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Count up the ways a Crimson Trace laser sight is in your best interest.

If you’ve yet to realize the difference a laser sight on a firearm can make, you’re a little behind the times. The tough thing is, with all the popularity that generated, the drive to crank these out and satisfy the market has led to a lot of less-than-stellar stuff to sift through.

Want some reasons why choosing one is better than the others? Crimson Trace has a bunch, and we felt it necessary to fill you in to better inform your decision. When the time comes to get your first laser sight or upgrade the one you’ve got, remember these ten things.

1. A smooth transition

Crimson Trace makes gear that’s so seamlessly incorporated into the most popular gun styles, that there’s almost no getting used to it. Your gun will still fit perfectly in its holster or case, too. It almost comes natural, making you wonder why you never used it before.

2. Instinctive Activation

Pick up the gun, and the sight turns on. There’s no button, switch, squeeze mechanism, or hand manipulation required. You don’t change your grip or adjust to much of anything.

3. A clear purpose

Crimson Trace isn’t messing around. They go the extra mile to spell out just exactly what kind of advantages their laser sights are giving a gun owner, without resorting to gimmicks or hype. They’re safer, more practical, and available at a value you might not expect.

4. A world’s first

Crimson Trace’s LiNQ is the very first wireless laser and white light system. It works by combining a green laser sight and a 300-Lumen LED white light, with the extra assurance of their specialized Instinctive Activation. It was good enough to win the NRA’s Golden Bullseye Award, and has changed the way AR- and AK-style gun owners operate their laser and light module.

5. Encyclopedic knowledge

You can learn a lot from Crimson Trace. They give anyone who visits their site (regardless of whether or not they’ve even become a customer yet) a plethora of laser sight knowledge. A highly-trained staff is an indispensable thing to have, and Crimson Trace puts that collective knowledge to good use while making it available to you, me, and anyone interested.

6. American-made craftsmanship

An aspect near and dear to the Heartland of our country, Crimson trace designs, tests, manufactures, and ships all their product from Wilsonville, Oregon. And they’ve done that since their inception, something that all sportsmen and women across the country will appreciate.

7. Installation simplification

It takes mere minutes for anyone semi-familiar with guns to install and start using a Crimson Trace sight. If you have any doubts or questions, there are plenty of ways to quickly track down the info you need.

8. Free batteries for life

Yeah, it’s true. Get a Crimson Trace sight, and they’ll keep it running forever.

9. True customer service

“We believe that our customers are entitled to a customer service experience that shines with the same intensity as the lasers we make.” That’s straight from their website, and it’s something they pride themselves on. Have a question? You deserve to get it answered, and Crimson Trace will do it.

10. Personal defense confidence

Isn’t that really what it’s all about? Combine everything, and Crimson Trace flat out gives you a firmness in your confidence. Your personal defense, and the protection of those you love, should always come first.

There’s nothing like a nice, clear cut list that repeats good reason after good reason to invest in something you’ll find you shouldn’t have been without.

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  1. I was a laser sight skeptic when I got a deal on a S&W model 642 snub nosed revolver. Now I’m a “raving fan”. Besides making up for the poor mechanical sight on the revolver, it allows firing accurately from awkward positions or in poor visibility. The best thing? Vastly improved dry firing practice and allowed me to tighten my groups on all my handguns. Only drawback is I wish it had been avail in green.

    • One year, my dad actually bought a circular saw as a Christmas present for my mom.

      She wasn’t very happy, until she noticed the small jewelry box inside with the saw.

      But you should have seen the look on her face as dad insisted she take the saw out of the box…

  2. “11. With Crimson Trace, you will be able to Operate Operationally with far greater speed and agility since your wallet will be much lighter, than if you purchased our competitor’s product.”

    (Hey, it’s good stuff – Just out of my price range…)

  3. I love might light/lasers. I use them all the time. Drop something in the car, unholster and use the light to find it. The laser is fun for playing with the cats and I’ve even used it to point out to the wife the book I wanted off the shelf.

    • “I love might light/lasers. I use them all the time. Drop something in the car, unholster and use the light to find it.”

      Yeah, it also makes a dandy laser pointer, as that cop in New York state found out when he used his duty pistol as one at a meeting…

  4. # 12. Makes a fun cat toy when you’re bored, just don’t shoot the cat.
    Kidding aside. No one makes a retention holster That accomadates a laser for my gun

  5. You also get a laser beam that hits the end of the slide stop shaft on a 1911, diffusing the beam and reducing the intensity of the spot on the target.

  6. Note the magic word in the byline: written by “sponsored content”. Does that perhaps explain why the item looks like an article but reads like an ad?

  7. Price tag hurts but no buyers remorse. Significantly better than the Chinese stuff but once again you gotta pay to play.

  8. I have nothing against this product. However, I am a fan of red dot sights vs. lasers. I admit they are less fun with cats, but I am allergic to cats anyway. The red dot is like a VR laser, but only you see it and it does not give away your location and it won’t be obscured by smoke or obstacles. There may be a price difference, but I like that I did not need a new holster. And my ex wife’s cat likes the red dot better too.

  9. 11: A hell of a time finding a holster that fits.

    I bought a M&P Shield with laser (I got it cheaper than a normal shield would cost) and there was one option from Galco for an IWB holster.

  10. I have Crimson Trace Laserguards on three of my carry pistols. I don’t utilize them when I’m target shooting at the range. If you have your laser zeroed properly, you don’t see it when focusing on the front sight for accuracy.

    Where the laser really stands out is when firing from retention or point shooting. AND it increases the range at which I can shoot my Kahr CW380, which is very small with a short sight radius.

    I’ve found the laser does tend to lose zero over time, though.

  11. I like CT laser sights (since most bad things tend to happen at night) and have equipped my carry pistols with them. When the CT sight is a Laser-Guard type, I get holsters from Crossbreed – they make holsters for most handguns with most varieties of laser sights or lights. AND they won’t break the bank.


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