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Gun content producers aren’t the only people who have been unhappy with Google-owned YouTube’s business practices. Plenty of other publishers have seen their income slashed by sudden changes in the site’s polices. But unlike law abiding gun owners, one San Diego woman decided to take up her beef with YouTube directly. Nasim Aghdam, a frequent YouTube poster, shot three people at the company’s San Bruno headquarters yesterday before turning the gun on herself.

From CNN:

The woman’s grievances against YouTube appear to be centered around censorship and revenue.

“There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!!” one post reads. “Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!”

Another post accuses “close-minded” YouTube employees of putting an age restriction on videos, saying it’s aimed at reducing views and discouraging the woman from making new videos.

Now it’s been revealed that Aghdam’s family was concerned enough about her state of mind that they called the police.

From CBS Los Angeles:

Aghdam’s father was too emotional to go on camera, but told CBS2 News’ reporter Tina Patel that his daughter had gone missing for a few days. He said he had called law enforcement in the San Diego area because he was concerned about her recent ire towards YouTube.

He said law enforcement authorities contacted him Tuesday at 2 a.m., telling him they had found his daughter safe in her car in Mountain View in Northern California. When the family realized that was near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, they told police about her recent complaints about how the company was “ruining her life.” They claim police told them they would be keeping an eye on her.

Whatever the case, commenters wasted no time yesterday — long before the facts of what happened were known — making assumptions about who the shooter was and their motivations.

It was ultimately revealed that Ms. Aghdam was a vegan artist, bodybuilder, and animal rights activist. Not exactly the beer-bellied, MAGA hat-wearing NRA member Mr. VanNest had pictured. Anyone want to chip in to buy him a sturdy pith helmet?

And as you’d expect, our dear friend Shannon Watts didn’t pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at the NRA either. She dug up a week-old tweet they posted criticizing YouTube’s content policy.

Bless her heart. Here’s the NRA’s “disgusting” tweet.

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  1. This will definitely hasten the demise of shooting and military history channels on YouTube as payback for this event. Even though this won’t be the stated aim, it will happen through “voluntary” efforts by YouTube staff members.

      • Being an effective common carrier in the same vein as any regional broadcaster, I would agree.

      • Disagree. Youtube, which is exercising editorial control over its platform by selectively banning channels which feature presumptively legal content, should be regulated like any publisher which exercises editorial control. They need not be regulated by the FCC, but if they’re going to pick and choose what they host, they shouldn’t get the protections afforded content-neutral platforms. They should be liable for the content of everything they allow.

        • As I understand it, making YT a ‘common carrier’ means YT gets to lobby Washington.

          That opens a Pandora’s box, does it not?

        • They are already lobbying Washington. Alphabet spends more money on lobbying than most other companies combined.

        • Geoff PR,
          Yes, or hold them liable for the content they chose to publish. At this point, they have given up any pretense of being a common carrier. They have gone well beyond just removing “obscenity” and direct threats of violence to removing content based on their own arbitrary standards. They have freely admitted to editing or removing content based on “youtube community standards”. Communities don’t have a share price. It’s a company.
          Okey dokey artichokey. In that case, Youtube is no longer a common carrier and can be held liable for any content they release, such as the bomb making instructional videos the Boston bombers got from Youtube.

        • They never had a pretense of being a common carrier.

          A common carrier is a specific thing–a company providing public telecommunications facilities, i.e. an Internet Service Provider, as defined by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Youtube does not resemble that in any way, they are a customer of common carriers.

          Google Fiber would be considered a common carrier, but they are wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet, and are not a provider to Youtube.

      • I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV so I may be way off base here but rather than looking at YouTube as a public utility . . . This is a service that promotes itself as a place where you can make your living. A place that encourages you to post your content here and no place else. Don’t they have some responsibility to their clients to encourage them to introduce content and gain advertisers rather than intentionally sabotaging them? At the very least it is bait-and-switch. Just another food for thought angle.

        • I haven’t read the pleadings, but my understanding is that the Prager University lawsuit is basically founded on the principle that Youtube held out that people could make a living by sharing in the add revenue on the videos they post, and Youtube can’t back out of that now.

          If someone (offeror) says they’ll pay anyone who does a thing, then someone else (performer) does that thing, then the offeror is contractually bound to pay the performer. There needs to be some specificity in the thing to be done and the pay. The classic examples of this are someone offering a reward for whatever.

