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These agents investigate financial crimes, money laundering, tax-related identity theft, and terrorist financing efforts. They are the only IRS workers who are permitted to carry and use firearms. 

Required to work a minimum of 50 hours a week, always on call even during vacations and weekends, these agents will need to be fit so they can “effectively respond to life-threatening situations,” per the listing.

They will conduct arrests, search warrants, and “other dangerous assignments.” But most importantly, they must be legally allowed to carry a gun. 

The agents must be prepared to protect themselves or others “from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations” and shouldn’t be afraid to “use force up to and including the use of deadly force.”

Sam Tabahriti in The IRS is hiring special agents prepared to use ‘deadly force’ if needed and is paying up to $95,000


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  1. The constitution is dead. Time for a far right, authoritarian dictatorship. This kind of shit is all too common in our “constitutional republic.”

    • When the ‘People’ fear the government…There is Tyranny…When the Government fears the ‘People’…There is Liberty. The time to choose is Nigh. Choose Wisely.

  2. I might apply. Not shooting anyone over taxes though. I bet those agents can get lots of unreported tips and gratuities.


  3. I can legally carry a gun. I may be willing to use it.

    I’m not willing, however, to work for a criminal organization or the government. But I repeat myself.

      • Yeah, same here. I have avoided jobs with on call in my field for 27 years. Not about to change now.

        The question I have is if these people are law enforcement why do they need to be able to legally carry a gun BEFORE they apply? I have heard/read of several police officers over the years who were prohibited persons, but could still carry a gun on duty. They just had to leave it at the department when they went home. I think there may have even been a court case or two about it.

        Does this indicate that gun toting IRS agents aren’t “real” law enforcement?

        • well,..I knew one of these people…sometimes she was allowed to carry a gun…and at other times no…never quite sure what she actually did do as she worked alongside us, as well….almost like a part-time job…….

  4. So, why does the IRS need it’s own law enforcement agency? Why can’t they leverage existing agencies? This is a waste of tax payer money and has the sole intention of weaponizing the revenue’ers.

    • All the specialty LE agencies do this including state agencies in my state. I’m sure there are a host of reasons why but none of them have to do with efficiency or cost effectiveness. In my state most counties will not arrest a suspect on a warrant from another county. They wont even assist. They will tell you to come get him yourself where you have no legal jurisdiction.

    • LifeSavor,

      Why does the Post Office…? The Dept of Education…? And that long list of agencies we saw a couple of years ago that were being outfitted with gunz and all that ammo the Gov’t was buying up and distributing?

      Kinda makes one think if Gov’t foresaw today’s developing (fomented?) chaos years ago.

      As the saying goes…What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About six months.

    • even though it’s seldom necessary, a plethora of govt. agencies have an armed component….

      • Including the Social Security Administration — gotta keep those old fogies in line. I think the Dept of Education has its own swat team although for the life of me I can’t figure out why. They don’t respond to school shootings. It is for intimidating acrimonious school board hearings? I thought the local fuzz did that. Dept. of Transportation — them truckers are a rowdy bunch and I’ve heard that some of them even carry guns.

    • Gov,

      While I agree with you, I will admit to an exception . . . as they used to say, back in the Old West, “they needed killin'”. There are some few people whom I would be willing to pay good money to hunt, if they were on the bounty list – America’s Dumbest Bartender, Eric Swallowswell, Pencil-neck Schiff, Jerry “Poopy-pants” Nadler, Malig-Nancy, Schmucky Chucky, Steve “Bad Haircut” Cohen – we have more than a few. Couldn’t, in good conscience, take a bounty for bagging the Senile Idiot in the White House – I won’t hunt deer on bait, either.

      • “I won’t hunt deer on bait, either.”

        Always puzzled me. Is baiting unacceptable because hunting in the US is not required in order to gather food? Would using bait be acceptable for places where food can only be obtained by hunting.

        Think I am flexible, depending on the actual requirement for gathering.

        • Yet hunting deer over a harvested cornfield is perfectly al right. Bear are hunted over bait in some states. Bear are hunted with dogs in some states. Not in pristine CA. A city in LA County has listed bears as pests in their fair city. The trash cans we have to use are not lockable. Tipping over a can full of garbage is easier than trying to run down a couple of rabbits or a fawn or two, so not being stoopid like a great many hoomins, the bears go where the picking are easiest.

      • Somehow I doubt that AOC, Duke Nukem and the gang will be audited any time soon.

  5. Will they really be just IRS agents?
    Seems like another example of guns for me but not for thee!

  6. Soon enough the delineation between good and evil for the NPCs will be those who don’t pay taxes due to not earning or owning anything and those who do through earning and owning yet will always not be paying that ephemeral “fair share.”

