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First it was the insidious danger presented by a pizza gun. Now comes the deadly threat that is the Pop-Tart pistol. Is no school safe any more? WBFFs MyFace page reports that “7-Year-Old Joshua was suspended this morning from Park Elementary School in Brooklyn Park (MD). Joshua says he was eating a pastry during snack time and trying to shape it into a mountain, the teacher said it looked like a gun and took him to the principal’s office. Joshua’s parents were called, he has been suspended for two days.” Principal Sandy Blondell who suspended the tyke, being the good government school employee she is, deflected press requests for comment with the standard ‘to protect the student’s privacy, we can’t talk about it’ B.S. Whew! Another tragedy narrowly averted.


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  1. Im not one to support suing over every little thing that goes against a person but these teachers and schools really need to be silenced somehow. This bull&hit is fv@%ing rediculous.

  2. Good god, we need school vouchers right now.

    They don’t even try to explain to little kids why their actions are wrong (not that this kid had actually done anything bad) they just suspend kids. How is this teaching or education? It’s a complete abdication of responsibility for the very thing they’re paid to do.

        • And then they wonder why homeschooling is becoming more and more popular. As I told friends many times during debates, I can swallow public funding for education, but it absolutely should NOT be run by the government.

  3. He probably shaped it into a SBR AR15, give him 20 years, that will teach tha kid to have respect for….well….pastries, Randy

    • 20 years is a little steep, I mean did he have the under barrel missle laucher made out of doritos also?

  4. I ask this again and again… and I never get an answer: when adults charged with shaping the minds of children behave this way, how is there possibly any hope for children?

    • As long as “just one child” is left alone to think for themselves then its okay.

  5. I spoke with my kids’ elementary school’s principal last week. She’s a sport fisherman, and has a gigantic marlin in her office. (weird for the philly suburbs) We had a nice conversation about firearms, and my apprehension about my kids getting suspended for something stupid. (they ‘understand’ firearms). She was totally cool, and caught me off guard when she said “yes, i carry a shotgun all the time when we go fishing.” I didn’t know they shoot the things before they bring ’em on the boat.

    Anyway, i recommended that the school nurse and main office lady start packin’, and we had a good laugh. (they’re like 90 years old)

    Discussion with your local school districts is half the battle. Remember, you’re the taxpayer, which means you’re the customer as well as the boss.

  6. This is clearly a mentally challenged individual, who wears the tin foil hat to bed and work. A normal person does not make the jump from a mountain to a firearm out of a freaking pop-tart! This person is clearly an anti-gunner, or as I am calling them now, anti-rights, anti-constitution, and anti-Bill Of Rights. This person has a grudge. And wants to ensure that this kid remembers what happened to him when someone THOUGHT he was thinking of a gun. He wants to ensure the kid always sees guns as a negative object that made him have a horrible experience. Even when he was thinking of a mountain made out of pop-tarts. Maybe this person knows the family and they are gun owners?
    Rest assured, this poor kid will always remember what happened when somebody thought he was thinking of a pop-tart gun. And this is clearly an attempt to ensure he will always have a negative memory when anything “gun” ever crosses his path. Trying to ensure another generation of weak individuals who hate guns. Have to start them young ya know.

    How does a person not lose his job for attempting to put his thoughts into the mind of a child, and then has the child SUSPENDED. Is it illegal to think? What if the kid was making abstract art..unlikely, but what gives this person the right to even consider this type of action and punishment?

    • These leftist school officials need their lower jaws to be ‘kissed’ by a ball-peen hammer. Powder the jaws of the libtards.

  7. when i saw that this occured in my state,MD, i’d have to say i’m not supried people have completely lost their minds here regarding 2a.

  8. Every day another thing like this happens that convinces me that sending your child to public school is tantamount to child abuse.

    Tar and feathers. That’s probably the answer.

  9. Obviously the progressive plan is to instill a fear of firearms into America’s youth through indoctrination and intimidation in the public schools. Red state governors and legislators need to bring this to heel in their states.

  10. Parent should have asked to see the offending pastry, bit the ends off it and said “I don’t see no stinkin’ gun!”

    • This is incredibly stupid, but, unfortunately, it’s nothing new. Three years before the first Kennedy assassination, when I was in 2nd grade, I did a rather magnificent piece of folk art depicting an impressive robot fitted with fire-spitting machine guns in its chest, generally laying waste in lurid colour (mostly red). Being a true artiste, I turned it in in lieu of the assigned work, which as I remember entailed drawing tulips.
      Unfortunately, the teacher did not see the drawing on its merits, but removed me from the class and sent me to the principal’s office who called my mother in for an impromptu ‘critique’ and conference to voice the administration’s concerns with my sanity, stability and the extent of the risk to Mankind posed by my obvious homicidal tendencies expressed in my drawing. I ended up getting the rest of the day off from school followed by a visit with a school psychologist who, oddly enough, determined that if I was kept away from anything more dangerous than crayons, a #1 pencil, and cheap wood-pulp paper, I posed little risk to the school. Mom was chagrined over the whole thing, Dad somewhat amused.
      My career as a robot-monster-drawer thus quashed, I started drawing machine-gun-equipped helicopters which were apparently totally acceptable, passed tulip-drawing class successfully, survived my childhood without massacring anyone, and ended up as a cop in later life.
      I thank GOD that I was caught in time.