        • PragerU’s lawsuit was dismissed last week.

          The TL:DR

          “Defendants are private entities who created their own video-sharing social media website and make decisions about whether and how to regulate content that has been uploaded on that website”

      • Youtube is a private business. Anyone who supports small government in no way should be calling for the government to regulate a private business nor should anyone be supporting the FCC. In fact, we should be pushing to ban the FCC as it is completely worthless in a world where the consumer is allowed to purchase whatever service they desire.

        If anyone personally does not like how youtube works, stop using it. Create your own video sharing website that is freedom based. You don’t have a right to use the private business of another person and it is within youtube’s rights to block videos that they do not want on their website. Currently, youtube has a market problem. There is a market for the videos they are banning and like any other banned product, it will eventually be made available by a different market source.

        We do not need the government to fix youtube because the market will do it soon enough.

    • A PETA protester takes armed action against a video hosting company? What will they think of next?

      Kind of makes you miss the unhinged right wing white male mass shooter, doesn’t it.

      • You mean the 4 far-right whack-jobs out of dozens of mass shooters in the past 30 years who were far-lefties with nothing to live for? Only the Cleveland School (LA 1989) guy, the Baby Warrior of 2015, the bowlcut Junior Klansman whose sister was in the news recently for having drugs and a gun at school, and the sexually-frustrated White Supremacist Latino kid at MSD were “right-wing.” Everyone else has been Democrats or kids of Democrats. Even Nazi-loving Eric and Dylan were the kids of Democrats (and Dylan was Jewish to boot).

    • Simple solution. Ban YouTube, PETA, gyms and broccoli. Makes as much sense as banning guns and demonizing NRA.

  2. Ban vegetables! And vegans! Eat more meat, it does a body good!

    Clearly this is the gun’s fault. That magical talismin of evil, as soon as she acquired it, began to call out to her with murderous thoughts. No one can resist.

  3. @jimvannest has “protected” his Twitter feed. I applaud him for embracing the right to self defense.

  4. We need good people with guns to protect us from hormonal vegan, Peta supporting women! Who knew?

  5. One look at that picture at the top will tell you everything you need to know about why she shot up the You Tube HQ – She was nuts.

  6. This is nitromethane fuel for that “danger to self and others’ gun seizure bill now in the House.

    Anybody got a link for that idiot who promised to eat his hat?

    • He’s locked down hiw Twitter feed. You can’t see him or reply. Plenty of folks are handing him his hat, though.

      • what a chicken shit weasel, I bet he thinks twice before shooting of his mealy mouth next time.

        • He should … But he probably won’t.

          That would require, you know, introspection and learning.

    • Ya, further broke (D)1<K moves from MI.

      Who knew I'd be ~ wishing for an Obama-imported ISIS uprising from Detroit. Barack Hussein brought in enough of them. They must just be waiting for his cue.

      Nothing says DAISY-CUTTER MICHIGAN, like a paid foreign invasion from our last POS communist/muslim fing (D) prez.

      F em all.

      • What the holy fuck are you on about? There is literally not a single coherent thought in that, there may be 37 random firing neurons, or 100% mental capacity.

    • Except that California already has that law. Once again, failure of the law to do the very thing it was enacted to do. If anything, this is more of an example of why these protective order laws do nothing.

      So, unhinged nut job opens fire in gun free zone, kills a few, then offs herself. Nothing new there. Why have I never heard of some unhinged, gun-loving OFWG going bananas at an IPSC match and killing dozens?

      • Because when something like that does happen, it’s just the one moron with a SERPA-clad light-triggered Glock, and he only puts a hole in his leg before they shut the range down. lol

    • “This is nitromethane fuel for that “danger to self and others’ gun seizure bill now in the House.”

      Yep. Funny how that just happens…

    • My guess is that her family arrived here in about 1980. Her beef so to speak is a 100% made in the US product.

    • Mack, you lost all credibility on the issue when you had to admit that your family were immigrants.

      • When I heard of the attack, my first thought was that it was an inadequate response to the problem.

      • Colonist: one that colonizes or settles in a new country

        Immigrant: a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

        Your people came to the country my people established. You are welcome.

