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Rob Morse writes [via]:

A Muslim terrorist killed eight innocent civilians in New York as he ran over them with a rented truck. The murder wasn’t stopped by civilians or police. The murderer chose to stop by ramming his truck into a loaded school bus.

This “truck violence” is the latest shock headline that the mainstream media uses to sell us soap and deodorant. Politicians are selling us spin at the same time. Politicians are in the business of selling government services as much as the news media is in the business of selling our attention to their advertisers.

We are sold a bag of lies, and we bought them with a smile.

Look at the record with me. We were sold that open borders immigration is good. In truth, immigration is a mixed blessing at best. This murder was an immigrant who was admitted under Obama’s diversity visa program. Obviously, some immigrants are not an addition to our society, but a burden. Let’s be honest and admit that open borders are a particular burden for the lower and middle class who compete with recent immigrants.

When all else fails and more people are killed in Democrat-run cities..the politicians can always call for more gun control. That proposal doesn’t have to work in practice so much as it has to show that the politician is “concerned and caring”.

We were also sold that the government can protect us. We were told that we don’t need to protect ourselves since that is what the police are for. That is what New York politicians said as they disarmed the honest citizens of New York City.

When all else fails and more people are killed in Democrat-run cities..the politicians can always call for more gun control. That proposal doesn’t have to work in practice so much as it has to show that the politician is “concerned and caring”.

A politician’s public appearance is far more important than their actual performance. In practice, gun bans fail to keep us safe, just like truck registration and driver’s licenses failed to stop a jihadi with a rental truck. In the case of this murder, disarming honest citizens made us less safe since we had to wait minutes for a policeman to bring a gun and stop the terrorist.

Politicians sell what they have, even if it doesn’t work. Politicians are carnival barkers selling you a magic cloth. They will say anything to make the sale as the sell the illusion of safety. Like the carnival salesman, it is the politician’s job to speak confidently even when he knows nothing.

Politicians sold us gun bans and gun registration and promised us that we were safe. Next, they can sell us truck registration. They will sell us anything so they seem relevant.

The truth is that politicians can’t protect us. We are not safe. We never were. Safety is an easy illusion to sell. It is too easy. Too many of us are eager to pretend that we’re safe. They eagerly believe the next lie we’re sold.

The news media needs the politicians too much to call them out as liars. I will. The mainstream news media and the professional politicians will both lie to us as long as it sells.

Turn them off. Both of them.

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  1. Tyler Durden had it right safety is an illusion. It’s a dangerous world out there (although statistically less dangerous than most any point in recorded history.)

    • “Tyler Durden had it right safety is an illusion.”

      Yes, and BTW, it’s “Tylers Durdan”, as in the multiples. It’s another of the off-beat ways that the ‘Zero Hedge’ runs their quirky blog.

      They are *all* Tyler Durden…

      (That I *love*)

  2. But, but, but…I have a Right to be safe!!!

    Interesting that our society likes and desires many of the things that Judeo-Christian Western Culture has brought us but yet now they are in complete rebellion to most of it…while still wanting the benefits.

    I’m sorry but outside of pretty homogenous cultures with shared values and morals there isn’t much hope for “safety”.

    Ideas have consequences.

  3. You’re Not Safe and You Never Were

    Now if that isn’t a classic fear mongering headline opponents of the 2nd Amendment could and would use to paint us as a bunch of dudes with paranoia I don’t know what is.

    • Erm…that’s not really fear mongering at all…it’s just plain truth.

      And actually anti-gunners will routinely throw out that even if people are armed that in many cases they cannot completely thwart an external threat…but that only serves to reinforce the point that you aren’t really safe. Having a gun is no different than wearing a seatbelt or having a fire extinguisher. It’s about risk mitigation.

      People die everyday from a myriad of things out of their control. Nobody is safe. And the last time I checked the death rate was 1:1 so we’re all gonna make it. No fear mongering, just not choosing to live in lalalandia where everything is sprinkles and rainbows and Uncle Sam tucks us in at night and makes sure we’re safe and sound.

      • Safety is relative. When you get up in the morning knowing that something bad is probably going to happen to you today you are either paranoid or live in the Ghetto. For most of the population the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of you making it home from work today. That is the operational definition of being safe.

        • My thoughts exactly. I have only a couple of days in my life in which I truly felt threatened. Once standing outside back when I was in college as a black van utility pulled up loaded with men in all black including ski masks and the men ran into the next apartment building, and once when I got in a rather serious car accident that luckily resulted in no permanent harm to anyone.

          Fun fact. The guys that ran into the apartment building were cornered by the cops and ultimately arrested after I called it in after discretely memorizing the license plate and getting indoors behind multiple locked doors. I wish I had a gun that day. Luckily I didn’t need it. I refused to identify the robbers when asked for fear of retribution (they didn’t need my help and I didn’t see any faces anyways) and promptly moved as soon as possible. Before I left that area, my friend got mugged, our neighbors apartment got trashed after he called someone in for battery, and two other nearby apartments got burgled. Plenty of other minor vandalism too. It looked like a nice neighborhood until the sun went down.

