India China Himalayan Standoff
An Indian man burns a photograph of Chinese president Xi Jinping during a protest against China in Ahmedabad, India, Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Twenty Indian soldiers, including a senior army officer, were killed in a confrontation with Chinese troops along their disputed border high in the Himalayas where thousands of soldiers on both sides have been facing off for over a month, the Indian army said Tuesday. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)
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Because 2020 hasn’t already presented the world with enough challenges, there’s always the little-noticed fact that troops of two nuclear powers have been facing off against each other in the Himalayas for the last 45 days or so.

Yesterday, they came to blows. Not a shot was fired, but 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat involving fist and rocks. It isn’t known how many Chinese were killed because the ChiComs don’t announce those things and who’d believe them anyway?

The border in that part of the world has been disputed for decades and this is the first deadly encounter between India and the Chinese in 45 years. No on wants to find out how much more deadly the situation will get if the forces arrayed along the disputed border graduate to weapons that go bang. Here’s the AP’s report:

By Aijaz Hussain, AP

A border clash high in the Himalayas between the world’s two most populated countries has claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers in the first deadly violence since the two nuclear armed neighbors faced off in a border dispute 45 year ago.

The Indian and Chinese troops fought each other with fists and rocks along the high-altitude Himalaya terrain in a clash that left 20 Indian soldiers dead, Indian authorities said Tuesday.

China accused Indian forces of carrying out “provocative attacks” on its troops and has not said if any of its soldiers have died.

The Indian army said in its statement that the two sides had “disengaged” from the disputed Galwan area where they clashed overnight on Monday.

The army originally reported that three Indian soldiers had died, but later said 17 additional soldiers succumbed to injuries they suffered in the sub-zero temperatures where the clash occurred in the Himalayan region of Ladakh.

Thousands of soldiers on both sides have been facing off for over a month along a remote stretch of the 2,100-mile Line of Actual Control, the border established following a war between India and China in 1962 that resulted in an uneasy truce.

The clash Monday — during which neither side fired any shots, according to Indian officials — is the first deadly confrontation between the two Asian giants since 1975.

Vivek Katju, a retired Indian diplomat, said the deadly violence represented a dramatic departure from the four-decades-old status quo of troops from the two countries facing off without any fatalities.

“The political class and the security class as a whole will have to do very serious thinking about the road ahead,” he said.

The Indian army said in a statement earlier Tuesday that a “violent faceoff” took place in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on Monday night, “with casualties on both sides.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian gave no details of any casualties on the Chinese side, but said that China had strongly protested the incident while still being committed to maintaining “peace and tranquility” along the disputed and heavily militarized border.

“But what is shocking is that on June 15, the Indian troops seriously violated the consensus of the two sides, crossed the border illegally twice and carried out provocative attacks on Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical conflicts between the two border forces,” Zhao said.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement that the incident happened “as a result of an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo” in the Galwan Valley.

Thousands of soldiers from the two countries, backed by armored trucks and artillery, have been facing off just a few hundred meters (yards) apart for more than a month in the Ladakh region near Tibet. Army officers and diplomats have held a series of meetings to try to end the impasse, with no breakthrough.

Indian authorities have officially maintained near-total silence on the issues related to the confrontation, and it was not immediately clear how the three Indian soldiers died.

But two Indian security officials familiar with latest developments told The Associated Press that soldiers from the two sides engaged in fistfights and stone-throwing, which led to the casualties. Both said that no shots were fired by either side. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with government regulations.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not comment on the clash in a televised meeting Tuesday with state officials.

The tense standoff started in early May, when Indian officials said that Chinese soldiers crossed the boundary in Ladakh at three different points, erecting tents and guard posts and ignoring verbal warnings to leave. That triggered shouting matches, stone-throwing and fistfights, much of it replayed on television news channels and social media.

China has sought to downplay the confrontation while saying the two sides were communicating through both their front-line military units and their respective embassies to resolve issues.

Though skirmishes aren’t new along the frontier, the standoff at Ladakh’s Galwan Valley, where India is building a strategic road connecting the region to an airstrip close to China, has escalated in recent weeks.

The two countries have been trying to settle their border dispute since the early 1990s without success.

Since then, soldiers from the two sides have frequently faced off along the frontier, which stretches from Ladakh in the north to the Indian state of Sikkim in the northeast.

Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda, a former head of the Indian military’s Northern Command, under which Kashmir and Ladakh fall, said the incident was the “most serious confrontation” between India and China since 1975, when Chinese troops killed four Indian soldiers in an ambush in the Twang region of northeastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh state.