    Billionaires will always be exempt by virtue of their close corpo/government ties and shielded by layers of virtue signaling tripe but you home owners and folks with IRAs who can’t afford a team of lawyers are fair game.

    They’re already coming for the waiters and waitresses. Obviously they’re rich as hell and not paying their “fair share.”

    • Ziden said those IRE S agents were only going to go after those making 400k and more a year. That’s some rich waiters and waitresses out there. I mean Ziden wouldn’t lie would he?

  7. Journalist Matt Tabbibi recently testified in Congress about the ‘Twitter Files’, exposing uncomfortable truths about government directed censorship.

    Guess who recently showed up at his front door?

    IRS goons. Yeah. 🙁

    “Biden White House silent on IRS visiting ‘Twitter Files’ reporter Matt Taibbi”

    “WASHINGTON — The White House declined to comment Wednesday on an IRS agent’s visit to journalist Matt Taibbi’s home on the same day that he testified to a House subcommittee investigating the “weaponization” of government.

    The surprise March 9 door-knock came as the “Twitter Files” collaborator described his reporting on how the government pressured social media platforms to censor online speech.”

    Perfectly innocent coincidence?

    Whadda you think? 🙁

    • And while Tabbibi was testifying :

      “Democrat Stacey Plaskett threatens ‘Twitter Files’ journalist Matt Taibbi with prison”

      “A Democratic delegate to Congress appears to have threatened “Twitter Files” journalist Matt Taibbi with up to five years in prison for purportedly lying under oath when he testified before Congress last month.

      Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) made the threat in an April 13 letter to Taibbi, accusing the Racket News journalist of contradicting his congressional testimony about Twitter in a subsequent interview with MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, according to a copy of the letter obtained by independent reporter Lee Fang.”


      • That’s how Al Capone finally got taken down. Jimmy Hoffa was busted on some kind of fraud with teamster retirement funds. The difference between the teamsters retirement fund and social security is that the retirement fund actually had assets to back up their pension plan. The social security . . . not so much.

        • “The difference between the teamsters retirement fund and social security is that the retirement fund actually had assets to back up their pension plan. The social security . . . not so much.”

          Don’t fall for the gag; Soc Sec payments come from the US Treasury, and “funds” from Soc Sec are “loaned” to the US budget. It is all a shell game. All Congress needs do, is eliminate Soc Sec admin, establish a new budget line for national retirement income, and life goes on as before.

          Soc Sec is a political toy, loved by politicians, to be used to frighten the horses at election time.

  8. “The agents must be prepared to protect themselves or others ‘from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations’ and shouldn’t be afraid to ‘use force up to and including the use of deadly force.’

    Are ATF agents the only ones that encounter “physical attacks at any time and without warning … (in) life-threatening situations”? Gee whiz, I guess the thousands of times daily around the country daily the ordinary law abiding citizen encounters “physical attacks at any time and without warning … (in) life-threatening situations” doesn’t count. I guess when you are in a gang called the ATF your life is valuable enough to protect and the ordinary law abiding citizens life isn’t worth squat.

    Hmmm…. that’s the same “qualification’ for any law abiding person who chooses to exercise their second amendment right to own and/or carry a firearm for protection, the same right the left-wing wants us not to have… so lets re-write that a little…

    The law-abiding person must be prepared to protect themselves (or others if choose to do so and necessary) “from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations” and shouldn’t be afraid to “use force up to and including the use of deadly force.”

    How odd the left-wing is perfectly fine with the second amendment when it comes to ‘government employees’ (e.g. ATF) unrestricted carry of firearms to be used to protect their lives, but want to restrict and remove the right for (their employers which are) the ordinary law abiding citizens who are also subject to situations of encountering “physical attacks at any time and without warning … (in) life-threatening situations”, overall, more than a thousand times likely for the ordinary law abiding citizen compared to the ATF agent daily work life.

    Oh wait…. my mistake, its not odd at all for the left wing to want to impose tyranny.

      • yes I know…same difference. Those new IRS agents are going to be loaned out to ATF use control.

        Its how the ATF is going to boost their manpower, using tax code to go after gun owners and shops and the gun industry. Waiting in the dark corners of the democrat party not yet introduced is an additional tax on firearms by ATF rule making to reclassify like they did with the pistol brace thing.

        who do you think is going to show up with ATF to arrest those who didn’t pay the tax…it will be the IRS under ATF control.

        • well, that the ATF is making drug busts (?)….it appears the lines of authority are getting blurred….

    • 40 cal, not only do they tell us we don’t need guns for self-defense, they tell us we’re supposed to let people beat us up when we’re attacked. Remember the Rittenhouse trial?

