offers this┬áTaurus Model 738 TCP Semi Auto Handgun .380 ACP with a “3.3” Barrel 6 Rounds Yellow Polymer Grips Blue Finish.” Aside from the fact that .380 is so five minutes ago—pocket nines being all the rage—who wants a yellow gun? Sure it’s cheerful in that Yellow Submarine kinda way. And a yellow gun is easier to find than a cop at a donut shop. But isn’t discretion the better part of not being hassled by a cop at a donut shop (or anywhere else for that matter)? And then there’s the whole “yellow = toy for kids” thing. Apparently, the $218.90 model 738 is one of the “Gifts Mom Really Wants!” I’m thinking someone’s not that bright; only I’m not quite sure who.


  1. When the robber/rapist/home invader enters your childhood home in
    the middle of the night, his last sight will be the blinding glare
    of yellow before your mom caps him with this mouse gun.

  2. I can think of one reason. If your shirt rides up people will
    assume that it is a pepper-spray gun or a tazor.

  3. I think they should make one flourescent for the night stand table.
    I might consider getting one for my 80+ y/o mom–she’ll never carry
    it outside the house in her lifetime (lives in Illinois), And .380
    at ten feet is plenty of firepower.

  4. As someone whose lost a few cellphones over the years, I can think
    of a benefit to a bright yellow.

  5. Looks easy to mistake for a trainer; particulary for those familiar
    with the red and blue ones.

  6. This reminds me of a BBC show called Outcasts, the Safety officers have glocks with bright orange slides.

  7. Sure is yellow, isn’t it? I just busted apart an old underwater spear gun for the scrap aluminum that is the same color. If someone was pointing that at me, I am not sure I’d believe it was a real gun (except now I know it is).

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