“It’s a very complicated and serious situation, and it will take real, hard negotiating skills to resolve this,” Hooda said.

Indian officials say Chinese soldiers commit more than 500 border transgressions annually. China claims about 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles) of territory in India’s northeast, while India says China occupies 38,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) of its territory in the Aksai Chin Plateau in the Himalayas, a contiguous part of the Ladakh region.

India unilaterally declared Ladakh a federal territory while separating it from disputed Kashmir in August 2019. China was among the handful of countries to strongly condemn the move, raising it at international forums including the U.N. Security Council.

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  1. Unfortunately the MSM doesn’t report on news these days, it’s all about the virus or how oppressed & racist every one is!

      • They comprise 1/3rd of the worlds population (2.7 of 7.8 billion) between them… Short of either one or both slinging nukes at the other it will take them awhile to use up their respective “guys”… especially if the fighting is confined to the region in conflict…

        • Interesting stuff on that too, as Mao‘s original goal of China (after killing 80 million people) was to increase China’s population so incredibly high that it could fight and win a nuclear war and still have enough people to dominate the world. He often stated he’d gladly accept a nuclear war with the west because he thought China would be able to come out on top with such a strategy.

          • He was a bit shortsighted, didn’t see a future where the U.S. stockpile alone could turn the entire Asian continent into a glass parking lot…

        • Oh most definitely. Even now after our Cold War reduction… the US nuclear arsenal is absolutely incredible.

      • That will take a while, but India does have a higher birth rate and was tipped to overtake China in the population stakes in the near future.

        • Back in the 70’s in high school we did an experiment on China’s population. If you lined up the people of china 4 wide and marched them into the ocean. It was calculated with the population growth rate. They would never run out of people and still would be marching today. The same can now be said of India when you factor in the birth rate. I’m less concerned with them dying as I am in somebody getting an itchy finger on the button. They have been fighting each other longer than most of the rest of the world’s countries has existed.

      • It’s called “wolf-warrior” diplomacy, named after a Chinese action movie series.

        All they seem to be doing is angering nearly all their neighbors and other countries too.

    • Problem is China can’t build walls fast enough to “protect” their growing borders. Research China’s island building operations in the South China Sea to see how they’re trying to expand their oceanic and national air space.

  2. One problems with working at altitude, over 12 000 feet is that cuts bleed faster and you have less oxygen in the blood to start with. Indian and Gurkha troops regularly patrol up to 18 000 feet.

    I attended a very informative mountain first aid course where one of the presenters was an ex Indian army doctor. Scary how minor wounds could kill you.

    • Hypothermia can also interfere with the clotting cascade.

      Humans who live at altitude will adjust the amount of hemoglobin in their blood over time to compensate for the lower partial pressure of O2 at altitude.

  3. “Not a shot was fired, but 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat involving fist and rocks.” – AP report (paraphrased)

    So any gun control measures don’t really work, then, do they? If people really want to kill each other, they’ll pick up rocks. As seen with the London Lunacy last year, it starts with controlling citizens’ ability to buy/use guns, then when that doesn’t stop the violence, they go for the knives, then the hammers, then the battery acid refills, then…

    • What amazes me is you got all those guys staring at each other for weeks, a brawl big enough to kill twenty on one side alone breaks out, and absolutely noone loses self control enough to fire even one shot?

      Are these two armies standing there with no ammunition or something?

      I mean, what the hell???

      • That was exactly my reaction. I would have expected someone providing over-watch to open up on one side or the other. Unless they both use this area as an open air prison, and the equivalent of US gang types get assigned there.

      • Simply, there is a treaty in place that both sides heretofore, have somewhat adhered to. It is rather burdensome in name:

        “Agreement Between the Government of the Republic
        of India and the Government of the People’s Republic
        of China on Confidence-Building Measures in the
        Military Field Along the Line of Actual Control in the
        India-China Border Areas”


        One of it’s proviso’s requires that all arms be kept a minimum of 2 kilometers from the LAC (Line of Actual Control) to prevent such exchanges. With one exception only granted, light arms firing ranges.


        From Article VI:

        – (1) Neither side shall open fire, cause bio-degradation, use hazardous chemicals, conduct blast operations or hunt with guns or explosives within two kilometers* from the line of actual control. This prohibition shall not apply to routine firing activities in small arms firing ranges.

        *emphasis is mine.

        • Trash-talking, shoving, fist-fights, rock throwing, etc. is kinda condoned up there. One group of 30 or so walks up to the line, and the other side responds…

        • No doubt, I’ve been watching it for decades. It’s like a bunch of strutting high school bantam roosters up there. Wonder why they’re being so silent on the Chinese fatality score?