        • Which ship did your family come over on, the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria? Or was your family on Columbus’ second voyage? So you are either a pure breed Spanish or descended entirely from the freed African slaves aboard those ships? I had no idea.

  7. Good Lord, I Hope what the San Francisco CBS affiliate is reporting is not true. They are saying the father called the police and warned them that his daughter was missing and he was afraid she was going to hurt people at YouTube. They are reporting that they found her a couple of days later and that she was safe and sound in her car. All clear, everything was fine. She was in her car, parked by the YouTube headquarters.
    I hope all of that is not true because I don’t want to believe anyone, much less a police officer, could be that stupid.

    • Don’t sweat it, Jon.

      Congress will protect us with a “Bipartisan Extreme Risk Protection Bill” very, very soon…

      • Government cannot even protect itself on an individual level. That bill is another attempt for it to do so, however, and your stupid ahole neighbors who needed a job (your government) hate you and DFAF what or who they have to trample on that road.

        • They have a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm, so you can be calm before you decide to kill someone. Used to be 15 did not work then, either.

    • The authorities will not protect us and will use their own refusal to defend us to take our rights away when they fail.

    • Look on the bright side. If it is true, it’s consistent both at a state level (the incident a few years ago in Santa Barbara, I think it was?) and nationally (re Florida).

      Sadly, living in a free society allows the possibility that things like this occasionally will happen, even if the police don’t screw up. The only way to (mostly, maybe) prevent it would be arbitrary, warrantless, non-consentual and frequent stop-and-search, and arrest on possibility rather than reasonable suspicion.

    • quote————————–jwtaylor says:———————-quote——————
      April 4, 2018 at 09:17
      Good Lord, I Hope what the San Francisco CBS affiliate is reporting is not true. They are saying the father called the police and warned them that his daughter was missing and he was afraid she was going to hurt people at YouTube. They are reporting that they found her a couple of days later and that she was safe and sound in her car. All clear, everything was fine. She was in her car, parked by the YouTube headquarters.
      I hope all of that is not true because I don’t want to believe anyone, much less a police officer, could be that stupid—————————-quote

      Turns out the Police had their image to protect i.e. the Morons Cops were indeed that stupid.

    • The police have to operate within the law. Or are you saying that, if a family member thinks you’re nuts, you should have your 4th and 5th Amendment rights withdrawn?

      • That is exactly the way Ca. law reads if a family member says you are dangerously unstable then the police can pick you for forced evaluation. I have heard of no penalty for false reporting, although filing a false police report is a felony.

  8. A middle eastern, female, PETA loving, crazy person shoots up a YouTube office. Awfully hard to find a connection to a white male NRA member anywhere in that. That won’t keep the media and Soros supported organizations from trying to push this as yet another reason to blame normal gun owners. Of course the left will refer to her as a white Persian just like they called George Zimmerman a white Hispanic.

    • All Persians and Azeris are white. They are from the Caucasus. One of the Shah’s titles was King of the Aryans. Persians are more Arran than Bohemian Corporal and his cohorts.

      • No Persians are “white” in the current classic sense (anglo-saxon), they have more Africa in them than Genghis Kahn but they have more middle eastern shithole in them than anything.

        • Both Hispanics and Aryans started from the same place, Persia. Of course, as you’ve pointed out, the Persian people have been influenced heavily by outside genes since then. As have we all.

        • All Angli-Saxons ate white but not all Whirs are Angli-Saxon. Persians have a better claim on whiteness than almost anybody else. Live with it.

        • QUOTE———————————–

          Joe R. says:
          April 4, 2018 at 09:59
          No Persians are “white” in the current classic sense (anglo-saxon), they have more Africa in them than Genghis Kahn but they have more middle eastern shithole in them than anything. —————————————————————QUOTE

          At least she did not have U.S. white shit-hole in her like you do. What goes around comes around Herr Hauptman.

        • Y’all hate us ’cause you a’nus.

          America’s a shithole only if we let you in.

          Build the Wall, end remittances, nuke the drug dealing cartels and their ms.13 enforcers. Ban incursions from every shithole.

          What goes around, gets stopped at the border by the U.S. National Guard. Errr Derp & tan

      • Most Persians aren’t very “white.” They’re kind of dark skinned. The point is the media said she was white, others were sure it was a white guy, and they were wrong.

