole and was killed on impact. Should we ban all cars, or just the Corvette he used to murder my brother? I HAVE LOST LOVED ONES. I KNOW HOW I FEEL. The next time someone posts this unintelligent crap send this post their way. I still cry almost every day. Neither a gun or car murdered my brothers. The less than human lowlifes behind the trigger and the wheel did. Geo, you Sir or Madam are socially retarded at best. I ask you this: Do you know what it is like to not only lose one loved one to murder but two? If you do then we can talk. Otherwise do the world a favor, close your mouth and shut down your computer.

  34. IF we have to feed the trolls, lets use rat poison.

    “Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it.”

    Some men you just cant reach.

  35. To think these folks actually exist in our society.
    What a shame.
    Wishing intentional harm to anyone is repugnant.

  36. The tone and content are all about emotion – typical of the kind of person that deep inside knows they can never own a gun because they would use it in anger. What he does not realize while immersed in his emotional, projective stupor is that responsible gun owners are nothing like him. We are very aware of what guns do when used in anger and would never consider such use. Cool as a cucumber he is not.

    People like this are everywhere. This person is the same kind of person that while driving will accelerate when someone turns the signal on to go into their lane. Or the kind that, wanting to get into your lane, will accelerate and fit themselves in the small space between you and the car in front of you causing you to have to use the brakes, while all the time there was a 10 car-length space behind you :). Anger is never far away, and it’s automatically a first response to everything.

  37. Dear Geo:

    If you don’t want to get shot in the face, then don’t run around pissing off everybody you meet.

  38. Why do I feel this ignoble wish that Geo would get shot in the face? In the same way that staring at a car crash while driving can make you actually pile into the damage, thinking and writing about such an end could conceivably tempt fate to the degree that it happens. Would I weep over Geo? Not in the least.

  39. This is obviously a person with a mental illness. They cannot distinguish between others and themselves. He has an emotional attachment to others with no direct contact. He is projecting his emotions on to others without a relationship. This is a sign of someone with a tenuous grasp on reality, who cannot realize boundaries between themselves and others. He should be checked into an institution before he harms others by trying to “help” them or shows how much he cares for them.

    See how that works?

  40. Depends on who gets shot and who’s doing the shooting whether or not I’m bothered about it.

    Good luck “having controls again”.

    • I don’t understand what you mean by false flag. Do you mean Robert made it up?

      If so, trust me. He didn’t. I saw the email when it came in. It was exactly as you see above, line-spacing and everything.

  41. Can’t this same illogic be applied to anything? Should I fill in my swimming pool because a child in Florida drowned yesterday? Or get rid of my bicycle because a rider was run over in New York? Or throw away my radial arm saw because some idiot in South Dakota cut his thumb off? Etc., etc., etc. Do we really need mindless postings from an idiot to provoke discussion?

  42. Years ago I worked for Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona which builds weapons for our wonderful government. We used to walk across the street and have lunch at the local grocery/deli. From time to time there would have demonstrations in front of the building(s) because of what they thought we were manufacturing. Anyway I was accosted by several “enlightened” peace loving folks who kept threating to beat me to death in the name of peace. I’m kinda unclear on this concept but you cannot reason with someone bent on killing/destroying you for their version of “peace”

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