        • They fucked up on the knife issue, had to help translate for more than a few spanish language primary questions since that incident. Can’t help them on the 38 super availability but got a translation of our basic process for pistol as well as what is legal to buy and how immediately out there and it did get some new customers out there.

        • muckraker,

          Not disputing your basic premise, but . . . don’t underestimate the extent to which Your Benevolent Government has regulated knives. Many places outlaw or restrict fixed blade (“sheath” knives), almost as many have bans on pocket/folding knives with blades longer than some specified lengthi (ironically, even some states which permit concealed carry of handguns). KKKalifornia bans civilian carry of nunchucks, telescoping batons, and most pepper/tear gas spray.

          The RKBA protects ARMS, not guns (and certainly not just muskets). I have been a knife-carrying member of the knife community since before I got my first gun. I know this forum is focused on guns, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that “arms” in the 2A means, and was intended to mean, any weapon a citizen could acquire and carry.

  9. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t have a police state mentality, I’m not interested in being part of ruining peoples lives or creating disincentives to be productive citizens.

  10. Seeing such an article pop up on a Sunday morning was like going outside expecting the smell of Honeysuckle and you get the stench of a Shunk.

    Here’s something worthwhile about firearms especially the heavy BCG AR-308…

    • Debbie,

      Thanks for finally posting something other than your (repetitive and boring) normal post about “gun control is racist” – DUH, we all know that. OTOH, thanks for the link.

      While I like the AR platform, for many reasons, I am NOT a fan of the 5.56//.223 poodleshooter round (although it has many valid uses), so I am really interested in the new crop of 7.62/.308 AR-platform rifles. Waiting to see some “long-term use” reviews to decide whether I jump or not. The 5.56/.223 is obviously better in a self-defense or urban environment, but I always prefer something that lets me ‘reach out and touch someone’ – and has a little more downrange power than the 5.56.

      And PLEASE keep posting other comments OTHER THAN your standard “gun control is racist” rant – when you step off that soapbox, you sometimes have useful things to say. On your favorite rant, ponder the old saying of ‘preaching to the choir’. Just sayin’.

      • Not just racist but sexist and elitist also. If you are rich enough or famous enough you can get away with murder.

        • “If you are rich enough or famous enough you can get away with murder.”

          It was often said, in the presidential campaign leading to 2016, the Trump’s MAGA supporters would vote for Trump, even if Trump shot and killed a Dim in Times Square. Gotta admit, something gnawed at me to want to see proof of that.

          Then, I poured another martini, and all was right with the world.

  11. Well if these are the same type of people they had on the videos who clearly didn’t know how to handle a firearm or weren’t very athletic looking I assume after a bunch of them get shot picking on the wrong people they will quit and you won’t see many of them around any longer.
    No federal law enforcement agent should be welcome on your property with or without a warrant because they probably lied to the judge to get one.

  12. Don’t know if anyone remembers this but years ago the IRS was watching people that they claimed owed money and would carjack them at intersections . Congress had to come down on them to get it stopped. Seems like a good way to get shot ! Maybe they are planning these types of stunts in the future.

  13. They better make plans for people to use theirs’ too…No more a hated agency than the IRS…

  14. What happened to mailing letters and tax levies? Are they changing their tactics? Answer: yes as shown above with journo Matt. They already use the Security State to go after political enemies, so of course they’ll use the IRS. Lois Lerner? How soon we forget. They’ve been doing it for years.

    • Dude,

      And will continue to do it, and accelerate their perversion of our government, as long as they are allowed to get away with it.

      If we can modify the old trope by including “bureaucrat” in the definition of “politician”, remember:

      Politician (some assembly required).

    • Look at the old lawyer who on Trump’s team got busted for some obscure election code violation. He’s over 65, has no criminal record and has made no criminal threats yet the federales saw fit to exercise a night time warrant for his arrest and used a swat team to effect the arrest, dragged him out of his bedroom in his jammies so they could get perp walk photos.

  15. Arming up brain dead puppets while continuing attempts to disarm free citizens. Militant force by a gubment tax agency. What can go wrong? Brown shirts, SS, Gestapo?

    • Sam,

      Except bounty hunters were sent after legit criminals (rapists, murderers, horse/cattle thieves, etc.), and only got paid if they “got their man”. And, historically, MOST bounties were one amount for bringing them back alive, and a lesser amount for bringing them back dead (the whole “wanted dead or alive” thing was usually only applied to the worst of the worst – where rational people realized that the chances of being able to bring them in alive were slim and none . . . and Slim just left the building).

