Ace gun pornographer Oleg Volk has worked his magic on the new Springfield XD-9┬áSub-Compact, now available with a $349 Viridian C5L green laser + light thingie. Is it me or does the mag extension and laser/light combo turn a not-entirely-ugly sub-compact handgun into a platypus pistol? Neither this (ultra-concealable nine) nor that (proper nine). Why not carry something smaller or something larger? If not, shouldn’t this gun have a red dot sight on top, just in case?


  1. Works as a carry gun and HD gun. Protection for in and outside the
    home for someone on a budget.

    • I agree. Flush-fit w/o laser for CCW. Extended mag w/ laser for HD.
      That said, Viridian is awful proud of their products, aren’t they?

  2. The whole package looks like it was created by a shoemaker and
    photographed by Man Ray. I’m not saying that the stuff hanging off
    the nose is bad, just that it looks bad and no amount of
    photography can make it look good. BTW, the Man Ray reference is a
    compliment to Oleg Volk. I’m a fan of Man.

  3. New XD9 Subcompact? Hasn’t the XD9SC been out for years? Have I
    crossed into some alternate reality or something?

    • Yeah, I’ve had one since ’04 IIRC. The extended mag is new since
      then as well as the Viridian of course.

  4. Very interesting… I am confused about modern handguns; with all
    the gizmo’s and gadgets that lego on to them, how man steps does it
    usually require to employ one in an actual defensive situation? The
    espresso maker on the dust cover rail often makes me wonder just
    where I am supposed to put the quarter in to get the pony ride

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