          • Couldn’t trust the number from China if they did give one, so why bother (That National embarrassment thing they worry so much about)

        • @ Madd

          I was thinking more along the Indian silence on the issue line, but yeah, that’s standard protocol for the Chinese.

    • No, no, no, you see – the soldiers were not shot, so they are only MOSTLY dead, nothing to worry about. Now if they used those deadly military style assault rifles made to kill as many people as possible in shortest time possible, no one would remain alive to tell the story.

    • Both sides also have clubs wrapped with barb wire. When I heard the news of this I thought, what? have we gone back to the stone age? I can’t figure out why no one fired a gun, that’s just strange as can be in today’s world.

      By the way roughly 40 some odd Chinese soldiers died as well in this gladiator type battle.

      Now I wonder where this event will lead.

  4. Bunch of foreigners fighting, no shots fired, but somehow falls under “About Guns”???

  5. Well, if it comes to war with China maybe they will have to fight a two front war. At least. After all, if you keep making enemies…

    • Operation Paul Bunyan was the result.

      I did two years in Korea and two summers on the ‘Z’ at Liberty Bell.

      1/31st INF Legionnaire

  6. Alrighty so the former “sick man of Asia” kicked the azzes of the new sick man. Got it…wars and rumours of war kid’s-and thing’s will get much worse. JESUS is about to break through the clouds gathering HIS elect. And all hell will break out on this world. I hope you’re ready!!!

  7. I’m going out on a limb here and gonna say that if 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand to hand then the Chinese suffered the worst end of the deal.

      • Past experience.

        Google what happend when China and Vietnam went to war about 50 years back or so…

        • 41 yrs ago china invaded Vietnam for 27 days trying to get Vietnam to end it’s occupation of Cambodia (and as a big FU to Russia which was Vietnams biggest supporter), they bumped heads for a few days then China went home and Vietnam continued to occupy Cambodia for another ten years… after fighting ended in mid March there were claims of upward of 250,000/300,000 killed (soldiers and civilians) and several million in damages to property and military equipment (pretty badass).. It could have been “real” bloody but Vietnam reserved it’s top regular units to defend Hanoi and China sent the bulk of it’s forces to their border with Russia…

      • Mr. Singh does not die easy. He’s of a warrior class that prepares for this moment his whole life.

        Mr. Wong is a conscript that misses his city comforts. He ain’t a believer. He’s just pulling his time until he can leave.

        Both are dangerous with arty and air to support them. But eyeball to eyeball I give an edge to Mr Singh.

    • Feel free to leave if you don’t like it newb. TTAG has always published articles like this.

      • Joseph, sorry to correct you. Actual, please leave! Really! Go! Don’t look back! You’ll be missed like a case of poison ivy! Can we do anything to speed your exodus? Sorry to go Biblical, but damn! Just shut the fuck up!

  8. Detonate just one nuke in the reservoir behind the Three Gorges Dam and China reverts to being a Third World Country. Now popping popcorn.

  9. The Indians need to set up a mass distraction technique…they need to heard 1 million cats through China..

  10. So while the WORLD watches and roots for the success of our newest nation “Chump?” those clowns are trying to start World War fuckin III over a virtually uninhabitable piece of land in the Himalaya Mountains…

    • Wars have been started for less and sometimes extreme provocation can’t start one. No one expected the assassination of a minor Austro-Hungarian arch Duke would result in a war that would kill millions and end several empires. But barely 50 years later the assassination of a superpower’s popular leader during a time International tension only results in a humorless movie starring Kevin Costner.

      • The “MINOR” Archduke who was next in line to the throne of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian group called the “Black Hand Society”.. Austria demanded satisfaction, Serbia said go fuck yourself and the Serbians backed by Britain, Russia and France got after it with Austria-Hungary who was aligned with Germany.. That was the official story but reality was that Serbia was becoming too strong and might soon be in a position to challenge Austria’s control over Yugoslavia and Austrians saw this as an opportunity to weaken Serbia… No one imagined the shit storm they were stirring up…… Gavrio Princip (the actual assassin) was a Bosnian Serb, Bosnia had been annexed by Austria-Hungary in 1908..
        The Kennedy assassination was domestic, though ties between Oswald and the Soviet Union were established fact there is no evidence that he acted on the behalf of any State and the Oswald family was just not big enough in itself for the U.S. to declare war on… and if they had it would have been the shortest war ever and then with the aid, reparations and rebuilding, just not worth it….

