yoga instructor shooting
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Two robbers entered the bedroom of a well-known yoga instructor Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa (above). Ms. Khalsa’s home and school are located 20 miles north of Santiago, Chile. The robbers were half of a gang of four.

Ms. Khalsa, her partner and two students were in the house when the invasion occurred. Khalsa was born in Texas.


Officials said a pair of the robbers found the yoga instructor in her bedroom. Despite them hitting her in the head with a gun and trying to tie her up, she was able to get free and grab a revolver hidden beneath her pillow.

Khalsa shot the two men, killing one instantly. The other, badly wounded, died in the yard after running outside. Neither man has been identified.

The two other robbers ran off.

The Dallas News report misses some interesting details. The Yoga instructor owned two Taurus .38 Special revolvers, one of which she kept under her pillow.

Ms. Khalsa shot the robber who was killed in her bedroom five times. The robber found outside the home was shot at least once. She probably emptied her Taurus.

This is a (rather stilted) Google translation from

Soto added that one of the two antisocials received five shots in his body, falling dejected in the same place, whereas the second subject, was badly wounded and ended up prostrate and passing away in the patio of the property.

Meanwhile, his two other accomplices who were in the kitchen and were preparing to steal, hearing the shots fled quickly without achieving their purpose.

Until this morning, the two deceased delinquents were still not identified and according to the persecutor, in the case the grounds exist to estimate that the teacher acted in self-defense.”

Her .38 Special revolver was more than sufficiently powerful. In spite of the somewhat mangled translation, it appears that Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa will not be charged.

yoga instructor shooting

The lack of bars on the windows and door show this area has been fairly crime free. A wall surrounds the property — common practice for most well-to-do estates throughout the world. (It would be more common in the United States, but is banned by most zoning codes.)

The estate appears to be several acres in size. The picture above is taken from a video of the school made in 2009 [below]. The gate to the property is directly behind the camera.

A revolver under the pillow is a technique with a long tradition. You sometimes hear stories about gun owners accidentally shooting themselves because of the practice. While certainly not ideal, Ms. Khalsa made it work for her.


©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. Gun Watch

[This article was originally published in 2016.]

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  1. There’s a seven shot Taurus revolver within my reach as well. Funny, as I’ve practiced Yoga for almost two decades. Have always felt it’s a perfect overlap with shooting for practicing position, muscle, breath awareness, movement control, balance, awareness and flexibility. Heard an NPR piece (of all things) interviewing Seals practicing this as well. Oh yeah, it’s good for back, wrist, neck and other problems as well short of expensive Physical Therapy. Side benefits too like improving your aura and chakra whatever that is.

    Check some Yoga videos on the web and put together your own tailored workout. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are other Yoga instructors familiar and friendly to firearms. Certainly one could put a class together if enough people were willing to put not that much money into a custom class.

    • Ditto

      Not an instructor, although my wife is. I, perfectly seriously, also attribute my handgun marksmanship to being a yoga practitioner for a couple of decades at this point!


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