  9. It is typical of Google to alter or even remove its offerings well after a segment of society has become dependent on it. Ms. Nasim should have known that going in: never base your business enterprise on a Google product. The same holds true of Apple and Microsoft.. these companies have pulled the rug out from users and customers for generations. Such is the law of the jungle where the big cats play and the mice get eaten.

    • That is a very astute observation. Being totally dependent on an external organization is rife with peril. I worked at Microsoft for a few years myself – spent a couple of years at a time in helping to develop product lines, which recruited consultants to install them at the enterprise level. All of those products were then either discontinued before release, or only released V1 and were then canned.

      No way would I base my entire livelihood on the whims of a company like Google, eBay, or other online service.

  10. Most ironic aspect to me is that the lefties want net neutrality and government regulation of facebook, twitter, google, etc, and both those would make it illegal for the recent censorship moves by all of them. Just like they made the CFPB immune to Congressional oversight because they thought Hillary would win and appoint the head, and want to give government more power even though Trump is in charge.

  11. One more unhinged mentally ill lefty committing a violent act. Must punish those righties who just want to be left alone.

    Never should have closed the asylums. Now the patients are building asylum walls around all of us.

    • Quote———————Never should have closed the asylums. Now the patients are building asylum walls around all of us.—————-quote

      And thank your God skin flint Reagan who wanted to save money by kicking the mentally ill out onto the streets to fend for themselves. Although he thought nothing of spending trillions invading other countries which resulted in a 17 year war in Afghanistan which has only bred millions more people out to attack us now and in the future. Brilliant

      • IIRC, he was obliged to do so by a Supreme Court ruling in a case brought by the ACLU.

        Why doesn’t the ACLU get any of the blame for the mess?

  12. Iranian National , Linguist , reportedly spoke several languages. Claimed service in wartime. ( Possible Bradly Manning type TRANNY …. sexual identity issues ? …. IE , exploitable ? )

    Narrative no fit ….. MSM ignores It.

    No WAY this was not on somebodys radar.

  13. Is an F-ing hat a used condom and since she was a vegan and animal rights activist, she probably leaned to left. Should Youtube censor PETA now?

  14. Vegans, just wrong, You do know that humans have eyes in the front of their head and incisors in their mouth like every other mammal predator. Humans are designed to eat meat. Lack of meat protein causes brain deficiency. Ever meet a Vegan that wasn’t Fk,n crazy? Me either. This idiot was worried and upset about her YouTube content, Really, Wow, she should get a life (sorry, too late). This is a large representation of the millennial generation. What scares me is in 15-20 years these people will be running (or ruining) the country, we are screwed. The rest of us just work hard, have hobbies and are happy.

    • To the back woods of “Wally World”

      quote—————–Vegans, just wrong, You do know that humans have eyes in the front of their head and incisors in their mouth like every other mammal predator. Humans are designed to eat meat. Lack of meat protein causes brain deficiency. ————-quote

      Actually a vegetarian diet if done properly gives one all the protein one needs and Vegetarians live an average of a whopping 20 years longer than back woods beer and pizza eaters overweight hill jacks who fart their way into an early death.

      • Cisco: Yes, of course people can survive without eating meat, but you must agree, genetically, humans were by design, engineered to eat meat. The human digestive system is designed to process meat for proteins for proper health. I have yet to meet (meat) any vegan that did not appear to have mental issues. That’s just me, I am sure there are vegans that are perfectly fine, I just have never met one! Or according to you, it could be my ignorant backwoods lifestyle that I am not exposed or enlightened to this new wave life choice…

    • I know a couple of vegans. One is a bit loopy, the other seems pretty mellow, if slightly dazed.

      Both are incredibly pale, though. Maybe veganism makes one allergic to sunlight.

  15. The much more interesting question: now that YouTube has paid a significant pain penalty, will YouTube promptly reverse their censorship and demonetizing policies?

  16. I call, “Micro-aggression” and as a result I’m feeling micro-sympathy for Google. You work for a company that is fighting against my civil rights and you get shot? I really don’t much care. George Lincoln Rockwell got shot too. That doesn’t mean that he got a lot of sympathy, though.

    Google is a monopoly (technically an oligopoly) that makes use of the public airwaves. It needs to be regulated as such.