        BTW: I did say those clowns were TRYING to start a war and I was actually being a bit sarcastic as I am MOST of the time…

    • “…those clowns are trying to start World War fuckin III over a virtually uninhabitable piece of land in the Himalaya Mountains…”

      It is considered strategically important territory.

      That little slice of real estate China *must* control to build out their “Belt and Road” initiative.

      Read all about it :

      • If Chinas “Belt and Road” follows the old silk road trade routes (the “Belt” part) set by Marco Polo they don’t come anywhere near the Galwan Valley.. Chinas just butt hurt because India built a “modern” road in the area that might give them an advantage in troop movements in the event of a real conflict… It’s my understanding that most of the deaths were from exposure after falling into a freezing cold river…

        (The confrontation came after tensions bubbled up in recent months over a new road India built in Ladakh, along the Line of Actual Control which divides the sides.
        That angered China, which deployed troops and built infrastructure of its own in disputed territory, bringing the two sides’ forces in closer proximity and heightening the risk of clashes.)

        Whatever the reason it’s only important to China and India… Hopefully they have enough sense to keep the padlocks on the fuckin nukes and no one else will need to get involved…

  11. Must be part of China’s new “charm offensive” their marxist media lapdogs keep telling us about.

  12. Montana Actual says:

    June 16, 2020 at 19:41

    somethings fuckey.

    __Yeah, and it’s you CLOWN.

    How the fuck is this a TTAG worthy article?

    __War involves ~guns, you fool, and this will involve guns, a lot of guns, in its next phase.


    __You’re the trash here and it’s good that others at ttag are knowing it. Go back to the U.S. military base you wanted to name FORT METH you ignoramus crack/meth head.

    This has to do with guns how? None were used, and it’s china vs. fucking gurkhas.

    __This is yet another example of your half c(o)cked ‘anal’-ysis. You’re a f’n genius as a crack/meth head bombaclat.

    Gadsden Flag says: >>> June 16, 2020 at 20:19

    Actual, please leave! Really! Go! Don’t look back! You’ll be missed like a case of poison ivy! Can we do anything to speed your exodus? Sorry to go Biblical, but damn! Just shut the fuck up!

    __You’re very much on point with your comment Gadsden Flag, but note the fact that this fool is psychotic without any doubt. His brain, not much left of it, from his drug use while in the hood. His ttag posts and comments are up for review for being the total worthless trash that they are. This guy is a real LARPer, and like ttag ~stole some of his worthless photographs. So he’s delusional to go along with his psychosis. Bring in the guys in the truck with the straight jacket and try to get him on thorazine before it’s too late.

    • You really are taking this pretty personal Grimdolf Hitler. This is classic. I cannot believe I hammered it in so deep.

  13. The Chinese version of Hakko Ichiu,

    Hakko Ichiu – The way to the realisation of Hakko Ichiu was through the benign rule of the Emperor; and therefore the “way of the Emperor”—the “Imperial” or the “Kingly way”—was a concept of virtue, and a maxim of conduct. Hakko Ichiu was the moral goal; and loyalty to the Emperor was the road which led to it.

    is called Tianxia under which China gets to rule the rest of the world.

    Consider the implications of this poster for a popular Chinese movie, Wolf Warrior 2, a jingoist Chinese-produced movie of 2017:

    link showing the offensive movie poster:

    The Chinese characters at the top of the poster translate as “Anyone who offends China, no matter how remote, must be exterminated.” This is what passes for popular entertainment in China these days. The significance of that sentence is that China considers the extermination of others as something very casual.

    • When they’ve killed hundreds of millions of their own, why should they care about anyone else.

    • Yea… the US has nothing like it… right? I mean, propaganda is about as one way as your 2 vs 1 argument in a physical altercation. Go ahead Grim, give um the ol 1…2…

  14. An informal group of four countries known as the Quad — India, Japan, the United States, and Australia — are the front line against China. Plus Vietnam…

    Vietnam has 49 bases in the South China Sea claimed by China; Continued existence of the Vietnamese bases makes a mockery of China’s claim to the South China Sea so they must be eliminated. What you now see snaking up to the border crossing at Po Thiung in Cao Bang province is 84 km of completed four-lane highway ending abruptly at the border.

    China has three big military bases made from built up reefs in the South China Sea – Fiery Cross, Subi and Mischief Reefs, each with a 8,500 foot runway and a large anchorage. China is likely to perform a rerun of its 1989 invasion of Vietnam and force Vietnam to give up its South China Sea bases in return for peace. If successful, China would then go on to make demands of other countries and this would be the major turning point in modern history.