      No, these folks are literally no different than the Brownshirts and Gestapo – they are paid to enforce compliance with the government in power. They are just hired thugs.

  16. What about if you got a couple of Doberman Pinschers, do I still need to carry a p08?
    Wow like it’s not bad enough the American citizens have to deal with trigger happy BATFE now we are going to be shot down by the revenuer’s.
    WTF is the deal, this cant be good.

    • possum,

      It’ll be FINE, trust me . . . just bend over, grab your ankles, and crack a smile.

  17. I would love to do this. So long as I am only working to enforce the tax laws against the legal marijuana businesses.
    Because those businesses said that if they could just make pot legal. They would be happy to pay taxes to the government and give the government more money.

    • Chris T,

      Wow, you once again prove that you have no clue. LEGAL marijuana growers wouldn’t dare not pay taxes – their status/license would be shut down in a heartbeat. Now, the ILLEGAL pot farms probably don’t. No s***, Sherlock.

      I don’t use drugs . . . but anyone else gets to make that decision for themselves, so long as they can pay for it (without engaging in criminal activity) and accept the consequences of their actions.

  18. “now we are going to be shot down by the revenuer’s.”

    IRS field agents often confiscate money and equipment; obviously potentially dangerous. Staff agents, who only do administrative jobs shouldn’t be armed (except for security guards as federal buildings).

    Nothing above should be taken as more than explanation; explanation is not consent/approval.

    • Sam,

      Of course you are right in concept, BUT (and there’s always a big ‘but’) . . . since when is sending an IRS agent out to physically collect a supposed ‘tax debt’ a sensible thing?

      Civil forfeiture is an abomination – prove what the ‘proceeds of crime’ are in a court, get a seizure order, and have the sheriff/marshal execute it. Same for ‘tax debts’. The result of our current system is that people are now automatically defensive if there is a ‘knock on the door’. If the government wants to deprive you of life, liberty, or property, they should observe the Constitution, make sure due process is observed, get a proper order/warrant, and then have LE execute the order/warrant.

      What we have now is a bastard jumble of that. It will get people killed, and no small number of those will be IRS/ATF/DEA ,etc. alphabet agencies sending (UNDERTRAINED) armed idiots out to enforce “legal” orders. People are going to die. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that all the ones who die are the stupid ones – if we could, I’d be all on board.

      • “since when is sending an IRS agent out to physically collect a supposed ‘tax debt’ a sensible thing?”

        Don’t know about “sensible”, but once worked with an IRS agent, female, ’bout five foot nothing, thin, and determined. Her specialty was closing down bars and strip joints; taking cash registers, unopened liquor, serviceable furniture, and placing do not enter tape on the the doors and frames. Her pistol was a .357 snubbie.

  19. It’s a gummint job. Get hired, set up an electronic deposit for ye olde paycheck and then never show up for work again. It’ll take them years to figure out you aren’t showing up for work, and then it will take several more years for them to fire you. A government employee in England did this and nobody even noticed he wasn’t showing up for work for ten years.

    • This scheme may work, if enough of you do the same thing. It’ll no doubt be members of this group that goes out to see if you have a doctor’s excuse. Sufficient number of cases, heavy workload, thin ranks…

    MINE WAS 1970 ~ 71 , VIET NAM .

  21. IRS owes me money this year. Do I get to collect it at gunpoint? Or confiscate property well in excess of the alleged debt?
    Observe due process and get a court order/warrant and have the Sherrif or Marshall’s serve the warrant etc. That is their job after all.
    Any idea of how many revenuers died/disappeared during the Prohibition era? Any idea on how many might disappear going out armed etc?

    • No. Dedicated Accountants will do the required math after-action.
      Even then, only subtraction skills will be necessary.

    • “Do I have to know how to add and subtract?”

      No; they gots computer stuff to do that.

      But it would be helpful if you know when to add or subtract.

      It can be real easy to qualify for a govt job (unless you have advanced degrees, and are applying for a part-time job with TSA).

  22. I’m as pro 2A and constitutional libertarian as they come, but the angst over IRS special agents is misplaced. I worked closely with them the last 25 years of my 37 year LE career. They spend their days chasing cartel members and rogue Swiss bankers, not violating citizen rights. Other LE agencies always complained that they were much too respectful of rights. They weren’t, but they were pretty good. I’m way more worried about loose canon ATF and FBI agents.

  23. IRS = Government Sanctioned Highwaymen/women/its.

    Armed Robbery committed by our government.

    That “Long Train of abuses and ursurpations…” firing anyone else’s rockets yet?

  24. @Old Lefty
    Isn’t shooting/killing lions, tigers, and bears in an urban environment a bit different from creating bait in the forests and mountains?

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