  17. God bless this poor, dead Vegan nutcase. Animal rights activists and vegans are the craziest Leftists of the lot, and I am relieved that she didn’t know enough about guns to have done more harm than she did; but her crime is a great big kick in the balls to the Left, even though pretty much every mass killing is carried out by Leftists.

    • Not fair. Two of my best friends are vegan and they aren’t the people you claim they are.

    • to Armed Nut Case

      quote——————–even though pretty much every mass killing is carried out by Leftists.——————————–quote——————-

      Yea sure just like Confederate Flag waving Dillon Roof was a left winger. Tell me some more bullshit. Or the Nut case several summers ago that killed people coming out of Sikh church because he hated minorities. Or all the Jewish graveyards that were desecrated some months ago by right wing Nazi fruit cakes or the march in North Carolina by White Supremacists worshipers of Herr Drumpf that surrounded a Jewish Synagogue and threatened the people inside with their assault rifles. Love those Right Wing Racist Lunatics their all heart (sarcasm).

  18. Any info IF this weirdo gal had MOOSE-LIM leanings?!? All I heard yesterday was “domestic violence”. Definitely a leftard and bizarre beyond the imagination…look for a massive infringement in Commiefornia. And YouTube will suck even more…

    • Apparently she is of Iranian decent. Likely her family immigrated in roughly 1980 with the ‘Iran Revolution’ that put Ayatollah Khomeini in charge.

      Iranians are Persian. *Not* Arabs. She may well have been Muslim…

      • She is clearly not particularly devout, but it would be strange if she was not raised in a Muslim household. Before the fall of the Shaw, Iran was much more secular than it is today. I guess it’s possible that her family was Jewish or Christian and had fled persecution in Iran, but it would be statistically pretty unlikely.

        • Iranian revolution was 78-79. A large number of Christian and Jews left Iran about then. Over the years I met a number of them, good people.

          Many young Iranians are not Islamists, they would like a much more open, free society.

          The Muslims leadership on the other hand……

        • That’s the thing with many of the refugees from that period – those that emigrate are just fine, the kind of of folks you want as neighbors and colleagues.

          A small percentage of their *children*, on the other hand, perhaps because they decide to explore their family religious roots, get radicalized by Islam.

          That’s what happened with the .mil recruitment office shooter a few years back, and some others.

          This is why vetting will be rather limited in effectiveness, if the goal is weeding out terrorists…

  19. Ismail Aghdam said he reported his daughter missing on Monday after she did not answer her phone for two days.

    He said the family received a call from Mountain View police around 2 a.m. Tuesday telling they found Nasim sleeping in a car and he warned them she might go to YouTube.

    Mountain View Police spokeswoman Katie Nelson confirmed officers located a woman by the same name asleep in a vehicle asleep in a Mountain View parking lot Tuesday morning.

    cops drop the ball again!


    Cops are only there for clean up and paperwork, after ~15 min?

    “Security” on-site completely ineffectual.

    YouTube can F itself in its anal opening (its singular orifice).

    • You make a solid point. I guess the NRA needs to change the slogan to “ok pretty much ANYBODY with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.”

  21. I thought California had all these gun laws that keep something like this from happening?

    • Yeah, and the shooter obeyed every one of them. Bought her gun legally, passed the background check, waited ten days, yada yada yada. She’s pretty much the poster girl for obedience to CA gun laws. The CA attempted murder laws? Not so much.

      And the cops knew about her and did nothing, which puts them on the same plane as the jagoffs in Broward.

      This is just another in a long line of total government failures.

      • for once we agree on something. The truth on how bad the Cops fked up again was starting to leak out on the news when they broadcast statements from her brother who had warned the cop she was a nut case and was headed to you tube headquarters. Naturally the cops had better things to do like get another cup of coffee because they did not want to miss their breaks.

  22. Any word on what weapon was used in the shooting? I notice they aren’t exactly bring forthcoming on it.

  23. Unhinged lefty Muslim woman with a handgun, who the police had been warned about, in a state that already has extreme risk protection orders and some of the strictest gun control in the country, and no indication she acquired her gun illegally. I wonder how quickly this will get swept under the rug by the media since it doesn’t fit the narrative?