    The current population of China is 1,439,070,743 as of Sunday, June 14, 2020, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. The current population of India is 1,379,344,820 as of Sunday, June 14, 2020, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

    The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason.” The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Limiting the population of the Earth to five hundred million will require the extermination of nine-tenths of the world’s population.

    This ttag article is important and relevant because conflict or eventual war with India, a member of the ‘Quad’, could be the trigger for a wider war against China or WW III. Could be some guns used as part of that? Also China has 20% of world population but only have 8% of the world, potable, water supply; and of that 8% most of it is polluted. Something has to give, and soon… Prepare yourselves …

    • I like how you are low key trying to make this relative just because I don’t think it is. Prepare yourselves… Yea, I am watching Red Dawn right now.

      Also, HUGE difference in your context, and the stuff you copy/paste. What a riot.

  15. China is due for a beat down, some massive insurrections/riots. Top it off with a currency collapse and depression. Incompetent communist don’t/can’t handle massive strife. The people/populace are still ticked off about how they handled their Wuhan Bat Virus. News at eleven…Chinese beat-down…

  16. Montana Actual says: >>> June 17, 2020

    I like how you are low key trying to make this relative just because I don’t think it is.

    __You being an idiot is totally UN-related to anything I posted. Sorry to disappoint you. Fact is you’re not relevant at ttag in any way that I can see but you make a good punching bag.

    You really are taking this pretty personal Grimdolf Hitler. This is classic. I cannot believe I hammered it in so deep.

    __Get help >

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    Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness — called a “psychosis”— in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

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    • Man you are getting pretty original. Wait, nope… everything you said here you’ve repeated like 50 times already, but it’s okay… I love it when you talk dirty to me. Can I be the big spoon tonight 😉

  17. Montana Actual says: >>> June 17, 2020

    Yea… the US has nothing like it… right?

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    • Ok. Catch ya later. Hey, just out of curiosity, if you know you are going to use expletives, then what good is censoring them? I just find it a bit funny is all… you censor the “vulgar” words but the overall mentality is to insult and threaten. Is that how your religion works? You just repent when you die and all is forgiven, right? I mean, of course the thought of being rewarded would make anyone want to be as decent a person as you.

      Better go for that second swing old timer.

  18. Nanook says:

    June 17, 2020 at 03:05

    Top it off with a currency collapse …

    __It’s actually quite the opposite …

    __A new “currency” called the aurum has been touted as a way to hold gold-backed money.

    According to Russian government officials attending a recent monetary conference in Moscow, Russia, China and their BRICS allies are moving toward their own gold trading system (bypassing London and New York). From there it’s a small step toward a new gold-backed digital currency using distributed ledger technology and military-grade encryption.

    __China’s secret gold-backed cryptocurrency to destroy U.S. $, many details not yet disclosed, will devalue the U.S. dollar to “zero”. Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar. This will be economic armageddon for the U.S. …

    Russia and China have outlined plans to create a 100 percent gold-backed currency system to replace the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency. The Central Bank of Russia has been steadily amassing vast gold reserves – accumulating 1,828.56 tons by the end of 2017 – making it the fifth largest gold reserve in the world. [BTW China has amassed an equal amount or more] {Now by 2020 Russia and China have added many more tons of gold to their reserves so that both have 2,200 tons or more}

    Other thing is that the gold in fort knox vanished during the Clinton years as the reason it has not been audited in more than 50 years. U.S. $ is backed by really nothing then, after all, and trillions of $ of pandemic relief funny money has been printed. The chances we have against the Russia-China juggernaut are actually very slim. You might say it looks ‘Grim’. Your comment was so out there and wrong, well you just do not know the facts same like most people, that writing this may help.

    • Hey thanks for all the help. What would TTAG ever do without grims conspiracy… I mean, clarification.

  19. Montana Actual says: >>> June 17, 2020 at 04:00

    I mean, of course the thought of being rewarded would make anyone want to be as decent a person as you.

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    • Yea Yea, pale blue dot and all. Good. At least you are not a religious nutcase. Just a “normal” nutcase? Long winded explanation for nothing btw. It’s pretty clear you are new here.

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  21. Montana Actual says: June 17, 2020

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    • last word.

      Seriously, get some mental help. You are taking this way too personal.

  22. Indian officials confirmed the deaths of over 20 of their soldiers, while China admitted to some “casualties” without providing a number. Indian media asserted, citing intelligence reports, that China suffered between 35 to 50 casualties.

    As Chinese and Indian border soldiers do not carry firearms, the soldiers used stones and sticks wrapped in barbed wire to kill each other. Many reportedly died of hypothermia from the frigid Himalayan temperatures and others fell to their deaths from the steep cliffs.

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