  11. I would have thought that atleast one of these overzealous
    “teachers” would have a minimum of a black eye from
    a parent. I live in a rural and very pro-rights area; if any
    teacher acted like this they’d be suspended immediately
    if not run out of town.

  12. If this was my child, I would have an apology and reinstatement, or I wouldn’t rest until I had a scalp. Seriously, are the end times neigh? People are losing their fvcking minds.

  13. Soon, they will ban the letter “L”, “J”, and “T” (“T” has the little shoulder thingy that goes up)
    So frikking stupid, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

  14. I grew up on healthy doses of Clint Eastwood and Robert Shaw to compliment Mickey and Goofy as a kid. I drew crude pictures of stick-figure soldiers in battle in elementary school all the time. One day my teacher kindly asked me to only draw “army pictures” at home from then on, so I did without even getting upset.

    She called my parents that night to warn them. She didn’t want some nutty progressive teacher to see my art and get me in trouble; so she asked them to make sure I only drew “violent” things in the safety of my own home. My teacher had a bunch of war veterans in her family and was raising a handful of sons at the time. She was quite fond of letting boys be boys and grow up playing army together; she was smart enough to see it all as harmless fun as my parents did. This was in the late 90’s. To this day I still can’t comprehend how lucky I was to have that kind of an awesome childhood when I read stories about this kind of insanity happening all over the country.

    • I pretty much had the same experiences only I grew up on Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwartzenegger and Bruce Willis. My cartoons were mostly of the semi-violent persuasion, Ninja Turles of course.

      I drew a lot of war pics in school but only ever got in trouble in the 5th grade for writing a short story on the end of the world.

  15. This is what happens when a bunch of no-talent welfare queens and burnouts run the school system and decide they want to be little Hitlers. I’ve dealt with them my whole life.

    I got in trouble in grade school once because a teacher thought that I was a nonconformist. My mother said, “Good. That’s what I want him to be.” You gotta pick your parents well.

    Twenty years ago my client sued a school district and my firm tortured the district for a long time. I loved every second of it.

  16. Why even discuss these morons?

    People who cannot exercise common sense and wonder why the public school system is fatally flawed!

    Homeschool your kids and put them all out of work!

  17. the poor kid probably didnt even know what a gun is before, oh I bet he knows now. probably buys himself an NRA membership at 15 because of thise. what a bunch of morons.

  18. “The dumbing down of america” Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

    Read it, memorize it, and make a decision on where you will send your kids (and i guarantee it wont be a public school).

  19. Why doesn’t the teacher get suspended for wasting everyone’s time? Kid was obviously punished because he doesn’t share the teacher’s belief that all guns are evil, and making a pop tart in the image of a gun is just as evil – if that happened at all. Great teachers teach their students to think, bad ones think they have all the answers

  20. The parent should have taken the kid to a firing range both days and taught him how to shoot a real gun. Well, maybe just taught him to shoot a BB gun.

  21. When I was in grade school, lo those many years ago, I had a reputation for talking too much. I know that because my teachers told my parents “He talks too much.”

    A few weeks ago, a friend’s six year old was sent home with his periodic progress report. Among other things, it said he demonstrated “below average verbal self-control.” I think that means he talks too much.

  22. So the child shaped his pastry into the shape of a mountain and not one but two school system employees saw a gun? What is their drug testing policy? The one they have now is clearly not working ’cause that’s not tobacky they’re smoking.

    Sounds like two candidates to be added to the NICS inelligible list for mental health reasons.

  23. In my little high school here in southern Ohio way back in the early 90’s it was common for boys to wear their hunting clothes and bring their shotguns to school on the first day of deer season so that they wouldn’t lose any time getting to the woods after school. For a couple of days each year the principles office looked like a used gun shop. No one was ever shot, and obviously no one arrested or suspended. I suppose they thought of us as citizens; you know with rights and responsibilities.
    On one occasion in my junior year I realized just after homeroom that I was still in possession of my uncles S&W chiefs special (forgotten in a coat pocket). When I realized it was still there I went to the principle, and left with him for the day. When school let out he returned the pistol to me, with ammunition and the admonition not to bring it back. No call to the parents, no cops, no bother. I suppose these days such an event would require dynamic entry by a SWAT team complete with flash-bangs and a helicopter on the roof.

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