  24. I knew there would eventually be some sort of severe blowback for YouTube ” Demonetization schemes” against people using it to make a living off of….Unfortunately for the Liberals, it was one of their own…Which is most often the case in most of these sudden mass shooting events…It usually a crazy, schizophrenic or mentally Disturbed registered Democratic party member…With the events occuring in “Gun Free zones” leave many defenseless…Maybe its time to start discussing “Red Flagging ” members of the DNC…Since there appears to be a pattern here….

    • I’m surprised there isn’t more stuff like this going on. There are people whose job rightfully results in the ruination of other peoples lives. Then there are the people who wrongfully ruin the lives of others and get away with it.

  25. Just fine blotube/failbook/gurgle/ebeg 100 trillion a day in civil rights violations……and jail the mgmt until its paid in full…..

    • And what civil right did they violate? Don’t say the 1st amendment, because…facts.

      Or is the civil right your FEELZ?

  26. OK now that some nut case has shot more people

    . As i stated yesterday they will be coming in force now that the Left wing has more ammo to take our rights away when it comes to firearms.

    So I’m going to do the next best thing i will be destroying mine ;-). Or just maybe just give them away legally of course.

    This in my solution to the problem i can not bring myself to giving them to law enforcement it would defeat the reason why i bought them in the first place.

    • U.S.M.C.?

      Show some testicular fortitude man, and shoot through the door.


  27. Is it still being called a “mass shooting” now we know that the shooter doesn’t fit any of the lefts narrative?

      • It doesn’t fit the ‘established’ ones like those in Mother Jones (lol) but I’m sure if it were an NRA card-carrying member organizations like Newtown and MDA would be all over it.

  28. So what’s the deal with the “domestic dispute” reporting? Just wrong?

    Also, how many shooters have been right wing? And just being a racist doesn’t count. I’m talking about someone who is all about the Freedom Caucus or something.

    • None…that’s how many mass murderers have been ;conservative,Republican and NRA card carrying individuals.
      Never will be either.
      That’s because that demographic is typically both law abiding and rational. Some things most libs and dems certainly are not!

      • “None…that’s how many mass murderers have been ;conservative,Republican and NRA card carrying individuals.”
        Timothy McVeigh, who murdered 168 people and injured 800 others voted in Republican primaries and was an NRA member for 4 years prior to his bombing of the Edward R. Murrow building.
        And yes, there have been others, but that one should have stuck out in your head.

        • I understand you’re responding to the post responding to my post, but my question was/is if any mass shooters fit the “all mass shooters are conservative white males” characterization of the hat eater. I know the characterization is garbage, but I can’t think of a single one where it is correct.

          As noted, my standard for meeting the characterization requires more than the shooter being a racist. It is my opinion that racism is not a conservative principle or belief, but a common liberal one.

        • I don’t understand how she is a mass shooter. I thought that to hit the bar of mass shooter, it was at least 4, or am I mis-remembering?

          I mean this was a crime by an obviously mental case, and its personally sad for those 3 people wounded. Is the only newsy bit that its YouTube. So a nutter killed herself, OK, fine.

          I mean if you’re going to suicide out, why all the work to take some other random people with you, I guess I’m not crazy so I’m not supposed to get it, but that just seems like a lot of effort to just cap yourself.

  29. And the New York Daily News posted she was carrying the dreaded .9mm Smith and Wesson pistol.

  30. One quick seach and you have “hatboy’s” LinkedIn page.

    The girl has some DEAD EYES, doesn’t she?

  31. This is how a person from a country that cuts the hands off of thieves deals with a thief in america. You Tube stole her private property. The things she created they took from her and did not give them back. I’m not surprised she shot people.

    And with an open borders policy that the three L’s support, Libertarians, liberals, and the Left. There will be more people like this woman coming to this country.

    I look forward to watching from a distance on how the new police disarmament laws will work out in California. The socialist progressives are writing laws making it harder for the cops to use deadly force in defense of themselves.

    • “And with an open borders policy that the three L’s support, Libertarians, liberals, and the Left. There will be more people like this woman coming to this country.”

      Don’t forget anarcho-capitalists, such as myself, in that list.

