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To be fair, the actual RIFLE part was a Savage 110 in 300 Win Mag using the StraightJacket Barrel System. But the stock was made out of a chunk of wood and duct tape, with what looks like a Bushnell scope topping it off. Needless to say, if these guys can make a 1,000 yard shot using a stock that was made in about five minutes tops, then your complaints about your existing stock being “inaccurate” may be irrelevant.

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  1. Most off the shelf firearms, even those made on the cheap, are more accurate than most shooters can use. It’s a mature product and industry.

  2. Blind hog finds the acorn every once in awhile. I have seen a lot of makeshift stocks at various events. Some good some bad. He also is not free floating the barrel which is most of the time a no no for accuracy, but refer to my earlier statement.

  3. I should show this to the guys at my range that cant hit the 100yd target with their AR that has $1000 worth of stuff on it, that ought to brighten their mood.

      • accomplishes the fact that people depend on material items and “stuff” instead of actual skill to make a 1000 meter shot. this pretty much debunks the myth that you have to have an “accurate”stock…it comes down to ,you either have the know how to shot a firearm or you don’t…no more excuses!

  4. I am a big fan of the StraitJacket. It takes an accurate barrel and keeps it that way–shot after shot. And as I understand it, there is no issue with “barrel harmonics” that require free floating as ann incident to the excellent heat dissipation characteristics of the StraitJacket. Well worth the money for a target shooter. I am also a Savage fan–great MOA accuracy right out of the box for less than a grand, even less that $500.

    I think you TTAG guys should get a StraitJacket and test it out. The only article I’ve seen about it is an old one–with an update—on Guns America

    • The only thing keeping me from the StraitJacket is that it is too thick. I like using telescopic (reflex) suppressors, that StraitJacket is as thick as the suppressor itself. They should make a medium version.

  5. Probably done by marksmen who could hit the same target with a ruger 10 22….

    Wish i had the time money and patience to be a good marksman, but will have to content myself with the 100 yard range

  6. Folks been doing this long range stuff for quite a while. Billy Dixon at The Battle of Adobe Walls is worth checking out….140 years ago…

    • I’ve read about that. Kinda proves there is truth behind the sentiment about it being the man behind the gun rather than the gun itself, no?

      • My understanding is that Dixon shot the man while the man was sitting still on a horse and sky lined. Still, an impressive shot. Dixon was a young man and intimately familiar with his rifle as he was a professional bison hunter.

        I can’t swear to this,but my understanding is that the first people to reload self contained cartridges were bison hunters. They shot more in a day than most people did in a year. The cost of shipping ammo from the eastern factories made it expensive.

    • Sometimes I feel like that Dustin Hoffman character in Little Big Man, remembering stuff the youngins ain’t familiar with. So I realized that there are bunch of folks out there that don’t even know what a blackpowder rifle is or will do. Or even know of historic folks like Dixon and the Indian wars of the 19th century. Here are couple of links I thought would be helpful to those new to the gun world….

      Summary of the Adobe Walls fight, Bat Masterson and Billy Dixon and the 1500 yard shot !

      Here is a quick report of some tests done out beyond 3,000 YARDS with the old timey guns !

  7. This was neat to see. I just can’t seem get excited about stocks when it comes to the slow target shooting I do. Maybe if you where firing rapid strings it would matter.


  8. I’ll file this into the weird yet very impressive category. The Savage 110 300 Mag and the Busnhell 3-21 FFP scope are definitely capable of excellent accuracy, and I have a feeling that the ammo is good stuff as well. That also looks like a thorough and precise duct taping job. Mythbusters successfully made a boat out of duct tape just to see if it was possible. It was.

    I’ll still consider a quality stock / bedding / free float job to be one of the major factors that drops groups from 1.5 MOA to sub 1 MOA.

    And I’ll put some more duct tape on the list, for the same reasons as Clint Eastwood’s sage advice in Gran Turino.

  9. I need 1,000 people with their personal toys like this guy, and a nice place to have a talk- westhmpsn channel on youtube- A serious person in this video, with a nice toy- I wonder if he’s a Constitutionalist?

    • OK, so your first sentence makes no sense. You really need to think a little harder before pressing enter.

      Second, “westhmpsn channel on youtube”
      Um… guys, check this out. This dude is scary…

      William Burke, I officially retract every single aspersion I’ve ever cast at your conspiracy theories. I still think you’re wrong, but compared to this dude, you’re just a babe in the woods.

      [Backs slowly away, making no sudden gestures.]

  10. I was more impressed with the “bipod” than the stock. x No sound at work, so I don’t know the reason why he did this.


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