    • HellofromIllinois,

      Gun grabbers will twist your words no matter what you say, or just make up stuff and attribute it to you. The sooner you realize that their strategy is to demonize you (rather than discover facts and debate their meaning), the sooner you will be properly equipped to deal with them.

      That’s right. The standard Progressive (which almost universally includes gun-grabbers) play is to portray you as stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt. They whoop and howl about how stupid, crazy, and/or corrupt you are in a desperate attempt to have onlookers dismiss you because of your character rather than your message.

      Speak the truth boldly and tell it like it is.

  4. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always heard that driving is a privilege, not a right. One way we could stop these killings from happening would be to deny driving privileges to immigrants, if not indefinitely then for at least a finite amount of time.

    We’re admitting millions of immigrants into the US, and most of us on the right agree that they do not have the same rights as those who were born here, until they’ve gone through the system and become a US citizen. Why, then, can we not keep certain things out of their reach like cars? At least u til such time as they are established and have proven that they can be trusted with a car. I mean, we take it for granted every day while out on the road, but cars have the power to kill.

    It seems like I’m either reading about how some crazy immigrant from the Middle East mowed down innocent pedestrians or else some crazy immigrant from south of the border killed someone in a DWI. They can make it to and from their jobs via public transportation, and we are not depriving them of an honest chance at the American Dream.

    Since we cannot stop them from getting hunting knives with 12” blades, can we not restrict their access to cars? They cannot rent Home Depot trucks without a driver’s license…

    • Your mistake is thinking that someone willing to commit murder will follow your new driving law.

      After 9/11 there was all kinds of new rules the FAA imposed on pilots. One of them is that you have to now carry a picture ID in addition to your pilots license (which doesn’t contain a picture) because we all know you can’t fly a plane into a building unless you are carrying all the proper government credentials.

      I call this Bureaucratic thinking. It is what causes government officials to promote gun free zones as a safety measure with a straight face. It’s one of the reasons I have almost zero respect for most in positions of authority. They all lack a functioning brain.

  5. The last time I felt safe was January 22, 1947, which was the day before I was born.
    I agree with your feelings and most of your logic, but there is no reason other than sensationalism, If the error was intentional, or shear reportorial laziness if unintentional, to not get the facts right, unless your sole source is CNN, i.e:
    “The murderer chose to stop by ramming his truck into a loaded school bus.”
    “Dramatic video shows the moments after a New York City terror suspect rammed into a school bus full of children.”
    Other sources
    “One of the two students on the bus when the attacker’s truck broadsided it remained hospitalized in critical condition Wednesday. Police said the other student was examined and sent home from a hospital with no significant injuries.
    A driver and an attendant also were on the bus but suffered no serious injuries, police said.”

    There is also some doubt as to whether or not the “ramming” was intentional:
    “A school bus driver reportedly tried to stop the attack by ramming into the terrorists truck. The terrorist is then reported to have jumped out the disabled vehicle with two guns in his hand, while shouting “Allahu Akbar” prompting police to draw their guns and fire.”

  6. We are were never safe, but we were much safer before the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. The US is not really a nation anymore. We have turned into an economic zone where citizenship and residency are handed out like corporate ID badges. The family, shared heritage, Western principles aren’t valued anymore. It’s just about tax farming and corporate productivity now. In a hundred years, the erasure of American distinctiveness will be a cautionary tale Eastern European, Russian, and Chinese parents tell their kids why they must not lose sight of who they are as a people.

    • Anyone with the brains God gave a grape, sure.

      The difference really is in how we conclude we should deal with the situation.

  7. Nobody is completely safe. We all just strive to be as safe as we can be under the circumstances.

    The difference between we and they is that we know that the G doesn’t make us safer, while they believe that the G has our best interests at heart.

    I guess it’s true: There’s a sucker born every minute.

  8. “This murder was an immigrant who was admitted under Obama’s diversity visa program.”

    I have no issues placing blame where blame belongs. And this actually isn’t on Obama.

    The diversity visa program was started in 1990. So this is actually Bush Sr’s fault.

    • With a bill sponsored by Schumer (D).

      Just proves that Bush Sr. was a lousy president. First, he caved on his most important campaign pledge and was hammered by Democrats for signing a bill they gave him. Then, he started and ended a war that left the belligerent in power. He followed that up by inciting the Kurds to rise in revolt against Saddam while then refusing to support or defend them, causing them to be massacred. And finally, the recession was temporary and ended before Clinton was sworn into office, but he did a poor job of working to fix “the economy, stupid.”

      All in all, he sucked.

  9. The Graham Combat Killhouse Rules apply, everywhere, still. Filtering the threat assessment through emotionally constructed politics is lunacy.

  10. Supreme Court decisions ‘Warren Vs DC’ and ‘Castle Rock Vs Gonzales’ specifically address the fact that no matter how inept, non responsive or derelict in their duty, the Police have ZERO responsibility for your safety.


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