  32. I think she was cool, wish none of it happened………..This wasn’t staged, Paddock in Vegas was, Secret Agent Man’s plans to get the ball rolling. Under my tin foil hat I’m sure Paddock’s alive and well, he never shot himself, staged, took out in a body bag , minor face surgery now he’s somewhere smoking Cuban cigars drinking 20 year old scotch, and playing cards. Bumpstock are banned, the lives lost was minor casualties compared to the gains. The Camels got his shoulders in the tent and no one beat its nose and made it back out, the old Camel learned something and it ain’t going to stop pushing it’s limits until it’s eating in the grain bin

  33. If people don’t like YouTube, they are free to start their own video sharing website. It’s called market competition. Now, I know all the Trumpers here don’t understand free market economics and want dumb crap like tariffs, trade wars, and a wall so let me educate you guys on economics.

    In a market, if there is demand for something (gun videos) there will eventually arise a service to meet that demand. If a specific market bans said item that is in demand (gun videos banned on YouTube) a different market will arise to meet that need. If marijuana can have a thriving market despite being illegal in the US I am pretty confident that gun videos can find a new home.

    Likewise, YouTube will not be king forever. Google “creative destruction”. When one market gets old a new one will take its place. The once giant Wal-Mart is now being destroyed by the once small Amazon. So much so that Wal-Mart is begging the government to go after Amazon with taxes and other punishments for the sole crime of giving consumers (Americans) better and cheaper services and goods. If Wal-Mart is now begging the government to further regulate Amazon because it can’t beat it fairly, I am sure there will be someone out there who can come up with something that can beat the Wal-Mart equivalent super giant of video sharing, YouTube.

    • I completely agree. Their house, their rules. They have made it clear that they get to publish what they want. Yay capitalism, I’m all for it.
      Of course, since they are choosing the content they publish, they should be legally held responsible for publishing that content, like any other publisher is.
      For instance, when the Boston bombers used YouTube to plan and make the explosives they used to commit murder in the name of jihad, the YouTube staff and employees that provided that material assistance to those terrorists should have been treated like the enemy combatants that they are.
      At the very least, they should have been charged and imprisoned following a jury trial, and that’s just to be nice.
      Actually, as there is no statue of limitations on their crimes, YouTube employees and management can, and should, still be brought to trial for their participation in those acts of terrorism.

      • Youtube has held out that users can make a living by providing content to the service. It would be a fact intensive determination, but, under many circumstances, holding out that if you do x, I will do y, is considered an offer. Doing y is considered acceptance of that offer. Boom. Contract.

        If I was a youtube content creator or “partner” (youtube’s word, not mine), and I was down to exempt property (meaning they can’t get any money from me), I’d sue youtube (without hiring an attorney) in my local court regardless of any terms of service picking venue.

        Win, lose, or draw, if enough people did that, it would hurt youtube significantly.

  34. I believe this is the first mass-shooter that’s a PETA member. Therefore ALL PETA members have blood on their hands. Think of the children.

  35. Now that Facebook is facing scrutiny for it’s ” we will do what we damn will please ” per Andrew Bosworth, hopefully You tube will also be put under same microscope for ignoring 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Let’s regulate them like the liberals do to us and force them to adhere to OUR constitutional rights.

    • You’re equating two completely different things, other than they’re both tech companies.

      Facebook is facing backlash because of the LACK of editorial and privacy control.

      YouTube is getting flack for TOO MUCH editorial control.

      The issues you’re talking about are at different ends of the spectrum.

      • Rick, YT is supressing basic freedoms under the guise of free marketing. Facebook is allowing another entity to control ideas under the guise of analytics .Both are brainwash factories.

        • Or YT is expressing the freedom that our constitution provides for private property rights.

          I don’t know when 2A proponents turned into big government fanatics, but it needs to stop.

    • Yeah, lets ignore the constitution because…whatabout the other team.

      Just because you FEELZ it doesn’t make it so, you don’t get a trophy for participation in America. You get the rights, privileges, and obligations of a citizen, as do the other citizens

  36. This may be the first incident of YouTube discriminating on the basis of gender and/or national origin and/or race and/or by use of their censorship. What is stopping them from censoring protected classes with impunity? Since YouTube is a business that is supposedly open to the public such discrimination has place and if the government is forced to they could use the sherman act to break up this monopoly since YouTube is profiting by essentially stealing intellectual property of those that it demonetizes.

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